Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

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Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by Skywalker_T-65 » 2013-11-12 11:02pm

Anyone who remembers this old thing, will recognize most of this chapter. I decided that, now that my writing ability has drastically improved, to try my hand at rewriting it. End result? A lot better thought out, and longer intro at the least. Let's see how this goes. (NOTE: I could have just used the old thread. I figured it was easier to start a new one than necro a year-old one though. Go figure. If a mod wants to merge/use the old thread, let me know.)
Outer Rim, New Republic/Galactic Empire border

16 ABY

"We are coming up on the derelict Master Skywalker," a dark-haired man said.

"Thanks for letting me know Sunri, contact Leia and let her know we found it," Luke Skywalker, the head of the Jedi Order replied.

"Of course sir," Sunri Oceanrider answered, tapping his comm officer on the shoulder.

After that was done, the middle-aged man continued to pilot the freighter towards the massive derelict ship currently filling its viewports. It was a good twice as long as the typical Star Destroyer, but it looked…old… like it had been sitting in deep space for centuries, if not millennia. Even with that it had a recognizable docking bay that the large freighter was heading for; ready to drop off the two-hundred-man team that was assigned to exploring the ship. Floating behind them, the Liberty, a Victory-class Star Destroyer, kept an eye out for any Imperial ships.

"Careful in there Luke," Han Solo's voice came over the comm systems, "We can't have you getting yourself killed."

"When am I ever not careful Han?" Luke replied with a small smile.

"Not even answering that kid," Han shot back, though Luke could tell he was grinning.

Luke smiled back, as the freighter entered a massive hangar on the old ship. Unsurprisingly, the hangar was dark, only what appeared to be shuttles sitting in the blackness. Whatever power the ship used had probably run out centuries ago. The only light was the freighters own spotlights, illuminating the hangar as its ramp began to lower. Inside the ship, Luke walked among the space-suited Republic Marines, his own spacesuit feeling uncomfortable on top of his robes.

"Okay men, no one knows much about this derelict, if General Solo hadn't had a malfunction we most likely never would have found her. We don't have the crew to get this vessel running, so concentrate on clearing the rooms. A salvage team is on its way, but they won't arrive for a while yet, let's make sure it is ready for them," Luke ordered, absently fingering his lightsaber.

"Yes sir!" the Republic Marines chorused before marching down the boarding ramp and spreading out, taking cover behind the 'shuttles' in the hanger, not staying in the open for more than a few seconds. Luke followed them out, not quite as cautious, but he did have his lightsaber drawn and ignited, shining a soft green light on the darkened hanger, beyond the bright white of the freighter's lights.

As the group swept through the hanger they didn't find any bodies of the crew, just the shuttles, none of a recognizable design. Luke just continued walking past them, following a group of the Marines, who were checking every nook and cranny for Imperials or pirates. So far they hadn't found anything, but one could never be too cautious. Once they reached the door that led to the rest of the ship, the marines took up staggered firing posts, almost one hundred blasters aimed at the door. When a couple privates pried open the door, nothing happened, so a scout was sent out. After a few minutes a voice came over the comm links, "No sign of Imperials or pirates. It's safe to come out here!"

The Colonel in charge of the Marines nodded and gave a quick hand gesture, sending half his group down the hall, leaving the remaining fifty men to guard the hanger. Luke swept by these guards, heading out to help explore. The corridors of the vessel were just as dark as the hanger, if not darker since they lacked the benefit of a freighter's lights to brighten things. Quite frankly it was a miracle that even the gravity was working after Force knew how long this ship had been abandoned.

Luke followed behind one of the marines who seemed to be heading towards what could only be the ship's bridge. Once they reached the room it was to find an area with a large viewport and chairs surrounding the wall mounted consoles. The dim green light that his lightsaber spread around the room was only barely enough to see, so Luke walked to the viewport, hoping to get more light from the starfield. Behind him, the marine that had found the bridge cocked his head slightly to the side as a message came over his comlink.

