Stargate: Redemption

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Re: Stargate: Redemption

Post by Skywalker_T-65 » 2013-01-15 10:05pm

Ida Galaxy

Replicator 'Homeworld'

TNS Daedalus Battlegroup


Flashes of blue light flew through space, outshining the stars in their paths. Each flash of blue light made a similar flare of blue light when it hit its target. Throughout all of this, the beams occasionally hit floating wreckage, creating brief and chaotic flares of red light.

Through this chaotic firestorm flew a sleek warship. The deep gray hull marred by various scorch marks, and pitted from blue fire that had bled through its shields. The vessel was being pursued by swarms of equally gray warships; though these were so blocky it looked like someone had just put random parts together. Behind them, flew a handful of deep blue warships, the source of the blue fire, and blue light.

Dodging fire from the enemy ships, the first warship pulled a sharp turn 'down' relative to the others, and flared its engines even further. As it flew through the wreckage of destroyed warships, the vessels shields flared a bright blue, shunting aside the detritus of battle. A handful of pieces of debris managed to pierce the shields and bounce off the armored hull, but none of them did any damage, and the shield was soon restored.

Making another quick turn, the vessel fired off a barrage of light blue beams, directed at the blocky 'ships' chasing it. Every time one of the azure beams hit its target, the blocks dissolved into dust, and were quickly blown aside by engine wash from the larger ships. The blocky 'ships' returned fire, their darker blue beams battering at the other ship.

The weapons fire from the blocky ships was far more powerful than the weapons on the sleeker warship however. The grey monolith took the hits, but it put massive strain on its blue shields, nearly shattering them. On the bridge of the vessel, sparks flew from damaged consoles, as several of the crew were taken off due to their burns.

"The Replicator fleet is taking severe damage sir," the sensors officer called out, as she flinched away from the sparking console, "But the Asgard fleet isn't much better. We have lost the Mjolnir, Freya, and the Beliskner has taken heavy damage."

Caldwell nodded, "Get us to Thor. We can't lose him, or the fleet will fall apart."

With that said, the Daedalus flared its main engines even further, and shot through a Replicator blockade to the embattled Asgard fleet. In the vanguard of that battered formation floated the heavily scarred Beliskner, the flagship proving to be a favored target for the Replicators. It already showed signs of boarding, as large parts of the ship were coated in Replicator blocks, swarming for any entrance they could find.

"It looks like the Wraith jammer is working still," John commented, having taken over the weapons station from its wounded officer.

What he was referring to was a device that had been built to mimic the Wraith jamming that was so effective against Asgard beaming. It prevented the Replicator's from beaming aboard the Asgard warships, forcing them to do more inefficient boarding actions. And the only advantage the older Beliskner class had over the O'Neill was its heavier (if less efficient) armor, which added to the difficulty.

"They still have enough blocks to overrun the Beliskner however," Caldwell pointed out, ducking his head slightly as sparks flew from a particularly savage hit, "Can we get a firing solution for the ARG's?"

John looked down on his screen, "Barely. Firing now…"

With that, a barrage of nearly opaque blue beams shot out, phasing through the Beliskner and only taking out the Replicators, not damaging the ship in the slightest. It didn't take out all the blocks, and the Daedalus was forced to break off its course by a Replicator controlled Beliskner before it could do more.

"Thor sends his thanks. His internal systems have the Replicators under control," another officer called out, as the cruiser turned away from the Asgard fleet, and towards the few remaining Replicator controlled warships.

Caldwell nodded again, belting out orders to recharge the shields before the Daedalus reengaged with the Replicator fleet. A temporary lull descended over the battlefield, as both fleets took the chance to make repairs. It seemed odd that the typically 'mindless' Replicators would do so, but even the non-human forms that the Asgard/Terran fleet was fighting knew when they were outmatched. The only thing preventing the ships from jumping to hyperspace was the fact that their hyperdrives had been targeted first, and required significant repairs before they could be used.

The Asgard fleet wasn't much better off. In addition to the ships they had lost, most of the fleet was battered and bruised. The Beliskner was just the worst off…all of the ships had some sort of damage. Only one ARG equipped ship remained aside from the Terran warship, and it was moving forward to help charge down the gullet of the Replicator fleet.

