Possible Hard Drive Problem

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Possible Hard Drive Problem

Post by starslayer » 2008-08-30 03:21pm

About a month ago, I bought a new hard drive, a Western Digital 2500KS. After figuring out the SATA drivers and RAID, it worked fine, and I migrated everything over. Recently, though, my computer's been having some problems. Sometimes, it refuses to launch Windows, even though it POSTs fine and loads all BIOS and system info. Sometimes, it'll give me a reason (once it said a corrupted BOOT.ini, twice a kernel error, and another time an IRQ conflict with the SATA driver), but more often than not, it says nothing.

The last time I ran chkdsk (which was after I started having these problems), it found no errors. Also, for an interval of a week or so, it was fine, but now it has started doing this again. If I leave the computer off for several hours after it stops booting, it'll boot right up.

My hunch is that the drive is dying, but why would chkdsk find nothing? Is it some sort of heat issue (boot up after leaving it alone)? Or is it the Windows installation? Something else?

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Post by Uraniun235 » 2008-08-30 03:24pm

Chkdsk wouldn't find problems with the actual hardware of the hard drive; so if the motors or electronics are going bad, chkdsk won't know shit.
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Post by Faram » 2008-08-30 03:24pm

Might be that the disk is somwhat slow and have not booted up buy the time that post is complete.

In bios try to disable fast powerup or somthing like that, it is a uncommon error but I have seen it on sata and ata disks so worth a try.

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