"Master Skywalker! The engineer's found what appears to be the engine room. They are trying to restore main power now…somehow this ship still has the power necessary after all these years," the Marine called out.

"Understood Corporal. Tell them to hurry if possible," Luke answered, raising an eyebrow slightly.

One could hardly blame him for that. If this had been a Star Destroyer, it wouldn't have had any chance of restoring power after how long it had (probably) been floating out here. To hear that its generators were in working order, and could be reactivated was a bit of a shock. Soon enough though, lights flared to life around the bridge as main power was finally restored. A humming sound came from the ancient consoles, most of them showing status reports, in a very ancient form of Basic. Luke walked around the consoles, soon joined by Sunri and a group of marines. As the group studied the consoles, they found the ships name, Redemption. Or at least that was what the translations said, since it was nearly impossible to read the original name. Luke appreciated said name though.

"I have never seen a ship quite like this Commander. It is ancient, extremely so, but nothing seems to be wrong with its systems, even the reactor is still operating at about 80 percent capacity," Sunri said, fairly gushing over their find.

"That's good to know, but have you found any clue as to who this ship belonged to?" Luke asked with a smile, curious as to what exactly they had stumbled across...and somewhat amused by his scientist counterpart.

Sunri frowned slightly before going over the ships systems again, "It belonged to someone called the 'Furlings'. says there are..."

Before the man could finish, the comm systems built into the spacesuits came to life again, "Master Skywalker sir? We seem to have found stasis pods of some sort. They still had power even before the reactor came back up. But...the occupants are human sir."

Luke frowned at that. Stasis or cryo pods had gone out of use almost as soon as hyperdrives became reliable. Even on the dustbowl that was Tatooine, no one used such ancient technology any longer. And Luke should know, since he was something of an amateur historian these days considering his searches for Jedi artifacts. Even more odd was the fact that the people in the pods were human, and that they had been drawing power for however long this ship had been here.

"Are you sure they're alive?" the Jedi asked.

"As near as I can tell, they are sir," the Marine replied.

Luke tapped a finger on the helmet of his suit (in lieu of tapping his chin) as he frowned slightly. They knew nothing of this ship really, or who had built it. Furling was a name he had never heard before, and they certainly weren't a member of the Republic. It was possible this ship was from the Unknown Regions though. That being said, those pods probably held the crew. If the woke one of them up...was that the alarm?

"What's happening?" the Jedi Master asked, seeing one of the consoles flashing by Sunri.

"I'm not sure!" the resident scientist answered, "when I read the words on this console, the alarm went off."

"Err...Master Skywalker? One of those pods is opening. And the life support kicked back in."

And indeed, deep in the hull of the Redemption one of a long line of stasis pods opened up, the human inside slumping to the floor as their mind overloaded from waking up after centuries of sleep. The Marine who had been talking to Luke walked up to the human slowly, both out of caution and not wanting to spook...her?

"Ma'am? Are you okay?" he asked, though he didn't expect her to speak Basic by any means.

The woman looked up past her red hair, frowning at the Marine, "Who are you? Why have I been woken up?"

The Marine just blinked, the woman's words sounding like gibberish to him. Even with the type of language training that any member of the Republic military went through, it sounded nothing like Basic, Huttese, or any other language that came to mind.

It seemed like the woman realized that too, as she reached out a hand. The Marine almost raised his A280 blaster rifle, as some sort of device flew into the woman's hands...almost like Master Skywalker or Commander Korr pulling their lightsaber to them. But the woman didn't appear hostile, as she fiddled with the device before holding it up.

"Speak, the device will translate your language,"
the woman said.

The Marine gave her a blank look, before she pointed to her mouth, then the device. Realization dawned on the man, as he started to speak again. The device lit up as he spoke, getting brighter the more he said. Eventually, the woman held the device to her head, the light flashing its brightest before going out. The woman shook her head slightly, before speaking again.

