SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Author's note: I don't own any of the characters involved in this story. Also Arthur Hansen has the story up on his account but I am the cowriter. Enjoy the story folks.

A massive ship exited hyperspace with a flash of light that illuminated the dark side of Jupiter. Its four engines blared with power, sending the dull, yellow ship in a curve around the huge planet. The massive sensor array activated as they came out of the planet's shadow, showing a blue-white ball with a large moon and a ring of debris.

The inhabitants of this ship from another world were not organic. They were from a technology world where machine life evolved and built cities and civilization. However not all things were equal and underground arenas sprang up. These disenfranchised soon were gathered under one voice, that of the cruel and calculated Megatron.

His home planet of Cybertron was just the beginning for the vicious tyrant nicknamed the Slag Maker, and soon the war spread across the galaxy. It has raged for millions of years without end in sight.

The five on the Steel Haven were of the faction that opposed Megatron and his Decepticons. They were Autobots and on a mission to covertly find young geologically active worlds to gather energy and put down bolt holes in case they needed them.

So far it had not been going well for them.

"So that's Earth?" Hot Shot asked as the bright yellow Autobot looked at the 3-D projection of Sol III.

"Yes," Perceptor said flatly. "Due to it's proximity to a star and active geothermal processes we can finally gain stockpiles of energy and build a safe house in a remote region of the planet."

"I am not sure this is the best place for us to go," Whirl said with vigor. The dark blue Autobot looked unsure of that world. "The locals seem to have simmering issues on genetics. A bunch of hate mongers waiting for the right moment to set off a war."

"We don't have much of a choice," Perceptor commented then, "The energy reserves on the Steel Haven won't take us much farther than this solar system."

"Genetics? What is that?" Swerve asked. The bright red Autobot looked confused.

"Genes are the building materials of organic beings," Perceptor explained in his monotoned way. "However some genes lead to problems for humans. The faction that alters their genetic code has resulted in improvements in memory, strength and other attributes. However humility and understanding are not enhanced by these changes."

"So basically most of them act like glitchheads to those that aren't enhanced," Whirl said in scorn. "And the unenhanced really don't like that and most are jealous of the improvements the enhanced called Coordinators have."

"I thought you had to learn humility?" Swerve commented. "Given Hot Shot sure wasn't programed with it."

Hot Shot gave Swerve a heated glare as he didn't find that funny.

"Can you two stop acting like proties and get back on topic?" Downshift said from the corner of the room. The green and black Cybertronian rarely spoke at meetings unless he had something important to say.

"Yes," Perceptor replied. "What we must do is pick a neutral colony and pick up supplies. Afterwards we can set up our safe house on Sol III."

"Or we could trade with the Junk Guild," Whirl noted in a thinking tone. "They are the human versions of the Junkions. Which I expect to see come here in a Vorn."

"If we can find them," Downshift said grumpily. "Best to head to Heliopolis, trade with them or some other group."

Perceptor pondered if Heliopolis would be the best location and it fit all the criteria that the sky blue and red Autobot had. Within the limited information gleaned, it seemed to.

The Autobots planned how they were going to disguise the ship. It was small by Transformers standards but my human standards it was huge. The shuttles were considered as they were smaller and might be more easily explained with some holographic tricks. The faking of them being a trading ship was the easy part.

Swerve just hoped human trading was similar to that of Cybertronians given he was a merchant before the War broke out.

In the front the pilot of the Steel Haven was lost in his own thoughts. Drift had once been a Decepticon but he had seen the light and had changed. Though he worried if they found out someone like Cliffjumper or Grimlock would kill him for his past deeds he was trying to atone for. On top of that, the white and obsidian swordsman was considered a 'high value' target by the Decepticons.

The Autobots loaded themselves in to the shuttle. At a mere 150 meters long, it would roughly match some of the civilian model ships here.

"This is Heliopolis control to unknown ship, please state your intention," a human said a short range radio.

"We're just an unaffiliated ship that is desperately low on energy. We'd be willing to trade some computer components for a chance to recharge," Drift said on the audio-only link.

"That's one of those old designs that used to use a fission pile, eh? Guess those didn't convert well to the battery system. Well, we can at least dock you so you can talk to the Port Master," the human said.

Drift gave everyone a thumbs up in the crowded cockpit of the shuttle.

Perceptor nodded. "We should move to the cargo area and ready the trade articles."

Everyone but Drift nodded, moving down to the cargo/crew area. As they had been unsure of what would be useful, they had brought almost a twenty-five tons. Roughly the mass of about four Autobots.

"Oh, slag," Drift called out, just as huge robots came out of nowhere and started firing primative weaponry at the hidden Autobot ship and the cargo ship behind them.

All of the Autobots in the cargo area stumbled as the ZGMF-1017 GINN blasted into the side of it with its cannon.

"Drift, report," Perceptor called out.

"The colony appears to be under attack from the guys that have Guardians," the ex-Decepticon called out. "Oh, that's why. The cargo ship we were ahead of just launched those stupid fighters that the other side uses."

Mu La Flaga swore as he readied his Moebius Zero mobile armor. "This is the worst time and place for a battle."

Drift ignored the orders of the human, trying to figure out a way out of this, but it appeared the GINNs were doing their job, shredding his control thrusters. "Guys, we're in trouble here. The shuttle is taking a pounding."

"Open the cargo hatch. We'll shoot them out of the sky," Hotshot shouted out.

"Sound reasoning." Perceptor opened the cargo hatch.

A GINN that had been strafing the shuttle stopped, prepared to deal with any launched mobile armors. So it was surprised when it saw midget mobilesuits that started firing upon him. But he was part of Rau La Creuset's team for a reason, dodging with an almost life-like agility.

"Damn, for a stupid over-sized Guardian, those things can move. Makes me regret that I'm supposed to normally deal in ground battles," Hotshot called out.

Whirl, Swerve and Downshift ignored his banter to keep firing their blasters. Swerve then added into the mix his double barrel slide out wrist blasters.

"Save your shoulder mounted rockets for later," Perceptor called out in monotone to Swerve.

"Let's just hope there is a later," Swerve muttered as he tried to hit that GINN.

Aboard the Earth Federation cargo ship, the captain yelled to his pilot, "Turn! Turn!"

"We've lost control," came the response. "We're going to crash into that ship ahead of us."

Drift saw it heading their way, but thought he could get the shuttle moving. Finally, at the last possible second, he called out, "Abandon ship! Abandon ship!"

Perceptor had the right angle to see outside and the onrushing cargo ship. Taking the immediate, logical step he flew out of the cargo hatch at best speed as possible.

"Slag. If Perceptor is leaving, it must be bad," Hotshot yelled out. With a mighty leap, he and the other Autobots got out of the shuttle. Whirl transformed into a cybertronian jet and started flying like a maniac. Whirl poured on the afterburners and strafed the GINN with his blasters.

The explosion from the two ships hitting each other was massive, but paled in comparison to when their wreckage slammed into the armored wall of the O'Neil-type colony.

"We are at an extreme disadvantage in this environment. Recommend that we retreat into the primitive colony," the mono-tone voice of Perceptor informed everyone even as he fired his blaster at the nearest GINN.

Back on the Versalius, Rau Le Cruscet was receiving word of strange, small mobilesuits. He wondered who had created them and why. They would be fairly ineffective with any reasonable weapons. "I am going to sortee out and deal with some annoyances."


The Autobots were tromping around in huge, metal corridors that reminded them of their far off home, Cybertron.

"We really need to lay low for a bit and figure out what is going on," Hot Shot said as he looked around a corner.

"It would be logical to use our alternate forms once we disable local security cameras," Perceptor stated. "Initiating computer link. Crashing primitive computer system."

