The Thirteenth Tribe (nBSG/SG Crossover)

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Re: The Thirteenth Tribe (nBSG/SG Crossover)

Postby fnord » 2017-04-10 12:36pm

I'm sure as hell not complaining - Barham, during Shtarkergeddon, went down fighting like a possessed wildcat on PCP. Makes a damn good story.

As Vasili Mishingun would have put it, Shtarker definitely proved he had the BEETS to captain a battlestar in action.
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Re: The Thirteenth Tribe (nBSG/SG Crossover)

Postby Eternal_Freedom » 2017-05-27 10:39am

You didn't really think this was dead did you? :D

Act Two: Unity
New Arrivals
Terran Orbital Space

To say that things were tense in the space around Terra would have been a colossal understatement.

The battered and bloody Combined Fleet had held the line and annihilated the Cylon attackers, though at great cost: one Battlestar was gone, another had only just reappeared on sensors but was almost certainly dead in space. A third was holding station near Olympus Base with moderate internal damage. Three defence platforms and their crews were shattered. Ten of the fourteen destroyers were now nothing but dust and debris and nearly half of their Vipers were lost; fortunately many pilots had ejected safely and SAR Raptors and shuttles were even now racing to recover them.

Despite this, it had been a decisive victory. They had faced no less than fifty four Cylon capital ships just six hours before, now, all of them were destroyed. The Cylon Fleet was destroyed completely, not a single Basestar remained anywhere in what had been Cylon space. Their God had apparently been killed as well, earning the Colonial veterans a measure of vengeance for their lost worlds.

Now, however, they faced something new and totally unexpected. A new ship, smaller than a Battlestar but still sizeable, hung in space a respectful distance from the three operational Battlestars. All the crews on those ships were feeling the after-effects of an hour-long adrenaline rush. More than a few crewmen and officers had collapsed to the deck shaking and many had vomited their last meal onto the walls of their compartments. This was especially true for the Terran crews who had never faced battle before.

Aboard the Excalibur, Admiral Lethbridge-Stewart had regained consciousness and was standing in the Fleet Ops Centre with his faithful Chief of Staff, while a medic checked the bandages on his head. He had gone through an emotional roller coaster in the last few minutes; learning of the casualties and then the victory and then the Cylon God’s arrival and then Jellicoe’s actions in firing on a surrendering enemy. The main thing keeping him standing was knowing his daughter had survived and acquitted herself well.

This new contact and its message was truly baffling. Earth was a name known to the Terrans purely from their Colonial brothers, a mistranslation of Terra in their scriptures. The idea that Earth was an actual place was something no-one had thought of.

That this ship, and this “Supreme Commander Thor” claimed to be from the Asgard was actually easier to accept. The Terrans knew of the Asgard, a race of proud and capable warriors that had been true and loyal allies of the Lords of Kobol in the distant past. Nothing had been heard from them since the last of the Lords, Zeus and Prometheus had left and ordered the Astria Porta sealed away. It had long been considered that this race were either extinct or had left the galaxy entirely.

The Admiral acted quickly, first sending out a signal to the battered fleet that he was reassuming command. He then ordered the four surviving destroyers to jump immediately to the Galactica’s position and render assistance. Finally, he lifted the comm handset and replied on the open channel.

“This is Admiral Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart, Commander of the Terran Commonwealth Navy and the Combined Fleet. As you can probably see we’ve just fought a major battle so you’ll have to forgive me for being terse and suspicious. Until my government can respond, you will hold your position or you will be fired on.”

Asgard Science Vessel Daniel Jackson

“Well they sound friendly.”

Jack O’Neill’s comment was the first response on the Asgard vessel’s bridge. Teal’c nodded in agreement as he examined the sensor displays. Colonel Carter on the other hand felt the need to respond to her commander and friend.

“If these readings are right then he really isn’t kidding when he says they just had a major battle. Thor, what are we looking at here?”

The small creature hummed in thought as he shifted through the data. “It would appear that this Admiral is correct. My sensors do indicate a large scale fleet action. I am detecting after-effects of hundreds of nuclear detonations, some of them extremely high yield. Analysis of the debris indicates at least four different kinds of ship of varying size were present…and one Ha’tak.”

That made everyone stop and think. But before anyone could respond, Thor continued:

“The three vessels facing us are all large and powerful vessels. Two of them appear to be of a substantially less-advanced basic design that has been upgraded in a manner similar to your own Prometheus. The third ship near us, as well as the one holding near that large space station, are very advanced ships and appear to use Ancient-derived technology, and have human life signs aboard. The planet is home to approximately five billion humans and the large cities all possess defensive shields.”

This was clearly an advanced and powerful civilisation they had stumbled across. Even O’Neill, with his known fondness for Star Trek, could not deny that the large ships in front of them were impressive vessels. The one that was more advanced, according to Thor, was also a very familiar design, but Jack couldn’t place where he’d seen it before.