"Can you understand me now?"

"Yes ma'am."

The woman smiled at that, ", who are you and why are you on my vessel?"

Of course, the Marine didn't have the real authority to answer that question. Who knew who this woman really was after all, or how she would react. So he just lowered his rifle slightly, and held a hand out to help her up.

"I don't have the authority to answer that ma'am," he said once the woman was on her (admittedly shaky) feet, "but I can take you to the bridge."

Naturally the woman looked suspicious at that. Her blue eyes bored into the Marine's head, giving him the distinct feeling she was reading his mind. Eventually, she turned her head aside and nodded slightly. Taking that as his cue, the Marine locked his HUD onto Master Skywalker's signal and set off for the bridge. The woman from the pod followed him, casting sad looks at the rest of the long line of pods. It didn't take long to reach the bridge though, nor was it hard to find with the light from the consoles shining into the still-dim hallways.

"I have the woman here Master Skywalker," the Marine said, saluting before going back to his unit.

Luke watched him go, before turning to the woman. Both the Jedi and the woman stared at each other, before frowning at the exact same moment. Luke felt that she had training in using the Force...but he didn't recognize the method. Neither Jedi, nor Sith. As for the woman, she was wondering how someone other than her people had developed access to her powers.

"Are you the commander?" both asked in unison.

A few Marines chuckled at that, before Luke said, "Sorry...are you the Commander of this vessel?"

The woman nodded, "Yes, I am Commander Naverra of the Alteran Navy, and this is my vessel."

Luke's eyebrow rose as he heard that, "I can't say I've ever heard of that name before."

"And I'm surprised you haven't, as you can use the same powers we have only recently developed," Naverra replied.

"The Force?"

"If that is what you call it. Now...who are you, why are you aboard my ship, and what year is it?"

Luke smiled slightly. This Naverra reminded him of Mara, albeit with the wrong eye color. Blunt and to the point, and asking good questions while she was at it.

"I'm Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master and General in the New Galactic Republic. As for the year, our calendar probably won't mean anything to you," the Jedi replied.

Naverra sighed, and walked to a console. Luke kept a close eye on her, but he sensed no hostility from her. The redhead entered commands into one of the consoles, and her face paled slightly as she read what it said.

"Ten thousand years? If we weren't in Furling pods I would be dead by now..." she muttered, before a green light started to shine from one of the other consoles.

Naverra and Luke stared at it, before panicked transmissions came from the engine room of the Redemption.

"Master Skywalker, we think the hyperdrive just started! We can't stop it either!"

Luke's eyes widened slightly, as Naverra ran to the console. She didn't know these people, but they can't have been stupid enough to start the hyperdrive...can they? Reading over the status readouts, her own blue eyes widened. These people hadn't started it. It was the failsafe!

"Sentinel! Stop this at once!" the Alteran said, looking directly at the green light.

There was no response however, as energy continued to flow through long dead conduits, powering the hyperdrive of the derelict ship.

"Luke! What the kriff is going on in there?!" Han's voice came over this time.

"The hyperdrive is starting Han! Get clear, you can't do anything here!" Luke shouted back, before turning to Naverra, "Can you stop this?"

She shook her head, "No I can't. Sentinel isn't responding. This is a failsafe to take us back to Avalon...I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to."


"My home galaxy. And the ship is expanding the window to take that cruiser out there with us."

Luke quickly contacted Han again, "Are you clear? The ship is going to take you with us if you aren't Han!"

"We can't move any further Luke. It's got some sorta tractor beam on us."

And as the crew of both vessels watched, a brilliant blue-purple flash of radiation opened in front of the Redemption, as the large vessel moved forward at superluminal speeds, taking the Liberty along with it. None aboard knew what to expect, even Naverra.