Whirl almost sighed in frustration, but did as ordered. They had prepared ahead of time using the computers of Steel Haven. His alternate form was a form of VTOL used by this government. It had been very similar to his cybertronian jet form. Swerve had a rather bland ground car alt form, Downshift turned into a half truck, while Hot Shot was some form of sports car. Perceptor, as normal, was a military command vehicle.

The convoy of four vehicle with him flying overhead were able to enter into the main part of the colony. They took a ramp that curved to the 'floor' of the colony.

"Impressive large-scale primitive engineering. Suggestion; disperse into the local fauna and scout the area," Perceptor called out.

"Hey, are those Decepticons over there?" Whirl called out, looking at three large robots that were starting to stand up.

Each huge, gray robot seemed free of any markings of any sort though. And they just clumsily stood up and then rocketed up into the air, then headed towards the center-line of the colony, then towards the open end that the Autobots had used as their entrance.

"Huh. For guardians, they look really life-like," Hot Shot said. "That's really weird. And they look dangerous."

"I spotted some more guardians," Swerve called out. He had switched back to his robot form and was pointing at a GINN that was attacking a group of four linear tanks.

The GINN's autocannon was tearing them apart. Explosions were ripping through the manufacturing zone.

"Great. Just our luck to get stuck in the middle of a full fledged war. I thought you said they were in the middle of a ceasefire?" Downshift complained to Preceptor.

"Local information networks gave that information as accurate. Apparent that this is a local flare up. We should be able to talk rationally to local authorities shortly," Perceptor said in his mono-tone way.

"Wow, that guardian looks like it over did it on the energon," Hot Shot said as he pointed into the distance. A GINN was knocking around a colorful red, white and blue angular mobile suit that was staggering around like it was drunk.

Hot Shot was looking upset at the treatment. That guardian that was getting beat up did not even have any weapons. "Okay, that's it!" He transformed into the fancy, flame-painted sportscar and roared across the compound.

Miguel was getting very, very upset. This G-Weapon was being bothersome for a half-completed piece of junk. He was just raising his GINN's heavy broadsword up in preparation of a charge when a sportscar screeched in between the two mobile suits and charged. With a casual manipulation of controls, he moved to step on the gutsy driver.

So when the car turned into a smaller robot, he was quite surprised. He was even more surprised when it pulled a toy-like rifle and blew his GINN's arm off at the elbow with some sort of energy burst. The arm and the MA-M3 heavy sword hit the ground.

"Yeah! Take that you reject Decepticon wannabe!" Hot Shot shouted angrily.

Kira Yamato and Lt. Murrue Ramius were staring in shock at the pint-sized robot that was trash-talking the GINN. The young coordinator kept typing up a storm, correcting the operating system. "What is that thing?"

"It's not one of ours," the Earth Federation officer admitted. "So I don't know."

Miguel snarled inside his battered GINN. "I'm retreating," he told his information control system. The GINN backed up and then jetted away.

"We are safe?" Kira said with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah. That was amazing." Murrue gave the young kid a smile before the stress of combat and her wound caused her to sway, then collapse.

Hot Shot was watching the angular guardian to see if it was going to attack when it suddenly knelled and then opened a hatch int its belly. "Uh, hello?" he asked the small creatures that was standing on a short panel that was sticking out.

"This lady passed out. I think she's hurt," Kira called out. "Can you help?"

"Sure! Out of the way, little guy," Hot Shot said with a grin on his robot face. "I'll get her down."

Kira stepped out of the way and over to the leg. So he was surprised when the robot reached in and gently snagged the woman and laid her out.

"I think she's leaking lubricant. That's not too dangerous," Hot Shot said.

"Hot Shot, biological units do not leak lubricant. That is likely blood, which is a circulatory system necessary for its life," Perceptor said in his way, almost showing some emotion.

"Uh, I don't know how to fix that," the brash Autobot admitted, looking worried.

"There's an emergency first aid kit." Kira came back out of the Strike G-Weapon with a small case. With a display of inhuman athleticism, he was over and starting to to bandage her out. "Why aren't you getting out of those mobile suits?" he asked in frustration. He really wanted an adult to handle this situation.

"Um, kid?" Hot Shot thought that he was smaller, so younger than the other human. "We aren't inside these bodies. They are, well, our bodies. We can't get out of them."

"Artificial Intelligences? Wow, that is so cool," the young engineer said as he finished up taping over the bullet wound.

"Um, all natural here. Just naturally a robot," Hot Shot said with a slight grin.

"Affirmative. Autobots are robotic life forms," Perceptor said as he tromped up.

Whirl flew over and transformed, followed by Swerve and Downshift who drove and then transformed.

Kira was just staring in shock. "You... transformed?"

"Yup, that's what other people call us; Transformers. We're the faction called Autobots, seeking to free our world Cybertron from the evil dictators known as the Decepticons," Hot Shot said as he gave Kira a thumb's up and smile.

Downshift sighed. "And we did not mean to get involved in your war-"

"It's not my war. Orb is neutral. Even if we did help develop these machines for the Earth Federation," Kira almost shouted. That was when his friends ran over.

They were incredibly excited and really not that coherent.

"Quiet," Lt. Ramius called out. "I said shut up!" That was almost shouted at the kids. "Hey, you can get out of your mobile suits!" She waved her good arm at the Autobots.

"There aren't people in there. They are the mobile suits. Some sort of living robots," Kira explained. "Say, does that mean you aren't from our solar system?"

"That is correct. These Transformers were in transit when depleting energy resources mandated that we stop in this solar system," Perceptor said clearly and concisely. "We are now stranded here on this colony as our shuttle was destroyed by ZAFT forces."

"Yeah, really uncool," Hot Shot said in anger.

"Like stepping on a welcome mat with a landmine under it," Whirl remarked harshly.

Murrue was thinking furiously. "Welcome to our Solar System on behalf of the Earth Federation. I appreciate your assistance in saving my life and this student," she said formally. "While it would be presumptuous to ask for help in our fight, could I get some help in keeping this unit from being stolen?"

"Hot Shot has already helped you in that regard. Perceptor has no problems with assisting in this as long as we get a look at primitive guardian device," the Autobot scientist said.

Murrue flushed, then started laughing. "I guess it probably is a bit primitive for living robots that have Faster Than Light technology. Um, could you help me up to its cockpit so I can radio the base?"

Perceptor picked her up with surprising care, holding her up so she could radio. When that did not work, she got a lift to the ground and gave the kids a speculative look. "Look, kids? I'm not able to do some things and I have to protect this mobile suit. I need your help in loading a striker pack so the G-Weapon isn't defenseless. All I need is you to drive some trucks and install the backpack."

Kira and his three friends looked at each other in consternation.

"We can help to," Swerve said. "I want to take a look at this unit, too. This striker pack sounds interesting."
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Murrue tried to stand the G-Weapon up again. "Why won't it stand? I got it to move earlier," she complained. The controls seemed incredibly responsive... and impossibly hard to use. Finally, after another minute, she gave up and opened the hatch. "What did you do?" She was looking down at the brown-haired kid with purple eyes.

"Um, well I had to rewrite it. That system was useless," Kira said while wincing. He might have overdone it with some of his optimizations.

"Well, I need you to get in here and move it somewhere more defenseable then," she grumbled.

Hot Shot had been watching the proceedings with interest. These humans were very interesting. "Let me help you down," he offered. He set Murrue down on the ground while Kira clambered into the mobilesuit.

And it was good timing as an explosion heralded the arrival of a CGUE and the battered remains of a Moebius Zero mobilearmor.

"Whirl!" Hot Shot shouted.

"I guess we picked a side of this battle," Whirl said as he transformed to a large, blue VTOL and roared up into the air.

Rau Le Creuset grumbled as he had to dodge the energy weapons mounted on the Orb VTOL. "So they were testing energy weapons on this platform, hmm? Well, the should have picked a better combat platform. I'll get to you in a moment, Mu La Flaga!" The CGUE suddenly zoomed towards Whirl. "Die!"

