Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

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Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-01-10 09:54am

AN: Well here is another new fanfic idea I had. We never found out what happened to the Furlings right? Well I am going to pull a page out of other peoples books and have them be the ancient race of another galaxy. In this case it will be SW (Celestials). Not much else to say up here, but there will be another note at the bottom.

Unexplored Star system

Outer Rim

New Republic/Galactic Empire border


“We are coming up on the derelict Commander Skywalker,” a dark-haired man said.

“Thanks for letting me know Sunri, contact Leia and let her know we found it,” Luke Skywalker, the only remaining Jedi Knight answered.

“Of course sir,” Sunri Oceanrider answered, tapping his comm officer on the shoulder.

After that was done, the middle-aged man continued to pilot the freighter towards the massive derelict ship currently filling its viewports. It was a good twice as long as the typical Star Destroyer, but it looked…old… like it had been sitting in deep space for centuries, if not millennia. Even with that it had a recognizable docking bay that the large freighter was heading for; ready to drop off the two-hundred-man team that was assigned to exploring the ship. Once the freighter docked with it’s small escort of four X-Wing starfighters the crew disembarked, readying weapons. Luke walked in front of the men, nodding approval, since Jedi or not he knew it was too risky to explore this large of a ship without being prepared for anything.

“Okay men, no one knows much about this derelict, if General Solo hadn’t had a malfunction we most likely never would have found her. We don’t have the crew to get this vessel running, so concentrate on clearing the rooms. A salvage team is on its way, but they won’t arrive for a while yet, let’s make sure it is ready for them,” Luke ordered, absently fingering his lightsaber.

“Yes sir!” the Republic Marines chorused before marching down the boarding ramp and spreading out, taking cover behind the wreckage in the hanger, not staying in the open for more than a few seconds. Luke followed them out, not quite as cautious, but he did have his lightsaber drawn and ignited, shining a soft green light on the darkened hanger.

As the group swept through the hanger they didn’t find any bodies of the crew, but there was what looked like the remains of truly ancient shuttles, none of a recognizable design. Luke just continued walking past them, following a group of the Marines, who were checking every nook and cranny for Imperials or pirates. So far they hadn’t found anything, but one could never be too cautious. Once they reached the door that led to the rest of the ship, the marines took up staggered firing posts, almost one hundred blasters aimed at the door. When a couple privates pried open the door, nothing happened, so a scout was sent out. After a few minutes a voice came over the comm links, “No sign of Imperials or pirates. It’s safe to come out here!”

The Colonel in charge of the Marines nodded and gave a quick hand gesture, sending half his group down the hall, leaving the remaining fifty men to guard the hanger. Luke swept by these guards, his dark Jedi robe billowing behind him. The corridors of the vessel were just as dark as the hanger, if not darker since they lacked the benefit of a starfield to lighten things. Quite frankly it was a miracle that even the gravity and life-support were working after Force knew how long this ship had been abandoned.

Luke followed behind one of the marines who seemed to be heading towards what could only be the ships bridge. Once they reached the room it was to find an area with a large viewport and chairs surrounding the walls, with a pedestal in the center. The dim green light that his lightsaber spread around the room was only barely enough to see, so Luke walked to the viewport, hoping to get more light from the starfield. Behind him, the marine that had found the bridge cocked his head slightly to the side as a message came over his comlink.

“Commander Skywalker! The engineer’s found what appears to be the engine room. They are trying to restore main power now…somehow this ship still has the power necessary after all these years,” the Marine called out.

“Understood Corporal. Tell them to hurry if possible,” Luke answered, going back to studying the room around him.

Soon enough, lights flared to life around the bridge as main power was finally restored. A humming sound came from the ancient consoles, most of them showing status reports, in a very ancient form of Basic. Luke walked around the consoles, soon joined by Sunri and a group of marines. As the group studied the consoles, they found the ships name, Redemption. Or at least that was what the translations said, since it was nearly impossible to read the original name.

“I have never seen a ship quite like this Commander. It is ancient, extremely so, but nothing seems to be wrong with its systems, even the reactor is still operating at about 80 percent capacity,” Sunri said, fairly gushing over their find.

“That’s good to know, but have you found any clue as to who this ship belonged to?” Luke asked, curious as to what exactly they had stumbled across.

Sunri frowned slightly before going over the ships systems again, “It belonged to someone called the ‘Furlings’. If I remember my history lessons that is a name sometimes attributed to the Celestials. If this is truly a Celestial ship, think of what we might find aboard it!”

Luke smiled at his over-excited friend before turning back to the odd pedestal in the center of the room, something seeming to draw him too it. But the Jedi soon felt an odd ripple in the Force, before a green light sprung from the pedestal, taking the form of an ancient looking warrior.

“Hello, I am the AI of the Redemption, Sentinel. How may I help you?” the hologram asked.

“An AI? How are you still functional?” Luke asked.

“I have been in hibernation for 90,000 of your standard years, ever since my Furling masters abandoned this vessel. I have been reactivated now to bring it back to the Old Galaxy,” Sentinel said, as a light flashed behind one of the consoles.

‘Something happened down here! The hyperdrive started up again and we can’t turn it off!!’ a panicked voice came from the engine room.

“WHAT!! Keep trying!” Sunri yelled into his comlink, turning towards Luke who was calmly staring at the green AI.

“So you intend to take this ship to another Galaxy even with us onboard? Even though it will take centuries and this vessel probably doesn’t have the fuel?” the Jedi calmly asked.

“This vessel has an intergalactic hyperdrive co-developed with the Asgard and Alterans, it will take only a few days to get back to the Old Galaxy, I suggest you get comfortable,” Sentinel responded, as the ship flew into a bluish-purple hole in space.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit of Planet Earth

Ten days later~

“Lord Anubis, the fleet has assembled and are ready for your orders,” a Jaffa said approaching the menacing cloaked form of the Goa’uld Lord.

“Excellent, broadcast a message to the planet, give them one chance to bow down to their new God,” Anubis replied.

“Of course my Lord,” the Jaffa said.

Naturally, the return message refused to acknowledge Anubis as anything other than a monster, so he ordered a single Ha’tak to blast an aircraft carrier group to oblivion. With a flurry of golden bolts, the USS Nimitz and its escorts ceased to exist, getting the reaction Anubis had expected. But even with that, they still refused to surrender, naturally frustrating the Goa’uld.

“A cargo ship just dropped out of hyperspace over the southern continent my Lord!” a Jaffa called out.

“SG-1…I should have expected them to come, send the Gliders and Al'kesh to handle them,” Anubis ordered, calmly watching the blue-green world below him.

“Yes my Lord.”

With that response, a large number of fighters and bombers flew down from the large fleet Anubis had gathered over the planet, all of them angling for Antarctica. While the fighters did their jobs, the larger Ha’tak’s hovered over Earth, keeping anyone from leaving or entering the orbit. But they were suddenly thrown out of formation as a massive blue ship dropped out of Hyperspace in the middle of the formation. None of the Jaffa and minor Goa’uld on the ships recognized the design. But Anubis did…and it made his famous temper flare to the surface.

Furlings! I thought they were extinct! The Goa’uld Lord thought angrily before turning to his First Prime, “Signal the fleet, all vessels are to fire on that ship!”

The Jaffa nodded, and sent the signal, leading to golden beams lancing out towards the Redemption, making its blue shields flare from the blasts.


Luke had been meditating and trying to get a feel for what was happening from the Force, but he was rudely shocked out of it as the Redemption rocked under his feet.

“What was that?” the Jedi asked.

“We dropped out of hyperspace inside a massive fleet…and they opened fire on us right away! We didn’t even have a chance to try and communicate!!” Sunri yelled in response, as the scientists and crewman in the group ran around trying to keep their ship running.

“Those are Goa’uld vessels. I have never seen that large of a group, but they were my master’s enemy, and likely are trying to enslave this world. If my navigation was correct this is Earth, the most populated planet in the Galaxy. That is why they are attacking, though there should be Alterans or Asgard protecting it,” Sentinel said from his pedestal.

“Does this vessel have any weapons?” Luke asked the AI.

“Dozens of plasma cannons and twenty-five missile launchers. Though the launchers are empty, the cannons are charged and ready,” Sentinel answered.

“Sunri…fire the weapons if those ships don’t stop when we contact them,” Luke said, his Jedi mentality leading him to at least try and communicate with these ‘Goa’uld’ ships.

“I can try and contact them Master Skywalker, but I doubt they will listen,” Sentinel said, having transferred his allegiance to the Jedi by now, ‘Attention Goa’uld vessels…this is the Furling ship Redemption stop firing or you will be fired upon.’

‘Foolish Furling vessel…bow down to your god Anubis or you will be destroyed, this is your only warning,” was the only response the ship got.

“I told you Master Skywalker…may I commence firing now?” Sentinel asked, seeming somewhat eager to fight.

Luke sighed in resignation, he absolutely hated taking lives, but he knew he had no choice in the matter, “Yes Sentinel you may fire when ready.”

“Firing now, though the weapons are only at sixty percent power.”

With those words, a barrage of green beams and bolts shot out from the Redemption, destroying a couple Ha’tak’s and beginning the Battle of Earth.
AN: Well there it was. This is my first time writing a SW/SG story, so I can't guarantee it was good. That being said, please let me know what you think, so I can improve if at all possible. And if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, I know you all don't like tech-sheets as much as the story proper, but since the Redemption is a new design it needs a tech sheet to help visualize it:

FSS (Furling Star Ship) Redemption
Type: Refitted Colony Ship
Length: 3 kilometers
Width: 1.5 kilometers
Height: 500 meters at highest point
Crew: Can carry up to 100,000 people can be run by 100.
Powerplant: Undecided (working on a suitable Tecno-babble name)
Propulsion: 10 large and 15 small ion engines
Hyperdrive: Equivalent to higher-end Asgard examples
Armor: Neutronium infused Trinium
Shields: Aurora/Beliskner Class equivalent (heavily modified from base tech)
60x heavy plasma cannons
120x medium plasma cannons
100x point-defense lasers
25x missile launchers
Appearance: Long sleek ship, with sweeping wings that make up most of the vessels width. Think a combination of the Liberty and Aurora Class cruisers. Dark blue in coloration
Description: A Sacrament class colony ship, the Redemption is a leftover of the mass migration of the Furling race to the Corusca Galaxy one hundred thousand years ago. It was heavily modified, turned into a medium warship equivalent vessel, in case the new Galaxy had a hostile race.

The Redemption was found by a scout group of the newly formed New Republic almost 90,000 years later, and mistakenly called a ‘Celestial’ ship, as that was the name the Furlings had become known as among their former subjects. It would soon be launched back towards the Milky Way as a long dormant AI called the Sentinel reactivated and piloted the ship on its journey back home. (Wow, sorry about that info-dump…but we needed background…)

Edit: Excuse me for a second *vents about needing to do better research*. Okay then...the reason for that is the fact that the Furlings weren't even met by the Asgard until 10,000 years I'll modify this to be a group of Furlings who left early, while the rest stayed in the Milky Way (eventually leaving themselves). I really need to be careful on these things...
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Jedi Commisar » 2012-01-10 05:20pm

To little to comment on now but if it is anything like Sol Hope I'll follow it, also Star Wars exits as as fiction in Stargate so I expect the apropriate reactions
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Borgholio » 2012-01-10 06:07pm

Jedi Commisar wrote:To little to comment on now but if it is anything like Sol Hope I'll follow it, also Star Wars exits as as fiction in Stargate so I expect the apropriate reactions

The story where a star destroyer shows up in Neptune orbit was a good story...shame it's abandoned now.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Jedi Commisar » 2012-01-11 04:53am

Borgholio wrote:
Jedi Commisar wrote:To little to comment on now but if it is anything like Sol Hope I'll follow it, also Star Wars exits as as fiction in Stargate so I expect the apropriate reactions

The story where a star destroyer shows up in Neptune orbit was a good story...shame it's abandoned now.

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Borgholio » 2012-01-11 01:42pm

I think that was the one. Q had a hand in it. I recall the scene where a bunch of Imperial engineers are watching Star Trek 2 and taking notes. :)
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Themightytom » 2012-01-11 04:23pm

I am an instant fan of any SW/SG crossover, but...

If one furling ship is this powerful how come they had to leave the galaxy? Anubis' fleet was a challenge even for Thor, if I remember correctly.

Also isn't there already a rebel ship called the Redemption?

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-01-11 04:36pm

Themightytom wrote:I am an instant fan of any SW/SG crossover, but...

If one furling ship is this powerful how come they had to leave the galaxy? Anubis' fleet was a challenge even for Thor, if I remember correctly.

Also isn't there already a rebel ship called the Redemption?

I haven't honestly worked out exactly why they left the MW yet...the current working theory is that once the Ancients all pulled their Ascending act, and with the decline of the Asgard, the Furlings decided to leave. Honestly it may change, I won't elaborate on the reason for a while yet. As for the power thing...bear in mind that until they made the beam o' death, Asgard tech worked on shield piercing tech, not raw firepower. Hence the changes Anubis made to his shields made Thor's weapons essentially useless. Furling tech (in here at least) operates on brute force. It is the predecessor to SW Turbolasers after all (in this story). Oh darn it...I forgot about that Frigate...oh well, I like the name so it is staying. :D
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-01-14 11:18am

Well this was an unusually fast update for me. I don't normally type this fast, but I got a spurt of inspiration that let me keep this up. That being said, I make no promises at keeping up such a fast pace. Let me know what you think of the chapter and it will help a lot (since it gives me more ideas for the next one)
Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Planet Earth

While the Redemption was getting pounded in orbit, the Tel’tak with SG1 aboard had stopped over an open plateau after almost crashing into multiple mountains. Once the vessel had stopped, a beam of bright blue light stabbed into the ice sheet below them, melting a hole clean through it.

“Sir, how long is this going to take?” Samantha Carter asked from the back of the scout ship.

Jack O’Neill didn’t respond, he most likely couldn’t even understand her anymore. He just got up and ran back into the ring room. Bre’tac took his seat at the controls, while the rest of SG-1 stood behind him.

“Anubis can not have missed our arrival,” Teal’c said

“You are correct, Gliders and Al’kesh approaching,” Bre’tac, replied, “They will be in firing range in thirty seconds.”

Outside the scout ship dozens of Goa’uld vessels were bearing down on them, too much to handle even if they could maneuver.

“More vessel’s approaching…” Bre’tac said.

“Sir we’re about to have company!” Sam called into the back of the ship.

“They are not Goa’uld,” Bre’tac added.

When she looked out the window, Carter saw a swarm of F-302 fighters firing their missiles at the Goa’uld ships, blowing several apart. And behind them came a true sight for sore eyes…the Prometheus.

“SG-1 this is General Hammond, good to see you in one piece,” their former commander radioed in.

“It’s good to see you too General. Come on guys,” Carter said, running into the ring room with Daniel and Teal’c following her.

“Protect that ship at all costs, don’t let anything through,” Hammond said, as the Prometheus’ shields flared from an Al’kesh firing on it.

Back in the Tel’tak SG-1 was preparing to ring down to the surface. Jack was pulling all the things he had piled on the ring transporter off, while the rest of the team was prepping their weapons.

“Colonel, how exactly are we going to get down there?” Carter asked.

Teal’c looked down and realized how they were going to do it, “The rings.”

“Makes sense, the Ancients built the rings so there has to be a set down there,” Daniel pointed out.

“The signal just couldn’t penetrate a mile of ice,” Sam realized, before grabbing her rifle, and stepping up with the rest of the team to be beamed down to the surface.

“We’re taking damage to the outer hull!” a member of the Prometheus’ crew called out.

“Shields are down to 50%!” Walter shouted.

“All our remaining F-302’s have expended their ammunition,” the Captain said.

“We can’t take them aboard, have them divert to McMurdo, and stay on station, we have to protect SG-1,” Hammond ordered.

