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Re: The 13th Tribe Book II: A Symphony of War

Posted: 2019-07-06 12:00pm
by Eternal_Freedom
Since I know a lot of you enjoy keeping score, I've tallied up exactly what was lost on both sides...and this was definitely a bloody engagement!

Covenant losses:

They opened the battle with seven supercarriers, 35 assault carriers, 68 light carriers, 200 battlecruisers, 200 destroyers and 300 frigates. 810 ships, plus 550 corvettes.

They lost: two supercarriers (Purifying Flame and Incorruptible, twenty-four light carriers and ten assault carrier groups, totaling 10 assault carriers, 50 battlecruisers, 50 destroyers and 80 frigates. They also lost all their 550 corvettes, 95% of their fighters (those ODP canister rounds are a real bitch aint they) and their ground forces took ~60% losses.

That's 216 ships (or ~26% losses) with disproportionate losses in corvettes and fighters. Oh, and the Sanghelli have now lost (in the span of a couple days) lost five Supreme Commanders.

UNSC/Alliance Losses:

The UNSC began with 248 vessels and 20 ODP's of various classes. They lost the heavy cruiser Rememeber the Alamo, the light carrier Langley, fifteen destroyers and thirty-four frigates. They also took severe damage to the light carrier Hiryu, moderate damage to the heavy carriers Dawn Under Heaven and Hugh Dowding and the heavy cruiser Leviathan. Light damage was suffered by all remaining ships in Battle Groups Keyes and Zulu.

That's 51 ships dead, another carrier crippled and three more capital ships out of action for a while. Harper's First Strike Fleet is their only formation that is able to carry out offensive actions at this point.

So with 55 ships dead or out of action, the UNSC have taken 22% losses. They've also taken 30% losses (killed or wounded) for their ground forces and 20% losses in fighters.

The Alliance force jumped in with 95 ships - they've lost one Battlestar (sniff...goodbye Pegasus), two cruisers (Cassandra Cameron and Stephen Falken) and two destroyers (Adroa and Ikenga). Nemesis has taken severe damage and will be out of action for while while the Asgard Forgeship makes repairs. Light/moderate damage was suffered was also suffered by Galactica and Temeraire. They lost 10% of their Vipers/Cobras/Raptors/Scythes and 20% of their Marines (killed/wounded).

The Combined Fleet has effectively lost en entire Battle Group and one of the two Warstars. Ouchies.

So in terms of proportion it's about even but absolute numbers favour the UNSC/Alliance forces - they held the planet after all. Still, a very bloody engagement!

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Posted: 2019-07-06 10:35pm
by fnord
That's a proper shoeing all round.

How much will the loss of five Supreme Commanders weigh on the Sanghelli's chances in the upcoming Covvie civil war?

That's a first - a Warstar being badly damaged enough to require non-trivial yard time. Will there be the time to retrofit any new gubbins into Nemesis?

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Posted: 2019-07-07 04:25am
by Natzo
It's nice that the Warstars are not invincible. They are already ridiculously powerful and have tanked a lot. If the UNSC play a role in the final book, it would be interesting to see how their fleets improve with this tech in conjunction with their canon upgrades. I think they have the most advanced ground forces, since both the Kobollians and Tau'ri fight mainly in space and don't use power armors or personal shields. With their combined tech, making personal shields for regular forces should be easier. The Infinity would be more of a beast than the Warstar I think. Can't say how its canon power is when compared to the warstar, but it could ram ships and keep its shield and have strong Super MACs. With further upgrades from BSG/SG tech who knows what it would do.

It would also be nice for the Tau'ri to have some more POVs or defining the roles. At this point, even the Colonials are taking a back seat to the Terrans in terms of characterization.

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Posted: 2019-07-07 06:08am
by Eternal_Freedom
Fnord: Losing five Supreme Commanders would normally be a "meh" for the Sanghelli as it represents only about 1/4 their total...but they also lost five supercarriers as well, and they're the Sanghelli ace in the hole, the Jiralhanaedon't have anything that big.

As for refitting Nemesis, probably no new gubbins, the Forgeship can only do so much. It'll get her back into fighting trim but that's about it.

Natzo: Yeah, I decided it was time to take the Warstars down a peg or two. The UNSC will play a role in Book III and their fleets will continue to develop. As for how Infinity would square up against a Warstar...I honestly don't know, but even if she did mount the actual S-MACs like the orbital guns, rather than just uprated versions of the standard shipboard MAC, they'd still be a ways behind the Warstar-grade superlasers.