"Slag! This guy's good!" the Autobot yelled, transforming into his robot mode. Whirl then dodged the attack, then fired his blaster at the dodging CGUE.

"Transformable? Interesting." Rau smirked, his mask glinting as his CGUE deployed his sword. He was just about to charge when a massive explosion shook the entire colony.

Out of the billowing, black smoke a massive white ship rocketed outwards in an arc, then hovered on its engines above the curving plain of the inner colony wall.

"The Archangel!?" Murrue called out in surprise. "It survived?"

On the bridge of the newly launched ship, Ensign Natarle Badgirul took in the situation. "Fire slammers one through four at both targets!" she ordered.

Armored panels opened on the main body, firing missiles at the CGUE and Autobot.

"Whoa! Whoa! Friendly fire ain't!" Whirl shouted, shooting down the missiles heading to him. He quickly transformed into his VTOL mode and flew off, trying to lose the last missile. Whirl then started flying in an erratic pattern.

Rau had handled the two missiles that came at him. "How bothersome. This is starting to turn into a bad situation. I better finish my mission to destroy that G-Weapon." The CGUE shifted and dodged a strike from the Moebius Zero's remaining weapon, then loaded the Armor Piercing weapons.

Kira, in the Strike, suddenly realized that the advanced ZAFT mobilesuit was heading his way. Quickly thumbing on the Phase Shift, the gray mobilesuit turned red, white and blue. Reacting instantly, he put the right leg of the Strike in between his friends and Murrue to intercept the brazen attack.

"Slag that jerk!" Hot Shot shouted, unleashing a burst of white hot super-napalm from his gauntlets that the CGUE avoided adroitly. The other Autobots started firing their blasters, but the mobilesuit was just a bit too fast.

The armor piercing rounds had done nothing to the Strike, much to Rau La Creuset's frustration.

"How dare you shoot at my friends!" Kira shouted as the massive cannon of the Launcher Striker lifted up as his sight locked on.

Rau suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of danger and tried to dodge. The shoulder of his CGUE was sheared off by the near miss. His weapon arm fell off and his mobilesuit was partially blinded as the head half-melted. "What power! The fools would put that power in the hands of a single pilot?"

The blast had continued onward and blew a fifty meter hole in the side of the colony that started leaking the air. The CGUE took the very convienent exit and fled the colony.

Hot Shot started looking around frantically even as klaxons went off. "Where is he? Where's Megatron?"

"Calm down, Hot Shot. That was the G-Weapon guardian with Launcher Striker," Perceptor said in his maddeningly monotone. "That was not Megatron. It was a mere 1/10th of this power in any manner."

Swerve and Downshift peeked out from behind different buildings they had hidden behind. "Well, I have to commend their quality of their weapons. Enough to even scare the spark out of ya," Swerve said in a disgruntled tone.

Murrue had seen their response and had to chuckle at it. Though it was worrying that their enemies had that sort of fire power. Especially if they were the same size as all these other transformers. "Kira, are you all right? Radio the Archangel. We don't want them shooting at us or our allies." Well, at them any more as she winced at the missiles that had been shot at Whirl.

"Strike GUNDAM to Archangel," Kira radioed quickly.


Natarle and her improvised crew trotted down from the bridge to the starboard landing pod. "Lt. Ramius! Who are these people? And what are these mobilesuits? Are they more secret development projects?"

"These are... This is going to sound crazy, but these are extra terrestrials. They call themselves Autobots," Murrue explained as the Kira tromped the Strike over past the smaller robots.

"Excuse me?" The dark-haired woman looked up at the twenty-five foot robots. Hot Shot waved jauntily to her.

"I'm Hot Shot, leader of this band of Autobots." The flame-painted robot seemed quite cheerful.This was their standard way of greeting unknowns. Perceptor, the real leader of their band, was just a bit too impersonal to really relate to people. And for some reason the leader of the Junkions said Perceptor sounded like an old speak and spell. Whatever that was.

"Right," Downshift said sarcastically. "There's as much chance of him being leader as this turbo reving punk named Hot Rod becoming a Prime."

"Not now, Downshift. Introducing ourselves to totally new and unknown people," Hot Shot said with a tight grin. Downshift just grumbled a bit.

"Extra terrestrial robots? And I shot at them?" Natarle didn't know how bad that would be, but probably very horrible. She might even be demoted.

"Whirl doesn't take it personally. You were just shooting at unknowns-"

"-Who says I don't take it personally?" Whirl tried to complain before he was kicked in the shin by Swerve.

"Shut up, lugnut," the older Transformer said to the flier.

"-and we did blunder into your warzone. Really, all we are here for was to trade for some energy. But our shuttle was destroyed and we're a bit stranded," Hot Shot continued explaining.

"You are Whirl?" Natarle said. "I do apologize, but you did not look like a friendly unit at that time. Lt. Ramius, you must assume command as you are the highest ranking officer here."

That was when an Earth Federation pilot walked up. "Permission to come aboard?" he called out. His helmet was under his arm, revealing his plastered and sweaty blond hair. "Lt. Mu La Flaga."

"Permission to come aboard. Is your mobilearmor able to help defend this ship?" she asked hopefully.

Mu La Flaga watched the young man exit the mobilesuit. "Not reliably. While it still has its main armament, all of its gun-barrels have been lost. Say, are you a Coordinator," he asked Kira directly.

"Ah." Kira looked around nervously. "Yes, I am."

The soldiers that had been with Natarle quickly pulled up their rifles and pointed at him.

"Hey!" Tolle Koenig said, stepping between the soldiers and his friend. "He might be a Coordinator, but he's not with ZAFT. He saved our lives!"

Miriallia Haw, Sai Argyle and Kuzzey Buskirk all nodded in agreement as they moved to protect them.

Hot Shot had narrowed his optics in thought.

"Guns aren't exactly friendly," Swerve commented in a dry tone.

"Weapons hold!" Murrue called out, holding out her hand to stop the soldiers.

"Very commendable," Mu said. "I was just curious, as you managed to pilot that mobilesuit with amazing ability. I saw what the original test pilots were able to do and it wasn't even half as good. I'm sorry if you thought I was blaming you."

"Well, you kids have to come this way. We have a room that you should be safe in. Hot Shot, I would like to discuss matters. Ensign Badgiruel, please expidite retrieving supplies." Murrue accepted Natarle's salute.

"The rest of my team can help with that, if you don't mind? Guys, help them out for some goodwill, okay?" Hot Shot called out his orders quickly.

Though what they didn't see was Perceptor using Cybertronian optical code to give Hot Shot orders. "Affirmative," the scientist said.

"You bet, boss!" Whirl said with a thumb's up. Swerve and Downshift sighed. Looks like it was another work cycle.


Murrue had moved up to a catwalk so she could talk to Hot Shot more face-to-face. "Sorry about that. This has been a real mess."

"How did this all start here?" Hot Shot asked.

"This battle? By sabotage and stealing top secret mobilesuits. I have to protect the Strike and get this ship out of danger, but we are very weak and undermanned." Murrue ran her hand through her long hair. She really needed to get into uniform rather than the technician's jumpsuit.

"Isn't this colony neutral? I thought some of the immature humans said that," the Autobot asked.

"While Orb is militarily neutral, they had a treaty for military development. It's both ways. Orb will develop their own mobilesuits for the defense of their lands." She shrugged. "The PLANTS might complain, but as long as Orb only defends their territory, there's not a lot they can do in the world's opinion or court."

"Ah, that makes sense. Would the Earth Federation be willing to assist us to getting back to our ship?" Hot Shot asked curiously.

"I don't see why not. This is a very big event for us since we found the fossil of the Space Whale," Murrue explained.

