TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

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Re: TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

Post by Prometheus Unbound » 2017-09-09 05:48am

Elheru Aran wrote:
2017-09-09 12:33am
unified color palette (except STI and STV and we know how those went).
huh? They wore the same uniforms in ST5. We got to see the "out doors" uniform - the grey things. And Kirk and Spock etx are stuck in those after they are captured (not given a time to change). Scotty had his ST 4, 5, 6 vest on. Sulu, Chekov and Uhura are in red...?
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Re: TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

Post by Iroscato » 2017-09-09 01:06pm

Always found the TOS movie uniforms the most handsome overall - I actually quite like the colour changes except for the yellow.
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Re: TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

Post by Galvatron » 2017-09-09 02:46pm

They look a bit greenish-yellow to me, but I'm sure they could find a gradient of yellow that's better suited to the muted palette of the films. After all, Scotty's jacket isn't bright red like his TOS shirt.

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Re: TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

Post by edaw1982 » 2017-09-15 10:11pm

Soontir C'boath wrote:
2017-09-02 06:22pm
My initial reaction from looking at this photo is no, but having a second look, I think the only thing I find horrendous is the yellow. Otherwise, red was a pretty damn good color with that uniform style.
Could've gone avocado green for command.
That is what the actual colour was.

But it doesn't look that bad. The sciences-blue could stand to be a little darker, but other than that, not bad.
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Re: TOS movie uniforms with TOS series colors

Post by FedRebel » 2017-09-18 09:03am

RogueIce wrote:
2017-09-08 10:17pm

TWOK Department Colors
White – Command Division
Gold – Operations Division: helm and engineering branches
Gray - Operations Division: communications and navigation branches | Sciences Division: scientific research and technical branches
Dark Green – Operations Division: security branch
Light Green – Sciences division: medical branch
Red – cadets, trainees and junior officers
Light Blue – special services
Black – enlisted & non-commissioned officers
Dark blue – Operations Division: Federation forces
I can quibble about the specific assignments - Gray seems to be a catch-all, for instance - but the idea is sound.
Gray would appear to collectively be Signals Branch. (we didn't exactly see many botanists or astrophysicists, possible they have their own color.)

Overall a lot of speculation in the color assignments

Dark Green and Dark blue appear to cover the same specialty. Arguably one is for Marines and the other for Starfleet Security. ("Federation Forces" is vague is the context Chekhov used the term.) Inclined to say green is for Marines, given the gear. Dark Blue for Starfleet Security makes sense given the E-A was not fully crewed...and was expected to be in spacedock for at least another week, a platoon of Marines couldn't be assigned on such short notice.)

Light Blue would be Quartermasters, likely

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