Right after he said that, Bre’tac pulled the Tel’tak out from under the Prometheus, clearing the way for the ship to move.

“Shields are failing!” the Captain called out.

“The scout ship has cleared the hull!”

“Take us into orbit, lets take the fight to Anubis,” Hammond ordered, leading to the Earth vessel launching into space despite being bombarded by Anubis’ fleet.

Back on the Redemption, the ancient Furling vessel was given some breathing room by Anubis’ flagship moving to focus on the Prometheus. But it was still at the mercy of something like a dozen Ha’tak’s, and that was not good odds, even for a Furling vessel.

“Shields are weakening, diverting power to compensate,” Sentinel said, the AI running the ship practically on his own.

“These Goa’uld mean business…what did this planet do to get on their bad side?” Sunri asked, trying to help however he could…and not doing a very good job.

“Most likely Anubis decided to enslave them, no other planet in this Galaxy has the same population,” Sentinel answered, still able to hold a conversation, even while almost casually dismembering an unlucky Ha’tak.

“Just concentrate on the Goa’uld for now Sentinel, we can figure out their motives later,” Luke ordered, trying to ignore the feeling of all the death surrounding them.

“Of course Master Skywalker. I assume you want me to not fire on the Earth vessel attacking Anubis?” Sentinel asked.

“Naturally, we need an ally in this galaxy and they obviously are no friends of the Goa’uld.”

“Very well, concentrating fire on the Ha’tak’s.”

With those words, another barrage of green beams erupted from the modified colony ships turrets. They impacted the shields of a Ha’tak, the pyramid shaped ships shields giving a golden flare before a beam punctured them and cored through the vessel. It didn’t destroy the Ha’tak, but it disabled it…by virtue of being a direct hit to the bridge. The Goa’uld vessel floated aimlessly through space, no longer a threat. Taking that into account, Sentinel moved on to Anubis’ ship itself, the rapid fire from its weapons now being divided between both the Prometheus and the Redemption.

“Sir, that vessel is helping us! Anubis’ ship can’t concentrate on us!” one of the crewmen on Prometheus called out.

“Try and hail them, if we concentrate our firepower we just might take this monster down,” Hammond ordered.

“We’ve tried sir, they won’t answer.”

“Keep trying son, but don’t let up on Anubis either, we need to give SG-1 time.”

The crew of the Earth vessel nodded before continuing to fire at Anubis with every weapon they had. The Redemption joined the Prometheus, it’s green beams carving into Anubis’ shields, the larger vessel easily taking the return fire as it covered the smaller Prometheus.

Back on Earth, SG-1 was exploring a small cavern at the bottom of the shaft they had dug. It was obviously Ancient architecture, similar to where they had found the power source.

“This looks vaguely familiar,” Sam commented.

Jack again ignored her, walking up to a man sized indent in the wall, sticking his hand on the side of it. He said something in Latin, which only Daniel understood.

“Sleep…” the archaeologist translated.

Naturally Jack ignored him, and moved into the larger room, while SG-1 heard a strange sound. Standing in the room was Anubis…who had seemingly beaten them to the room.

“You have lost, surrender to the power of your new god,” Anubis said, dramatically raising his hands.

Jack cocked his head to the side before sticking his hand through Anubis, cutting off the hologram mid-word. He then walked up to the large chair in the center of the room, pulling out a dim crystal from its pedestal. Sam handed him the bright crystal they had gone through so much trouble to recover, which Jack proceeded to place into the pedestal. But the group heard the distinctive sound of the rings powering up behind them. They moved to take firing positions, readying their weapons.

When the rings fell back down, they revealed a pair of Anubis’ deadly Kull warriors, who immediately started firing their wrist blasters at SG-1. They fired back, bullets and blue beams hitting the warriors repeatedly.

“Sir whatever you’re going to do you need to do it quick!” Sam called out, while one of the Kull’s fell to the ground from repeated hits. The other one took shelter by the wall, only moving out to fire. While O’Neill was climbing into the suddenly glowing chair two more Kull Warriors ringed down, taking a second to look around before opening fire on SG-1. They fired back, taking another one down and hurting the last one, before a brilliant golden glow came from a hole in the floor behind them. As the group looked back they saw Jack calmly sitting in the chair, and seemingly concentrating heavily on something. Then all of a sudden a swarm of gold…squid…shot out of the hole, grabbing the last Kull before swarming up out of the cavern.

Back on the surface, Bre’tac had taken up a holding position waiting for SG-1 to finish whatever they were doing. But when he took a second to look up it was to see a golden stream of objects firing into space, occasionally splitting off to annihilate a Death Glider or two, but always rejoining the main stream. The old Jaffa laughed as he saw this, knowing what his friends had finally been able to do.

In space, Hammond had just ordered the Prometheus to ram Anubis’ flagship, as it had run out of weapons. But they saw the golden objects curve around them and the Redemption to core into the Goa’uld ships. Several of the Ha’tak’s exploded right away, not able to take the repeated hits. Anubis’ ship lasted longer, its shear mass allowing it to take more hits. But on the bridge it was a scene of chaos as Jaffa called out status reports, before one of the gold objects came right at the bridge…right at Anubis.

“NOOO!!!” the Goa’uld Lord screamed…before the object destroyed his body, along with the rest of his bridge. The other ones had finally hit the massive ships reactor, leaving only a few ships in orbit, surrounded by debris. The Redemption, Prometheus, and two Ha’tak that the Redemption had disabled were all that was left intact.

“SG-1 did…I can’t believe they did it…” one of the Prometheus crew said in shock.

“It’s SG-1…they always manage to find something,” Hammond pointed out, proud of his team.

But back in the cavern it was a much sadder moment, as Jack was barely able to move, the Ancient knowledge finally overloading his brain.

“Come on sir, hold on! We’ll get you some help!” Sam said, obviously very distraught.

“It’s too late Sam, we could never get him help in time,” Daniel pointed out.

For his part, Jack weakly said that same word from earlier, pointing at the indent in the wall. Daniel didn’t understand at first, but then he realized what his friend was saying.

“Sleep…it must be a stasis pod of some sort!”

“But what if it kills him?” Sam asked.

“What if we don’t try? He’ll die anyway, we have to at least try!” Daniel argued.

Sam relented, and nodded slightly before they moved their old friend into the pod, a crystalline coating enveloping him, leaving Jack O’Neill frozen in time. But they wouldn’t have long to mourn, as events in orbit were taking a strange turn.

“Well Sentinel, have you been able to get the comms working again?” Luke asked, once the battle was finally over.

“Yes I have Master Skywalker, but I will need to translate whatever we say. The odds of them speaking the same language are extremely slim,” the AI pointed out.

“Well do it, we need to talk with them,” Luke said.

“Connecting now…” Sentinel said, before a voice came over the comm in a language the group didn’t recognize. Sentinel turned a darker shade of green as he concentrated, before the voice started to speak Galactic Basic.

“This is General George Hammond of the Earth starship Prometheus we thank you for your assistance, but we have to know who you are or you will be fired upon,” a male voice said.

“Wow…touchy aren’t they?” Sunri asked sarcastically.

“Well they were just attacked, and they have no idea who we are other than that we don’t like the Goa’uld. Does the translator go both ways Sentinel?” Luke asked.

“Yes it does Master Skywalker, just talk to them through the comm systems and I will translate it for them,” Sentinel answered.

Luke nodded and turned to the comm panel, “This is Commander Luke Skywalker of the New Republic, we are not here to fight you General. We would actually like to send an envoy down to the surface to talk with you.”

On the Prometheus the whole crew had the exact same look on their face…one of utter shock.

“Did he just say Luke Skywalker? Of the New Republic? Since when did we get transported into Star Wars?” one of the crew asked nervously.

“Well SG-1 would constantly use our sci-fi culture to hide their identity so maybe that is what this is,” Hammond suggested…it made a lot more sense than talking to a fictional man.

“Commander Skywalker…that isn’t your real name is it right? No more jokes, or we will not listen to your envoy.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t lie to you; my name is Luke Skywalker, Commander in the Republic Navy and Jedi Knight. Why would I have any reason to lie to you when I’m not even from this galaxy?”
the eerily familiar voice responded.

Hammond frowned before saying back, “Seriously, no more lies…there is no Luke Skywalker, that is just a fictional man in one of our movies. Now tell us your real name or you will be fired upon.”

Naturally the Prometheus was in no shape to fight, but Hammond had to keep up a tough façade, even with the other ship being even larger than Anubis’ vessel. He had to rely on SG-1 to make the threat valid.

“What do you mean ‘fictional man in a movie’? Trust me General, I am right here and I would know if I wasn’t real. Do I need to come over to the ship myself to prove my honesty?”
the voice asked again, sounding genuinely confused.

“And how exactly do you intend to prove it? Fly over in your X-Wing?” Hammond asked, Teal’c’s obsession with Star Wars making him have something of an encyclopedic knowledge of the movies.

“If that is what it takes, then yes I will borrow one of my escorts X-Wings and fly over. Though I don’t know how you could even know about those fighters when we have never been to this Galaxy.”

“Fine then, launch in that fighter and come alone and we might believe you,” Hammond sent back, knowing that one person, even a Goa’uld, wouldn’t be able to handle the entire crew of his vessel, and if all else failed he could vent the hanger.

“Okay, I will launch in a few minutes.”

The Prometheus crew then had to wait for ‘Skywalker’ to reach his massive vessel’s hanger, but they got another shock as a very familiar fighter launched from the hanger. It was a white and green color scheme instead of the familiar white and red…but it was definitely an X-Wing from the first Star Wars movies.

“Is this enough proof General?”

Hammond took a second to reply, the pure shock of the moment proving to be a little too much. But he recovered well enough and gave Luke clearance to land. As the sleek fighter landed in the hanger, Hammond waited to find out what would happen. When no cries for help came from the hanger, and no sounds of weapons fire he relaxed slightly…but only slightly.

But as soon as the bridge doors opened, the crew got the biggest shock of the day. Standing there, black robes, lightsaber and all was Luke Skywalker. And he looked almost exactly like in the movie.

“Well General? Is this enough proof?” Luke asked, Sentinel having reprogrammed his comlink to translate what he said.

For once in his life, General George C. Hammond was speechless. And he was already dreading when Teal’c found out about this.

AN: Well there was the chapter. If I wanted to, I could have taken Star Wars (as in the movies) out of the equation. But then I thought that it would be fun to see the reactions. So thus, SW still exists in SG-1. Don't worry though, I am already working on an explanation. Please review and let me know what you think.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-01-24 07:50pm

AN: Well here is the chapter. Not much to say up here, so please review and let me know what you think.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit of Planet Earth


“Well General? Is this enough proof?” Luke asked again, wondering why the bridge had gone silent the moment he entered it.

No one said a word, and Luke looked around the bridge to see several people with varying degrees of shock written on their faces. Most of them just had their eyes widen, but several had open mouths, and one young crewman was pointing at Luke with his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Naturally enough, Hammond wasn’t showing any outward signs of shock, but mentally he was as shaken as the rest of the crew.

“How are you here? Luke Skywalker doesn’t exist,” Hammond said once he recovered enough.

Luke cocked his head to the side, “I don’t exist? I’m standing right here aren’t I? And seriously, what gives you the idea that I don’t?”

Hammond tried to say something, but it was hard to think up the right words…how exactly would he explain to this man that Star Wars was fiction and so was anyone named Skywalker. Luke just stood their studying the man in front of him both visually and through the Force. It was obvious he was a military man, by the way he carried himself, but the Force readings he was getting were odd to say the least. The General seemed to be in just as much shock as his men, and was conflicted on the inside. But Hammond finally turned fully towards Luke to start explaining.

“I still don’t know what to believe here, but the Luke Skywalker we know is a fictional character from a popular science fiction movie called ‘Star Wars’. That’s how we knew about the X-Wing, it is what Skywalker always used…by all rights you shouldn’t be here right now,” Hammond said.

Luke frowned at that, “A science fiction movie? And that’s how you knew about the X-Wing? Sentinel is this thing translating correctly?”

Hammond frowned himself, wondering who Luke was talking to before the device in his hand said, “No Master Skywalker, it is working correctly, I ran the translation myself multiple times.”

“Who was that?”

“My vessels AI, Sentinel. Look, I don’t know how what you say could be true, but I need to talk to your world’s leader. On the way to this Galaxy we found 10,000 people in stasis pods on my vessel. About half of them look human, and Sentinel called them ‘Alterans’. The other half though…we call them Celestial’s. But Sentinel said they were the people his masters left behind…and he called them Furlings.”

Hammond’s eyes did widen on that…he didn’t know any race called ‘Alterans’ but Furlings…the last of the Four Great Races…

“I can arrange a meeting with our President, but you will have to go through a lot of security,” the General said.

“Your President? Does he speak for your whole world?” Luke asked.

“No, just the United States of America, who this ship belongs to. Our world is made up of many nations, but we all share a common will,” Hammond said, glossing over the difficulties of having to deal with other nations with different goals.

Luke didn’t buy it though…the Force being more than enough to tell when someone was lying, “Your people are still separate nations? That will be a problem; I won’t have my ship or people used to conquer the rest. And I won’t go to a secret meeting with only one nations leader.”

“The leaders of the other major nations will be there too, but you will need to take one of our planes there after the Prometheus lands…and you will have to stay aboard this vessel.”

“Let me guess General, you haven’t told your people that this vessel exists have you? Or that they aren’t alone in this galaxy? I can’t be party to a deception like that. I will meet your President, but with my own shuttle, and I will take my ship and leave if you try and stop me,” Luke said, not wanting to be part of a mass deception. The people below needed to know what had happened to their world.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that Commander Skywalker. We have kept this a secret for a very good reason…our world would fall apart if they knew.”

“And what if you waited to tell them? The ones in the southern hemisphere can’t have failed to notice all the Goa’uld vessels being destroyed. If you keep a secret like this for too long, the people will eventually find out on their own, and when they do…” Luke let it hang there, the thought being enough.

“But, our people aren’t ready for disclosure yet.”

“Yes they are…they have to be General. And you all are heroes for what you did today…now is as good a time as any to tell them. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get my shuttle and its escorts prepped,” Luke said, his black robe fluttering behind him as the Jedi Knight left the vessel.

Hammond wiped his brow…this was not going to go over well with the other Generals…but Hayes would be overjoyed, the man was already planning disclosure anyway.


“Welcome back Master Skywalker, how did the meeting go?” Sentinel asked, the only time he had listened in being when ‘Star Wars’ was mentioned.

“Not very well, these people somehow believe that lying to their entire population is a good thing. I’ve seen what that did with the Empire…if Earth’s populations ever found out they had been lied to about other life for so long…it would make this battle look like a skirmish,” Luke answered, gesturing at the debris belt orbiting Earth, with the two intact Ha’tak’s being towed into a stable orbit by the Furling vessel, prior to sending over a group of Republic Marines to take the surrendered vessels over.

Sentinel flared a deep green for a second before turning back to Luke, “Master Skywalker, the Prometheus says that you may leave now…but they are not happy about what you are planning on doing. My scans show they have no remaining weapons on board though, so I wouldn’t worry.”

Luke sighed, “Of course they aren’t, even though I am doing them a favor…tell the shuttle crew to be ready.”

Luke then walked down to the hanger, where a group of Marines and engineers were putting two of the ancient Furling shuttles back together with Sentinal’s guidance. It was a risky endeavor since the shuttles were so old and hadn’t been maintained for millennia. But the AI claimed that they would work, once they had been repaired from spare parts and the remains of more damaged shuttles. As for Luke, he was taking a ride down in the freighter that had carried them into this mess in the first place. As the large vessel launched, a pair of X-Wings followed it out, and escorted Luke’s freighter down to the surface. Once they had entered the atmosphere they angled for a large white mansion in a city near the coast of a northern continent. A group of primitive fighters flew into formation with the transport and X-Wings, escorting them to the White House. Naturally everyone in DC looked up and saw the ships flying overhead, and any Star Wars fan nearly had a heart attack.