"Space whale fossil?" the Transformer asked.

"Proof of life from outside our world."

Hot Shot's optics blinked in amazement. "You mean you don't know of the dozens of alien races? I mean, space whales are just a big pest really. Kind of like Scraplets."

"Nope. You are our first meeting with intelligent life. I guess we really are the out-back of the galaxy."

"Well Cybertron is currently about 700 light years from the Solar System," Hot Shot noted "Nebulos, Quintessa, and Velocitron are the closest space hubs and they're not very close. Though Junk isn't that far away. They use your radio and television programs as the basis of how they talk these days."

"You're kidding right?" Murrue asked.

"Nope. They do use human signals and I can't understand a word they say," Hot Shot admitted. "In any case, they are like your Junk Guild. Only a lot crazier."

"That's possible?" Murrue asked sounding shocked. She'd heard the Junk Guild do some rather insane things over the years.

"Yes, it is," Hot Shot said. "They're nice though. Their leader Wreck-Gar is a long time ally of the Autobots."

"Is that really his name?" Murrue asked.

"," Hot Shot said in bemusement. "It is the closest translation of his name is into English. Cybertronian is something I doubt any human could speak."

Trucks were starting to pull into the landing pads of the Archangel when Murrue saw something that should not have been possible. "Are those G-Weapons?" she asked. She started running along the catwalk towards the trailers being towed by two Autobots.

They were not her missing G-Weapons, though they looked very similar.

Perceptor and Downshift transformed into their robot forms, even as Hot Shot and Swerve could be seen off in the distance dragging a third mobilesuit.

"White, red and blue? That doesn't look like our G-Weapon," Murrue said with a frown on her pretty features. Though the massive bazooka they were hauling along with large amounts of spare parts did look like it came from the Duel Gundam.

"This is the Astray Project," Perceptor said. "We found records of another G-Weapon Project and recovered it."

"We can use all the firepower we can get," Downshift said "Though we probably better not let Kira fix up the OS for the thing so other people can use it."

"Though Perceptor will probably make the thing explode given the big words he'd use," Swerve joked.

"I am a capable programmer, Swerve," Perceptor said in an almost angry monotone. If there was one thing that could upset the Autobot it was impinging on his skills.

"Jeez download a slagging sense of humor," Swerve muttered.

On the overhead, a female voice could be heard. "Paging Lt. Ramius to the bridge. Paging Lt. Ramius to the bridge."

"Now what?" said lieutenant asked.


Murrue was not happy at all, finding herself the captain of the Archangel despite not being the most senior officer. But Lt. Mu La Flaga was pretty strictly a pilot. One quick meeting between the her, La Flaga and Ensign Natarle Badgiruel was already giving her a headache.

And that led back down to the civilians that she had holed up in one of the enlisted quarters. She hit the attention button.

Sai opened the door, stepping back in surprise. "Um, lieutenant?" He pushed his glasses up his nose in worry.

"Thank you, Sai. Right? Kira, if I could speak to you for a moment? It's concerning the safety of the ship," the white-uniformed woman said. She wondered if she would have remembered to split him from his group like she was trained to do.

"Um, sure, I guess?" the amethyst-eyed boy replied. He followed her down two doors and into another set of bunks in its own room. "What's going on?"

"I wish I could get you kids off the ship, but the colony is on total lockdown. All of the occupied shelters are ready to launch at a moments notice due to the damage," Murrue was explaining. She saw the flinch from the boy. "You had no idea how powerful the Launcher Striker was."

Kira nodded. "But why did you want to talk to me?" He had a suddenly bad premonition.

"You're the only one that can use the Strike. Heck, I wish I had three more of you and I might feel slightly better. Hot Shot has said the Autobots will help, but I guess only one of them can fly at all. The rest are ground forces. They are likely to send out more forces."

"I don't want to fight," the young coordinator said morosely.

"And I don't really want you to, but if you don't our chance of all of us surviving is not good." Murrue put her hand on Kira's shoulder. "You want to protect your friends, don't you?"

He glared at her, but nodded. "Of course."

"Then will you pilot the Strike?"

Kira sighed and then nodded. He wanted to stay out of this war. He didn't want to have to fight his friend Athrun again and possible kill him. Or be killed by him. He then remembered that even the woman in front of him could no longer get the Gundam working after his modifications to the OS of the unit. He might be the only person on this ship or even in the Earth Alliance that could get it to work for them now.

Though Kira prayed that he and Athrun could manage to survive this war and be friends again after it was over.

Klaxons started to sound and the overhead started to blare out with orders for the soldiers to man battle-stations.

On the bridge, the sensor officer was starting to panic as Murrue settled herself into the command chair. "We are picking up three more GINNs... and G-Weapon GAT-X303 Aegis. I'm also getting readings of Anti-Fortress weapons!"

"They are using our own mobilesuit against us?" Natarle griped in anger.

"Raise ship. Lt. La Flaga, take over CiC while Ensign Badgirguel handles communication," Murrue ordered.

"I would be better served directing weapons," Natarle replied.

"No, it is too important to communicate with the Strike and the Autobots. You have your orders, ensign." Murrue stared through armored windows of her bridge. "Prepare for battle."


The Gundam Strike launched, but was directed to land on top of the Archangel and meet up with the Autobots. Kira looked over controls as he saw the much smaller forms of Hot Shot, Downshift, Swerve and Perceptor. Whirl rocketed forward, engines at full thrust in his flight form.

"What should I do?" Kira asked in worry.

"Slagging officer drafting a protie into battle," Downshift said vehemently.

"Murrue has no choice. The enemy is attacking in overwhelming force. Designate Strike should intercept the enemy GINN mobilesuits in support of Whirl. Let him take the battle to them. The rest of the Autobots will defend Archangel," Perceptor ordered firmly. The Strike blasted off to try and keep up with the VTOL.

"Time to show you guardians what an Autobot can really do! Full speed dash attack!" Whirl shouted, even as he blitzed past Miguel, the Magic Bullet as he unleashed a hail of blaster fire.

"It's that odd transforming mobilesuit that La Creuset warned us about. How did those naturals manage to miniaturize energy weapons in such a manner?" the ZAFT lead pilot complained. "So fast!" Alarms blared in his GINN as it warned him of someone locking on behind the mobilesuit. "That mobilesuit?"

Miguel's GINN managed to dodge the Strike's anti-ship sword, though it was closer than he would have liked. The Magic Bullet of Dusk was annoyed his custom GINN had been completely wrecked fighting that mercenary before this mission.

"Why don't you just leave us alone!" Kira shouted as he sent the Sword Strike to try and take out the long ranged GINN out. He should be able to hit its gun.

Another GINN lined up an attack, firing a heavy missile at the Archangel as it flew up into the center, low centrifical section of the O'Neil type space station. "Scratch one ship," he crowed.

"Evade to port, full power!" Murrue shouted to her crew.

The massive battleship swerved with far more agility than its size should have allowed. On the top of it, the four Autobots added their firepower to the CWIS chainguns, detonating the two missiles with ease. Inside, Mu La Flaga was very happy for their help, as this crew was incredibly green.

Miguel's GINN was firing as fast as its large ion cannon could cool down. He was so incensed at the Strike's dodging, he did not care that he was taking out support beams. It was not until he saw a kilomete long support strut smash into the curved inner surface that he even noted something was going on.

"Mother? Father? You bastard!" Kira shouted as it really sunk in that his home was in dire danger. His next slash was dodged, so he attempted to use one of the other weapons of the Sword Striker. He sent a spinning beam-boomerang that the GINN dodged again. But Miguel had not expected it to spin back and lopped off both legs.

The Strike charged forward, shearing the top of the GINN off at the shoulder. Inside the GINN, Miguel realized that he whole mobilesuit was in danger of exploding.

