Survivor Quest Interactive RPG/Story

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Survivor Quest Interactive RPG/Story

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This board has a bit of a history with hosting Read and Respond scenarios. I want to try something a step further. I invite you all to take part in an interactive RPG. Your suggestions and comments will determine the path of the narrative. To get things started, I have prepared a detailed beginning for our tale.

Our protagonist was an average person perhaps even an alternate version of yourself. The only fixed trait is he was biologically male. All other characteristics of his past will be determined in play. He will become an amalgam of what you the participants put into him. He was from a world identical to our own but he ran afoul of extraordinary circumstances.

It will be awhile before our antagonists become a major player in the plot once more. They have set the events in motion. They are immoral researchers into means of gaining power, biological and psionic powers. They are not quite transhumanist as they wish to maintain some level of humanity. They are adverse to becoming completely alien. They are also averse to most cybernetic enhancement.

They spy on and exploit worlds that offer interesting technology. From other worlds they kidnap test subjects. Those taken are gruesomely experimented on. When the test subject has no further use they are executed. After a final post mortem examination their remains are discarded.

These evil researchers sought to gain advantage from a new discovery. This discovery promised extraordinary power. Every test proved fatal to their subjects. Every test till the Protagonist.

The Protagonist awakens to find the restraints he was bound with broken. Desperate to escape from the painful experiments he launches himself at the door. Surprisingly he is able to force the door open against the protest of the motorised closing mechanism. He enters a hall filled with smoke and acrid chemicals.

A repetitive voice calls out dire warnings about the state of life support. Corpses litter the rooms. Victims of terrible and brutal deaths. The protagonist is alarmed both at the signs of unexpected violence and at the realization of scale. during his forced unconsciousness our protagonist has grown larger. He finds a computer terminal of an LCARS design not the same as seen in TNG but quite similar.

The system has entered some form of default mode attempting to restore life support. This mode seems to have disabled the normal system security. From using the computer Our protagonist is able to learn more of his environment. This facility was made of pressurized living modules in the center and four wings for the labs. It has been attacked. This wing alone remains. The station remains anchored to an asteroid in orbit of a lifeless star.

There are no pressure suits or shuttles in this wing. There is no external windows but the view screens can show the external devastation. From the ruptures and sprays of debris the attack came from within and blew sections outward.

The Protagonist first focuses on basic survival. The Protagonist questions the computer on what can he can do. Following its instructions he begins working basic patches. This ensures the lab will remain able to support the life of its lone remaining occupant

When the immediate danger has passed the protagonist takes further stock of himself and his environment.

Our Protagonist has swollen to a well muscled 350.5cm (11 feet 6 inches) and weighs 680kg (1500 pounds) in earth normative gravity. This seems to be the result of the last of three chemical compounds. He was given as a cocktail of them one right after the other. The researchers previously found and learned to exploit the first two. They attempted to tame the so far unusable third compound via their use.

Compound one from how it works seems to be the super soldier serum of Marvel fame. It was injected but not catalyzed until the other substances were administered. The second is some abnormal enzymes that force the mind to adopt Psionic powers. Fortified in body and mind the last compound was injected. This formula was derived from a stolen sample of undifferentiated Primarch DNA.

What ever psionic powers the protagonist has acquired remain unclear. They are still developing. Raw physical strength and speed is impressive to possess. The speed and clarity of thought is extraordinary to experience.

The nature of how the base was attacked becomes clear. The computer diagram of the undamaged base shows each wing had a special room. Each of these rooms contained five gateways leading to five alternate dimensions. Investigating the portal room in this wing reveals more information about the gateways it holds. The other side of each portal is a forward base slash monitoring post. They are currently unoccupied their personal were at the main base during the attack. They lead to these locations.

Portal 1
Dune 10189: One year before house Atreides leaves Caladan for Arrakis
Base is in the polar region of Arrakis near some smuggler bases. It has traded with the Smugglers before under the cover of being water sellers.

Portal 2
Starcraft 2501 about 1 year after Broodwar 3 years till Starcraft 2
Base is hidden in an asteroid in an uninhabited system in the Umojan Protectorate what lies within this base is unknown.

Portal 3
Fallout 2282 5 years before Vault 111 is opened
Base is hidden in the hills near Vault 111 has a stock of caps and supplies but relies on camouflage for safety.

Portal 4
MCU 2009 3 years before Avengers
Base is near Culver University they were tracking Doctor Banners research but this base has not been used in a while.

Portal 5
Mass Effect 2179 about 4 years before mass effect 1
Base is on Noveria in an Ice Lab sells minor genetic discoveries and trades in rare elements to pay the rent.

The protagonist must decide what to do next. the laboratories are furnished from what looks like a civilian federation techbase. They are stocked in tools and equipment for each lab needs. There are medical bays as well as biological, chemical and genetic engineering labs. There is plenty of tricorders and non weapon tools. No external communication devices or weapons are present. The life support is holding and with only one occupant it should last several years. The labs have replicators that still function. Cleaning up the station has broken down enough biological matter and inorganic parts to restock them. Basic nutrients and replacement parts can be easily fabricated.

Post or discuss what plans and actions he should take. I will answer questions and respond to posts. After sometime I will create a new section of story advancing the timeline using the culmination of your ideas. After each post revisions to plans and actions can be made and the process repeats.
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