Once the group of aircraft reached the White House, the F-22’s flew off, while the freighter and its escorts landed in the lawn. Luke left his ship, with a handful of Marines providing escort. An honor guard of US Marines greeted them, with a large group of Secret Service operatives hiding in the background. As Luke walked through the halls of the White House he could tell it was an old building, but well taken care of. And all the portraits just added to that feeling, though Luke hadn’t the foggiest idea of who they were. The Jedi was then led into an office with a large desk and several men standing around it. They were all dressed in military uniforms, and it didn’t take a genius to tell they were high ranking. Yet they all seemed to be listening to the man sitting at the desk. Luke figured that he must be the President, which was confirmed when the man stood up.

“Hello Commander Skywalker, I am Henry Hayes, the President of the United States of America, nice to meet you,” Hayes said, sticking his hand out towards Luke.

The Jedi frowned, but then realized this must be some Earth custom, so he took Hayes’ hand, leading the President to shake his hand up and down. After Hayes let go of Luke’s hand, the Jedi started to talk, “I know that your government has a lot of questions for me. And that they are most likely not happy about what I did with my freighter. But I couldn’t let your people be lied to.”

Hayes just shook his head; “Actually I don’t blame you for that. I was already planning on disclosing what had happened. Despite what my military advisors say about it being a bad idea.”

Luke noticed how several of the officers tensed up at that…evidently Hammond wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to admit to what was going on. But he was glad that Hayes supported him at least.

“Thank you Mr. President. My people will help in any way we can.”

“That won’t be necessary Commander. In fact, we want you to use our shuttles and fighters for now, people are going to freak out enough without knowing that a fictional movie suddenly came to life.”

“About that, I was wondering what exactly that movie is? No one has told me yet.”

“General Hammond said he has something special planed for that, but you said you have 10,000 people in these ‘cryo tubes’ on your vessel correct? Will you be able to get them out?”

“Not on our own no, we don’t know how, and Sentinel can’t open it without a direct order from a Furling. We were hoping your people would know how.”

“We don’t either, but our allies the Asgard might. General Maynard, send a message to the Prometheus, we need to get a message to the Asgard.”

The general nodded, and left the Oval Office to do just that.

“Okay then, Commander Skywalker, the main reason we let you down here is to ask if you are willing to join an alliance. We need allies; Anubis wasn’t the only Goa’uld out there who wants us dead. Are you willing to join an alliance?”

Luke thought about it for a few minutes, “I am hardly in a position to broker an Alliance with the New Republic, but I will ally my ship with you. In exchange we need supplies, help in getting the Alterans and Furlings free, and rights to one of the Ha’tak’s we captured.”

Hayes nodded, “Reasonable, I do believe we have a deal Commander Skywalker, but you are going to be on a short leash while we figure out exactly what you are.”

Luke nodded himself…he would do the same thing if the situation were reversed. But he was distracted as an airman came into the room.

“Mr. President, SG-1 has arrived,” the man said.

“Good send them in…here is Hammonds plan Commander,” Hayes said, as a group of three people walked in.

Luke turned to them and noticed the eyes of the blonde woman and the dark haired man widen, while the dark skinned man raised an eyebrow. But through the Force Luke could tell that he was the most shocked…and strangely excited…member of the group. Despite the lack of any outward excitement that is…

“Hello I am…” Luke started, before Teal’c cut him off.

“You are Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebel Alliance and destroyer of the Death Star, it is an honor to meet you,” Teal’c said, his Star Wars fanboyism coming to the fore.
AN: I know that it was odd that Luke and Hammond just talked without acknowledging how weird the situation was…that was intentional, since they are both military and were trying to get some sort of arrangement worked up before they tackled the SW issue. As for the rest of the chapter...I left it off where I did since writing Teal'c is difficult to get right and I need some practice. After all, SW fanboy or not, we can't have him jumping up for joy after all. Hopefully I can get another chapter up soon...oh and the Furlings/Ancients in the cryo pods are still alive after 90,000 years (left behind as crew) since that is an area where I am having Furling tech be better. Though they have to be careful when letting them out.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby knightowl » 2012-01-25 06:27pm

So Lucas and Zahn are Force Seers with vision's of what happened but not the whole story? I say Zahn becuase even Lucas in the end knew he owned Zahn for the resurge of Star Wars fan's in the Mid 90's. If I had not lost the Magazie that has Lucas saying that Mara Jade is Luke Prefect match I would post the issue. Lost it 5 years ago.

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-01 07:56pm

AN: Well here is the next chapter. Not much to say up here, so please let me know what you think.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Planet Earth

Stargate Command

“So that is a Stargate? It’s so small though,” Luke said, looking at the ring in front of him.

“Yes it is, and that is the general reaction when people see it for the first time,” Daniel answered, playing tour-guide for Luke…which still felt extremely odd.

“I can see why…something that small with that much power…” Luke said, shaking his head slightly.

“I take it the Furlings didn’t bring any with them?” Daniel asked.

“No they didn’t, the only Celestial constructs that are left are stations like Centerpoint. Though that is impressive in its own right, since it can drag planets through hyperspace,” Luke answered, still un-consciously calling the Furlings by the name he was more familiar with.

“They didn’t feel the need to bring any Stargates. Our hyperdrives were efficient enough that we didn’t need them,” Sentinel chimed in from the wrist projector Luke had taken to wearing.

“I’m still not used to that AI of yours,” Daniel said, staring at the green warrior that was Sentinel.

“I took a while to get used to him also. By the way, any luck on meeting this ‘Lucas’ person?” Luke asked, thinking back to the meeting in the Oval Office.

Start Flashback

“You know who I am too? And what I did?” Luke asked.

“Of course, you are famous for what you did Luke Skywalker. Though I didn’t believe you were real until now,” Teal’c said, staying remarkably calm.

Luke shook his head, “I’m not sure what to think anymore…a planet a galaxy away knows my life story. How is this possible anyway?”

“Who knows, all we know is that almost thirty years ago a man named George Lucas created a movie called Star Wars. It had you star in it among other people, but like Teal’c said, we never believed it could be true,” Daniel said, obviously less well-versed than Teal’c, but still knowing enough about Star Wars to answer the question.

“Lucas? Never heard of anyone by that name, so he can’t have been from my Galaxy…the dates are off anyway. I only destroyed the Death Star five years ago,” Luke said.

“That can’t be right then...we need some solid answers here,” Daniel said, as curious as Luke now.

“When can we meet ‘Lucas’ about his movies?” Luke asked.

“It can’t be any time soon…it is going to be a nightmare trying to hold the country together after your stunt. We need to concentrate on that,” Sam said.

Luke nodded…he didn’t want to wait but he could understand why they were making him.

End Flashback

Daniel shook his head, “No, it seems that after your stunt in DC he refused to let anyone near him. Something is off there, but we can’t force the issue.”

Luke nodded, “I understand. So, is there anything else you want to show me?”

“Only the cafeteria, unless you aren’t hungry,” Daniel said.

“I could use some food actually,” Luke replied.

Daniel nodded, and was about to lead Luke down to the cafeteria when Dr. Weir walked up to the two men. The woman looked harried to say the least, her dark hair askew and sticking up in random places.

“Dr. Weir, you look like you’ve gone through a battle…” Daniel said, still not used to being under her command.

Weir nodded, “Trust me, I feel like I have been. Disclosure has thrown the world into chaos, just like we feared it would. But thanks to Commander Skywalker helpfully letting us use his ships it has been relatively easy to hold down the riots.”

Luke inclined his head slightly, “It was the least I could do. Your people have let me and my men stay here and recover from our journey. And your techs have been a lot of help in getting the Redemption back up and running.”

“Your welcome. Now then, Dr. Jackson, we haven’t had any luck in getting Colonel O’Neill out of Antarctica yet. The other countries are not happy about us having control of such a powerful weapon. And rouge states like North Korea and Iran are threatening to attack if they aren’t given access to it. Not to mention that China and Russia are pushing us to give them the Ha’tak’s left over from Anubis’ fleet,” Weir said, shrugging apologetically at Daniel.

Daniel sighed heavily, “I shouldn’t be surprised. Dealing with the other countries is like dealing with a bunch of children.”

“I would never say that,” Weir said, with a knowing wink…she felt the exact same way.

Luke looked between the two…he had never had to deal with multiple nations, since he wasn’t active on the political side of the New Republic. But then the two walked off, heading for the meeting room, where they would meet Teal’c and Sam. When they reached the room, Daniel and Weir sat down, while Luke remained standing. Teal’c still stared at Luke for a while before turning to the discussion going on.

“I know you want to use the Stargate to contact the Asgard for Colonel O’Neill, but we can’t use it right now,” Weir was saying.

“And why can’t we? The Stargate is under our jurisdiction,” Sam pointed out.

“I know that, but consider it a sign of goodwill to the other nations. We can’t use the Stargate with what is going on in the treaty talks,” Weir replied.

“Then let us use the cargo ship. Its engines should be able to reach Othala,” Daniel said.

Weir turned to him, “And how exactly do you plan to reach the Asgard from there? Do you even know where to find them?”

Sam nodded, “You have read the reports on the Replicators correct? The time-dilation device on Hala won’t hold them forever, so the Asgard must have someone monitoring them. If we can reach Hala we should be able to contact them.”

“And what if they aren’t there? Will the engines survive long enough to get there and back?” Weir asked.

“Most likely not…they will probably burn out on the way there,” Sam answered.

“Then you see why I can’t let you use it, that vessel is the only tactical advantage we have over the Goa’uld right now. We can’t afford to lose it, not even for Colonel O’Neill,” Weir said.

Luke chose that moment to step in, “They can use the Redemption. Its engines might be even faster, and they won’t burn out. I would need the coordinates though.”

Weir shook her head again, “I’m sorry, but you can’t leave. Your vessel truly is our trump card against the Goa’uld right now. And it is the only thing keeping the rouge nations in check.”

Luke frowned, “Then in that case, let them take the cargo ship. If you need more powerful engines to study use the Redemptions, or one of its shuttles. They need to contact the Asgard to free the crew from stasis anyway.”

Weir sighed heavily, “I will see about getting clearance to use it.”

SG-1 nodded and dispersed to their various rooms. After a while, Weir returned to tell them that they had permission to use the Tel’tak, on the condition that they got it back intact. Daniel was upset that he couldn’t go, but he realized that he was the only one left who could help Jack, so he relented. The archeologist and Luke stood at a hanger to watch the small Goa’uld vessel leave, and waved lightly before it left the atmosphere. The two men then went their separate ways, Daniel back to the SGC and Luke to the Redemption.


En route to the Hala System

“I’ve done the calculations based on our trip to Teonaus, it should take us about ten days to reach Hala,” Sam said, coming up into the cockpit with a sandwich in hand.

Teal’c just nodded, and went back to piloting the vessel on its trip through hyperspace. Sam sat down next to him, and silently ate her sandwich before turning to her Jaffa friend, “Do you want one? I packed turkey and I know it’s your favorite.”

“I am not hungry right now,” Teal’c replied, going back to piloting.

Sam frowned, and tried repeatedly to get a conversation going with Teal’c. Each time it failed though, so she just went back into the back to work on the engines.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Planet Earth

Stargate Command

Daniel was sitting in his room, talking to Dr. Weir about the treaty when an alarm started ringing. Someone was dialing the gate, and it wasn’t an SG team. So the two ran up to the gate room, meeting Luke along the way, the Jedi having been trying to help with training in using the blasters he had donated to the SGC from the Republic Marines stocks. As the now three-man group ran into the control room, they arrived just in time for Walter to say, “A message coming through ma’am. It’s text only.”

Daniel walked forward and looked at the writing on the screen, translating it for the virtue of the people who didn’t recognize it, “It’s Goa’uld. It’s from Camulus, the Celtic God of War.”

Weir frowned, “I don’t recognize that name.”

Daniel kept reading while saying, “We haven’t dealt with him before, so that’s why. This is odd…he wants to meet us and work out a treaty.”

Weir was really confused now, “A System Lord wanting to make a treaty with us?”

Daniel shook his head, “Not ‘a’ System Lord…all of them. They want to send representatives here.”

“All of them? What could possibly make them want to come here?” Weir asked.

“I don’t know, maybe Anubis’ defeat scared them,” Daniel suggested.

Weir nodded, “I’ll send a message to Washington…this goes above my authority.”

Luke chose that moment to speak up, “I’ll send a message up to the Redemption, they will be ready to fight.”

Weir nodded again, and moved off towards her office. After a while she came back in and turned to Daniel, “We have authorization. Send a message back to them, and tell them to meet at a neutral planet with no weapons.”

Daniel nodded, and worked up the message, sending it to Camulus and shutting down the ‘gate.


“We have reached Hala, Major Carter,” Teal’c reported as the modified Tel’tak dropped out of hyperspace.

Sam nodded, and moved up to the cockpit. But something was missing… “Where is the sun?”

“I don’t know, but we are being pulled back by some strong gravitational force,” Teal’c said, as he manipulated the controls.

“There is only one thing that could do that…a Black Hole,” Sam said, “Is the hyperdrive working?”

Teal’c shook his head, “The hyperdrive motor was burnt out when we arrived. And the sublight engines are at full power.”

Even with that though, the Tel’tak refused to move forward, the power of the Black Hole pulling them back slowly but surely. Sam moved back into the engine room in an attempt to pull more power out of the sublight engines. It worked, and they were able to delay getting sucked into the black hole, but there were limits to what they could do.

“Divert the shield power, it is the only way we can escape,” Teal’c said, knowing that they didn’t have the engine power.

“The shield is the only thing holding us together, if we take it down the Black Hole will tear us apart,” Sam protested.

Teal’c shook his head, “We need to do it Major Carter, it is the only way to break free.”

Sam sighed heavily, “Okay, transferring power now.”

When the shields went down, there was a noticeable jump forward, but also a groaning sound.

“We are moving away from the Black Hole,” Teal’c reported.

“It’s not enough, the hull is being torn apart!” Sam yelled, looking behind her and seeing the Tel’tak break apart. Teal’c jumped up and grabbed Sam’s arm…before both of them disappeared in a bright white light. They stumbled slightly, before realizing that they were on an Asgard vessel.

“Greetings Teal’c, Major Carter,” Thor said from his seat.

“Thor!” Sam said, running up to the diminutive Asgard.

“It is good to see you Thor,” Teal’c said, inclining his head slightly.

“You had perfect timing there Thor,” Sam said, looking down on Thor.

“I am sorry I couldn’t arrive sooner, we didn’t expect you to arrive,” Thor said.

“You didn’t reply to our messages, so we didn’t have a choice, “Sam replied.

“I am sorry, but the time-dilation effect of the black hole kept me from receiving any messages,” Thor answered, turning to a panel behind him, “We estimated that it would take two years for the human form Replicators to reach the time-dilation device, so a more permant solution was devised.”

“You turned Hala’s sun into a black hole,” Sam said, looking at the image behind Thor.

The Asgard nodded slightly, “By artificially increasing its gravity yes. Hala has already been torn apart, and the last of the Replicators are about to be destroyed…the Replicator blocks have stopped.”

On the image in front of the group, a large mass of Replicator blocks stopped their movement towards the black hole, and indeed, sped up away from it.

“The Replicators have reversed the device…they have formed a ship and are moving away from the black hole on a vector towards us,” Thor reported, manipulating some crystals and moving his ship.

“Can’t we jump to hyperspace?” Sam asked, wearily watching the Replicators approach the vessel.

Thor shook his head, “Not this close to the black hole. We must clear the interference first.”

On the screen, they watched the Replicator ship catching up, steadily overtaking the slower Asgard vessel. Then a missile flew out from the enemy ship, “The Replicator vessel has launched a mass of blocks at us. My vessels shields will not stop it.”