And there we go. Obviously a major difference is Naverra being a Commander in the Alteran Navy, and being woken up before they even leave. The failsafe remains, but this time its just an automatic thing, and Sentinel the AI isn't doing it. Hopefully (since I'm using as much old material as humanly possible) I can have another chapter up soon. Now to go update my other fic...
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Re: Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by Skywalker_T-65 » 2013-11-16 11:36pm

And here we go with the second rewritten part. Let me know if you like it.

Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, Orbit of Planet Earth

Ten days later~

"Lord Anubis, the fleet has assembled and is ready for your orders," a Jaffa said approaching the menacing cloaked form of the Goa'uld Lord.

"Excellent, broadcast a message to the planet, give them one chance to bow down to their new God," Anubis replied.

"Of course my Lord," the Jaffa said.

Naturally, the return message refused to acknowledge Anubis as anything other than a snake playing god, so Anubis ordered the destruction of a Tau'ri naval formation as a demonstration. Several Ha'tak floated to a point over one of the planet's oceans, orienting their heaviest Staff Cannons at the surface. A flurry of golden plasma bolts rained down from the heavens. The USS Nimitz and its battlegroup was the target, and all they saw before they died was flashes of golden light.

First was the Nimitz, its hull cracked and keel shattered with only a handful of bolts. Then its escorts were taken out, one after the other. Destroyers, Cruisers, Frigates...all took one or two bolts before detonating or just simply ceasing to exist. The only survivors would be the submarines hiding safely under the ocean's surface.

This got Anubis' message across well enough. The Tau'ri had no means of fighting his vessels. No choice but to surrender and acknowledge him as their rightful ruler...thereby doing what Apophis had failed, and retaking the First World. What he hadn't counted on was the typical tenacity the humans of the Tau'ri had. They still refused to bow down to him, even now. Thousands of their people and one of their naval groups destroyed, and they remained defiant. And the ingenuity of some of their people...

"A cargo ship just dropped out of hyperspace over the southern continent my Lord!" a Jaffa called out.

"Send the Gliders and Al'kesh to destroy them. They must not be allowed to land," Anubis ordered, calmly watching the blue-green world below him...not showing the anger seething under the surface. He naturally knew that somewhere on Earth was an Ancient Weapon. And it would appear the Tau'ri had found it for him.

"Yes my Lord."

With that response, a large number of fighters and bombers flew down from the large fleet Anubis had gathered over the planet, all of them angling for Antarctica. While the fighters did their jobs, the larger Ha'tak's hovered over Earth, keeping anyone from leaving or entering the orbit. Not that they had any real reason to expect anything. While Anubis had long ago called the Asgard's bluff, the rest of the System Lords were still too terrified of the diminutive race to even think of attacking Earth. Well, that and they were as much Anubis' enemy as anyone else. And, having called the bluff, Anubis was well aware the Asgard lacked the requisite forces to try and attack his mighty fleet.

However...the mighty fleet was suddenly thrown out of formation as a massive blue ship dropped out of Hyperspace in the middle of the formation. A smaller white dagger came out right next to it, flaring its engines to slow down. None of the Jaffa and minor Goa'uld on the ships recognized the design of either ship. But Anubis did recognize the blue one (though the dagger was a mystery), and it made the typical Goa'uld temper come roaring to the surface. Which was saying something, considering Anubis was far from easily rattled.

Furlings! I thought they were extinct! The Goa'uld Lord thought angrily before turning to his First Prime, "Signal the fleet, all vessels are to fire on that ship!"

If Herak was surprised by this order, he hid it remarkably well. He just relayed the order to the dozens of Ha'tak floating around the Flagship, all the vessels except for Anubis' own reorienting to fire on the intruders. Golden bolts flashed forth at a fast rate of fire, battering the blue shield. If the Jaffa weren't confused before, they certainly were now, as the only shield colors they were familiar with were their own golden ones, and Asgard blue. Not to mention the fact the ship barely flinched under that horrendous barrage of firepower.

