Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

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Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

Postby Archinist » 2016-07-02 02:06pm

So this is a story I was thinking of making recently. It has both Berserk and Alien(s) inside it, so that is a fun combination. This is my first story on here, so it won't be very good.

Profanity/violence warning

Part 1

A team of 20 guards were moving up the railings, one by one. The leader, named Daniel, shouted and pointed to a hole in the ceiling. "They're up there!", he said and the other 19 men poured through the hole.

On the other side a automated turret sat, but it had run out of cooling water and exploded when it tried to shoot the guards. Daniel yelled and tossed a flashbang at the turret anyway, but the blast blinded his own men and one fell down a hole.

"Charge, the enemy is here!", said Daniel as a group of 50 Roman spearmen burst into the room suddenly. His men rushed forward, firing randomly and bullets deflected off the walls and went into the Romans.

The leader of the Romans, named Gutts, surged forward. "We are not mighty enough, fall back!", he shouted and his men ran away but 10 of them died from the bullets.

Suddenly, an MRAP cougar vehicle burst through the door, and troops fell out of it, all dead. "It's our reinforcing team, but they have been taken out! Open fire on the MRAP!", said Daniel, and crouched as his 18 guards showered the MRAP with gunfire.

There was a bang, and the MRAP exploded. "The enemy is down, my men! Search the MRAP, it might have a map inside it, so we can figure out what's going on down there."

"Yes, sir!" A guard rushed forward and jumped into the MRAP and began tossing papers and tools everywhere. But one of the tools was actually an artillery shell, and it exploded and killed 5 guards.

"Sir, it says here that this MRAP was actually a cursed chariot from the pits of Hell itself! And look! The Roman Empire mentioned something about Hell sending demons in the form of strange metal boxes with rods coming out of them that make loud booms and can kill a man from hundreds of leagues away!", said a guard.

"Oh no, that must be our artillery support! This must be why there was an artillery shell hidden in the MRAP! How dare they attack our armoured positions, aren't they aware of what he can do to them?", said Daniel.

"Alright, get into the MRAP! We can use it to our advantage by taking it to the kingdom and scaring the people! They might still have a few F-35 fighter jets from WWII lying around somewhere, we could use those jets to return to Earth!", said Daniel.

Some hours later

The MRAP was bounding along a medieval highway at hundreds of miles an hour when a dragon appeared and threw fireballs at the car. "Sir, there is a dragon following us. Some of us may might still have a M249 SAW in the back of the storage car, we can use that against the dragon.", said a guard.

The guards ran to the back of the MRAP, and began throwing their arms all over the place where the M249 was sitting. "I will use it, because I can shoot the dragon better", said a guard, but then a fireball hit him and he died.

"Oh no! The guard is dead!", said Daniel has he took out a M9 pistol and began firing at the dragon, but missed every shot.

"Quick, get to the rocket launcher!", said a guard, his name was Matt.

Matt ran over to the M249 rifle, grabbed it, and stood on the roof of the MRAP, struggling to not fall over from the high speed of the car. Then he began to fire at the dragon, watching as the tiny bits of metal made massive holes in the dragon until it was ripped into giant chunks of meat which rained down, putting massive craters in the road comparable to a crater from a nuclear blast.

"The dragon is dead!", said Matt as the last piece of meat fell onto the ground, splattering him in dragon blood. He climbed back into the car, and the guards laughed at the blood and one guard even drank a bit of the dragon blood but then he screamed in agony because the blood was actually tiny little demons in the shape of blood cells and the guard was transformed into a zombie.

"Damn, he's a zombie! We need to lure him away to the fire grenade cabinet, then a guard will activate a single grenade which detonate and start a chain reaction which will destroy the zombie!", said Matt.

"I will do it, as the protector of humanity, earth, and the queen of the England. I am the Darwin man of Britain!", said a guard but he falls down and dies.

A terrible thing happened, as the rest of the guards tried to get to the grenade box, the zombie bit one which turned into another zombie which bit another guard which turned into another zombie until the MRAP was filled with zombies in less than one second.