"Shields have recharged, and the Valkyrie reports that it is ready to assist us," John called out.

"Take us forward helm, full speed. Target the Beliskners first, save the block ships for the Asgard fleet," Caldwell ordered, as his scorched and dented ship shot forward one final time, with the larger Asgard ship right beside it.

The two allied vessels fired equally vibrant blue beams, their joint attack quickly knocking out two Replicator controlled Beliskners and leaving them to be reclaimed by the slower Asgard main fleet. The rapidly diminishing machine fleet fired back, fighting with a ferocity unmatched by any previous battle with the Replicators, even the earlier portions of this final battle. The machines knew they were up against the proverbial wall, at Othana, the first Asgard world to fall, and the impromptu Replicator 'homeworld'.

The literal blue wall of plasma stalled the Daedalus, nearly overloading its shields from the first barrage. Quickly diverting power to compensate, the smaller Terran warship moved behind the larger Valkyrie to recharge its battered shield network. It soon moved out and fired a quick barrage of its own, taking down the final Replicator controlled Beliskner. All that was left now were a handful of 'spider' ships, and a Replicator cruiser, much like the one SG-1 had encountered and seen take down Apophis' flagship. The cruiser fired its plasma beam, spearing the same spot on the battered Terran cruiser repeatedly. Eventually the bolt broke through, blasting a hole clean through the warship, and leaving it nearly dead in space.

The Asgard fleet moved to assist their crippled ally, and fired volley after volley of blue plasma and ARG bolts into the cruiser and 'spiders', obliterating the last remnants of the Replicator fleet. All that was left now in orbit of Othana was a rapidly expanding debris field, damaged Asgard warships, and derelict (though salvageable) Replicator modified ships. With the battle over, a single Beliskner dropped out of hyperspace over the planet. This vessel was the newest in the Asgard fleet, and the only one to equip a planetary scale ARG. It moved into orbit of Othana and fired the weapon, cleansing the final vestige of the Asgard's hated enemy forever.

The crew of the Daedalus watched this all, as they tried to keep their reactor from going critical. That one beam had done far more damage than it had first appeared, and the cruiser was barely able to keep itself intact. Moving on its maneuvering thrusters, the warship floated up to the equally scarred Beliskner to be towed to an Asgard shipyard for repairs. The least damaged ships in the fleet would stay behind and ensure that the Replicators truly were gone for good.

"We finally did it…the Replicators are done for," Rodney said, walking onto the bridge and rubbing down his scorched uniform.

"I know…it's hard to believe. But the Daedalus…can we repair this much damage?" Teyla asked from the station she had taken over.

That was a question that would nag at the back of the crews head until they were able to get it to the shipyard for repairs.


Milky Way Galaxy

Terra Nova

Refugee City


Meanwhile, Terra Nova was bustling with activity. The original Terrans were few in number, so they had set up numerous training camps run by the older, and less fit for duty, members of the crews. One of the largest was set up near the 'Refugee City' on the planets tropical southern continent. While the Terrans were few, they had rescued countless thousands of former Goa'uld slaves, and jumpstarted the Free Jaffa. Both the former slaves and the Jaffa had gathered at this camp, all of them eager to learn from their new 'friends' (though it was mostly younger and more liberal Jaffa).

Standing before the large group was a relative handful of older men, with a younger man standing in front of them. Most of this group was formerly retired members of various Earth militaries, who had been part of the last load of Refugees from the Ori. Now they were members of the Terran Training Corps, along with a handful of younger soldiers.

One of those younger soldiers was Evan Lorne, who had come with John's group from Atlantis. He was the younger soldier in the front of the older ones, and was the impromptu leader of this camp. Right now, he was introducing the second group of trainees (the first having already graduated and started manning the Atlas and Archimedes).

"You have all come here for one reason. To train with us and fight the Goa'uld who have enslaved your people," Lorne started, a Tollan device amplifying his voice, "It will not be easy. To join our military is a serious commitment, and many of you may not return to your families. Only the Jaffa among you know what I mean…leave now if you do not believe you can make this commitment."