The white ship next to it lacked any obvious shield, as there wasn't the characteristic 'dome' of light around the ship. Yet, none of the golden bolts marred its pristine surface, let alone blow holes in the hull. Oddly though, neither ship returned fire at first. They just took the attack, no outward signs there was even a crew aboard.

"They aren't even fighting back my Lord!" Herak reported gleefully.

Anubis merely frowned...there was something at the edge of his partially-ascended senses...something aboard the Furling ship. As he tried to probe what was there, Anubis was shocked to the point that his eyes (if he had any) would have been widening.

An Ancient!

Right as he thought that, both of the ships fired off green bolts. The Ancient-upgraded Ha'tak took several bolts to destroy, but even the Asgard wouldn't have been so effective. In the first barrage, the Furling ship claimed three Ha'tak...the dagger two. Needless to say, the Jaffa were in shock and greatly angered by this. Those who had seen Osiris defeat Thor were even more incensed than the others...they had seen an Asgard Mothership destroyed by their Lord's Ha'tak...these upstarts were able to do more than the Asgard?!

As for Anubis...he quickly remembered why the Furlings had been the main military force in that little Alliance of theirs, until the Asgard had taken up that mantle. And the dagger was impressive in its own rate...firing from more weapons and faster firing weapons than he thought could fit on that small of a ship. It was only slightly larger than one of his Ha'tak, yet far more powerful. And the fact at least one Ancient was aboard that Furling ship...he maneuvered his Flagship past the wreckage of the destroyed Ha'tak, firing its own weapons at the Furling ship.

A battle had begun over Earth, two combatants fighting over a blissfully unaware world.
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Re: Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by InsaneTD » 2013-11-17 01:34am

I'm glad to see this back and look forward to more updates.

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Re: Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by MondoMage » 2013-11-18 11:31am

Skywalker_T-65 wrote: A battle had begun over Earth, two combatants fighting over a blissfully unaware world.
Nice. Very nice. Although I have to wonder how unaware they would remain with a battle of this sort going on in low orbit. The internet and social media wasn't quite as pervasive at that time as it is now, but I think the government(s) are going to have a hard time covering something like that up.

Of course, people tend to be sheep more often than not, so it's not that hard to believe that a cover-up would actually succeed. :banghead: Especially if both the US and Russian governments really played it to the hilt.

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Re: Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by Darth Yoshi » 2013-11-19 01:19am

Furlings as the most militarized of the four races? Admittedly I don't really follow SG fics, but that's not something I've seen before. Seems interesting so far.
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Re: Stargate: Return of the Lost Ones (SG/SW Crossover)

Post by Skywalker_T-65 » 2013-12-02 02:11pm

Chapter 3

As the Redemption had flown towards wherever its destination was, Luke had been meditating and trying to get a feel for what was happening from the Force. He had been joined by Naverra, who was understandably curious exactly what a 'Jedi' was. Last she had known, her own people were the only ones developing the powers that Luke had shown (sans the Nox, but their abilities were different). And the ease with which he used the powers was astonishing, to put things mildly. He claimed to be a 'Master', though he said it with the humble addition that he was poorly trained compared to the Jedi of old.

Thus, the two of them sat together, meditating on what was going on, while the small crew that had been aboard the freighter worked at restoring damaged systems. Unfortunately, neither of them really had any answers to give. Obviously, they were heading to their destination via-a fail-safe that Naverra had set up before going into cryo. But what was going on at the destination eluded both of them.

"The Force is in turmoil," Luke commented, flicking his blue eyes at the woman next to him.

"I can't tell as easily as you," Naverra replied, since Alteran powers weren't as closely tied to the Force as Jedi/Sith abilites, "but nothing seems right."

As they said that, Sunri came running up with a report, "Master Skywalker, we have finished what repairs we can make on our own. Most of the ship is back in workable condition."