Only Matt and Daniel were left, so Matt took a gun and shot one zombie after the other until they were all dead. But then he ran out of ammunition, so he threw his gun away, but since they were in a speeding car travelling faster than 500 miles an hour, the gun then travelled more than 500 miles an hour and slammed into the armoured cargo doors, causing the MRAP to slow down so quickly that it was flung backwards into the air and flipped around, sailing through the air at hundreds of miles an hour.

The MRAP smashed into the ground and bounced back, where it flew for quite a long time, turning over and over and flipping about, then it bounced off the ground a dozen times where it finally crashed into a solid rock wall at more than 200 miles an hour.

Matt, inside the MRAP was only slightly injured, so he got up and looked around, but he could not see Daniel, because there was a lump of metal wreckage in the way and sparks came from the wreckage.

But Daniel was not injured much except for a massive hole in his leg which was actually bleeding terribly, so he called for Matt to exit the vehicle and cauterize his wound, but he must hurry because he was upside down and the blood was raining down so quickly the small compartment was filling with blood and he was afraid of drowning.

Matt is terrified of this prospect so he quickly uses 200 tonnes of explosives to blast out the faulty armoured doors of the MRAP which were broken in the crash and would not open. Then he wanders outside and begins to set up a radio beacon to call for reinforcements.

There is no one on the radio, and Matt realises that it is not plugged in, so he plugs it into the MRAP but then he is blown backwards by an invisible force. He is confused so he tries the radio again but is blown backwards again. He notices there are some odd burns on his hands and also notices that the burns become more and more numerous the more times he touches the radio so he stops touching the radio, confused.

He goes back inside the MRAP but then he remembers that he is supposed to extract Daniel, so he goes back outside and walks to the front cockpit of the vehicle and tries to pull the glass off but he is not strong enough. Even worse, he finds that for some reason he cannot remove his hands from the front of the vehicle, so he uses his feet to take 50 tonnes of explosives and detonate them on the vehicle, blowing him backwards and badly bruising him but releasing Daniel.

But now Daniel is almost dead and also has several new holes in his torso from the blast, and Matt panics and wonders what to do...


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Re: Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

Postby madd0ct0r » 2016-07-03 06:39am

Well, I've taken part in weirder rpgs.
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Re: Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

Postby Archinist » 2016-07-04 05:33am

Part 2

Matt has an idea. He knows he can cauterize wounds with heat, so he goes back to the radio and thinks a while. Then he goes into the vehicle's storage and pulls out one hundred car batteries and attaches them together and connects them to the MRAP's power system and then connects them to a bit of wire and also gets another bit of wire.

He connects the bits of wire to Daniel wounds which make flashes of bright so powerful his eyes melt slightly but he knows they will heal in time. They also instantly cauterize Daniel's wounds and turn the exterior flesh into ash and charcoal, so he grabs a bucket of gasoline and pours it into the wounds and sets it alight to burn away any infected flesh.

Then he checks his own wounds and realises he has a massive infection that is so uncontained that most of his left arm has actually been destroyed. So he quickly carves it off with a warhammer and cauterizes the blood flow with the wires. Then he dips his stump into a pool of gasoline and lights it, letting the burn away the rotten flesh.

He goes back to Daniel who is recovering reasonably quickly and questions him on how to use the car radio system. He tells him out how he has it set up, but this makes Daniel panic and he rambles on about electrical safety but Matt promises that it is completely safe, so Daniel tells him he needs to find to bring it to him so he can see what is up.

Matt picks the radio up, cringing slightly from the massive amount of power the radio is pushing through him and brings the radio to Daniel. Daniel opens the cover and fiddles with some components and the it starts working again, but it attracts lightning because of its immense power.

Matt is struck by lightning once, but he is lucky and not damaged too much. He radioed his base back on North Korea and requests some reinforcements, which are sent immediately. Soon, he can see the massive army of hundreds of millions of North Korean soldiers and vehicles rushing up to greet him.

The general of the army, a light colonel man, was named Reyer. Reyer ran in front of his army, and walked up to Matt.