"Miguel!" Athrun shouted from further back where he had been giving support to the GINNs attacking the Archangel. Could Kira really have done all that? With narrowed eyes in anger, he charged the red, white and blue mobilesuit while activating his own built in beam-saber.

Back on top of the Archangel, Perceptor was starting to get worried. "Heliopolis is taking extreme punishment. Recommend that we defeat ZAFT forces as quickly as possible with minimum force."

"You have any tactics for how to do that, boss?" Hot Shot shouted as he blasted another missile out of the sky.

"We always could just Wreck and Rule," Downshift commented almost with a shrug.

"That is the worst idea for this," Perceptor stated and almost glared, a large feat for the Autobot that had removed most of his emotions.

"Oh Primus," Hot Shot said. "Is that GLINN armed with something looks like it should be attached to Shockwave?"

"This will not end well," Downshift grumbled.

The Autobots kept firing at the GINN armed with another heavy ion cannon. Massive green beams shot out from the Archangel, taking out the GINN and the major central shaft behind it. Supports that were running from it to the curving outer wall started snapping in a choreography of destruction.

Heliopolis control launched all shelters as life pods as centrifugal force started to rip the colony apart. In the center of the destruction, the Strike and the Aegis were swept apart.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Sidewinder » 2011-07-23 12:30am

Looking good so far. I thought you confused Hotshot and Hot Rod, but it seems they're different robots. By the way, why haven't Perceptor & Co. contacted the Autobots on the mother ship? Are their communications system short-range only?
Please do not make Americans fight giant monsters.

Those gun nuts do not understand the meaning of "overkill," and will simply use weapon after weapon of mass destruction (WMD) until the monster is dead, or until they run out of weapons.

They have more WMD than there are monsters for us to fight. (More insanity here.)

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-25 12:46am

Sidewinder wrote:Looking good so far. I thought you confused Hotshot and Hot Rod, but it seems they're different robots. By the way, why haven't Perceptor & Co. contacted the Autobots on the mother ship? Are their communications system short-range only?
Thanks for commenting. You were the one I was hoping to hear from on this story.

As for why Perceptor and his team haven't contacted the other Autobots is simple. They are effectively stranded in the Solar System with the Steel Haven out of their reach.

Their personal communicators are short range and Whirl, especially with his VTOL alt form, is a short range fighter.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-25 01:10am

"Keep searching for the Strike. Have the Autobots finished embarking?" Lt. Murrue Ramius asked Ensign Nartarle Badgiruel who was sitting at the communication's console.

"The only one that hasn't is Whirl. It looks like he got sucked up into a- Belay that, we have a communication link. It's Whirl. And he's found the Strike!" Natarle called out with a tired smile.

"Direct them to the port landing bay then," the captain of the ship called out.

Out in space, Whirl had managed to get a response finally from the Strike. "Hey, kid! You did a great job!"

"How is this result great?" the young coordinator asked in anger. His home was destroyed, his parents might be dead, and he was part of a war he didn't want anything to do with.

"You are still alive and you have your ship to go back to. That's a win in my book," Whirl said softly.

Kira looked out at the destruction and debris and sure didn't feel like he'd won anything. He also wondered if that mysterious girl he got to one of the shelters before he ended up piloting the Strike Gundam was still alive. His mind drifted to wondering what she had wanted before the attack.

The young coordinator considered what would happen next.

'After all I only ended up in a war on the other side from one of my friends I haven't seen in awhile, and encountered aliens from outer space' he sarcastically mused to himself. 'Maybe I can do the really impossible and get a girlfriend.' Given the weapons the Autobots had, space wasn't a safe place. It saddened Kira a bit that humanity wasn't that different from the other races out there in the universe. He had hoped the more advanced races of the universe had outgrown xenophobic feelings, hatred, and war.

That was when Whirl spotted the lifepod that was transmitting that it was losing pressure. "We better get this defect inside the ship as soon as possible," he told Kira. He opened a communication line to the Archangel. "Yo! Got a busted life pod with dying humans. We're coming in fast. Get some people ready to help them."

"That lifepod can't come on a battleship. They'll have to be rescued-" Natarle started to countermand.

"It's leaking that stuff you guys breath. Unless you are okay with them dying?" the Autobot asked with a harsh undertone. This girl was really starting to annoy him.

"No, she is not, Whirl. You are clear to land." Murrue pushed the button to close the communication. "Ensign Badguriel, I expect major decision to be forwarded to myself before you nearly antagonize our first contact situation. Don't let this sort of situation happen again."

"Yes, sir!" Natarle said as she snapped a salute.

"Go assist in rescuing the civilians. And maybe think about apologizing to Whirl again."

The raven haired young woman winced and nodded, heading to the elevator.

In the main Gundam bay Hot Shot helped unload the various survivors. While also helping, Perceptor was pondering how to build booster rockets that could increase the speed of a Terran ship so they could reach Jovian space. The real problems weren't for the Autobots humans on the other hand due to the effects of zero gravity would be devastated getting from Earth orbit to Jupiter. And Perceptor wasn't sure their ships could have enough food and spare parts for such a trip with their current technology. That a human exploratory vessel had done that, and brought back the space whale fossils was unknown to the scientist.

"You're Sai's friend, aren't you?" Flay was shouting out to Kira. She had recognized him and leaped off towards him, meeting him half-way between the lifepod and the Strike Gundam.

"That's right. Are you all right?" Kira had grabbed her to stop her momentum as his little robotic bird fluttered around in Zero-G. Athrun must have figured out a way for the wings to work here.

"Have we been captured? Is this a ZAFT warship?" the redhead asked in an almost panic.

"No, this is an Earth Federation ship. These were their first mobilesuits," the young coordinator replied.

"Hang on, you two. We don't want you just floating there," Hot Shot called out as he reached up.

"Thanks, Hot Shot!" Kira called out the two kids were pushed against the ground. Their shoes clicked to the ground.

"That's a small mobilesuit," the young teen remarked.

"Slag that. I'm not a mobilesuit. I'm a Transformer. Name's Hot Shot, darling," the Autobot replied with a quirky grin.

"He's a real live extra-solar alien!" Kira smiled at her confusion. "They were coming to Heliopolis to just get some energy and then they were going to leave. But he's a natural, living robot."

"Really? That's so amazing!" Flay exclaimed. "It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Robot!"

"Don't you already have a girlfriend, Hot Shot?" Swerve asked sounding amused as he watched the human rescue group.

"Yeah Arcee can be really crazy when she's angry," Downshift commented as he joined in the ribbing of their yellow 'leader'.

"Very funny," Hot Shot grumbled.

"Wait, you have gender?!" Kira exclaimed in confusion.

"Of course we do," Downshift explained. "Why won't we? I mean it isn't involved in our creation of new Transformers and the first human to suggest it does gets shot."

"No need to go there, Downshift," Hot Shot said using optic code for Downshift to simmer down. "For a lot of races, it is part of their procreation."

"It is?" Swerve interjected a bit too loudly. "Huh learn something new every solar cycle."

None of the Autobots had an idea of why the two kids were embarrassed.

"That reminds me, we should let the Minicons stretch their servos," Swerve said sounding like he just remembered something. He grabbed what appeared to be part of his body and tossed it 'down' to the ground.

With the ratcheting transformation sound, it turned into red Autobot that was only seven foot tall. It seemed to glare at Swerve. "Bzzt-p'tank!"

"Sorry, Roadhandler."

Chief Murdoch looked up in worry. "So, uh, exactly how many Autobots are you guys?"

Hot Shot started laughing. He detached what looked to be a turbine, tossing it to the ground. It transformed into an six and a half foot tall orange robot. "This here is Jolt, my Minicon. I'm pretty lucky, I only have the one. Consider them an intermediate stage between a protoform and a full fledged Autobot."

Jolt glared a bit, but accepted the pat on his back.