Luke nodded, "Good job Sunri. Any sign when we are coming out of hyperspace?"

Right as Luke asked that question, the ship shook slightly as it came barreling out of hyperspace. The Liberty shot out right beside it, though the Star Destroyer had to flare its engines to slow down since it wasn't designed with a Furling hyperdrive in mind. Both ships slowly came to a halt over a bright blue world...surrounded by pyramidal warships. While none of the Coruscan's recognized the ships...Naverra did. The designs had changed over the centuries, but...she would recognize the snakes anywhere.

"The Goa' have they come to Terra?" she muttered, a tinge of anger in her voice.

"Goa'uld?" Luke asked, as the fleet of pyramid ships slowly began to turn to face the new arrivals.

Naverra turned to answer, when a barrage of golden bolts came firing from the Goa'uld ships. Remarkably similar to turbolaser bolts, if less powerful, the shots shook the Redemption as its green bubble shield came to life to take the impacts. Naverra stumbled slightly, as Luke looked surprised at the type of shield being used. Both of them recovered quickly though, Naverra already going into 'Captain' mode and barking out Luke's crew.

"Ready the weapons! How is the shield holding up?!" the redhead shouted.

Confused though they may be, the New Republic crew was experienced. By now, they had all used that device of Naverra's to allow them to read the screens on the consoles scattered around the bridge.

"Weapons are armed, shields are holding at 90%."

Luke walked up to Naverra as that was said, and put a hand on her shoulder, "Who are these Goa'uld, and why did they shoot us without even trying to talk?"

The Alteran turned, and sighed, "The Goa'uld were a new race when I left Pegasus. Warmongering parasites that survive by taking over other race's bodies. They lacked a fleet of this power however...and I believe they are trying to enslave Terra, likely for hosts, though I am confused why the Asgard or Furlings have not come to help...or why no Alteran ships are here."

Luke nodded, memories of the Ssi-Ruuvi attacking Bakura coming to mind. Different species and methods...remarkably similar outlook. If the Goa'uld looked to enslave worlds for hosts, it was exactly like the reptile-race enslaving worlds for Entenchment. Needless to say, these weren't good memories, and the fact the Goa'uld opened fire right away...and were still shooting at both the Redemption and Liberty...they probably couldn't be negotiated with.

"Luke, are we just going to sit here and let them shoot us? Because that's stupid kid," Han's voice came over...sounding distinctly unhappy.

Luke opened his mouth to answer, when both he and Naverra shuddered as a dark feeling came over them. For Luke, it reminded him of his Father and the Emperor, especially Palpatine. As quick as it came, the feeling left, though Luke could still feel it at the edge of his senses, centered at the large ship at the center of the Goa'uld formation.

" everything we have," Luke replied to Han's message...and the Liberty and Redemption promptly opened fire on the Goa'uld fleet.

While it was surprising to Naverra that the Ha'tak survived multiple hits, they didn't last very long. The first Ha'tak died, as a turbolaser bolt pierced its shields, and impacted on its hull. Naquadah armor aside, turbolasers were designed to destroy much stronger targets...and the green bolt went clean through the Ha'tak, blowing hull plates aside and destroying the bridge. The ship fell out of formation, flames licking its hull. The same happened with the first ship hit by the Redemption, with the exception of it blowing apart in a fireball that damaged the shields of unlucky ships nearby.

The Liberty and Redemption worked very well together, each taking out a Goa'uld ship in a handful of shots. The enemy fleet seemed confused by this, maneuvering wildly as they tried to avoid the return fire from the seemingly untouchable pair of extra-galactic ships. Not that they slacked up on firing even slightly. Golden bolts came even faster and fiercer than before, shaking both ships heavily.

"Shields still holding strong," a crewmember called out.

"That flagship is turning to attack us!" another shouted, as the largest Goa'uld ship moved into position.