I also don't think technology plays a part in the UNSC having superior ground forces. THe Terran MArines do have shield generators for their ground vehicles and CAS craft, and their troops wear a form of light power armour. Where the UNSC really shine compared to the Terran or Tau'ri ground forces is numbers (they had something like twenty divisions worth allocated on short notice to defend the generators, the Terrans have a total of just four divisions, one on each Warstar and the other two split up among the Battlestars) and combat experience, both against the Covenant and in general. They've been a more-or-less unified ground force for several centuries now without any major changes in ground combat technology - the Terrans and the Tau'ri don't have a century of that combined.

And yeah I'm aware that the Terrans are rather stealing the show this book (Act One was almost entirely Terran, minus a few cameos and a Tau'ri presence). But the Colonials are still heavily involved - Jellicoe is in command after all, and he's essentially turning into the main/primary POV character for this whole story. The rest of the Colonial Fleet is here and fighting as well. I'm trying to keep things balanced but I've got a lot of characters from four different sources (five if you count the crew over at Atlantis)so it's a juggling act at times.

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Posted: 2019-07-13 08:04pm
by DKeith2011
It occurs to me that, with the combined tech on hand, Iron Man level power armor isn't out of the question.

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Posted: 2019-07-13 08:41pm
by Eternal_Freedom
Out of the question? No. Likely to appear? Probably not. Just because something might be possible doesn't mean it's practical. The Terrans have some nifty kit but I'm not taking them to that level - I'm struggling to stop them being OP as it is, having entire divisions of Iron Man armour would be difficult. Plus it'd basically be an entire division of Spartan-II's minus the biological/cybernetic upgrades, and that definitely would be OP.

Any update on the 3D models for HMS Dreadnought by the way?

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Posted: 2019-07-13 09:04pm
by InsaneTD
DKeith2011 wrote:
2019-07-13 08:04pm
It occurs to me that, with the combined tech on hand, Iron Man level power armor isn't out of the question.
Mjolnir armour requires the genetic engineering just to survive wearing it.

Scary thought, if a Gou'ald took a Spartan as a host and still had the armour. Or Spartans that have been Jaffa-ised.

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Posted: 2019-07-14 01:40am
by DKeith2011
Eternal_Freedom wrote:
2019-07-13 08:41pm
Any update on the 3D models for HMS Dreadnought by the way?
Unfortunately the modeler has been hit with a barrage of life issues including divorce and unemployment, he works on it when he can but time is limited.

I'm looking into other options currently, including Sean Tourangeau, designer of the Luna Class for Star Trek. This would just be a multi-view instead of a 3d model.

The problem is that job would probably run about $100 at least. That makes it a bit out of my solo price range. If anyone is willing to kick in on a group effort, it might be more practical.

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Posted: 2019-07-14 07:10am
by Eternal_Freedom
That's a pity. Having the artwork/models would have been a nice bonus but not really essential. Please pass on my thanks to your friend, and my sympathies.

Re: The 13th Tribe Book II: A Symphony of War

Posted: 2019-07-18 04:17pm
by DKeith2011
Will do.

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Posted: 2019-08-01 01:35am
by DKeith2011
May have progress on art of the HMS Dreadnought, stay tuned.

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Posted: 2019-08-01 12:46pm
by Eternal_Freedom
That's a delightful update, thanks. I am also working on the beginning of Act Five as well, no need to worry that this has died.

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Posted: 2019-08-20 07:18pm
by Eternal_Freedom

Act Five: Schism

Harsh Realities
Covenant Supercarrier
Long Night of Solace, retreating from Reach

Imperial Admiral Wattinree did not know what to do next. His entire worldview, as well as that of every single Sanghelli in the massed Covenant armada had been irrevocably changed. The Prophets had lied to them, had done so for tens of cycles now, pushing them into a genocidal war against an innocent race, a race that could have been a strong asset to the Covenant if they had been given the chance to join as all the other races had been.

Worse still, the Prophets had lied to them about their very faith in the Forerunners. Twenty-seven cycles of warfare, all of it against the wishes of their Gods. Not only had the Gods turned against them and given the humans a fully-operational Dreadnought in recent weeks, they had never been on the Covenant’s side in the first place.