"I'm the unlucky Autobot. I've got three of the ex-proties," Whirl said with a laugh as he release three mini-Autobots. "This is Skysickle, Grip-Lock and Thunderstick. Although I think that Skysickle is ready to evolve and adapt his own energon generator."

Everyone looked over to Perceptor, who looked calmly back. "This unit does not currently have any ancillary Minicons."

Downshift held up his hands. "Me neither. Hot Shot was enough to make me swear off helping the pests for at least a hundred vorns."

"So they are... Autobot teens?" Kira said. "Not children, but not quite adults either?" He was looking at the trio of red, blue and green minicons with metallic highlights.

"Yeah, they haven't really developed enough to handle full size bulk frames," Downshift said "And the last time we rushed a group of Transformers to adulthood well...the Dinobots eventually turned out halfway right. Sort of."

All of the other adult Autobots shuddered at that. Kira had this feeling that he should avoid those Dinobots at all costs. He had no idea how right he was.

From the edge of the bay, Natarle nodded. "That's very amazing, Autobots. And Whirl, I owe you an apology. My captain has pinned my ears back for my lack of forethought." The dark-haired officer hated to admit it, but Murrue was correct. She winced as she saw their confusion. "I'm afraid that I'm a bit prone to trying to follow the regs. It... almost failed me in the academy."

"Nothing wrong about following the regulations when you can, ma'am. But there's times when you really have to follow your spark to doing what is right, not necessarily what is written down." Whirl rubbed his head. "Of course, knowing the rules so you know when you are deviating from them is important."

"Hey, at least you are willing to admit you made a mistake," Hot Shot called out. "Whirl still has a hard time with that."

"He's a Wrecker," Downshift commented dryly. "They're usually dead before they know they've made a mistake."

"A what?" Chief Murdoch asked with a confused expression.

"The Wreckers are an elite commando team put together by Emirate Xaaron," Perceptor stated in a tone of all boring teachers everywhere. "They have no regard for tactics and are well known for completing suicide missions."

"And if I meet Fistitron I'm running away," Whirl said with a shudder. "He's the biggest Wreckers fanboy on the datanets."

"Seriously he's written 332 historical datalogs about them," Swerve remarked. "He probably knows Arcee nearly as well as Hot Shot does."

"That sounds creepy," Kira said softly. Whirl nodded.

"He's so good at it the high command actually has requested he'd fill his data logs with mission reports, psyche profiles and such," Downshift interjected. "He's not some cyber stalker."

"I still don't want to meet him," Whirl groused.

All of the Minicons were making strange, computer and electronic sounds as they were swarming over the huge (to them) form of the red ASTRAY series mobilesuit. Roadhandler slipped inside and started to turn different screens on.

"Brzzt-ping-clank-vrrr?" the crimson Minicon called out.

Outside, the yellow Jolt was conversing with the last three Minicons; Skysickle, Thunderstick and Grip-Lock. They sounded like a random series of computers and motivators as they argued. Jolt then looked over at Perceptor. "Perceptor fzzzt-ping-ting-ting-vooo?"

"That is correct, Jolt. We intend to add Energon convertors to them. That will remove their short operational time limit." Perceptor almost seemed smug about that.

"What is an energon convertor? Actually," Natarle asked very curiously, "what is Energon?"

"Energon is distilled energy extracted into an easy to store form that is used up without any residue. It can lay there for hundred of thousands of vorns and easily power us or our technology." The leader of this band of Autobots opened a panel and pulled out a small, glowing pink cube. "This is its normal form."

"Didn't we give them datatraxs on how to speak so humans could understand them?" Swerve whispered to Whirl.

"That was your job!" he called right back.

Swerve blinked as he realized it was. "Oops."

Natarle was looking over the Minicons, then the red ASTRAY. "So what were they saying, if it isn't intruding?"

Hot Shot smirked. "They were wondering if they could fit in there and actual pilot those things. Skysickle thinks it would be 'funny' to actually be bigger than us for a little while." He flicked his forefinger against the red and black Minicon, sending it spinning through the low gravity.

"You do know he can turn into a gun as a third form right?" Whirl asked sounding amused.

The tone that the smaller Autobot made was quite obvious that he was yelling right back. He transformed into a small VTOL and started zooming past Hot Shot's head multiple times.

"Protie runt!"

"Minicons, report for upgrade of your Datatrax vocal systems," Perceptor called out loudly, if not with any more emotion.

The five Minicons rushed over to him as he started to open up ports on his system to interface with the much smaller Autobots.

"That was-" Kira started to say.

Flay finished with, "-amazing!"

"All hands, prepare for acceleration! All hands, prepare for acceleration!" came a male's voice over the overhead.

The Archangel shuddered as a missile tube was used to fire a drone.

Flay suddenly held herself closer to Kira. "I almost forgot for a second. This is a warship."

"Let me take you to Sai. He can look after you," the young coordinator said softly. There were times he hated his friend for how lucky he was.

"Thanks. You said your name was Kira, right?"


It was a few hours later... and Murrue's desperate bid to lose the ZAFT forces had failed.

"We're going to be boxed in soon," Mu La Flaga said. "That ship is going to overtake us and I bet you that the ship in front of us will soon launch whatever mobilesuits it has."

"Then we need a way to break through to Artemis," Murrue said in frustration. "We need to know how many resources we have. Let's go talk to the Autobots. I still can't believe they had these Minicons though."

Natarle nodded as she led them down to the main bay. "Hot Shot! Perceptor! Can we talk?"

Hot Shot tromped over. "I take it the news isn't good?"

"They had two ships and they didn't fall for our misdirection. They've got us in a pincer," Murrue explained. "Now we're trying to come up with a plan that will allow us and the civilians we took on to survive."

"You were headed to this Artemis place, right?" Hot Shot asked curiously. "I wonder if we shouldn't just try to power our way through."

Perceptor nodded. "Mobeius Zero mobilearmor, ASTRAY mobilesuits and Gundam Strike mobilesuit are all combat capable; only needing pilots. Autobots will work to defend Archangel with the crew."

The eight other Autobots were watching curiously. Whirl thought he should be included in the plan to power through the ZAFT forces.

"Now if I only had enough pilots. The Strike is our most powerful and versatile unit. Mu La Flaga, if you would talk to Kira about please piloting it in defense of the ship?"

"Of course, ma'am." He saluted sharply. "It'll be good to get back in my Zero."

"Wouldn't one of the ASTRAY be better?" Natarle asked in confusion.

"I wouldn't know how to pilot a unit like that. It took me months to figure out my Zero," Mu admitted.

"We can! We can!" Roadhandler suddenly shouted. He clattered over to the red ASTRAY fast. "We added sub-control linkage and I understand all the controls!"

Jolt and Skysickle suddenly charged over to the gold and white ASTRAY. "Mine!" they shouted as they tried to fight to get into the cockpit.

"Hey! Don't break the mobilesuits!" Murdoch shouted loudly.

Thunderstick and Grip-Lock started to move towards the last, blue mobilesuit. Whirl managed to grab Grip-Lock, but missed Thunderstick who made it inside. Jolt ended up getting kicked out of the gold mobilesuit and the door closed in his face.

"Ahhh! I wanted to be big for once!" the little yellow Autobot shouted as he pounded loudly on the mobilesuit's armored hatch. "No fair!"

"Um," Murrue called out cautiously. "Why aren't they fighting over the Strike?"

"Whatever Kira did, it's a bit funky. It's hard for us to work with, even being robots," Whirl said as he held back the little green and silver Autobot. "Pipe down. You can help the captain on this bridge, I'm sure. I don't want to lose you outside, okay?"

"Okay, Whirl," Grip-Lock said trying to not sound disappointed.