The obvious flagship, the source of the darkness Luke had felt, was indeed turning its massive bulk towards the extra-galactic ships battering its fleet. While smaller than an Executor (indeed, only about the size of the Redemption herself) the flagship made up for that in fitting very rapid firing weapons. When it had finally oriented correctly and opened fire on the Redemption, it fired faster than the rest of the fleet combined. A veritable stream of golden bolts came forth from its hull, all hitting roughly the same spot on the Furling warship. If the ship had been shaking before, it was quaking now. The shield was holding strong, but that much firepower, coupled with the remains of the Goa'uld fleet, was hardly something it could just shrug off without any trouble.

"Fire the missiles!" Naverra shouted herself, as the shield continued to cast a green glow on the bridge as it took the enemy fire.

A swarm of missiles swept out of the launchers on the Redemption, soon joined by the Liberty firing off its eighty concussion missile launchers. Most of the missiles from the Furling ship malfunctioned due to their age, but the few that got through did immense damage to whatever they hit. Massive fireballs came to life in the Goa'uld formation, as missiles impacted golden shields. The ancient-upgraded craft shuddered as Furling missiles collided with them, the detonation of the devices draining their shields and burning off hull plates. When the concussion missiles from the Liberty reached the Goa'uld ships, they shattered damaged hulls, setting off reactors and fuel stores. Flaming debris was all that was left of a dozen Ha'tak by the time the missiles had finished their job.

"The fleet is pulling back," came the report, as the Ha'tak began to condense their formation to make it harder to hit them with another missile barrage.

"That isn't going to help much," Luke commented, as there was only a handful of the Goa'uld ships left.

The fact was, that the Goa'uld fleet was at a disadvantage from the start. If they had focused fire on one of the ships they were facing, it might have taken it down. But they divided their fire, and it came back to bite them. As yet another Ha'tak burst into flames from turbolaser fire, it became clear to the Jaffa aboard the ships that they were losing this fight. Panic didn't take hold of them...yet. That came when a ship broke from the surface of Terra.

"Who is that?" Sunri asked, watching the sensors.

Naverra and Luke both looked at the enhanced view of the ship. Small, barely a frigate by most standards, the ship was leaving the surface of the world, firing primitive railguns at the Goa'uld flagship. Said ship didn't even bother firing back, continuing to focus on the rapidly depleting shields of the Redemption. Naverra didn't even recognize the design though, it was unfamiliar to an extreme. What she did recognize though...was what followed the small ship.

Golden missiles, thousands of them curving around the small ship into the remains of the Goa'uld armada. While the Redemption and Liberty's missiles had battered down the Goa'uld shields before blasting apart hulls, these darted clean through the shield and burrowed into the hull seeking weapons, power supplies, and fuel storage. One or two 'drones' took down a Ha'tak, while hundreds of the little weapons blasted into the flagship. They carved trenches through the armor, destroying anything that vaguely resembled a weapon or shield emitter. Several of the weapons blasted right into the bridge of the ship, before finally hitting the reactor and sending up an explosion that shattered the wrecks of burning Ha'tak nearby, and was seen by anyone on the surface who happened to be looking at the night sky.

"The still survives?" Naverra muttered in amazement, as the last of the drones faded from sight.

"That was your people?" Luke questioned.

The redheaded Alteran nodded, "I can only assume so. Though why did they wait so long?"

Luke had no more idea than she did, and both were distracted by Sunri, "Master, Commander, that ship is trying to contact us."

Both the Jedi and Alteran nodded, as translation software worked over the message. When that was done, the face of a bald human in an unfamiliar uniform popped up on a viewscreen.

"This is General George Hammond of the USS Prometheus," the man began, "while I'm thankful for the help against Anubis, who are you?"


Seemed like a good place to stop. As has been commented on, I'm not going the 'la la, somehow nobody noticed big explosions in the sky/stream of golden light shooting into space' route that SG-1 went. People are going to notice what happened (and that is going to be fun to write).
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