"G'day mate, thanks for your assistance. Have you got any news from the oil crew rig men yet? They were supposed to build an oil rig at this position, no?", said Reyer.

"What? Oh, that's right. I think they were about the make an oil rig here, but the Romans killed the men and stole the oil rig and brought it back to their temple. We need to get some soldiers over to their location right away sir, before they find out a way to weaponize the oil rig and use it against us!", said Matt.

"Um, we'll need the assistance of the Iranians and Americans for that, mate. We only have a few hundred million troops here, nowhere near enough to stage an assault. The enemy has to have at least a million troops, fighting from their home ground, so we'll need more troops, even against medieval foes.", said Reyers.

"Our men could pepper the enemy with their machine guns and antiaircraft cannons, while our tanks could shoot down their aircraft, while our jets could mow down their defensive structures with their cannons.", said Matt.

"Oh, my. I had never even thought of that idea, that is brilliant!! We will assault the enemy right away sir, nothing more to be said about it.", said Reyers, suddenly excited.

"Alright, men, we're going to go and raid the medieval empire now. This man over here says they're to our north, so let's go!", Reyers said as he ran away, his entire army following him and vanished from sight.

There was a sudden roar from the forest and Gutts ran out of the forest, brandishing a tiny knife. He shouted at them and charged forward, shouting.

"You killed my wife and me mates, my men! You'll never return to earth, for I shall kill you and destroy it with my knife and my knife alone!", said Gutts and continued to charge.

Matt picked up his rifle and fired at Gutts, but missed every shot. Then Gutts ran up to him and tripped over and fell down, so Matt picked up a pistol and fired at him but missed every shot, and ran out of ammunition.

Gutts roared as he got up and yelled, "For the Emperor of Men, Our holy Sword of Saint Griffith of the Counter Struck!", he yelled into the air.

Matt picked up an old RPG and fired it, but the warhead bounced off Gutts and went back at Matt, but he dodged it and it sank into a tree and did not explode. Then Matt saw a spare magazine of ammunition lying on the road and picked it up and reloaded and began firing at Gutts.

Gutts saw the bullets coming towards him, so he ducked behind a rock, waiting for Matt to run out of bullets. When Matt had finished, Gutts popped back out and waved his knife at him but Matt ducked and weaved and picked up the wires.

Then Gutts slashed the wires away but suddenly was blasted backwards and could not move. Matt hovered out him and struck him with the wires many times but just as he was going to strike his final blow, Daniel appeared and told him to stop.

Gutts used this to his advantage to grab the wires and slashed Matt with them. But Matt is not affected by the wires and laughs so Gutts runs away but then comes back. He demands to know why they are on his land, and Matt says that he will tell them if Gutts obeys him for a while. Gutts obeys him and they walk into a cave for about 30 minutes and then they come back.

But then Matt says he lied about telling him anything so Gutts smashes his head into the rocks nearby until his brain is completely destroyed. Then he turns into a giant stone man and begins to throw rocks at Matt, who then shoots him with the MRAP's .50 caliber BMG rifle who blows him to pieces and Gutts appears to die.

But then an infant version of Gutts crawls away from the ruins of the stone man so Matt chases after it with a minigun and fires at it in full automatic but accidentally rips his arm off with the recoil and also misses every shot. So Matt goes back to the MRAP and cauterizes his wound with the wires and is so absolutely furious that he attempts to murder Daniel, but Daniel runs back into the forest.

But then there is a terrible storm and a black tornado appears a few miles away. It is completely black, yet Matt can see hundreds of demons pouring out of it. So he goes to investigate, armed with five flamethrowers and a dozen megaliters of fuel on his back.

He arrives at the portal site in a few minutes and sees a strange medieval soldier with only a skull for a head on a skeletal horse. He is enraged by the magic and burns the horseman to smithereens with his flamethrower and enters the strange tornado.

But inside the tornado everything has strange architecture and several aliens appear from the woodworks. He burns the aliens with his flamethrower and climbs into a ventilation system, on the hunt for any aliens. There is a beeping noise and Matt looks at his motion sensor, and can see a moving thing coming towards him.