Thor sent a reply: “We will hold position until your government can respond officially. We mean you no harm.”

That did not get a verbal answer, though the other ships fire-control sensors were no longer painting them at least. The humans returned to examining sensor data. All of them were particularly impressed as the scan revealed the large space station was apparently a shipyard, with no less than three more of the large warships nearing completion. Thor also detected another, hidden shipyard in a close orbit of one of the outer gas giants – it held only one ship, but that ship was easily twice the size of the other ships being built over the inhabited planet and was likewise nearing completion, at least structurally.

Thor was becoming more and more interested as he continued to analyse the data. The designs and technology, not to mention the architecture on the surface, were clearly either Ancient or derived from his long-gone allies. He was considering that this might have been a hidden colony of humans, set up by a splinter faction of the Ancients who had stayed in this galaxy rather than fleeing to Pegasus.
Most interesting was that none of the ships arrayed before them had hyperdrives that he could detect. He said as much to SG1 before he continued:

“They apparently use some unknown form of superluminal travel. I am detecting some readings that are similar to an inactive Stargate but I cannot be sure what they signify. The ships are powered by large and extremely efficient naquada reactors and are armed with weapons clearly derived from Ancient energy weapon designs. They also seem to mount very large fixed versions in their bows.”

This caught Jack’s interest immediately. “Big honking space guns?”

“Indeed General. There is a curious armour present on the most advanced ships, it is a type I have never seen before.”

Daniel spoke up next, curiosity burning in his tone. “Are there any markings on them Thor? Names, numbers?”

Thor hummed again, then brought up a magnified view of the three largest ships. The image split, then zoomed in further to show a section of the large pods that flanked each ship’s hull. Clearly visible, in letters tens of feet high, where names.

Pegasus…Excalibur…Warspite…” read Sam. “Those are familiar names, and curious ones at that.”

Daniel agreed. “Pegasus and Excalibur I can understand if they draw on the same Ancient histories for their myths that we do, but Warspite? Wasn’t that a British battleship? How did that name get all the way out here?”

No one had an answer for him. Jack, however, had been searching his memories as the name Pegasus had sparked a thought for him. Then it hit him:

“Damnit, I knew I recognised those ships! They’re Battlestars!”

Sam looked at her boss with a curious look on her face. “You mean that cheesy 70’s sci fi show?”

Jack nodded. “Yeah.”

Sam looked unconvinced. “That would be one hell of a coincidence sir, someone in the 70’s coming up with a design from another civilisation…” she trailed off as an explanation occurred to her. “Joe the barber from Michigan?”

Jack shrugged. “Those two mind-stone-things can’t have been the only pair lying around.”

Before Sam could answer, Thor broke in: “As interesting as that possibility is, I have detected something else. Traces of unusual subspace signals that came from the area of the destroyed Ha’tak.
The amount of data that was sent was vast, possibly enough to indicate a complete humanoid mind.”

SG1 paused in thought. Daniel summed it up “Someone transmitted their mind from a destroyed ship? How?”

“Presumably they used a device similar to the neural interface that Anubis once used to transfer my mind to his ship’s computer.” That brought up less than fond memories for Jack, Sam and Teal’c. The feeling of being stuck on a spaceship that was flooding was just too weird.

Thor spoke again. “The humans are sending us another signal.” A few presses of buttons and a voice came over the speakers, distinct from the first.

”This is President Edward Matthews of the Terran Commonwealth, we welcome the return of the Asgard to our region of space. The Lords of Kobol spoke highly of their close allies. We also welcome your friends from Earth…even if we have no idea where this “Earth” might be. If they are friends of the Asgard, they are welcome here. I would invite your party to land aboard Olympus Base in one hour to meet in person.

Thor spoke. “Thank you for the invitation. Please send coordinates and we will arrive in one hour.”

The channel closed. SG1 looked around at each other. Jack summed it up: “Well that was…weird. I geuss we’d better get all dressed up.” The Asgard commander had, of course, thoughtfully beamed up dress uniforms and similar formal wear for just this possibility. “Thor, I somehow doubt these guys will appreciate us just beaming in…any chance you have a shuttle or something aboard?”

“No. But using our beaming technology and patterns stored in this ship’s database, I can fabricate such a craft in the necessary time. I will alert you when it is ready to depart.”

With that, the team nodded and left to find their bags. As they walked through the corridors, the background hum of the ship increased in pitch and volume as the beaming system went to work building them a shuttle.


It lives. THe real crossover begins. Yes, I felt it best to address the idea that the old BSG series existed on SG1!Earth...fortunately, series 8 gave us a fun idea that can explain it well enough, with a little temporal shenanigans thrown in.

I have another part written, but will post that later.
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