The Singularity Conspiracy.

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The Singularity Conspiracy.

Postby alkurgani » 2012-11-10 04:50am

Sorry for my English.

Your spambot protection is awesome.

I am Cyberpunk writer from Russia who tries to be indie game developer, so I think that's a perfect place to find some new friends.

I was invited here by my friend, who says that it is one of the smarter places on the Net.

Here's the examples of my texts:

Skyflowers of Postinformational. ... ormational

The Singularity Conspiracy. ... conspiracy

They pretty much suck, especially compared to my Russian ones, but I hope to fix it with practice and patient work.

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Re: The Singularity Conspiracy.

Postby Ahriman238 » 2012-11-20 08:58pm

Your English is fine. A touch formal, with a dropped common article every once in a while. I wish my students did so well.

That's an intriguing teaser in the last link. Is there more?
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