Someone shouts from outside the vent for Matt to escape, but then the moving thing turns out to be an alien and Matt grabs the alien and tears it apart with his teeth, but the acid burns his mouth slightly. Then the person outside the vent screams and runs away. Obviously the alien was the person's pet and is saddened by its death, so Matt claws his way out of the vent and hunts down the person.

There are large mounds of flesh and bodies and demons roving about everywhere, but the people Matt is looking for are on a large rock, surrounded by demon they are fighting with some sort of gun. Matt appears near them and annihilates the demons and they thank him for his services but Matt tries to devour them with his claws and mouth, but they disable him with a taser and run away.

Then the alien queen appears and swallows Matt and he is gone forever. But then the alien queen roars and shifts and then its abdomen explodes as Matt bounds out of it and then it dies and Matt showers it with half a megaliter of flamethrower fuel until it is nothing.

A dozen aliens burst out of the desert nearby, and Matt rams his body into them until they burst and explode. Then an APC appears full of the strange men and fires at Matt from a mile away until it runs out of bullets and runs away. Matt looks upward and he can see a strange man with the odd alien architecture on him and knows this is the man.


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Re: Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

Postby Archinist » 2016-07-12 01:31pm

Part 2

Matt climbs a mountain and the man floats over to him and Matt stares at his wings with odd alien bones and cords running along them and his helmet which actually looks like a terribly-fit and low quality medieval helmet.

Then there is a crackling sound and Matt looks down at his Giger counter and is alarmed because the Giger counter is very high and the needle is pulsating everywhere and Matt realises that the strange alien man is making the Giger counter crackle and pulsate but he does not know why.

In fact, it is so powerful that the needle is going all way up the the high-ranking Giger levels, which are sometimes abbreviated as HR Giger levels. Then Matt laughs and throws the meter away and forgets about any of that and focuses on the man.

He turns on his flamethrower and throws hundreds of liters at fuel at him, but the alien man clicks his finger and Matt's flamethrower tanks explode and more than 11 megaliters of fuel come out and wash over everything for many meters around. Then it is lit on fire and Matt is engulfed in the flames for a long time until he can climb back up the mountain.

Then a zombie bites into his remaining arm and he cannot get up further, so he rips it off with his bare teeth and continues his way up the mountain. At the top, the infant version of Gutts has grown into a large, gorgeous man with perfectly white long hair and a perfect muscular chest. Matt stares at the man for a few minutes before a group of five godly beings come down and surround Matt.

The man then tells Matt about a story in which he once owned a great army which he raided and pillaged hundreds of helpless villages with and had staked over much loot and glory over the years. He says everything was fine and awesome and cool and rambles on for a very long time and Matt grows tired.

Then the man says something about some power fantasies and something else but then he says that a traitor destroyed his entire life and his great kingdom because of some extremely selfish deeds and then that person himself became a great king of everything and now he's in the great cloud eclipse, which is what he calls the black tornado.

Then Matt says that is great and excellent but tries to kill the man but his bloodlust is mostly gone and his radio does not work anymore. Then the great beings above him hover around him and make chanting noises and two more people appear. Matt can recognize the man Gutts and some other person.

For some reason, Gutts is missing one arm, but Matt does not care and takes out his knife and rushes at Gutts, flaying his knife everywhere. The floating being on the roof make bubbling noises and turn into black holes and act generally surprised. Then the other person is snatched by some tentacles that came out of nowhere and Gutts becomes furious and leaps over Matt and runs towards the other person.

Freemasons Military Base, Southern Iceland, Australia

"Sir, they are climbing up the ladders! This is impossible. They don't have arms!", said a guardsman, gasping at the beasts climbing up the railings.

"WHAT? What do you speak of, my precious flimsy damsel?", said the general, named Reyge.

Reyge walked over to the verandah and looked down. They were indeed climbing up and over the support beams.

Reyge turned to the helmsman behind him. "Helmsman, command the rear ships to open fire on the supply ladder! We cannot allow them access into the main apartment, our men inside will not hold them."