As the group watched, the icon of the missile got closer and closer to Thor’s vessel, before it passed clear through the shield and impacted the hull. Thor reported that the Replicators had most likely boarded his ship, so Sam and Teal’c walked over to a stock of weapons Thor had beamed over from the Tel’tak before it blew. Sam took a P-90, while Teal’c took one of the Republic blasters Luke had loaned to them. The two SG-1 members then set out to find the Replicators. They couldn’t see any, but the sound in the walls let them know they were there. But then Sam saw one approaching her…only to be beamed out by it.

“Major Carter!!” Teal’c yelled, running to where his friend was last seen.

But she wasn’t there, and a swarm of Replicators started moving for the Jaffa warrior. Teal’c raised his blaster and fired red beams into the Replicators, the blasts blowing them apart…proving more effective than Jaffa or Asgard energy weapons. Soon enough all the Replicators were destroyed, and Teal’c walked back onto the bridge.

“The Replicators are destroyed,” Teal’c said, looking on as the Replicator ship entered hyperspace.

“The vessel is heading for Orilla, our new capital. We have to follow them, the Asgard Race can’t evacuate any more,” Thor said.

Teal’c nodded, and watched as the Asgard vessel entered hyperspace…hoping they would be able to rescue Sam.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby FaxModem1 » 2012-02-02 05:08pm

I have a feeling you mean 'rogue' nations, rouge is a cosmetic applied to women's cheeks, unless North Korea and Iran's main industries are beauty supplies in the Stargate verse.

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-02 07:37pm

FaxModem1 wrote:I have a feeling you mean 'rogue' nations, rouge is a cosmetic applied to women's cheeks, unless North Korea and Iran's main industries are beauty supplies in the Stargate verse.

:banghead: Darn it...yes I meant rogue...I can't believe I missed that. Need to be more careful.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-08 12:50pm

AN: Well here is the next chapter. I don't have much to say, so let me know what you think of it.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm

Planet Earth

Stargate Command


“We’ve received an IDC ma’am. It’s SG-4, they have met the Goa’uld,” Walter reported.

“Open the iris,” Weir ordered, leading Luke and Daniel down into the gateroom proper.

As the trio watched, a group of three men and one woman stepped out of the gate.

“I am Camulus of the Goa’uld. This is Amaterasu, Yu, and his First Prime Oshu,” the lead Goa’uld said.

“I am Dr. Elisabeth We…” Weir started, before Amaterasu cut her off.

“Yes, that is all well and good, but we have work to do, and this has been a long journey, because of your ridiculous security precautions,” the only female Goa’uld said.

“All right then…right this way,” Weir said, leading them to the meeting room.

Soon enough, the group was sitting at the large meeting table, with the Goa’uld still acting like their typical haughty selves. Camalus was sitting next to Yu, while Amaterasu was next to Daniel. Weir and Luke sat at opposite ends of the table, with the later trying to get a read on the Goa’uld through the Force. Of course, all he got was a deep feeling of darkness…not too dissimilar to Palpatine and his father.

“Your…unexpected…defeat of Anubis has created an unstable situation among the System Lords. So it was decided that we would divide his territories and armies evenly amongst ourselves,” Amaterasu started.

“How civilized of you,” Daniel joked.

“Yes, but unfortunately one among as has broken the deal,” Amaterasu added, Daniel’s sarcasm going completely over her head.

“Oh let me guess…it was Ba’al wasn’t it? He always was the most opportunistic one of you,” Daniel guessed.

“He was able to locate the planet where Anubis produced his Kull warriors,” Camalus said.

“He was able to locate Tartarus?” Daniel asked, surprised by that revelation.

Camalus nodded, “Yes, and in battle the Kull are far superior to the Jaffa. It is only a matter of time until Ba’al overwhelms our forces.”

“This is all very interesting, but how does it involve us? Ba’al is no threat to Earth,” Weir pointed out, “Anubis couldn’t defeat us with over thirty Ha’tak, I fail to see how Ba’al could do any better.”

Yu whispered into Oshu’s ear, and the young Jaffa spoke up, “My master wishes to say that it is well known the Tau’ri posses a powerful new weapon, and that you used it to defeat Anubis’ fleet. And that it is far beyond your current level of technology.”

Luke chose that moment to speak up, “It won’t be for long. I am providing them with more technology then they could ever need.”

“And who are you to say that? No humans have technology more advanced than the Tau’ri aside from the Tollan…who have been destroyed,” Amaterasu said.

Luke smiled slightly, “I wouldn’t bank on that idea.”

The Goa’uld still looked skeptical, but Camalus spoke up, “Even if what you say is true, there are still dozens of planets that don’t have your advantages. If Ba’al defeats us, he will come for them.”

“I still fail to see how that will effect us, the Asgard can handle protecting those planets,” Weir said.

“We haven’t heard from the Asgard in years. Some doubt they have the power to enforce the treaty any longer, not to mention they didn’t come to your aid when Anubis attacked,” Amaterasu replied.

“That’s funny, we talk to them all the time. They didn’t come to our aid because they knew they didn’t need to,” Daniel bluffed.

“Perhaps, but Ba’al feels they can’t enforce the treaty, and he will move on those planets,” Camulus said.

Weir frowned, “Perhaps a short recess is needed. Is that okay with you?”

Camulus nodded, “Of course, we are your guests after all.”

Weir nodded, and motioned Daniel and Luke over to another room.

“How many planets are protected under that treaty?” the Doctor asked.

“Twenty-seven if you count Earth. A lot of them have major populations too,” Daniel answered.

“The Asgard haven’t recovered enough to enforce the treaty have they?” Weir asked.

Daniel shook his head, “No they haven’t, the Replicators did too much damage. Honestly the treaty has been a big bluff for years. The Goa’uld were just too afraid to call it.”

Luke spoke up again, “If they don’t have the power I could use my vessel to protect the planets. The Redemption is only one ship, but if you could adapt your larger weapons to be mounted on my freighter and X-Wings we could protect multiple planets.”

Weir nodded, “That could work, but we can’t give away your ship. It is too much of our defense right now. If Ba’al refuses to back down, we might need to though. We won’t tell them that though.”

Daniel and Luke nodded and followed Weir back into the room, the group sitting back down with their ‘friends’.

“We still don’t believe Ba’al will risk war with the Asgard, he won’t attack the protected planets,” Weir started.

“We don’t share your faith in the Asgard. Ba’al will attack if someone doesn’t stop him. We know the Tau’ri have the capability to build battleships, but without viable hyperspace technology. We will offer fifty hyperdrives equal to a Ha’tak’s in exchange for helping us in the war with Ba’al,” Amaterasu offered.

“No thank you, we can build hyperdrives of our own easily enough,” Weir replied.

“There must be something we can offer you, Ba’al is a threat to us all,” Camulus protested.

Weir pretended to look thoughtful, “There is something. Some of Ba’al’s territory is interesting to us…the Epsilon Eridani system and several stars next to it. And the area’s to the Galactic ‘South’ of his territory. Give us that, and we might make a non-aggression pact.”

The Goa’uld looked angry at the very thought of giving these upstart humans any territory, but what they wanted had no value. What they called ‘Epsilon Eridani’ and its neighboring territory hadn’t been used much, so it wasn’t valuable. And the area ‘south’ of Ba’al’s territory was not needed either.

“You promise to not attack our forces? And you will help if Ba’al attacks us?” Amaterasu asked.

Weir shook her head; “We won’t help you against Ba’al. A non-aggression pact simply means that we won’t attack you if you don’t attack us. If Ba’al kills you that is your own problem, but we won’t help him if that is what you are worried about.”

The Goa’uld conversed amongst themselves for a while before Camulus spoke up, “These terms are agreeable to us. We won’t contest your territorial claims as long as you take the fight to Ba’al.”

“I didn’t say that we would,” Weir pointed out.

“No you didn’t, but you would have to be absolutely foolish to not. Ba’al is too much of a threat to us all to leave alone,” Amaterasu replied.

“I can’t confirm or deny we have any plans for Ba’al. Now if our business is done here, you can leave now,” Weir said.

The Goa’uld nodded…they hadn’t gotten what they had wanted, but at least the Tau’ri wouldn’t fight them. Once the group had left, Weir let out a long sigh before sinking back into her chair and rubbing her forehead.

“You remind me of my sister Doctor Weir. I wouldn’t have been able to pull off a ploy like that,” Luke said.

“I’m sure you could have actually, but our allies are not going to be happy about this treaty,” Weir replied.

“You mean the Tok’ra and Jaffa? I’m sure that they will understand eventually. We aren’t in any shape to fight the Goa’uld, even if we can get the Liberator and Liberty running again soon,” Daniel said, referring to the twin Ha’tak that Sentinel had disabled during Anubis’ invasion.

“I know that, but they still aren’t going to understand our position. It’s not like we made an alliance with the Goa’uld, we just agreed not to fight them. But we are going to have to take the fight to Ba’al to keep in their good graces,” Weir pointed out.

“We needed that territory, my makers controlled that area and may have left something behind,” Sentinel chimed in from Luke’s wrist holo-pad.

“And we can’t let the Goa’uld know that, we need to keep them out of it,” Weir said.

The group was just lucky that the Goa’uld hadn’t paid much attention to the territory they were taking. The ‘southern’ territory was the former Furling Empire…or at least its territory. Sentinel had no information on what happened to his people having left millennia before the fall of the Empire, but he figured that some of their tech or ships might still be there. Much like their fear of the Asgard, the Goa’uld had a tendency to stay out of that area. Their drives were too slow (relatively speaking) so they couldn’t risk exploring it.

“Master Skywalker, a ship just exited hyperspace in orbit. It is approaching the Redemption slowly,” Sentinel said, before beaming Luke up in a green flash…the transporters having recently been fixed.

“That AI is just like the Asgard...” Daniel said.

Earth Orbit

FES Redemption Bridge


“Who are they Sentinel?” Luke asked, once he had recovered from the feeling of being beamed up.

“Scanning…” Sentinel replied, glowing dark green…before he launched the Redemption forward…not even warning the Republic crew, several of whom unceremoniously fell to the floor.

“What was that about?!” Sunri yelled from his helmsman post.

“That vessel is an Asgard design. In absence of Alteran or Furling commanders I am programmed to defer to the Asgard,” Sentinel explained before activating the comm systems, “Attention Asgard vessel, this is Sentinel, AI of the FES Redemption, can you hear me?”

“We read you Redemption. This is Thor, supreme commander of the Asgard Fleet. It is good to see a friendly face…though I must say it is odd to see you,” Thor answered, appearing on the viewscreen along with Teal’c.

“He doesn’t look very surprised,” Sunri whispered to Luke.

He may not look it, but he is very shocked…I can feel it easily enough, even from here,” Luke shot back, watching the conversation between the green AI and the diminutive Asgard commander.

“How did you return to the Milky Way Sentinel?” Thor questioned the AI.

“Commander Luke Skywalker of the New Republic found my vessel floating abandoned in deep space. His team reactivated main power and I piloted the Redemption back here. I expected to find the Alterans or my makers guarding Earth…what happened to them?” Sentinel asked in turn.

Thor looked a little saddened by the question, “The Alterans were almost wiped out by a plague, and what remained of their people Ascended to a higher plane of existence. We don’t know what happened to the Furling Empire…they just stopped communicating one day, and our scout ships never returned from their territory.”

Sentinel somehow managed to look saddened by that too, “Then it is imperative that I return there as soon as possible, to find out what happened to my people.”

Luke looked between the two, and couldn’t shake the feeling that they knew each other…which shouldn’t be possible with Sentinel being over 10,000 years old.

“Do you two know each other?” the Jedi asked.

Thor nodded, “We do, I helped with the development of Sentinel’s programming. Asgard have their minds transferred to new clone bodies, none of us are young anymore.”

Luke looked a little dubious at that idea…the Clone Wars meant most people in the Corusca Galaxy had a dim view on clones. But he shook it off and listened as Sentinel asked the most pertinent question, “Why are you here Commander Thor? Did you need the Earthlings for something?”

“Indeed we do. A race of machines known as the Replicators have weakened our Empire and have attacked our homeworld, we need the Alteran knowledge contained in Colonel O’Neill’s mind to counter them,” Thor answered.

“Okay then, let me get a message to Earth…” Luke started before he saw a white flash behind Thor deposit Daniel on his behind as he dropped a spoon full of cereal to the floor.

The Archeologist got to his feet and dusted himself off before turning to Thor, “Hey Thor, Teal’c…what’s up?”

“We require Colonel O’Neill’s knowledge to fight off the Replicators,” Thor answered.

Daniel nodded, before looking around, “Wait, where’s Sam?”

Teal’c answered this time, “She was captured by the Replicators and was onboard their vessel when it was destroyed. But there is a chance she may have survived.”

Daniel nodded again, “She wouldn’t die that easily. Now Thor, getting Jack may be a probl…”

As Daniel was saying that, Jack was beamed into a stasis pod on the bridge of the Daniel Jackson. The Colonel looked none the worse for wear, but that didn’t mean he was okay. It did remind Luke of something though, “You must have stasis technology if you can keep him alive correct? We have ten thousand colonists, both Alteran and Furling on board our vessel. We haven’t been able to release them, but Sentinel suggested that you may be able to.”

Thor turned to Luke on hearing that, “You have living Alterans and Furlings? Allow me to beam over and I can release one of them.”

Luke frowned as the small Asgard beamed over and walked up to a console before saying, “Why only one? Can’t you release all of them?”

Thor shook his head slightly, “No I can’t. I don’t know the specifications of Furling stasis technology, but Alteran stasis cannot keep someone alive this long. We can only bring one back until we know more.”

“Sentinel, wouldn’t you know more?” Luke asked the AI.

“No I don’t Master Skywalker. I wasn’t programmed with that knowledge that is why I couldn’t release them myself. It was always intended to have at least one crewmember out of stasis to release the rest of the colonists and crew,” Sentinel answered as Thor succeeded in opening one of the pods, beaming an Alteran woman up to the bridge. The woman was clothed in a pure white dress, and was truly beautiful. She had long red hair, and a heart shaped face with a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks. And when she opened her eyes they were a brilliant blue that widened in shock at seeing Thor.

“An Asgard? I thought we were in the Corusca Galaxy?” the women spoke in Alteran.

“I didn’t understand a word of that…” Luke said lightly.

The woman turned to Luke on hearing his voice, “And a human too? What happened here?”

“Our vessel was abandoned for millennia, it is a miracle you still live. We were found by Jedi Skywalker and his crew, who reactivated the main reactor. It is thanks to them that we are here now in the Old Galaxy,” Sentinel spoke in Alteran himself.

“You are still active Sentinel? What of the Furling crew?” the woman asked.

“All in stasis. I am going to activate the translator now, so that we can speak with the rest of the crew,” Sentinel said, before glowing a dark green again.

“Is it working?” the woman asked turning to Luke.

“Yes it is working. I don’t believe we have been introduced yet, I am Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, also a Commander in the New Republic Navy,” Luke answered, sticking out his hand in the Earth custom he had just gotten used to.

The woman stared at the hand before taking it and saying, “I am Naverra, the leader of the Alteran’s on the Redemption Expedition. It is a pleasure to meet you Jedi Skywalker.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you too,” Luke replied, shaking Naverra’s hand.

The two were then beamed onto Thor’s vessel, in preperation for taking the fight to the Replicators infesting Orilla.

