Between the Stars And Far Away

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Re: Between the Stars And Far Away

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OK, wow. While this looks promising... 50 hefty posts of text blocks are gonna take awhile to wade through. Most people don't post novels in one go, they dribble them out chapter by chapter to let people read and comment in between. But if this is the approach you like to take, hey, no worries. It's just gonna take me a while to catch up :P
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Re: Between the Stars And Far Away

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I got to writing and couldn't stop. Still didn't catch all my gaffes, so bear with me.
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Re: Between the Stars And Far Away

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I made edits to warn people about the extreme views shown in this story.
I don't know if you did this as extreme parody, massive satire, or why, but the themes in this story are highly offensive to damn near everyone who isn't a highly-religious white male. Seriously, UP, this could be Incel porno.
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