It was a staggering blow, one that would under most circumstances have been irrecoverable as doubt and indecision tore the scattered Fleets asunder. But these circumstances were unique – for the first time in more than a thousand cycles the massed ranks of the Covenant Navy were grouped in just four locations – his retreating force, the six Fleets occupying the two known Halo Rings, and the Defence Fleet guarding High Charity.

It gave the disheartened Sanghelli leader options he might not have had otherwise. Options, stratagems and contingency plans whirled in his mind for nearly a full hour before he realised that this was simply not a decision he could make on his own. With these revelations, the Covenant itself was on the precipice of a schism that would consume it utterly. He might have the right, indeed the duty, to decide things for the Sanghelli under his command, and the species as a whole, but he could not do so for the Unggoy, the Kig-Yar or the Lekgolo. Trying to convince the Jiralhane or the Yan’me to side with him against the thrice-damned Hierarchs would be a wasted effort and could cost them the element of surprise.

He moved away from the virtually silent command chamber and into the nearby meeting room, calling for a conference call with his Supreme Commanders, not only the four survivors from his armada but the remaining seven whose Fleets were at the Rings or defending the capital.

It took some time to arrange, even the Forerunner-derived communications systems were being stretched to their limits connecting twelve senior officers, on twelve different ships in four different locations in real-time. The holograms flashed into life one by one, and immediately the Imperial Admiral could see that, apart from Supreme Commander Narvik Arakee from the Defence Fleet, every one of his immediate subordinates felt the impact of these revelations as severely as the Imperial Admiral did.

“My fellows, my force is withdrawing from Reach and human space. Under the Martial Code, we have agreed a truce with the human’s Admiral Cole. You and your ships are to take no offensive actions against them.” There it was, baldly stated and in the open, even if it was surprising news for most of those hearing it.

Narvik Arakee was the first to voice his surprise – he had heard none of these revelations and was completely in the dark, a fitting situation given that his flagship was the Shroud of Deepest Night.

”Imperial Admiral, what has happened to cause such a truce? And if I may be so bold, where are the five other Supreme Commanders who were part of your armada?”

The Imperial Admiral answered him in a calm, level tone that he truly did not feel. “Dead, at human hands, but it was the Prophets who caused it. They have betrayed us in the worst way imaginable – we are not the Reclaimers, the humans are. The Hierarchs knew this and launched this war to destroy their rivals while they worked on their cursed Great Journey. Not one but two Oracles have confirmed this – one commanding the Dreadnought aiding the humans and the other controlling the Ring that Supreme Commander Ursunee was sent to garrison.”

Arakee may have been kept in the dark but he was as sharp as any other Sanghelli present. ”Then the schism we feared is at hand, us and our fellows against the Hierarchs.”

Admiral Wattinree nodded. ”Exactly so. We need a plan, and we need it fast. Nial Declanee, I agreed with your points before about needing to be seen as the victim, to not start this civil war. I think you would agree that the situation has changed.”

Declanee’s hologram bowed his head. ”Things are far too different now to play politics. We have to act as fast and as effectively as possible. My only source of hesitation is High Charity itself – it is far enough from human space, and the two Rings, that it will take nearly three days for us to get there at best speed – and it is our only remaining source of replacement ships until we can construct shipyards of our own, a process that will take many cycles. It would be far better to capture it if we can.”

Thel Vadamee shook his head. ”While we began cycling ground forces back to the capital, most of the damnable Jiralhanae are there and they have an advantage over us and the other races, except the Lekgolo, in the close-quarters battles we would be fighting. Our forces will be outmatched and on the defensive until we can arrive. And I should stress that thanks to the Hierarch’s insistence on secrecy and keeping them outside our chain of command, we simply do not know where, or even how large, the Jiralhanae fleet actually is.”

Arakee answered that last point. ”I cannot give firm numbers or a location, but at an estimate they have something approaching three hundred vessels – but those are all battlecruiser-sized, and much more heavily armed than our own CCS class ships; they are pure ship-to-ship platforms and waste no space on hanger bays or ground forces.

Nerak Mastanee spoke up next. ”Surely they have nothing to match our supercarriers?”

This time Silas Sorsanee answered. ”To the best of our knowledge, they have no such vessels – but we thought the humans had no such vessels either and now five of our fellows are dead in a day. We cannot make any assumptions that we can overwhelm the Jiralhanae with superior ships.”