AN: Well there was the chapter. In case anyone is wondering, I changed the Redemption from being 90,000 years old to 'only' ten thousand. As for the treaty...Earth only agreed to it to get at the former Furling territory (no I'm not sure exactly where it is, need to brush up on astronomy). And really, all they are doing is not attacking the System Lords. Ba'al is still free game for them. And here is a little more background...I worked up tech rankings of the Four Great Races:

Cryo/Stasis: Furling, Alteran, Asgard, Nox

Weapons: Alteran, Asgard, Furling, Nox

Shields: Alteran, Furling, Asgard, Nox (this one is difficult since Furlings have better ship-based shields, but the Alteran’s have Atlantis-type shields)

Cloaks: Nox, Alteran, Furling, Asgard

Beaming: Asgard, Alteran, Furling, Nox

Hyperdrive: Asgard, Alteran, Furling, Nox

AN: Now the reason I put the Nox at the bottom of everything but cloaks is we know nothing of their weapon tech, or ship tech. All we do know is they can cloak massive flying cities, and can (with Tollan help) build a rip-off Stargate. Beyond that we just don't know...and I am already making up enough with the Furlings.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby FaxModem1 » 2012-02-09 03:09am

I suggest making dialogue in foreign languages in Italics instead of bold. Otherwise, the Goa'uld and the Alterans speak the same.

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

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AN: Well here is another chapter. This is also the longest one I have done yet, so hopefully more people comment on it. Well, here we go.

Asgard Mothership Daniel Jackson

En-route to Orilla, capital of the Asgard Empire

May 15th 2004


“How are we going to get the knowledge out of Jack anyway Thor?” Daniel asked as the dark blue of hyperspace lit the bridge.

“I am going to interface Colonel O’Neill’s mind with the Daniel Jackson’s computer,” Thor answered, manipulating the control crystals.

“Why does this man’s knowledge matter so much?” Naverra asked.

“Jack has the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his mind. Actually this is the second time this has happened to him,” Daniel explained, still not making the link between Alteran and Ancient.

Naverra’s red eyebrows shot into her hairline, “This man has the knowledge of my people? The only one of our races to set up repository’s was mine, so I assume that you meant us.”

It was Daniel’s turn to stand in shock, “You’re an Ancient? Thor why didn’t you tell us that?”

The Asgard turned to Daniel, “I assumed you knew. Alteran is what the Ancients called themselves.”

“I can’t believe I am standing next to an actual Ancient that isn’t Ascended…” Daniel said, before the group was distracted by a familiar voice coming out of the comm system.

“Hello? Testing…one…two…three…” Jack’s voice said.

“Jack, is that you?” Daniel asked, momentarily distracted from Naverra.

“Daniel? Where am I?” Jack asked.

“You’re mind is interfaced with the Daniel Jackson, Colonel O’Neill,” Teal’c answered.

“WHAT?!!” Jack yelled.

“Thor’s ship is named Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c explained.

“Oh, okay then,” Jack, replied, playing around with the lights, before showing himself as a hologram.

“Nice to actually see you Jack,” Daniel joked.

“Nice to see you too Daniel, who’s the lady?” Jack asked, noticing Naverra.

“I am Naverra, head of the Alteran portion of the Redemption Expedition,” Naverra answered.

“Oh…now I remember you. Sorting through all this stuff in my head isn’t easy. So, how are the rest of your people?” Jack asked, the Alteran knowledge in his head slowly being filtered out.

“They are in Furling stasis right now, we are helping Commander Thor with the Replicators,” Naverra answered, before Jack was distracted again…his jaw dropping on seeing Luke walk onto the bridge.

“Is that who I think it is?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I am Luke Skywalker, and yes, you aren’t going crazy,” Luke said with a sigh…he was getting annoyed with all the attention.

“Well…that is interesting…so what did you need me for Thor?” Jack asked, asking yet another question.

“We need you to use your knowledge to develop a counter to the Replicators,” Thor answered.

Jack nodded, and set to work, sifting through the large amount of information in his head while working on the panel in front of him. The group watched this, until Jack vanished again, concentrating on his work. The ship continued onto Orilla, while Luke talked with Naverra.

“So, what exactly are these Replicators?” the Jedi asked.

“From what Dr. Jackson told me, they are self-replicating machines. They are attracted to any technology more advanced than their own, which is why they are attacking the Asgard. Honestly they sound like the machines my people were experimenting on in the Pegasus Galaxy,” Naverra answered.

“Self-replicating machines…I can only imagine how much of a threat they must be,” Luke said, remembering stories about the massive Droid armies of the Confederacy in the Clone Wars…and imagining what could have happened if they could self-replicate.

“Oh it gets worse…they can modify any technology they find beyond its normal limits,” Daniel added from his place by Jack’s stasis pod.

“If that is the case it makes me wonder what my people were thinking building machines like them…the Alteran’s on Atlantis should have known better,” Naverra said, shaking her head.

“Did you say Atlantis? You know where the Lost City of the Ancients is?” Daniel asked, once again focusing on the surprised Alteran woman.

“Lost City? Atlantis never returned to the Old Galaxy?” Naverra asked.

Daniel nodded, prompting the red-haired woman to sigh heavily, “The war with the Wraith must have gone badly then.”

“Wraith?” Luke asked this time.

“A race of beings who feed on the life-force of humans. They were our greatest mistake, their numbers overwhelming our technological edge. I truly thought the War would be won…all of us on the Redemption Expedition did. That is why we were willing to help our Furling Allies contact their long lost brethren in the Corusca Galaxy,” Naverra explained.

“Except when you arrived the Celestials were gone,” Luke said.

“Correct, though I don’t know why the Furlings took on that name. When we realized that all of our people, along with the Furlings, went into stasis, hoping that we would eventually be found by the Celestial Empire…as you can tell that didn’t happen,” Naverra said sadly…because of that decision she wasn’t around when her people Ascended, and when the Furling Empire collapsed.

“Hey it wasn’t your fault…none of you could have known about this…and we will find Atlantis eventually and handle these other Replicators…and hopefully the Wraith too,” Daniel said, putting a reassuring hand on Naverra’s shoulder.

The Ancient woman nodded, before Thor drew their attention back to him.

“What is that Thor?” Teal’c asked, looking at a diagram on the Asgard’s computer.

“I am not sure Teal’c, Colonel O’Neill is using my vessel’s computer to design this device,” Thor answered; scanning the design Jack had produced.

“Is he okay though?” Daniel asked, concerned for his friend.

“No he isn’t, I must revive him now,” Thor answered.

“No not yet…I can finish this…” Jack protested.

Thor moved fast, as lights began to flash on his panel. He opened the pod, reviving Jack, while purging the Alteran knowledge from his mind.

“Jack, you okay?” Daniel asked.

“Oh man…what a headache…” Jack answered, rubbing his head.

“Take it easy Jack, you’ve been through a lot the last two weeks,” Daniel said, with Teal’c and Naverra standing beside him.

“What are you talking about?” Jack asked.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Daniel asked patiently.

“Getting my head sucked by one of those dang Ancient…head-suckers…and something about twins,” Jack answered.

“He’s fine,” Daniel said with a sigh.

“Teal’c…what’s with the hair?” Jack asked, noticing Teal’c’s new hairstyle.

“You’re memory will return momentarily O’Neill,” Thor said from his console.

“Okay…Teal’c what’s with the hair?” Jack asked again.

The Jaffa just raised an eyebrow, “I don’t see how it matters O’Neill.”

“Okay, whatever…who’s the lady?” Jack asked.

The group sighed heavily, “I am Naverra, head of the Alteran group on the Redemption Expedition. You know me as an Ancient.”

“Really…then let me tell you something…you really need to work on those head-suckers they…suck…” Jack said.

“The design for the device you created are still in the computer…I believe I can synthesize it,” Thor spoke up, as a strange device materialized on the platform behind the group.

“Neat, what is it though?” Jack asked, looking at the thing from his pod.

“You built it, shouldn’t you know?” Daniel asked.

“No,” Jack replied with no hesitation.

“But you designed it,” Daniel protested.

“No I didn’t,” Jack shot back.

“It was doubtful at best that he would retain the knowledge,” Thor said, defusing the situation.

Jack nodded, and stood up, Daniel and Teal’c holding him up until the Colonel got feeling back in his legs. At which point he walked up to the device and tapped it a couple of times, before saying, “Yeah, I got nothing…and is that who I think it is?” Jack asked, noticing Luke for the first time.

Luke sighed again…this was getting very repetitive, “Yes, I am Luke Skywalker. No you aren’t going crazy, and I will explain later.”

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm

Earth Orbit

May 15th 2004


“How is work going on the Ha’taks?” General Hammond asked from the bridge of the Prometheus.

“Yes sir, we are nearly finished on the Liberty it should be ready to launch in a day or so,” Colonel James White said from the refurbished bridge of one of the Goa’uld vessels.

The Liberator is nearly finished too sir, we are just waiting for the plasma beams to be installed,” Colonel Stephen Caldwell said, referring to the spare weapons from the Redemption that were being fitted to the twin Ha’taks.

“Very good gentlemen, as soon as your vessel’s are ready we need to explore the former Furling territory,” Hammond replied, silently thanking God for the fact that the Redemption was carrying spare weapons…and that the Goa’uld hyperdrives could be modified to achieve higher speeds.

The General then turned to look at Earth. The planet floated silently in the viewport, slowly turning through space. In view were the two Ha’taks that had been captured from Anubis’ fleet, along with a certain asteroid. The solid Naquadah rock had been floating out of the Solar System ever since SG-1 had hyperspaced it trough Earth. As soon as the Redemption had arrived though, the Furling ship had been used to recover the rock, its powerful tractor beams slowing it down and dragging it to Earth orbit. Now the asteroid was used as the main source of Naquadah for the blossoming reactor industry on Earth…slowly replacing fossil fuels for the major power plants.

It also provided an interesting final insurance policy should any Goa’uld attempt to attack Earth like Anubis. If the fleet in orbit, and the Alteran weapons platform should fail to hold the enemy back, then the asteroid was rigged to blow…the nova like explosion taking Earth out along with the Goa’uld stupid enough to attack. Naturally the governments of Earth weren’t about to sacrifice every life on Earth like that, so the new United Earth Republic shipyards were devoted to building transports. The member governments figured that the Liberty, Liberator, Prometheus and Redemption were enough ships to protect Earth for the moment. And considering the System Lords were ‘allies’ now, it worked. The only real threat was Ba’al, and he wasn’t stupid enough to attack Earth.

“Sir, the British Ambassador is ready to be beamed up,” one of the crew said.

Hammond sighed…’United Earth Republic’ indeed. The countries were still independent, and there were holdouts like North Korea and Iran. But he still gave permission to beam the man up…the first of many such tours.

Asgard Science Vessel Daniel Jackson

Asgard Home System


May 15th 2004


“Penegal, I am relieved you are still able to communicate,” Thor said, as another Asgard appeared on the viewscreen.

“It will not last; were you able to gain a way to defeat the Replicators?” Penegal questioned.

“Possibly, it will require more research before I can attempt to use the device,” Thor answered.

“You must hurry Thor, the Replicators infesting the colony are behaving in an organized manner unlike anything we have encountered before,” Penegal said.

“Perhaps they are being controlled by a human-form leader who hasn’t revealed itself,” Thor suggested.

“What about Sam…have you found her yet?” Daniel worriedly asked.

“No, we haven’t detected any life-signs,” Penegal answered.

“She wouldn’t die that easily, not Sam,” Jack pointed out.

“The Replicators could be hiding her life-signs,” Thor added.

Pengal looked ready to add something else, before the screen flickered and went out.

“We have lost the transmission,” Thor said, before turning to the device Jack built, “we must discover what this device does.”

Jack and Daniel turned to Naverra who shook her head, “I don’t know what it is either. I’m not a scientist.”

Jack sighed, “Wonderful, just wonderful.”

“Jack you have to know what this thing is,” Daniel said worriedly.

Said Colonel held his hands up, “Don’t look at me! For all I know it could be an Ancient coffee maker okay!”

They were interrupted as another Asgard appeared on the screen, “Thor, this is Commander Aegir of the Valhalla. We have lost contact with the surface.”

“The Replicators have spread to far Aegir. Do you have anything to report?” Thor asked.

“We have located what appears to be the remains of a Human-Form Replicator among the debris of the Replicator vessel. It must have survived the destruction of their vessel and since become inactive,” Aegir answered.

“Transmit the coordinates,” Thor ordered.

“Transmitting now…be careful Thor, our people can not afford to lose you,” Aegir said, before terminating the link.

With that done, Thor transported what looked like a human man into the stasis pod.

“Anybody recognize him?” Daniel asked.

“Nope,” Jack replied.

“No,” Teal’c answered.

Luke and Naverra looked at each other before they said, almost at the same time, “No we don’t.”

“Is it dead?” Jack asked as he slowly walked up to the pod, noticing how damaged the Replicator was.

“Not entirely, all Replicators are linked by a sophisticated communication system. We can use this one to access that system and look for any reference to Human-Form Replicators,” Thor answered, manipulating his console again.

“And if he wakes up? Will this pod hold him?” Jack asked.

“Probably not…” Thor answered.

Jack nodded, and grabbed a P-90 for himself and Daniel, while Teal’c readied his blaster, and Luke pulled his lightsaber out, the green blade shining on Naverra who was standing behind the Jedi, not knowing how to use any of the weapons.

“I am accessing their network,” Thor said, as static filled his screen, and lights shined on the Replicator, “I am searching for any reference to Human-Forms.”

After a while, the screen cleared enough to see a woman stuck into a wall of Replicator blocks.

“Carter…” Jack said.

“Can you find her?” Daniel asked an obvious question.

“Searching now…she is located in a Replicator structure situated near a rich vein of Neutronium,” Thor answered, before the screen died, along with the lights…while the Replicator opened its eyes and repaired the damage done to it by the explosion.

“The pod will not contain the Replicator,” Thor added, as the pod opened and released the very angry Human-Form.

“Beam it out now!” Jack yelled firing his P-90.

“Beaming now,” Thor answered…but all that happened was a glow surrounding the Replicator, “It is blocking my attempts.”

Now everyone was firing at the machine, Jack and Daniels bullets doing little but slow it down. Teal’c’s blaster bolts were blowing huge chunks out of the Replicator, but it continued to repair itself. The Replicator soon reached Teal’c, tossing the Jaffa aside and raising the blaster to fire at Jack. But Luke jumped in the way and deflected the bolt before bringing his shining green blade down on the Replicator, severing the machines arm. It quickly repaired the wound, but Jack had reached the device he had made earlier, and fired a pulse of blue energy at the Replicator, making it collapse into a pile of nanites.

Teal’c got to his feet; while Thor and Naverra stuck their heads up from the console they had taken cover behind. Jack just looked down at his ‘gun’ and said, “What, I had to try something.”

“It seems that the device disrupted the internal mechanics of the nanites…they are inert and not able to replicate,” Thor observed.

“Can you modify it to encompass the whole planet?” Luke asked, holstering his lightsaber while Naverra walked back up to him.

“I believe so, I can modify my vessel to produce a much larger wave, if this works you have saved the Asgard once again,” Thor answered, looking over at Jack.

“Yeah, yeah, thank me later. Can you do me a favor though Thor?” Jack asked, not putting down the disrupter.

“I can’t beam you into the Replicator structure, but I can beam you nearby,” Thor answered, already knowing what Jack was asking.

“Thanks old buddy,” Jack answered, as the group vanished in a flash of light.

Naverra suddenly felt very alone with just Thor for company, so she walked over to the Asgard to help him.

“Don’t worry Naverra, Jedi Skywalker will be okay,” Thor said, not blind to how Naverra had been sticking close to Luke the whole time.

Said Alteran blushed fiercely, her face resembling her hair, “I’m not worried Commander Thor.”

Thor didn’t show any emotion, but he could tell the woman was lying…something about Luke had made an impact on her.

Orilla Surface

As the group flashed into being, they started off for the Replicator structure. Jack was in the lead with his disrupter, Daniel right beside him with his P-90. Teal’c was in the middle with a large blaster, while Luke headed up the rear, armed with a regular blaster, since he knew a lightsaber wouldn’t be useful in this situation.