Kira found it weird that he was going to be working with aliens fight other humans. It reminded him of some sci fi novels he and Athrun used to read in prep school. Only now it wasn't fiction. It was real and likely to get very ugly.


Commander Rau Le Crueset was sitting on the bridge of the Nazca class cruiser as the Aegis was being prepped to launch when the strange, white legged ship was spotted.

"Contact! Legged ship has broken stealth and almost exactly where you said, sir!" the sensor operator called out. "Reading multiple launches. G-Weapon Strike and Moebius Zero detected."

Rau just smirked. So Mu La Flaga had survived and joined that ship.

"New contacts. Two unknown mobilesuits. Silhouette is ninety percent match to G-Weapon Strike. Assigning designation Bandit Gold Three and Bandit Blue Four." One more minuted and he called out again. "Two new contacts. Confirming Bandit Red Five and Bandit Six. One more Strike class G-Weapon and that really weird Orb VTOL."

Ades looked over at his commander in shock. "Why didn't they use these first?"

The white-jacketed officer was looking at the professional, enemy formation in front of him on the display. "Change of orders." Rau hit some buttons on the seat's rest. "Athrun, prepare to sortee in defense of the ship. They have somehow become heavily reinforced. They outnumber us in mobilesuits."

Athrun was sitting in his Aegis as it was laying ready to launch in the Versalius's linear accelerator. "This unit is not optimally designed for defense, sir."

"Just do your best," Rau said from the bridge. "What is the legged-ship's course?"

"Coming straight at us at full speed, sir!"

Ades and La Crueset shared a strained look. The masked commander was the one that had to make a hard decision. "Break off intercept. Port ninety degrees, full power and launch the Aegis! Drop anti-beam canisters!"

The organic, aqua-green ship spun to it's left and fired its thrusters as canister shot out. With bursts of strange particles, they covered the ship as it moved to escape.

Whirl did a barrel roll as he flew at the ZAFT ship. "Seems they aren't total idiots over there." He then tested if that gas could effect his weapons by firing. To his shock it lessened the damage considerably. Whirl raised his opinion on human weapons yet again.

Perceptor noticed the weapon and how it worked. He worked on a matter based weapon since that would be left alone by the gas. He also pondered making some glass gun bombs. The only problem would to be build them with human technology since his lab was on the Steel Haven and out of reach.

Athrun found himself in the fight of his life as the ASTRAY units moved like the pilots could either see the future or were mentally plugged directly into the suits. The red unit had pulled out a beam saber and Athrun barely avoided being cut in half by it. Athrun would have been extremely worried and glad if he knew Roadhandler was simply mimicking what he had seen Starsaber do on some datatrax videos. But he was not a red-jacket for nothing, activating three beam saber; both arms and one of his knees. Roadhandler had not been expecting that and backed off quickly.

Skysickle then fired the heavy beam cannon he gotten out of the Archangel's armory for the Gold Astray. The massive beam and the amount of damage it did even reduced by the anti-beam gas made Skysickle wonder if he could get a weapon like this on his bulk body.

The Vesalius opened fire back on the Gold Astray with the railguns as they weren't effected by the anti-beam gas. Skysickle was not that young though, avoiding the attack with relative ease. "Why don't you just slagging retreat!?" the red and black Minicon shouted angrily.

Thunderstick fired HEAT rounds at the odd looking ship using the left behind bazooka of the Duel Gundam. The shells were unaffected by the gas and they got to see how devastating a weapon it was. Athrun in his head cursed his team mate Yzak Joule for leaving that weapon in Earth Alliance hands. That mistake might end up killing them.

The Strike was busy firing its heavy beam cannon from the Launcher Striker. It was also being degraded by the anti-beam canisters, but he was easily hitting the large ship.

"Damage is rising," Ades warned the ZAFT commander.

"Recall Athrun and fire flack missiles!" Rau Le Crueset called out. The Versalius shuddered again. "Warn the Gamow not to attack no matter what. They won't have the speed to disengage like we can. Launch retreat flares."

On the bridge of the Archangel, Murrue noted the tri-colored flares that burst in space. "Recall all mobilesuits. Thank the Autobots and get them back inside."

Perceptor and Hot Shot looked on at the battle from the top of the Archangel. "We have won a strategic battle," the leader of the Autobots said in his mono-tone way.

"Heck, this is probably the best win we've been involved in for dozens of vorns, Perceptor. I think our guys really needed that." Hot Shot nodded at Swerve and Downshift as they cheered noisily.


"Man, I hope you finish whatever you were working on that made you disable your emotion matrix, boss." The red and yellow Autobot shook his head sadly at the scientifically minded Perceptor.



Out by Jupiter, another flare of hyperspace energies shot out a ship. This IG-2000 class vessel was called the Death's Head and the solo person on the ship looked forward to adding Drift's sword to his collection. Twin red energy-sails flared as the ship started to curve around the massive planet. It's tri-lateral engines powered up.

Screens on board the ship barely illuminated anything. But they showed multiple paths. One went to an unforgiving moon, but a smaller and more energetic path that led to a bright beacon of radio signals closer to the sun.

Inside the ship cockpit of this craft was what looked like a Frankenstein's monster of a transformer with most of his parts being clashing colors. With the end of on arm being a hook instead of hand.

However even with just one usable for such tasks hand he was able to control his starship with ease.

An unforgiving metal face creased in a cold smile. "Well, well, Drift. It looks like you left your main ship behind. That was a mistake you will never forget. In this life, anyways."

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by LadyTevar » 2011-07-25 01:46am

Minicons as teenagers... I like that! :) Keep up the work, although you may ask someone to do some editing. There's places where the sentence structure is awkward
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-25 04:08am

LadyTevar wrote:Minicons as teenagers... I like that! :) Keep up the work, although you may ask someone to do some editing. There's places where the sentence structure is awkward
Thanks for the compliment. And yeah I get that this story needs a dedicated editor a lot.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-25 04:21am

Artemis hung in space, like a glowing, faceted jewel. Outside the boundary of its shields, the Archangel awaited a shuttle carrying the diplomats and Rear Admiral Garcia.

A lieutenant was right behind the two marines, leading the way for the stocky admiral. "Lt. Murre Ramius? I'm. Lt. Michelle Anders. This is, of course, Rear Admiral Gerard Garcia of Artemis. You informed us of a first contact situation and were are here to evaluate the situation."

Admiral Garcia floated down to the ground. "Lt. Ramius, I hope you have some amazing evidence of the extraordinary claims you have made."

Murrue winced at that, but nodded as she gestured at her two officers. "Of course, admiral. This is Lt. Mu La Flaga and Ensign Natarle Badguriel." She then turned to the flaming red and yellow robot. "These are the Autobots known as Hot Shot, Perceptor, Whirl, Swerve and Downshift. They are extra-solar entities that were caught up in our battle and their aid has been invaluable in protecting this ship and its prototypes."

"Greetings admiral! Your officers acted with remarkable courage in a trying situation," Hot Shot called out. He held out a finger so that they could 'shake hands'. Downshift rolled his optics.

After cautiously shaking the appendage, the admiral continued with, "So they just happened be at Heliopolis just before it was destroyed?"

"Negatory, our shuttle was attacked by the ZAFT forces assaulting the colony. It and Autobot Drift were lost as another ship collided and destroyed, stranding us in near Earth orbit," Perceptor explained. Whirl's optics narrowed. He gave off a thousand yard stare as he recalled Drift's death, and the many, many Wreckers he had seen fall in battle over the cycles. And if anything Drift's death angered him the most. It had nothing to do with their own war at all.

"Yeah, the jerks just started shooting at as. And we were going to try to stay under the radar, so to speak," Whirl said in an aggravated tone. "All we wanted was a bit of energy and we would have left everything alone. We don't want to get involved in your fight or bring our war to you."