Wattinree re-entered the conversation at this point. “Silas makes a good point. Assumptions here will get a lot of our people killed, and losses are something we simply cannot afford. I have decided on a course of action. Once this armada reaches the Ring that Supreme Commander Urunsee is near, we will incorporate his forces into this one, and then move on to the second Ring. Once we have consolidated as many of our forces as possible we will head to High Charity and demand that Truth and Mercy surrender, presenting the recordings we have of the Oracles confirming they have lied. I have a reliable Zealot commanding the capital’s guns, he will lower the defences and allow us to storm the capital with overwhelming numbers, kill Truth, Mercy and every other Prophet we find, while the Armada makes ready to defend us from the Jiralhanae fleet if they decide to engage us.”

Thel Vadamee growled in agreement. ”A bold plan, and a bloody one, but truly I see no other options. We must act now and seize the initiative.”

Arakee nodded as well. ”Agreed. I will quietly bring the Defence Fleet to full combat readiness and begin making plans with the Zealot you spoke of.

One by one the other Supreme Commanders nodded or stated their agreement. The Great Schism had begun.


The lightning-handed figure allowed himself a trace of a smirk as the board shifted to show the outcome of his gambit. The statue representing the Covenant had split in two, one half remained on the side of the hooded opponent while the second stood equidistant from the other statues, signifying it was separate from both the Prophets and the human factions. The smirk faded imperceptibly as he considered the other, smaller statue behind the Prophets, a factor not yet brought into play but one that could cause all manner of difficulties. They had passed the fulcrum and the contest was swinging inexorably in favour of the lightning-handed player – but that did not mean that his opponent would not make him suffer.

This round was his, but the next might not be – and he may have a lot fewer pieces by the time this round actually ended.

Warstar Jupiter, Reach Orbit

In Fleet Ops, Admiral Jellicoe was leaning against the main plot table and wishing, not for the first time, that the senior commanders could have actual chairs while on duty. It would make dealing with the post-combat exhaustion a great deal easier, especially since he had to remain at his post as the senior most Alliance officer present in this universe.

Even though it had been more than three hours since the abrupt and astonishingly non-violent end to the battle and the Covenant armada leaving the system most of the assembled fleet remained on combat alert. The assorted air wings had been recovered and damage-control parties were doing what they could to shore up the more damaged ships until they could be moved into the orbiting dockyards for proper repairs, but the operational ships and the orbital gun platforms remained primed for further assaults.

The search for possible survivors in the remains of the destroyed vessels was still proceeding, though the odds of finding anyone alive were shrinking rapidly. Most of the destroyed vessels had died very violent deaths that left little chance for the crews. Some might have been saved by being in isolated compartments away from the main destruction but they would have had very limited air supplies – supplies that the various AI’s had grimly calculated would be quickly exhausted.

The Alliance forces held out little hope that any of their brethren from the lost ships could be saved. The Pegasus, Adroa and Ikenga had been evacuated before they were destroyed, so everyone who was going to survive from those ships was already safe. The cruisers Cassandra Cameron and Stephen Falken would both be recorded as lost with all hands – the damage had been too sudden, too all-consuming, to beam anybody off the ships before the end.

Jellicoe in particular was deeply furious about the loss of Pegasus. Not only was it the loss of another Battlestar under his command, but it was one of just three surviving Colonial Fleet units. Another irreplaceable link to their lost homes had vanished in the eye-searing flares of nuclear detonations – though these had been self-inflicted as part of a desperate and (in Jellicoe’s thoughts at least) gloriously defiant act to eliminate a colossal enemy warship. No doubt the Admiralty would prevail upon the Senate and the Quorum to fund a replacement for her, most likely with a second Phoenix class heavy Battlestar, but the painful point remained that the Colonial Fleet would inevitably fade away into memory despite their best efforts.

The heavy damage to the Nemesis was less concerning in a way. It was severe, but with the efforts of the Asgard Forge-ship she could be repaired and brought back to nearly full effectiveness. It was a sobering reminder that as powerful as the two Warstars were, there were definitely bigger kids on the block.

Jellicoe sighed again as Commodore Mace stepped up with a grim expression and a fresh report.

“Admiral, we’ve finally had confirmation on the enemy course and expected destination. They’re heading straight for Installation 04, presumably to link up with the major fleet element already present.”

John scowled. “What’s the estimate on that fleet’s strength?”