They hadn’t encountered any Replicators yet, but a clacking sound on a tree next to Teal’c signaled the arrival of the ‘Lego-bugs’ as Jack called them. Teal’c spun around and blasted it, the blue beam from his DC-17 obliterating the Replicator. A large swarm of the machines started moving down the mountains, with SG-1 (plus Luke) blasting them apart. Daniel’s P-90 cut swaths through the Replicators, while Jack’s disrupter obliterated dozens at a time. Luke and Teal’c fired blue/red beams into the machines, each bolt blowing a bug apart, and damaging any nearby.

“STOP!!” a familiar voice called out.

The group looked up the hill and saw a very familiar Replicator standing at the top.

“Fifth…I shouldn’t be surprised,” Jack said, raising his disrupter.

“If you harm me or any more of my brethren I can assure you Major Carter will die instantly,” Fifth said clearly.

The group lowered their weapons, not willing to take the risk. Fifth smiled and walked back to his structure, the smaller Replicators following him.

“Colonel O’Neill, the weapon is nearly fully charged,” Thor’s voice came over the stone he had given Jack.

“Hurry up Thor, the Replicators are starting to run,” Jack said, referring to the fact that a large number of the bugs were running past SG-1.

“We are hurrying…do you think it is easy to interface technology like this?” Naverra’s voice asked.

“No we don’t Naverra, but we do need to handle the Replicators,” Luke answered, as the group came across a large spider shaped ship.

“The weapon is ready to fire now,” Thor reported, the Daniel Jackson hovering over the Replicator infested area…just as the Replicator ship escaped into hyperspace, shocking Luke who didn’t know that Milky Way/Asgard hyperdrives could do jumps in an atmosphere. Right after the vessel escaped, Thor fired the larger disrupter, destroying all the remaining Replicators.

“We have a life-sign reading…right up ahead,” Naverra said.

“Sam!” Daniel yelled, running into the clearing.

The group soon found Sam, lying out-cold on the ground. Jack ran up to her and grabbed his friend.

“Carter, wake up,” he said softly.

Sam’s eyes slowly opened as she looked up at Jack, “Colonel? What happened?”

Jack just laughed lightly and helped Sam to her feet as the group was beamed back up to the Daniel Jackson, to head back to Earth.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm


May 17th 2004

Doctor Weir was packing up her office…she was no longer in command of the SGC. So when Jack walked into the room, she turned to him.

“Everything going well Doctor?” Jack asked.

“Yes it is Colonel, I didn’t think it would be so hard to leave this place,” Weir answered, sitting down to get a little break.

“Can’t say I blame you for not wanting to leave…I could never stand being stuck with all those politicians…” Jack answered truthfully.

Weir laughed lightly, “I wouldn’t blame you for that. But I am not going to Antarctica. I have been assigned to the Liberty, and we are going to Epsilon Indi. Apparently it was an old military base for the Four Great Races. Thor said that the Asgard didn’t leave anything behind, but the Furlings and Alteran’s might have.”

Jack nodded, “Well good luck with that. Any idea who is taking over here?”

Weir nodded with a knowing smile on her face, “Oh, you know him very well.”

“I do?” Jack asked, cocking his head to the side slightly.

“Yes you do…he is brave, and a great leader. You should remember him well enough…Brigadier General Jack O’Neill,” Weir said, her smile getting wider.

“Me? Well, that wasn’t expected…” Jack said.

“You’ll do find General. Well, I need to get back to packing,” Weir said, doing just that.

Jack nodded and headed off to Daniel’s room…still a little in shock over his promotion.

Earth Orbit

FES Redemption Bridge

May 20th 2004


“Well…how much longer must we wait before we can revive the rest of my people?” Naverra asked, standing next to Luke on the bridge of the Redemption.

“I don’t know Naverra. I hate to have to do this to you, but Sentinel is using you as a test to see what will happen when we revive the rest of your people,” Luke answered.

Naverra sighed heavily, running a hand through her flaming red hair…her beautiful face contorted in a frown, “I wouldn’t ask any of my other people to do this, but I still feel so alone…”

Luke put a hand on his new friends shoulder, turning her head towards him, “You aren’t alone Naverra. You have all of us, and the people of Earth. I know how it must feel to not have your people to talk to, but we will revive them as soon as possible.”

Naverra smiled slightly, “I know you are here for me Luke…you and your crew. And I shouldn’t be talking you are alone here too. Sentinel won’t let you go back to Corusca will he?

“No he won’t, but I can understand that. Honestly we are needed here more, this ship wouldn’t make much of a difference in the Republic fleet aside from the hyperdrive and maybe the shield anyway…but here it is a battleship,” Luke replied, squeezing Naverra’s shoulder slightly before walking up to the comm panel.

“This is the Redemption we are ready to head to Indi now,” Luke said into the radio.

“We read you Redemption…activating hyperdrive now,” Colonel White’s voice came over the comm system, as the pyramid shaped Liberty jumped through a blue-purple portal.

“Take us out too Sentinel…hopefully we find something there,” Luke ordered, the Redemption launching into hyperspace.

Epsilon Indi System

Milky Way

Orion Arm

Epsilon Indi 3 (Horizon)

May 20th 2004


The two United Earth vessels dropped out of hyperspace over Epsilon Indi 3. Or at least that is what Earth called it…Sentinel called it ‘Horizon’. And he hadn’t been lying when he said it was a major military base…the wrecks of dozens of Alteran, Furling, and even a couple of Nox warships hovered over the planet. Only a couple looked salvageable…something had wrecked the rest of them beyond repair.

“Wow…there must have been some battle here…” Sunri said, not noticing Naverra.

“I…I…can’t believe this…” Naverra said, grabbing Luke’s arm and crying into his shoulder.

Luke ran his hand through his friend’s hair…unsure of exactly what to do…or what he could do. He turned to Sentinel and asked the obvious question, “Do you have any idea what happened here?”

The AI shook his head, “No I don’t Master Skywalker. Whatever happened here was after we left. It can’t have been the Goa’uld though; they don’t have the power to do this. I recommend sending a team to the surface and the intact Furling and Alteran vessels.”

“I agree…a team is ready to ring over to that Alteran cruiser. We don’t have transporters though, so we can’t reach the Furling one,” White said.

“Okay then, I’ll send a team to the Furling destroyer. Naverra, are you okay with staying here alone?” Luke asked.

The Alteran woman lifted her tear-streaked face and nodded slightly, “Yes Luke, I can handle staying here…I don’t think I could go to those vessels anyway.”

Luke nodded himself and let go of Naverra to gather a group of Republic Marines to send to the Furling vessel, along with a group to head to the surface…none of them knew quite what to expect.

AN: I'll point this out...romance is a sub-plot here, not something very important to the story. As for Luke and Naverra...she is starting to like him, but he views her as a close friend.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-18 03:34pm

AN: Well, here is another chapter. Nothing to say up here, I'll leave that to the note at the bottom. So here we go, let me know what you think of it.
Epsilon Indi System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm


May 20th 2004

"Man this thing is a wreck…wonder what happened here?" a Republic Marine asked, as he recovered from being beamed onto the wrecked Furling destroyer.

Luke didn't answer; he just looked at the wrecked bulkheads and carbon scoring. Whatever had attacked the vessel had done a number on it. Luke stepped around some debris on the way to the bridge, hoping to find something worth salvaging. It was rough going, since the vessel was barely intact in some places, and Luke wasn't used to the somewhat clumsy space suit he had to use.

"And there aren't any bodies either…I wonder where the crew is?" another Marine said, moving a piece of wreckage aside, the large chunk of metal floating in the zero-gravity.

"Who knows…I just hope we don't run into a lot of them," a scientist said, one of their experts on Furling technology.

Finally, the group reached the bridge, and Luke gave a slight wave of his hand using the Force to open the door. As the group walked in, emergency lights activated…pitifully shining down on the shattered bridge. Again, there was the strange lack of bodies…but this time it was easily explainable. The bridge viewscreen…so similar to the Redemptions…was shattered into a million pieces. That left the bridge exposed to space, allowing any bodies that had been aboard to float out.

Luke walked up to a console and set his hand on it, Sentinel taking control of the barely functional Furling vessel. The console lit up with the deep green color that was the signature of Furling tech, humming slightly as long dormant, and damaged, systems activated.

"This vessel is barely intact Master Skywalker. I believe I can activate secondary power, but the main reactor is too damaged to risk activating," Sentinel said, as the bridge started to light up.

Blast doors came down over the shattered viewport, and a sound like wind announced the return of an atmosphere to the vessel. Sentinel announced when it was safe to take their helmets off, and the group did just that. Luke looked around again, and noticed that only a handful of consoles had lit up. One of which proudly displayed the name of the wrecked vessel: Corusca. It was obviously named after the galaxy that the Celestial branch of the Furling Empire called home.

Another one showed status reports coming in as Sentinel looked over the vessel's systems. Almost everything was in the red…very little of the vessel was still intact.

"I've finished my scan Master Skywalker…the vessel is badly damaged. The main reactor took a direct hit during the battle…it is beyond repair. Several of the Corusca's weapons are also damaged. The only things really intact are the secondary reactor and the shield generator," Sentinel reported.

Luke sighed heavily, "Is the Corusca intact enough to warrant salvaging her?"

"Just barely. If we strip down the other hulks out here we can make her combat ready again…but we most likely will have to fit her with Terran weapons, there aren't enough intact weapons out here," the AI answered.

Luke nodded and gave orders to his men to piece what they could of the bridge back together before beaming back over to the Redemption. Once the green light faded Luke walked over to Naverra who was still shaking slightly from seeing all of the dead Alteran ships. Luke put a calming hand on her shoulder, and turned to the remaining Marines on his ship.

"Okay men, we are going to head down to the planet now and see if there is anyone alive down there. Naverra…I need you to come with me this time, if there is anyone down there we need an Alteran with us," Luke said.

Naverra nodded and followed Luke to the freighter…since they felt it would work better than the transporter at transferring anything they found. Naturally they made a stop at the Liberty first to pick up Doctor Weir and SG-5. The combined group landed at what looked like the capital of Horizon. Considering how long it had been abandoned, and what happened to the fleet, the city was remarkably intact. Naverra recognized the Alteran part of the architecture, while Luke recognized the Furling side…he had been living in one of their ships after all. The Alteran buildings were massive towers for the most part, but they were elegant towers…with a definite silver sheen to them.

The Furling buildings were more utilitarian looking, with the green color that seemed to permeate everything Furling/Celestial. Luke walked up to one of the buildings and set his hand on it…feeling the Force imprint of thousands of people. This planet had once been a major military and civilian center…and it showed. Naverra still looked amazingly sad at everything around her…and really, who could blame her? At the moment she was the only member of her race, and she was looking on ruined buildings that just drove that point home.

Luke took her arm and followed Weir and some scientist named Rodney McKay around. They seemed to know where they were going somehow…and why was readily apparent. There was a massive complex of buildings in the distance, all of them showing some sort of damage. And considering that most of the civilian buildings weren't…it meant it was the main military base.

"Sentinel…is that what I think it is?" Luke asked.

"Yes it is Master Skywalker…the design didn't change after we left for Corusca. That is the main shipyard for Horizon…and by extension the Furling Empire. If any ships are still in there…they will be the cutting edge designs. We have to explore it," Sentinel answered…seeming fairly eager to find anything of his people.

Luke nodded and moved up to tell Weir that information, "Doctor Weir! That group of buildings up ahead is the main shipyard. Sentinel thinks that there may still be a ship in it."

"That's great news! I can't wait to look over a Furling shipyard!" Rodney butted in, obviously very excited.

"Yes it is interesting. But will any security features be operable?" Weir asked, keeping a cool head even if the resident scientist didn't.

"I can assure you Doctor, even if there are any I can get us past them. If not me, then Naverra can get past any Alteran defenses," Sentinel said from Luke's wrist.

Weir nodded and started walking forward again, surrounded by the escort of Republic Marines and SG team members. The large group walked through the deserted city, occasionally having to step around debris. It didn't take them long to reach the shipyard though; since it was such a massive complex it stretched far out into the city. But despite that, it was eerily empty, just like everywhere else on the planet.

"Where did everyone go? It's like a ghost town in here," Rodney asked, his voice echoing around the large building.

Luke ignored him though, something in the Force drawing him to a specific door. Naverra followed close behind…her hand right next to Luke's. Once Luke reached the door, a green light shot up from next to it, showing a Furling AI, this one a female avatar.

"Step back human, you are intruding on a Furling military base," the AI said, holding her hand up.

"You stand down, this man is the one who got me back to this galaxy," Sentinel shot back, forming his avatar on Luke's wristband.

The other AI flinched slightly…if that was even possible…and said, "Sentinel? Of the Redemption Expedition? How long has it been if you have come back?"

"I don't know, I was in hibernation for 10,000 years," Sentinel answered.

"The base here was attacked 7,000 years ago…after the Goa'uld Empire was formed, but it wasn't them who attacked us," the AI said.

"Really? Then who did attack you?" Naverra asked, stepping forward to find out what had happened to her people.

If anything, the AI looked even more shocked now, "Naverra? The Alteran leader…it is an honor ma'am. I can explain who attacked us later…but for now, you need what is beyond this door to fight them. The Redemption is strong, but it isn't strong enough…take this as your new sword."

With that, the avatar vanished and the door opened onto a cavernous hanger…holding a massive warship. It was a deep blue color, and shared the same overall shape with the Redemption. But it was smaller at 'only' one and a half kilometers in length, obviously a more compact warship, instead of a modified colony ship. Luke and the rest of the group was in shock…they couldn't believe that such a massive warship could be hidden so long…Luke especially, the thing was nearly as large as an Imperator class Star Destroyer.

"This is the Freedom the last warship built by the Furling Empire. Our Nox allies used their cloaks to hide it during the last battle…it wasn't ready to sortie at the time. Knowing that, our leaders decreed to me that I must hide it and build it, hoping that our Celestial brothers would return to help us…but that never happened," the female AI said, with a very sad voice.

"I am truly sorry for that…but we never found any of our brothers. That is why the Redemption's crew went into stasis for so long. But we are here now, and the colonists on our ship will re-populate our species…now tell me, what is your name my friend?" Sentinel asked.

"Guardian…and you have no idea how wonderful it is to have someone to talk to, after all this time," Guardian answered, a smile on her avatar's face.

As for the living beings, Luke was still thinking of the military implications of the vessel before him, while Rodney was practically jumping up and down at the chance to look at state of the art Furling tech, instead of the older variants used on the Redemption. For her part, Naverra looked on the ship, and it gave her hope…hope for her people. The Furlings had managed to keep her alive for so long, and if she survived so too did her people. And with the Freedom they just might be able to re-take Atlantis and give her people back their homes. Luke noticed her change in demeanor and took Naverra off to the side, leaving the other group to talk about their new ship.

"Naverra…what's wrong? You seem…different somehow…" Luke asked.

"It's that ship Luke…with it and the Redemption we may finally be able to return to Pegasus and take back Atlantis…the Wraith have to be weaker by now…they just have to be," Naverra answered, hope for her people shining through, even as she still worried about the Wraith.

Luke looked down into her beautiful blue eyes…not sure why he felt so attached to Naverra…but not wanting her to fail. So he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and said, "We will take back Atlantis. The Freedom will live up to her name. If we have to, Thor told me that your hyperdrives can tow other vessels…so we will go back to Corusca and get support from my people."

The Alteran woman nodded sadly, "But if we go back to Corusca won't you stay there? You told me about your battle with the Empire…you can't possibly stay here when you have a war going on in your home."

Luke shook his head and said softly, "Who said anything about staying there? I will be the first to admit I would rather stay in Corusca and help against the Empire, but I am needed here too. Your galaxy has no Jedi at all…some must have survived the purge back home, and I can look for them while I am there…so that they can restart the Order. Here, I am the only Jedi…so it is my duty to find other people to train. That alone is a reason to stay here…besides, I can't leave you alone can I?"