The helmsman nodded and started pressing buttons and pulling levers. There was a sudden loud crash outside and a M113 APC fell out of the sky, its shattered turbines slowly turning.

"Sir, our armour is getting shot out of the sky! They must have activated their AA network. This is terrible, our evac aircraft cannot launch from the ground to evacuate the civilians anymore.", said the helmsman.

"Guardsman, they are here! The battleships responded too late. Guardsman, blast those creatures back to where they came from!", said Reyge.

"Yes, sir! For the Emperor!", said the guardsman, picking up his SCAR-H rifle and switching it to fully automatic, because that might have worked better.

The guardsman opened the door and fired at two demons. The demons had oily moist skin with four eyes hanging from odd cords and wires from their main frame. One of the demons was equipped with a metal rod attached to its front, with some colored wire-like cords running from it into the demon itself. The guardsman saw this and felt a burning sensation as he realised this was something shockingly familiar.

The first demon dodged the bullets and leapt at the guardsman, knocking the rifle out of his hand. Then the demon used its forearms to pin the guardsman to the floor, but the guardsman used a knife to cut both its arms off, and the demon blood poured out and splashed over the demon itself which was highly reactive to it's own blood, so it caught fire and melted.

The guardsman picked his rifle up and fired in full automatic at the remaining demon, but he was a poor gunsman and missed every shot, until he ran out of ammunition. Since the guardsman was still pinned under the fallen demon, the remaining demon was taking his time and slowly crept closer and closer..


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Re: Berserk Manga Enters An Alternate Modern Earth Scenario (BERSERK + AU MODERN EARTH)

Postby Archinist » 2016-07-14 06:59am


It slowly walked closer and closer until the guardsman saw a weakness in the ceiling and yelled very loudly which caused a certain part of the ceiling to collapse on the demon, which was then crushed to oblivion with over 20 tonnes of solid reinforced concrete.

The guardsman took some minutes to unravel the steaming hot demon which was still ontop of him, until he finally took it off.

Suddenly, his radio buzzed with life and a voice came out of the other end.

"This is Alpha unit 1-4-4, we are requesting a artillery bombardment at X69, Y101, over.", said the radio in a marine voice. But the guardsman could hear the voice and knew it was not a true marine, it was actually a demon in disguise.

The guardsman then used the radio and tracked down the position of the demon marine's position. After comparing it to a live status GPS map he had pinned on his laptop, he could see that this was actually an evacuation point, and could see the heat images hundreds and hundreds of people walking about, which was recorded by a military satellite a few kilometers in the sky.

But the guardsman was very well-trained, and knew how to recognize actual people from fake people, and could see that all of the hundreds of people were actually demons which had once been marines and people.

So then the guardsman ordered an artillery bombardment of the position which the fake marine had actually called from, instead of where the fake marine had asked him to bombard, which was probably filled with friendly troops.

The battleship's cannons roared and crashed as massive shells the size of small apartment blocks were ejected from even larger guns in massive volleys consisting of over ten thousand warships.

Each shell carried an explosive warhead equivalent to a 20 megaton non-nuclear explosive, able to level entire houses and even villages from just a single shell.

Overrun Marine Staging Area, Southern Iceland, Australia

"Master, the humans are very foolish and pathetic. Is it not a dishonor to battle them using such filthy tactics?", said a minor demon, with tiny black circles for eyes and a chugging infected demonic motorbike engine on its back, giving it power to move it's legs and mind.

The master demon overlord prince snorted and ate the smaller demon, but the diesel engine exploded and bored a giant hole in the demon overlord prince, toppling it over and splashing gasoline and demon blood everywhere, obliterating the overlord prince and every single demon in a 20 meter radius.

"Sire, the humans are still slaughtering our ranks with their great magical abilities. Over half of our entire invasion force was lost within the first hour, and we have hardly an eighth of our original fighting force and continue to rack on casulties even after we've supposdly won.", said a medium demon to another greater demon, the only remaining one in the staging area.

"Alas, those demons were only a quarter of our entire demonic fighting force that the immortal God-Hands have granted us. Already, we have won a glorious victory against the human's most secure stronghold. Our demonic masterminds do not expect to lose more than a hundred more men conquering the remainder of earth."