Mace consulted his datapad briefly. “Composition appears to be similar to what we faced just with smaller numbers. Three supercarriers, two dozen assault carriers and about four hundred lighter ships of various types. A nearly identically-sized force is around Installation 05.”

“Concentrating his forces for their imminent civil war. Makes sense I suppose.” John mused. “Ok. Harrison? get me a conference call set up with Cole, Hood, Harper and Whitcomb” he called in a slightly louder tone to attract the attention of the younger officer.

“Aye sir.”

Mace waited until the Commander was out of earshot before asking in a low tone. “What’s the next step John?” Despite the disparity in rank and position, the two were friends and had been since the Pegasus Campaign years before.

Jellicoe grimaced. “Right now I haven’t the foggiest Alan. Nemesis has only been able to recover half her Air Wing and we still have Pegasus’ fighters aloft as well. We’ve got to find a temporary home for nearly six hundred extra Vipers and Cobras, not to mention the eighty Scythes and Scimitars buzzing around. None of our ships can handle a heavy deck like that and even spread out we’re still looking at bunking four or so extra squadrons per Battlestar. Call up the two Yardships, Safe Harbour has some sizeable hangers since she was intended to act as a fighter ferry in dire conditions – we’ll split up the surviving Pegasus fighters to replace losses elsewhere and the rest will have to be based on the Yardship for the foreseeable future.”

Alan nodded. “I think that’s the best we can do. Putting the excess Vipers on the Yardship is probably a good idea anyway, she doesn’t exactly have much in the way of defences.”

John snorted derisively. “What else did you expect from a flying drydock Alan?” The Chief of Staff didn’t get a chance to react to that as the display beeped, showing that HMS Dreadnought and her escorting 304’s had returned to orbit – they had stayed in-atmosphere after the battle to provide assistance to the Marines with their Asgard sensors and beaming systems.

The huge British warship had done extremely well and had weathered the battle with only very minor damage; her shields had been on the point of collapse when the parley and truce were called, and whilst a single plasma torpedo had penetrated the defences it had been ablated enough that the armour held with no damage at all.

Mace shook his head. “I still can’t believe the balls those Brits have. Flying a Battlestar-size ship deep into atmosphere for close-range fire support? Remind me never to play cards with them.”

John actually managed a laugh at that. “Baird is their best officer and commands that ship for a reason. You’re right though, don’t ever play cards with him – especially if he offers to teach you Poker.”

The moment of levity passed when Commander Harrison announced the conference call with the UNSC commanders was ready. Four holograms appeared, collectively representing the very upper echelon of human forces in this universe. Jellicoe nodded at them before speaking.

“I’m assuming you’ve seen the report about just where this Armada is going?”

Hood answered for the others. ”Indeed we have. I think it’s imperative we go there and see for ourselves just what is going on – and check on the other Halo the Covenant were approaching since we never managed to check that one. We need a strong force but we’re going to have to start dispersing some of the Fleet back to nearby worlds anyway. What have we got that’s at full strength?”

Cole spoke first. ”Realistically we can’t spare much, and I have to go. It’s me that the various Monitors ultimately answer to and I’m also the one that agreed this truce – if the Covenant forces there haven’t got the message yet I can challenge them appropriately. So, me and the Keyship will go. John, can you spare the Jupiter and the Dreadnought? Those are our heaviest hitters that are at full strength and don’t need to head elsewhere.

Jellicoe nodded. “Yeah, both Baird and I can be spared for the moment. I’ve called up the two Yardships, they should arrive momentarily to help with repairs – though I’m putting an absolute priority on getting Nemesis repaired, at least enough to get her complete Air Wing back aboard.”

Harper gave a grim half-smile of agreement. ”Makes sense, I’d want your superlaser-armed ships back at full strength ASAP as well. I could spare you the Shiroyama and Thermopylae as well if you need the extra firepower.

Jellicoe shook his head. “I appreciate the offer Richard but you may need them here while we’re gone. I definitely want to meet the Thermopylae’s Captain for a drink though, the Combined Fleet owes them a debt for buying time to evacuate the Pegasus.”

Harper smiled, this time fully. ”I can arrange that. Sean Welch is one of my best officers, if he lives long enough I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up taking my job someday.”

Jellicoe smiled back. “I look forward to that. We need to get moving though. Preston? Can Dying Light manage a slipspace portal for the four ships? I think that’d be better than using a mix of FTL’s, hyperdrives and slipspace engines.”