Naverra looked up at Luke again, not quite comprehending what she was hearing. All she saw was kindness in his blue eyes, so she just hugged him tightly, "Thank you Luke, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that…just thank you…"

Luke didn't know what to say to that, so he just hugged Naverra back. The two stood like that for a little while, before Doctor Weir walked up to them.

"Are you two done over here? Guardian is opening up the Freedom now and said that she will tell us who attacked them once we get it running," the Doctor said, making both Luke and Naverra jump back and start blushing.

"Yeah, we're ready Doctor Weir. Lead the way," Luke replied, Naverra nodding her head shakily.

Weir looked between the two of them and smiled slightly before walking back to the larger group. Naturally Rodney was the first to run forward when a walkway opened up to the Freedom, excitedly yelling about looking at the tech. The rest of the group collectively shook their heads before walking forward themselves. But a flash of light interrupted them as a familiar Asgard beamed down.

"Thor? When did you get here?" Luke asked.

"Just now Jedi Skywalker. Why didn't you tell me you were going to come to Horizon?" Thor asked back.

Luke frowned, "I didn't know we were going to come until I got back to Earth. How did you know we were here anyway?"

"The Asgard have been watching over Horizon ever since our scout ships reported what happened here…we have regretted not being here to help, so we have taken up the duty of protecting this planet from the Goa'uld. So when our scout ship reported that a Ha'tak had entered orbit I was dispatched immediately," Thor answered.

"Don't worry Thor, that is the Liberty one of the Ha'taks we captured from Anubis' fleet. But if you have been protecting this planet why didn't you come for the Freedom?" Luke asked.

"We didn't know it was here. The Nox cloaks are immune to even Asgard sensors. I am here now to observe what is on this vessel…and see if you are worthy of keeping it," Thor answered.

Luke frowned again, and started to say, "Why wouldn't we be worth…"

But Naverra cut him off; "I think that is my choice Commander Thor. If this vessel is worthy, my people will take it. And I trust the Terran's with my life, so we will continue to help them."

Thor looked up at Naverra with his large eyes, "Of course Naverra. It is the Terran's who need to prove they are worthy…not you. The Terran's are close to becoming the Fifth Race, but they aren't ready yet."

"Of course, now let's go get our new ship," Naverra said with a smile.

An hour later

Bridge of the FES Freedom


"This ship is amazing! I have never seen such advanced technology!" Rodney shouted, practically gushing with excitement.

Luke laughed lightly, "I will admit, this vessel is advanced. It makes the Redemption look obsolete. I wonder why it uses a different power source though…"

Thor looked up from the console he was working on with Naverra, "This vessel uses Asgard Neutrino-Ion generators. We supplied the Furling Empire with an example in their last days…it vanished and my people didn't know what happened to it. Evidently they modified it for this vessel."

"How did they modify it? And can you show me how to make one?" Rodney asked, running over to the diminutive Asgard.

"They increased its power output significantly, it is nearly on par with one of our O'Neill class vessels now. And no, I can't show you how to make one, you aren't ready yet," Thor answered, getting back to work.

Rodney shrugged and got back to work, trying to figure out the tech on his own, since Thor wouldn't help him. Luke was working on the weapons systems himself, not able to find any real difference from the older examples fitted to the Redemption and retrofitted to the Liberty and the Liberator. Which was odd, considering these weapons were supposed to be much more advanced. But, it did make it easier to study them…since they had been studying the Redemption's weapons for a long time now.

"Attention everyone…I have the recordings of who attacked us ready now," Guardian's voice called out.

Luke walked up next to Naverra to watch on the viewscreen with the rest of the group. At first you couldn't tell who was attacking, since the footage wasn't very clear. But then green bolts of energy started to fly into view, blowing through one of the two Nox warships that had been in orbit. And behind those bolts came a very terrifyingly familiar dagger shape.

Luke's hand squeezed Naverra's tightly, and the Alteran woman looked up at the Jedi…noticing how he looked, "Luke, what is it?"

"I would recognize that ship anywhere…that is an Imperial Star Destroyer!" Luke said, watching as the white dagger blew through a Furling destroyer…even though by all rights it shouldn't have been there.

AN: Don't worry, I am not going crazy, there is a reason that an ISD is in the Milky Way 7,000 years ago. Look at it this way...time travel is canon in Stargate, so it isn't as far-fetched as it seems at first. Also, it isn't alone. And finally...this ties into how SW exists in SG (as in the movies)...lets just say that Lucas has some big secrets to reveal next chapter (yes, we finally are getting to that).

Also, I'll cut off anyone who thinks I am overpowering the Terrans/Tau'ri/Humans/whatever you want to call them...yes, compared to the Goa'uld they are gods of death. But compared to the Empire, Ori, or Asurans...not so much. So when they fight any of those groups, it will be a much closer fight than one would think. And here is a tech sheet on the Freedom:

FES Freedom

Builder: Furling Empire

Operator: United Earth Republic

Length: 1.5 kilometers

Width: 675 meters

Height: 250 meters (at highest point)

Powerplant: Neutrino-Ion Engines

Armor: Neutronium infused Trinium

Engines: 10 Ion engines

Shields: Nearly on par with an O'Neill


60 heavy plasma cannons

115 medium/light plasma cannons

150 point defense cannons

30 missile launchers

Appearance: Think Destiny from SGU...but more streamlined (less random stuff poking up) and without the pyramid like super-structure.

Description: The last vessel built by the Furling Empire, the Freedom is the most advanced vessel in the Milky Way, apart from the Asgard O'Neill class cruisers. It wasn't complete in time to save Horizon, but it was preserved...hoping that someone from Corusca would find it. It is now the flagship of the United Earth Republic, crewed by the Alterans and some of the Furlings from the Redemption.
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-21 07:29pm

AN: And here is another chapter...don't ask how I manage to keep up such fast isn't easy. But that being said, let me know what you all think, it helps me improve.
Epsilon Indi System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm


May 20th 2004


"An Imperial Star Destroyer? What is that?" Naverra asked…honestly scared if that vessel scared Luke.

"One of the main warships of the Galactic Empire…and it is more powerful than all but our largest cruisers back home. I don't know how it could be here though, let alone here 7,000 years ago," Luke answered, watching as the ISD blew through the Horizon defense fleet, soon joined by two other Destroyers.

Naverra frowned at that, "I don't either…we didn't see any vessel like that when we were exploring Corusca before going into stasis. It must have been a recent design, which raises the question of how it went back in time."

"Well, we have seen ways to time travel via Stargate…so it isn't impossible. But I don't know how a full sized warship, especially one as large as a Star Destroyer could do it, and jump galaxies on top of that," Rodney added.

"You can time travel with a Stargate? Well that might explain things, if there were any Stargates back home," Luke said, knowing that there weren't any.

"I may have a theory…that hyperspace disturbance at the edge of Corusca, Master Skywalker…it doesn't effect our hyperdrives, but your ones are more sensitive correct? It is entirely possible that those vessels tried to leave Corusca and their hyperdrives malfunctioned," Sentinel suggested.

"It makes sense, but it still doesn't explain how they crossed dark space," Luke pointed out, as the film finally ended with the three ISD's jumping into hyperspace and leaving the wrecked fleet behind them.

"We can figure that out whenever we find them Jedi Skywalker, for now, it is time that we revived the rest of the Alterans and Furlings," Thor spoke up.

Naverra's eyes widened and she turned her gaze onto the diminutive Asgard next to her, "You are reviving the rest of my people? And the Furlings?"

Thor nodded slowly, "Yes, we can't afford to wait any longer. And if you had been revived from Alteran stasis you would be dead by now Naverra. So we have to take the risk."

Naverra smiled beautifully and turned to Luke, "Will you come with me Luke? They need to see who rescued them."

Luke nodded and took Naverra's hand before they were beamed up to the Redemption. Once onboard the vessel, the two walked down to the stasis bay…looking at the thousands of occupied pods. A chime next to them announced Thor's arrival, and the Asgard commander walked up to the main pod control, activating the Furling pods first. With a loud hissing noise, steam rose from the pods as the doors opened, releasing the Furling crew. The nearest pod to the group contained the captain of the Redemption, and as the steam cleared, Luke saw a tall humanoid figure stepping through it. The Furling woman was wearing similar clothes to what Naverra had been wearing, namely a white outfit, the difference being the Furling's clothes were obviously a military uniform.

But what really got Luke's attention was what the Furling looked like…she had dark blue skin, almost like a Chiss. But it wasn't 'skin'; it was just very fine scales. And the eyes were a deep green, not bright crimson like the Chiss.

"Naverra is that you?" the Furling asked in Alteran.

"Yes it is me, it is good to see you awake Captain Rolan, but you don't need to talk in Alteran," Naverra answered with a smile…speaking Galactic Basic, which was descended from the Furling language.

Rolan was shocked that Naverra spoke her language, but she quickly adjusted, "Well, that is a surprise, I didn't realize you spoke my language Naverra…though your accent is odd. Wait a second though…is that an Asgard next to you? And another Alteran?"

Naverra nodded, "Yes, this is Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard Fleet. But the man next to me isn't Alteran; he is a human, a 'Jedi' to be specific. His name is Luke Skywalker, and he is a native of Corusca. But we are back in the Old Galaxy...not Corusca."

"Really…Sentinel what is the meaning of this?" Rolan asked thin air.

"Jedi Skywalker found our vessel adrift Captain. His crew reactivated the reactor, and I took us home right away, hoping to get help from the Empire…but they have been wiped out," Sentinel answered, his avatar appearing on a nearby holopanel.

Rolan hung her head at that, "Oh no…I can't believe both our Empire and the Celestials are gone…well, I suppose I should thank you for getting us home Jedi Skywalker…even if we were far too late."

"You're welcome Captain. For what it is worth, I'm sorry for what happened to your people. But we need your help right now…the enemy that might have destroyed your people is still out here," Luke replied, before Thor revived the Alterans too.

Rolan looked up, "Really…now that I can get behind. Let's head to the bridge and see what we can do. Everyone, man your battlestations!"

"Wait! We have something to show you first!" Naverra called out.

"What is it Naverra? I need to man my ship for this battle," Rolan shot back.

"There is no battle…we are safe for now. But I have another vessel to show you…the last one built by the Furling Empire. It is much more advanced than the Redemption, and it would be better if you and your crew took it, Luke's crew can run the Redemption well enough by now," Naverra replied…starting to suspect that the quick revival had messed with the Captains head somewhat.

"Well show me that vessel then…but it will be my choice if Jedi Skywalker get's to stay on the Redemption," Rolan said, before activating the transporter, the group vanishing in a green flash with only Thor and Sentinel left behind to organize the thousands of newly woken up Furlings and Alterans.

"Oh boy…this is going to be fun…" Sentinel said dryly, before materializing a full-sized hologram using some Asgard tech Thor had lent Luke, "Follow me everyone! I'll get you to your stations!"

Horizon Surface

FES Freedom

"So, this is the warship you wanted me to see?" Rolan asked, walking around the Freedom's expansive bridge.

"Yes it is…I figured you would want to see it…after all it is your peoples legacy," Naverra answered, right before Guardian popped up on a holopad.

"Yes it is Captain Rolan. I recognize you from my historical records…Captain of FES Redemption, believed lost in the Corusca galaxy for three thousand years. It is an honor to see you still alive and onboard my vessel," the female AI said with a smile.

Rolan nodded, "It is nice to see an intact vessel considering what the sensors say are in orbit…dozen's of wrecked warships with only the Redemption and some pyramid shaped vessel in orbit."

"Wait, you don't know what an Ha'tak is? I thought the Furlings and Alterans were mortal enemies with the Goa'uld?" Luke asked.

"Goa'uld? What are they?" Rolan asked, tilting her head to the side, in the universal sign of confusion.

"The Goa'uld Empire…composed of a race of parasites that take over the body of their host. They rose to power 8,000 years ago, following the decline of the Furling, Nox, and Alteran Empires following the Lantean-Wraith War. So I wouldn't expect you to know of them," Guardian explained.

"How did a new race topple all of our Empires except the Asgard? No race was that powerful…" Rolan said.

"The Goa'uld aren't the ones who toppled our Alliance, that was the vessels that attacked Horizon, coupled with the Goa'uld," Guardian clarified.

Rolan nodded, "That makes more sense…but I still don't know how our Empire could have fallen so far so fast."

"I don't know either, when I left the War with the Wraith was not going well…but we weren't loosing," Naverra added.

Luke looked between the three women…one Furling, one an AI, and one an Alteran who he wasn't sure of his feelings for. But he had to get back to the matter at hand, "Well, what are we going to do about the Imperial ships? We can't just let them roam the galaxy if they are still out there. And even if they were abandoned the tech is too advanced to leave lying around…it is much stronger than Goa'uld technology…I can only imagine what the System Lords would do with that advantage."

Naverra nodded, since she was more versed on the threat than the other two, "I agree, we have to organize a search for those vessels. Is the Freedom ready to launch Guardian?"

"Yes it is Naverra, my vessel just requires a crew," Guardian answered.

Rolan looked deep in thought, before she turned to the red-haired Alteran sitting next to her, "Well Naverra…are you certain we can trust Jedi Skywalker with the Redemption?"

"I trust him with my life Captain…he won't abuse the privilege of commanding your vessel," Naverra answered, smiling slightly at Luke.

"I trust your judgment in this Naverra…but I can't leave my ship completely in their hands. Jedi Skywalker, will you allow my XO and a few other Alteran and Furling crew members to stay aboard the Redemption?" Rolan asked, turning to Luke.

Luke nodded, while Naverra frowned in the background, "Of course. I can understand why you don't trust me yet."

"Good, Guardian, can you beam all but a handful of the Alterans and Furlings down here now? We will give the majority of them the option of staying in the city…I can't risk what is in all likelihood the last of our race after all," Rolan ordered, donning her Captain's cap and settling in as commander of the Freedom.

Luke and Naverra got out of the way, as thousands of Alterans and Furlings were beamed down into the hanger outside. Guardian activated the warships large holo-projecter, and an image of the group on the bridge was broadcast outside. All the Alterans and Furlings looked up, seeing their respective commanders, in addition to a man in a black robe they didn't recognize.

"Attention, this is Captain Rolan. I'm sure you are all wondering where we are…this my friends is a hanger on Horizon, which I'm sure you all remember as our main military base. Unfortunately a lot has happened in the 10,000 years since we left for Corusca…" Rolan started, watching the crew start chattering amongst themselves…unable to believe it had been that long.

Naverra started talking though, which silenced them, "As hard as it may be to believe, it has indeed been that long. And all of our great Empires have collapsed except for the Asgard. The Alteran Empire collapsed after the war with the Wraith, and those who weren't killed helping our Furling and Nox allies defend Horizon ascended millennia ago…we are now known as Ancients to the Galaxy at large. The Furlings have been wiped from history all together…it is possible that some survive on other worlds, but they don't have their ships anymore. The Nox have been reduced to one world and have destroyed all their warships, in addition to burying their Stargate."

Luke took up the mantle after Naverra stepped aside, "I am Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. I am the one who found your vessel and got you back to this galaxy. I won't lie to you, what Naverra and Rolan told you must be hard to accept. But I can say this; you have the full support of the New Galactic Republic and the United Earth Republic. We will do everything in our power to get you back on your feet, and find any other survivors. An expedition is already being formed with Asgard help to find Atlantis and restore that city to Alteran control. All we ask of you is that you support our goals and don't leave this planet."