Lorne had been expecting a large part of the group to leave. After all (sans the Jaffa) most of them were just former slaves…they had never fought for anything. But what he wasn't expecting was a rousing cheer from the crowd, both men and women joining in. Now that they knew the truth about the Goa'uld, the hatred that had been built up rivaled what the Terrans felt towards the Ori.

A small smile crossed the man's face, as he started to talk again, "Glad to see some enthusiasm. Follow your assigned instructor to the barracks, tonight you will be able to rest up. Tomorrow…well, tomorrow begins your first day in hell."

A slight chuckle came from the new recruits, enough of them having learned Terran nomenclature to know what Lorne meant. And part of them were really hoping he was just joking. But regardless, they followed the instructors to a set of barracks in the background. Whatever else they expected, they were going to be pushed hard, as they needed to learn new skills to join the Terran Military, even for the Jaffa.


Meanwhile, outside the Terran capital of New Lantea (taking the name of the planet that they had called home), the shipyards were hard at work. Rising like sleeping giants from their berths, were a handful of warships. By far the most complete were three familiar shapes. BC-304 class battlecruisers, they were the first ships to be built since the Archimedes.

At first, one would think that the Terrans would be building their own designs, which had incorporated their unique mix of Terran, Tollan, and Asgard technology. But there was flaws in the Terran designs, which meant they were pushed back in priority. The Atlas was larger than any ship that was built by human hands, and with only one world now the Terrans couldn't afford to commit the resources needed to build it till they found more uninhabited planets (to avoid ticking off the Nox). And the Archimedes, while useful, was not a large improvement over the old Prometheus.

So they had gone back to the proven 304 design, with significant upgrades thanks to being built by the Asgard, and with Tollan technology from the beginning. The three cruisers were the TNS Apollo, Phoenix, and Odyssey II, the final ship named in honor of the vessel that the Terran SG-1 had sacrificed themselves on to deal what had seemed to be a crippling blow to the Ori.

Of the three vessels, it was the Odyssey that was the nearest to completion, only needing final tune-ups. Standing on the bridge, was the first crew made up nearly entirely of graduates from Lorne's first class. The only Terran aboard the ship was its commander, a woman named Janet Clark.

Looking out the large windows, the Commander could see the long neck of the Odyssey nearing completion. Work drones (built by the Asgard to Tollan designs) flew over the hull, welding on the final hull plates, and transferring ammo to the magazines of the railguns. As they did this, the crew was filing on board the large cruiser.

It was hoped that the Odyssey would be able to leave on its trials soon. Typical to any ship, these trials would look for any flaws in the construction, or the electronics. They were far more important than normal however, as any improvements that needed to be made to the Odyssey could be implemented on its incomplete sisters, and retroactively added to the aging Daedalus. Though it was still a bit of a question mark exactly how the unique mix of technology would work in a refit 304 purpose built to take advantage of it.

After a few hours of finishing touches, the newly built ship fired its engines, and started to ascend out of its berth. As dust fluttered around the ship, the Odyssey took to the skies, rapidly ascending towards space. As it broke the bounds of Terra Nova's atmosphere, the vessel was finally ready to assume the mantle of its namesake, and defend Terra Nova, and more importantly…defend Earth.
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Re: Stargate: Redemption

Post by Skywalker_T-65 » 2013-01-15 10:12pm

Can't believe I forgot to update this...anyway, there was the most recent chapter I have written.

I already know what at least someone will the Terrans are training former slaves and Jaffa to be able to man a ship. The answer to that is simple really...they are only on the second class of recruits. The first class had been training from the beginning of the Terran Intervention (just made that up on the spot :P ). And with this story now roughly in the middle of Season Two, it has almost been a full year since the Terrans arrived.

Of course, that still isn't enough time for real training. So I am using the Orban Nanites to get around that...these are used (in a modified form) to give the recruits the basic knowledge (Math, writing, stuff like that) that they need. From there, it is basically the same as the training the Terrans went through.

(I hope that fits well)
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Re: Stargate: Redemption

Post by astrospace2020 » 2013-04-18 05:32pm

Great , amazing story,i hope you can update soon, to continue the story, cant hardly wait for the next chapter

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