Cole nodded. ”Shouldn’t be a problem. What’re our Rules of Engagement?”

Hood replied to that question as the overall commander. ”The same as you agreed for the truce. Defensive actions only, keep your shields raised and guns hot. If they open fire, assume they’ve broken the truce and kill anything that tries to stop you from getting back here. Take the remaining NOVA bombs with you – if the Covenant are occupying Installation 05, or if you get a shot at High Charity, use them and blow the fuckers to hell.”

Both Cole and Jellicoe grinned fiercely at that. “Aye aye Sir, that’d be a real pleasure. Preston, let’s get moving” said John. The other Admiral nodded in approval and his hologram disappeared. John turned to Commander Harrison once again.

“Have CIC move us into close formation with the Keyship and pass those same orders on to HMS Dreadnought. Signal Sharpshooter and have him assume command until we get back, and tell the 304’s to take up escort positions around Nemesis until the Yardships get here.”

Harrison nodded in acknowledgement and left to pass on the orders. Jellicoe looked over at Mace and smiled grimly.

“Once more unto the breach then my friend. It’s time we found out just what is going on with the Halo Rings.”


So we're back in business. I'm afraid this chapter was a lot of talking and reactions, but events are diverging massively from canon by this point. Reach has been held, the Covenant Civil War is about to begin - but the good Imperial Admiral will not find things going as he thinks.

We also get a brief glimpse at our higher-dimensional chessboard. Iblis is still scheming and as the board shows, the Sanghelli and their fellows may now be opposed to the Prophets but that doesn't mean they're on the same side as the UNSC/Alliance - the UNSC will still take the chance to obliterate High Charity if they can.

Oh and we get a name-drop for Captain Sean Welch as well, because it felt appropriate.

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Posted: 2019-08-20 10:25pm
by DKeith2011
Talky bits are good when needed.

I'm still hoping that Destiny can be worked into the story somehow, if only to get a wrap on that story. Maybe the mystery the ship was intended to investigate had something to do with the higher-dimensionals?

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Posted: 2019-08-21 12:39am
by swelch51
The quiet interludes can be some of the best passages. :) Perfect way to kick off the Covenant Civil War too! The Thermopylae is always ready for continued service. :)

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Posted: 2019-08-21 05:23am
by B5B7
I always check when this thread is updated, but some may think that simply one or two new comments have been made and might not check to find the surprise. It is good that the Sangelhi are now taking on the false prophets.

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Posted: 2019-08-21 12:35pm
by Eternal_Freedom
Mwahaha. I know it's been a while, but RL decided to throw things at me with a blunderbuss for a few weeks. Eep.

As for the Destiny, interesting idea on the "message" they were going to find being part of the Jupiter/Iblis contest. May not work it in this book but it's definitely something I can factor in to Book III. I figure that it will be similar in structure to Book II, a first act wrapping up a few things left open from this book and generally establishing how the setting has moved onwards before opening up the main threat.

Swelch51, yeah the Thermopylae, Leonidas and crew are ready to go, but Harper needs all the ships he can get given the losses they took.

EDIT: As for the Sanghelli taking on the Prophets, I haven't really given them a choice. They have absolute proof that the Gods aren't on their side, the Prophets have been lying for decades, and the humans shouldn't be their enemy. Given that some of the senior leadership were skeptical before they called the truce this shouldn't be surprising. But like I said, it's a truce, not an alliance or a formal peace.

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Posted: 2019-08-26 04:42pm
by Sky Captain
For some reason I have the feeling that soon the Flood will get released

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Posted: 2019-08-26 04:50pm
by Eternal_Freedom
Your feeling is absolutely correct. I had decided not to have them emerge, but then realised I needed something else for the heroes to fight in Act 5/6 before the climactic battle in Act 7.

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Posted: 2019-08-26 11:05pm
by DKeith2011
Zombiiiiies Iiiiin Spaaaaace!!!!!

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Posted: 2019-09-05 03:29am
by fnord
So the nuking from orbit will resume until the Flood improves?

Come to think of it, how about working in the "... nuke it from orbit - only way to be sure" line somehow - maybe Benton turns up again as a Colour Sergeant?

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Posted: 2019-09-05 01:45pm
by Eternal_Freedom
I'm pretty sure I already had the "only way to be sure" line at the end of Book I.