"But Sire, are you absolutely certain that this is the most humanity can throw at us? Their militaries have dramatically increased their strength from since our last visit, whereupon we pillaged several of their most treasured cities without a single casulty. Today, we have lost over five hundred thousand troops, and only for about several hundred humans!", said the lesser demon.

"Foolish demon, they are more pathetic then what they were before. Now they fight us like cowards from great distances, before we can scarcely lay our eyes upon them. These humans may have given us a difficult time, but I assure you, the rest will not. These humans are clearly the absolute best humanity has to offer, all their strengths piled into one basket of eggs."

"I assure you even further..." the greater demon continued, "for absolute peace of soul, that the remaining humans, if there are any, and they did not all die off from constructing this monstrous fortress, will be quite scarce and if they have not already died off from other causes, will not even have enough energy to mount an offensive against our legions! This entire fortress could hold the wealth of a thousand ancient earths and then some, so I would think it is very likely that any remaining humans are slowly croaking away from lack of nourishment.", said the greater demon.

"Oh, of course, master. You are always correct, my lord.", said the lower demon as he walked away.

The greater demon sensed that the lower demon did not truly respect him and roared at him.

"You foul beast, Nthrowich! You dare to challenge me, Djnorasta of Hellenger?! I am the overlord of hundreds of inferior hosts, defy me and you will be smited into oblivion.", roared the greater demon, whose name was Djnorasta.

The lower demon chuckled softly to himself and hissed at Djnorasta, before snaking away.

Djnorasta became furious, and his massive claws and feet were charged with arcane energies. A giant ball of demonic plasma was hurled in the direction of Nthrowich, striking the ground with something that looked like lightning.

Nthrowich saw the plasma ball coming at him, so he hurled himself forwards, towards the ball which sailed directly over his head and crashed into a band of other lower demons, splattering them over the courtyard. Of course, Nthrowich was only a mere lower demon and could not directly fight Djnorasta, else he would be destroyed very quickly.

But Nthrowich had other plans. He could smell something in the air; something which was destructive beyond even the powers of a true demonic lord. He scuttled under a broken tent and started to flee towards the distant forest very quickly.

At first Djnorasta could not believe that even a creature such as a lesser demon could surely flee such as he was doing now. Djnorasta waited patiently for the foul beast to reveal that his retreat was actually part of a brilliant trick into defeating him, but nothing happened and soon Nthrowich had vanished completely into the forest.

Djnorasta snorted a great snort of foul beasts and sniffed the air. Something was definitely up, he could smell something truly horrible in the air, but he could see nothing. Some of the lower demons around him shifted around, seemingly uneasy at the strange presence in the sky.

A snuffling sound interrupted his thoughts. Djnorasta turned around and faced the group of messengers below him. One of them, the apparent head of the group walked forward and spoke.

"Sire, we have received reports from local surrounding war bands that the remaining humans have suddenly begun to flee. Our warriors chased them, but---"

The messenger seemed to choke a little and sputtered, but he recovered and continued.

"Our glorious warriors chased them, but... they could not reach them, sire. The cowards used some sort of arcane transport that moved quicker than even our finest hounds could.", said the messenger, shuddering.

Djnorasta knew something was wrong. The messenger seemed to be hiding from telling him something, but Djnorasta was not too worried about that. He could force it from his mind using his cursed abilities, so that was only a minor annoyance.

Djnorasta looked back at the forest, waiting for the inevitable ambush. His delicate ears could pick up a strange noise in the sky now, a most peculiar shrill whistling sound. It seemed to be growing stronger and louder, probably as the traitorous Nthrowich and his lackeys emerged from the forest.

Djnorasta stared at the forest line for a few more minutes, before he realised something was dreadfully wrong. Glancing back at his minions, he could see them trembling and cowering behind various articles of debris, whispering to each other in terrified voices, which was extremely rare, since even before death, demons do not show any fear. Suddenly, reality itself seemed to melt away from Djnorasta until there was nothing.


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