Registrations Open UPDATE 5/19

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Registrations Open UPDATE 5/19

Post by The Wookiee » 2013-11-25 12:01pm

Due to the recent influx of spammers, new user registrations are subject to admin approval.

Just a reminder: If you are a legitimate user and the mods did not approve you after a week of wait, please try one of these:

1: Re-register using a different email provider. Freemail providers like gmail/googlemail and yahoo are used to spam this site en masse so don't be discouraged if you use their services and are not approved;

2: Send an email to registrations at stardestroyer dot net from the email address from which you registered, letting us know your username and that you are indeed a human.


PMs for Newly Registered Users are disabled to prevent PM spamming.
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