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Re: the good bits

Post by adipose1913 » 2016-01-15 04:51pm

If I had to recommend one fanfic, it would be Children of Time and Space by DottyDevine. It is in an incomplete state, but my god does it read really well. It is an Attack on Titan and Doctor Who crossover, which involves Armin becoming a companion to the eleventh doctor. I am a little biased towards this story, as it is the first fanfic I read, but the syntax and pacing is brilliant, and everyone is definitely in-character.

Marko Dash
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Re: the good bits

Post by Marko Dash » 2016-02-17 06:44pm

has anybody seen a Halo/ME crossover where it's not the covenant that attacks harvest, but the turians?

i ask becuase it seems every large scale Halo/ME cross i can find always use a post-war UNSC that turns into a curbstomp.

i think a pre-war UNSC would be more interesting.

no shields, but though armor
a fairly fast non relay FTL
main ship to ship weapons shoot slower but much more massive rounds, it's like semi auto rifles vs muzzle loading cannons
more likely to integrate with the council races
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Re: the good bits

Post by Darth Thanatos » 2016-06-22 06:15pm

I write on but none of you would likely appreciate my stories. I'm kinda shitty. :banghead: I can however share a few interesting ones.

1) "New Beginnings", a crossover of Star Wars and Mass Effect involving a pre-mindwipe Revan:

2) "Walking the Stars: Rivals", a Star Wars AU that is rather well done. It has a sequel. ... ars-Rivals

3) "Halo, The Imperial War", a Star Wars X Halo story that, while technically well-written, is rather cringe worthy when it comes to the presentation of the land battles(bullets killing stormtroopers? Don't make me laugh!) ... perial-War

4) "The Star and the Spartan", a surprisingly good Lord of the Rings X Halo fic, even if it's a little lore-breaking on the LOTR side of things: ... he-Spartan

5) "Pirates of the Ring", a Pirates of the Caribbean X Lord of the Rings fic. The author worked on it for years, going through countless revisions along the way, before completing it on the seventh anniversary of its publication: ... f-the-Ring
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Re: the good bits

Post by Voyager989 » 2017-03-04 05:11pm

Those of you who remember Countess Marina's old Star Wars epic-scale fiction may find this Mass Effect/Star Wars crossover to be interesting - and certainly a hefty read.

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Re: the good bits

Post by stardust » 2017-06-21 01:58pm

I did a really long winded District 9 fanfic not long after it came out on DVD. Damn but I love that movie.

Seems though that all of Blomkamp's ideas are slight variations of the same general theme; so I've noticed anyway. Even his new gig, OATS STUDIOS, seems to be pushing more of the same. Although the cobra-like aliens in RAKKA look BADASS.
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Re: the good bits

Post by amigocabal » 2017-07-26 02:54am

Devastation, an NCIS fanfic with a rather controversial characvterization of the main characters.

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Re: the good bits

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2018-06-29 11:39pm

A nice little short piece about what might happen following the end of Infinity War (spoilers, obviously- hell the title is a spoiler):

Operation: Don't Kill Stark: ... Kill-Stark

Stars Tony Stark and Nebula (not shipping).
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Re: the good bits

Post by Ace Pace » 2018-06-30 03:01am

So I've been reading lately a nice HP fanfic from Hermione's point of view, turning her into somewhat more of the smarty brain and dealing with the consquences.

The Arithmancer equivalent to books 1 till 4 and Lady Archimedes book 5 till the end.

While I started off worrying this will be HPMOR from a female point of view, the author delightfully does not do all the crap I hated in HPMOR.
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