The Alterans and Furlings looked among themselves before a loud cheer rang out among them. Both groups were fully behind their respective leaders, and Luke's promise of aid helped matters tremendously. Soon enough the entire crew of the Redemption, plus some Alterans were onboard the Freedom, preparing to launch the vessel on its maiden voyage. The remaining nine thousand or so people set about rebuilding Horizon's shattered cities, setting up a new government; the Alteran/Furling Remnant. They refused to be called anything else until they recovered their strength. The Freedom launched into orbit, joining with the Redemption to look in the neighboring systems…using the former ships powerful sensors to scan the areas before moving on. The Liberty stayed behind, while the Daniel Jackson transported Doctor Weir and Rodney back to Earth.

Sol System

Milky Way Galaxy

Orion Arm

United Earth Republic


June 10th 2004


"Is the ZPM connected correctly?" Rodney asked one of the gate techs.

"Yes it is Doctor McKay," the man replied.

"Are you sure it is connected correctly?" Rodney asked again.

"Stop bothering the poor man Rodney, I'm sure he knows what he is doing," Weir said, walking in with her new Atlantis Expedition uniform on.

"I have a right to be worried thank you very much! This is my life on the line here, and on something we have never done too!" Rodney protested.

"Calm down Rodney, Thor said this should work, and so did Naverra. Now I am inclined to trust them, since they know more about this technology than we could ever hope to learn. Now please, get down into the gate room, Thor's ship should have reached Atlantis by now, we don't want to keep him waiting," Weir replied, referring to the fact that the Daniel Jackson was currently orbiting Lantea in the Pegasus Galaxy, since they needed a ship to help explore the galaxy and the UER fleet was busy helping the Remnant fleet search for the ISD's.

"Oh fine, but if I die my ghost is haunting this place so bad," Rodney said, walking down to the gateroom, far from eager to try this out.

Weir shook her head and shot the gate tech an apologetic look, to which the man just shrugged in an 'I'm used to it by now' way. The Doctor then walked down into the gateroom, looking over her men and women, all of them the best their respective countries could offer. All of them looked ready to start on the expedition, which was the greatest adventure in human history.

"Attention everyone, we are going to dial Atlantis now, stay away from the Stargate!" Weir called out, which got a few stragglers to move down the ramp.

"First Chevron locked, second Chevron…third…fourth…fifth…sixth…seventh…eighth Chevron locked and encoded," Walter called out from the control room, as with the signature 'whoosh' the blue wormhole formed, allowing a MALP reconnaissance probe to roll up through the barrier.

Soon enough, a video feed came back through, showing a darkened room, but it wasn't flooded or anything, like they had worried. In point of fact, the atmosphere was even normal. So the first people walked up to the wormhole…heading to the Lost City of Atlantis for the first time in thousands of years.

Lantean System

Pegasus Galaxy




With a flash of light, the long inactive Stargate activated. For the first time in 10,000 years, people stepped through the gate to walk the halls of Atlantis. The first man to step through the gate was Lieutenant Aiden Ford, and he looked on a dust-covered room, with only pitiful emergency lights shining on it. Soon enough the rest of the group started to come through the 'gate, all looking on a distinctly Alteran construction.

"Anyone see any control consoles?" Rodney called out when he came through the gate.

"There are some up here!" Major John Sheppard called from the control room.

"Don't touch them! We probably don't have a lot of power left!" Rodney yelled, running up to the control room.

"I wasn't planning on it…" John said, looking on as the shorter scientist did his job.

"Secure the area! And for the love of God don't let anyone wander off!" Colonel Marshall Sumner shouted as he came through the 'gate.

"How are we doing Rodney?" Weir asked, joining Sheppard in watching the resident Scientist.

"Just a little more…these systems haven't been accessed in millennia after all…" Rodney answered, before a low rumbling noise echoed through the city, "Got it! We are heading for the surface now!"

As several expedition members grabbed on to railing to steady themselves, the great Alteran city of Atlantis rose to the surface of the Lantean Ocean. Soon enough, natural light began to shine into the gateroom, giving it a much less subdued look.

"I'm shutting down the shield now," Rodney said, leading to the blue barrier surrounding the city disappearing.

Once the shield was down, a white flash and chime announced the use of an Asgard transporter. When the flash faded, it showed Thor standing with a large group of Alterans…easily a hundred of them.

"Well done Doctor McKay, you managed to raise the city," Thor said, while the Alterans spread out and uncovered the consoles.

Rodney nodded and was about to say something when John called the group over to a different room. Rodney, Thor, and Weir all walked over to the room, wondering what the Major had found.

When they reached the room, John turned to them, "I don't know what happened, I just walked up to the panel and it turned on."

"It's a recording," Rodney said, looking at the hologram in front of him.

"That's a member of the high council…Miliea I believe," an Alteran said walking into the room.

"You knew her?" Weir asked.

The man nodded, "Of course, a large amount of our people on the Redemption came from Pegasus."

Weir nodded herself, "That makes sense…play the rest of the recording though, we may learn more about what happened here."

Rodney nodded and pushed a button on the panel, at which point, the woman, Miliea, continued talking, "…in the hope of spreading new life in a galaxy where there appeared to be none. Soon, the new life grew…prospered. Here we built a system of Stargates, starting a network of civilizations, which traveled between the stars, exchanging knowledge and friendship. In time, a thousand worlds bore the fruit of life in this form. Then one day our people stepped foot on a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivaled our own. In our overconfidence we were unprepared and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon defenseless human worlds like a great scourge, until finally only Atlantis remained. This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons, but here we were besieged for many years. In an effort to save the last of our kind, we submerged our great city into the ocean. The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to Earth from this galaxy, and those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives. This city was left to slumber, in the hope that our kind would one day return."

With that last word, the recording cut out, leaving a stunned group. None more so than the Alteran man, who had left Atlantis with the Wraith war going well.

"I can't believe this…how did we lose so badly? Our technology was so much more advanced…" the man said sadly.

"Quality versus quantity…it looks like the Wraith just overwhelmed your fleets," Weir said, looking out on the bustling gateroom.

The Alteran man nodded sadly, "That is probably true…hopefully there are still some survivors out there. I need to rejoin the main group now."

Weir nodded herself and let the man walk off, before turning to John, "Don't let anyone in this room. It takes too much power and we can't let the ZPM's run out."

"Of course Ma'am. Well, I'm going to go explore now," John replied, walking off with a group of Marines.

"Come on Rodney, let's see how much power this city has left," Weir said, heading off for what her perfect memory said was the power-room…thankfully the Alterans had maps of the city that she had studied.

Rodney followed her, along with Thor, who was nearly bowled over a couple times by over-excited expedition members. Soon enough they reached a large room with a platform in the center. The platform held three ZPM's…two of which were dark, completely depleted. The third had some shine to it, but the scans told a depressing tale.

"Two of the ZPM's are toast, they have no power left at all. The third one though has some power left, enough to run the city at full power for five minutes," Rodney reported.

Weir ran a hand through her hair, "I was afraid of that. Thor, do you have any suggestions?"

The Asgard looked up, "The Daniel Jackson is carrying three salvaged Neutrino-Ion generators from warships damaged in the war with the Replicators. They can't equal the power of an Alteran Zero Point Module, but they should be sufficient to power the city. I will beam them down to the city now."

With that out of the way, the expedition set about clearing Atlantis and re-claiming it for the Alteran/Furling Remant, and the United Earth Republic.

AN: Let me know what you guys think. And we will be getting to the ISD's soon, but not right away...we need to keep the UER and the Remnant on their toes after all.

On another note, since I'm sure someone will ask eventually, here is the various fleets:

Alteran/Furling Remnant: Flagship; FES Freedom. Main fleet: Furling destroyer Corusca, Alteran Cruiser, Altera, both rebuilt from damage in Battle of Horizon. Also one Atlantis class City-Ship, jointly operated with the UER, AES Atlantis. *AES= Alteran Empire Ship*

United Earth Republic: Flagship: BC-303 Prometheus. Main fleet: Ha'tak class Motherships, Liberty and Liberator.

New Galactic Republic: FES Redemption (on loan in the Milky Way), dozens of Star Cruisers, dozens of Star Destroyers, hundreds of Star Frigates, thousands of smaller ships (confined to Corusca Galaxy until Furling Hyperdrives can be mass produced, also needed for Galactic Civil War).

Goa'uld Empire: 100 Ha'tak class Motherships (un-upgraded)

Ba'al's Empire: 150 Ha'tak class Motherships (half with Anubis upgrades)

Free Jaffa Nation: A dozen Ha'tak class motherships (three with Anubis upgrades, including Flagship Chulak)

Galactic Empire (Imperial Remnant): Hundreds of warships, Star Cruiser and up. Thousands of Star Destroyers, untold numbers of smaller warships, all stuck in Corusca.

Imperial Forces in Milky Way: Three ISD's, Fiend, Ravager and Destroyer.

Asgard Empire: Dozens of O'Neill class cruisers, dozens of Beliskner class cruisers, a handful of Jackson class Science Vessels.[/b]
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby FaxModem1 » 2012-02-22 02:47am

"Jedi Skywalker found our vessel adrift Captain. His crew reactivated the reactor, and I took us home right away, hoping to get help from the Empire…but they have been wiped out," Sentinel answered, his avatar appearing on a nearby holopanel.

Rolan hung her head at that, "Oh no…I can't believe both our Empire and the Celestials are gone…well, I suppose I should thank you for getting us home Jedi Skywalker…even if we were far too late."

One should not react to the wiping out of your civilization like someone spilled the last bottle of milk on the floor. Either that, or Rolan really didn't care about the Furling civilization, or Furlings are just cold people.

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-22 09:20am

FaxModem1 wrote:
"Jedi Skywalker found our vessel adrift Captain. His crew reactivated the reactor, and I took us home right away, hoping to get help from the Empire…but they have been wiped out," Sentinel answered, his avatar appearing on a nearby holopanel.

Rolan hung her head at that, "Oh no…I can't believe both our Empire and the Celestials are gone…well, I suppose I should thank you for getting us home Jedi Skywalker…even if we were far too late."

One should not react to the wiping out of your civilization like someone spilled the last bottle of milk on the floor. Either that, or Rolan really didn't care about the Furling civilization, or Furlings are just cold people.

Well, like Naverra said in the chapter, Rolan seemed like she was out of it. In other words, the combination of the quick thaw (not a good idea, just like in Halo) and the pure shock of the news meant she wasn't exactly herself. Plus, she was trying to keep herself together for the crew's sake. Trust me when I say that she will have a breakdown once everything catches up to her (considering the time skips it already happened, but I will have a flashback to it).
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Themightytom » 2012-02-22 01:10pm

Um, featuring George Lucas directly in your story just put you in the same category as Archer, when they guest starred Burt Reynolds. The manner in which you handed him a completely tied together back story in what... twenty paragraphs, is killing the story for me. it wouldn't be a bad idea to slow down and try to naturalize the character's responses to their setting, and let events unfold rather than conveniently occur.
Things like

"Siiigh he missed his home but he liked it better on horizon, ahhh fresh air." seems artificial, as well as
stating Horizon is COMPLETELY safe and the... what's that.... the sound of doom approaching... Literally as heard by the characters. It's too jarring a shift.

Also if the narrator is going to make comments to the audience, you might want to consider first person narration, or figure out a way for a character to do it. Oma could have said for example, "We helped your people to ascend. We have been watching the humans from outside our galaxy advance for quite some time."

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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-23 11:10am

Themightytom wrote:Um, featuring George Lucas directly in your story just put you in the same category as Archer, when they guest starred Burt Reynolds. The manner in which you handed him a completely tied together back story in what... twenty paragraphs, is killing the story for me. it wouldn't be a bad idea to slow down and try to naturalize the character's responses to their setting, and let events unfold rather than conveniently occur.
Things like

"Siiigh he missed his home but he liked it better on horizon, ahhh fresh air." seems artificial, as well as
stating Horizon is COMPLETELY safe and the... what's that.... the sound of doom approaching... Literally as heard by the characters. It's too jarring a shift.

Also if the narrator is going to make comments to the audience, you might want to consider first person narration, or figure out a way for a character to do it. Oma could have said for example, "We helped your people to ascend. We have been watching the humans from outside our galaxy advance for quite some time."

Yeah, I know that. I regret deciding to have SW still be in the SG-verse (the movies)...but it is far to late to change that now. Maybe in a future re-write...but back OT, the reason he was in there was to get rid of the 'OMG SW IS IN SG!!!' plot. Now I can concentrate on the actual story, and less on the shock at Luke running around. Hence why that part was so short...I just wanted to get it over with. I'm happy that I can go back to the main story honestly...less hair-pulling at thinking these things up...
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-27 09:24am

No, this isn't an update (though I am nearing the end of the next chapter...maybe tonight, or tomorrow). This is a quick question of the readers...I am also posting this on (different title) and on there...people did not like the SW movie connection at all. So I decided to do a second version where I removed the movies from SG-verse canon. If any of you would prefer I post that version here (editing the posts) then just post or PM me. The only major differences would be in chapter 2, 3, and the most recent one. Namely changing the shock at who Luke is in chap 2 with shock at him being from a different galaxy, and in chapter 3 changing the Prometheus meeting. And of course, deleting the whole ending part of the recent update. So, does anyone want me to do that? (P.S. the SW movie thing wasn't going to be mentioned again anyway, I just want to know if anyone wants it out period)
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Borgholio » 2012-02-28 12:13am

Skywalker_T-65 wrote:No, this isn't an update (though I am nearing the end of the next chapter...maybe tonight, or tomorrow). This is a quick question of the readers...I am also posting this on (different title) and on there...people did not like the SW movie connection at all. So I decided to do a second version where I removed the movies from SG-verse canon. If any of you would prefer I post that version here (editing the posts) then just post or PM me. The only major differences would be in chapter 2, 3, and the most recent one. Namely changing the shock at who Luke is in chap 2 with shock at him being from a different galaxy, and in chapter 3 changing the Prometheus meeting. And of course, deleting the whole ending part of the recent update. So, does anyone want me to do that? (P.S. the SW movie thing wasn't going to be mentioned again anyway, I just want to know if anyone wants it out period)

Honestly I didn't mind the movies actually being in the SG-verse, I just think you could have done it slightly differently. For instance, other readers have suggested you expand the sequence where Horizon was it seemed too quick and casual. We should have some filler about life both before, during, and after the bombardment. This would be a good time for a bit of history into the exact causes and effects of the Furling Exodus, as well as the rise of the Goa'uld.

Also, I think the idea of Lucas being an Ancient is a bit too much. It may require a bit of reworking for chapters to come, but what if Lucas was instead a Republic spy on board one of the Star destroyers that attacked Horizon? It would not be too far fetched to have Imperial troops land on the planet after the bombardment for some reason, and Lucas slips away from the rest of the invaders during a skirmish with Horizon survivors.

In an attempt to hide after escaping the Imperials, he steps into a Furling stasis pod and is frozen for the next few thousand years. Waking up in the 1950s, he emerges alone and searches for a way off the planet. He finds a small hyperspace capable shuttle and makes his way to Earth. You could even make it so he lands in Roswell if you wanted to (it's the correct time frame after all). Hiding out among Earth's population, he (for the reasons you already came up with), creates the Star Wars movies.

During the meeting between him and SG-1, he would then also be able to reveal some crucial information about what the Star destroyers were doing 7000 years ago in the Milky Way...which would help out a lot.

Just some thoughts. :) Aside from these nit-picks I am really enjoying the story and am looking forward to more!
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Re: Change of Fate, a SW/SG crossover

Postby Skywalker_T-65 » 2012-02-28 12:08pm

^ Good points there. I have about half of the and (yes I post this on three websites) version's next chapter done. But, since people want me to expand on Horizon, I'll just edit that part out of the last chapter, and make a Horizon flashback chapter for this version. So if anyone has something they want to see in it (and the new meeting with Lucas) just ask. No seriously...give me suggestions and the chapter will be better. If I know what people want it helps to write it. After I get that chapter done, I'll post the FF/ chapter here too (I already said that even if I didn't edit SW movies out the story would still be the same after this chapter).
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