Beta reader for Xcom story/script

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Beta reader for Xcom story/script

Postby Korgeta » 2015-12-15 02:37pm

I've been busy drafting out some ideas for Xcom set just prior to it's sequel, it's something I decided to proceed with whilst drawing some illustrations, the aim is to create a webcomic story as well as a novelisation.

On my part it will be a lengthy project to undertake, research into the mythos, sketch and designs, colouring effects, writing out with justification as to why caharacter A is this and how character B is going to do that etc, also I do miss out on spelling errors (even with spell check) and make some basic grammar errors here and there so I need fresh eyes to correct that and give it a proffessional look.

Firstly I need someone to have an understanding of xcom, or can grasp it easily, there's even a youtube trend where people edit all game cutscenes into a movie and happy to give links if you feel you can help but just need a grasp of the series. I will also fill in other details, or you might offer something about it i didn't know about.

Second I ask any beta reader to respect my ideas but at the same time offer suggestions to how I can improve the orignality and make the cliches less obvious or appear more fresh. I won't force you onboard if you think its rubbish.

Third is help with research mainly into weaponary, culture and attitudes of a military organization (in this case Xcom and Advent) I accept there will be mistakes in trying to depict such elements realistically and I'm asking for a volunteer help, but the aim is to keep mistakes minor, and not glaring.

Finally, ideas and assistance in enhancing the story, how characters would speak, interact, react and if backgrounds and motivation convincing, is the main story leading to a plot hole, too many sub plots or losing the intended direction of the story etc. There is only so much I can do to the best of my abilities.

No one has to fit all these requirements, I'm happy to work with someone who can give me input on say depicting the military and terminology and passing it onto someone who will have a look at it and review the story.

My approach for now is to work on the draft behind the scenes by email and have a structure setup for novelisation (albiet fanfiction!) and then on webcomic format whill be mainly on deviantart but be posted on here and other sites.

I have never undertook a project of this scale and if your willing to help out that will be great, i do ask if you can give feedback within reasonable time (upto 3 weeks) as i understand everyone has their own obligations, if you have any questions ask away, if you want to work on the project then PM me as all details of the story i want to keep under wraps.

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Re: Beta reader for Xcom story/script

Postby Zixinus » 2016-05-22 10:42pm

I'm curious. Send me an PM with contact information. I'm not much of a military buff, but I toyed with making XCOM writings.
Chat with me on Skype if you want to talk about writing, ideas or if you want a test-reader! PM for address.

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