Garcia frowned at that. "That is... very thoughtful of you. The report Lt. Ramius sent us mentioned that you are trying to regain your homeland?"

"That's correct, admiral. The Transformers are fighting a civil war between themselves, the Autobots, against the Decepticons." Murrue frowned as she thought. "Excuse me, Hot Shot? How long has this civil war been going on?"

"Millions of your stellar cycle, unfortunately. It's been such a pain, fighting back and forth," the energetic second in command of the Autobots admitted.

"I can see why you would not want to involve being such as us that are so short lived then," Garcia said in a strangled voice. "Lt. Ramius, it appears you have the right of this situation. Take me to your bridge so we can get the ship docked and supplied."

"Thank you. I'm sure the civilians aboard would be very happy to be off and in a safe harbor."

At this point having a Coordinator they had picked up as a pilot was completely tame. And someone had to ask Mu La Flaga what it was like to have alien robots and a Coordinator as his wingmen.

The civilians were never so happy as when they saw officers and navy crew with supplies at the entrance of the Archangel.


Garcia was torn. He had found out that any hint of racism likely would be commented on by the Autobots and that would shoot any promotion full of holes. And it was usually such a useful lever to force the super-smart coordinators to build better weapons.

And the Autobots also had technology the Earth Alliance needed. What he'd heard of Energon was beyond interesting, and that they got the Astray units to run off it, thought it was untested. Still if it was a fuel source the N-Jammers didn't effect then it was worth looking into.

There was also the fact they had faster then light drives of some kind. Even their slower then light drives were impressive given they made what would take six months for an Earth ship in six hours. While he was sure there were groups inside the Earth Alliance that would love to cut open the Autobots and see how they ticked, he knew from the reports on how well they fought it would be a bad idea to use force.

The last thing they needed was to anger possibly new allies. Garcia also considered them too goody-goody for certain missions. Still you had to take what you can get. Little did the Rear Admiral know he should have been careful what he wished for.

"So what do you think of the admiral?" Swerve asked in his native cybertronian.

"If he was a Wrecker we'd already be warming up the smelting pool," Whirl said in an overly bland tone, which usually let people know the depths of his dislike. "Emirate Xaaron is the only bot who used to be in politics I can recall fighting worth slag."

"That doesn't make him our enemy guys," Hot Shot commented.

"Doesn't make him much of an ally either," Whirl replied nastily.

"I mean he really hasn't done anything," Swerve said hotly. "And so he's not like Starsaber or Optimus Prime as a leader. At least he's not like Grimlock."

"I just have a feeling in my spark," Whirl said sincerely. "And frankly my feelings have been the only thing to keep me alive half the time."

Sai tried listening to the conversation and turned to Grip-Lock and asked, "What they are talking about?"

"Ah, their opinion on the admiral," Grip-Lock diplomatically said.

"Hey what are the Autobot admirals like?" Sai asked.

"They're legends," Grip-Lock said with a happy smile. "They tend to lead from the front and their actions are the stuff of epic adventures. There's of course Optimus Prime. He's our leader and the Matrix Bearer."

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings," Jolt espoused with vigor, saying one of Optimus's favorite points.

"Then there's Starsaber," Grip-Lock said with bit of awe. "He's been said to be the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. Roadhandler was showing off with stuff Starsaber has done on the datanets in his fight."

"Not that it did him a lot of good against the guy in that mobile suit," Jolt commented with a bemused tone.

"Slag off glitchhead," Roadhandler grumbled.

"There's Impactor," Grip-Lock told them. "He's the field leader of the Wreckers. I've actually met him and he's really cool. The kind of guy that can inspire people even on the suicidal missions the Wreckers take."

"And he has a hook for a hand," Thunderstick interjected. "Long story on how he got that."

"And there's... Grimlock," Grip-Lock said tentatively. "He's tactically brilliant but he's really anti-social. I mean he managed to steal a Decepticon ship out of dry lock and even changed the access codes and such so the Cons can't take it back."

"Wow," Sai commented in wonder. "They certainly sound more interesting then our admirals."

Two hundred feet away, Garcia was looking at the Strike in barely concealed avarice. "So how is it going, Lt. Shardin?" he called out to one of the best mobilesuit pilots of Artemis.

"Bloody bullocks, is wat it 'es. The mobilesuit is at one hundred percent, but I canna get 'et to move," the pilot called out. "You'd have to be a coordinator."

"Can't you revert it to default programming?" the rear admiral asked.

"That's even more useless. Might as well put a gun 'te me own head and pull de trigger," he called back down. "I can almost get 'eet."

Skysickle shook his head. Shouldn't the fact they never bothered fighting over the Strike tell them Kira's upgrades to the OS made it so there was likely only one person on this ship that could get the Gundam to work? Maybe another Coordinator could get Strike moving but Skysickle doubted any of them would test that theory.

Then a lot of swearing came from inside the Strike as Lt. Shardin found the OS more of a pain in the rear then he first thought. He wasn't sure if he should shake Kira Yamato's hand or punch the kid in the face for his on-the-fly alternation of the OS of the Strike. It was amazing, yet customized for only him. It just seemed impossible for anyone else to get the unit moving.

'Which explains why Flaga said I'd need good luck,' Shardin mused. The last thing Shardin saw as an option was to build a completely new OS for the Strike. Though right now there wasn't really time to scratch build one and test it. Other then possibly letting Perceptor help him, but Shardin didn't exactly trust the Autobot Scientist enough for that.

Up in the shadows near an airlock, a young teen entered and then started watching all of Sai's friends as they floated in the work area with the Autobots. She then saw Skysickle transform into a small helicopter and fly around. The young man with brown hair and purple eyes laughed along with his friends. Her gaze drifted from the coordinator to the robots. The almost human boy that she had been smitten by his appearance and the strangely friendly living robots.

"So think you can build the Earth Alliance weapon access ports the Gold Astray has for the other two?" Swerve asked Perceptor.

"Easily," Perceptor stated in his flat way.

"Hey, Flay," Hot Shot called out. "Nice to see you again."

Flay blushed a bit remembering how the whole talk on gender and reproduction got started. She wondered if there really any topics they won't discuss in public. Or honestly how they made more Transformers.

"Yo, Flay," Swerve said and then waved at her.

She was surprised that the Autobots remembered her name.

"So what do you do for fun?" Jolt asked "We play mecha-soccer or cyber poker."

"Or listen to shock pop," Grip-Lock commented.

"You're the only one that likes it," Thunderstick commented as he shook his head. "I think its as bad as Quarian thrash."

As the two argued over taste in music Roadhandler commented in a stage whisper "And this why don't let either of them pick the music."

The whole thing was surreal to Flay. She had friends argue over tastes in music like that. The Transformers were becoming more and more 'human' in their actions to her.

"Well I like... liked to hang out with my friends," Flay said carefully.

"So did I," Downshift replied with a nod. "Going with my friends to see the greats like Blurr, Override, Windcharger and Fasttrack race. Or hang out at Maccadam's Old Oil House and see a professional Cyber-Soccer game."

Flay wondered what races were like when the drivers were the cars. Or what exactly the differences between soccer and Cyber-Soccer were.

It was then a loud rattling sound filled the Gundam bay. It was intermixed with what sounded like a dial up modem dieing with a jackhammer being used in the background. Glass started to shake from the force of the sounds. It was then the sounds of shattering glass and explosions were added to the mix. Grip-Lock started to dance to the sounds. The dance kind of resembled The Robot.

"Cease this noise at once!" Perceptor yelled.

The noise stopped and Gracia after uncovering his ears yelled "What the hell was that??!"

"That was Shock Pop," Swerve said while banging the side of his head. "Trust me, it's not for everyone even among us."

Garcia made a note to never be within a two mile radius of a Shock Pop concert if there ever was one on Earth. It sounded more like noise pollution then any form of art.

An amused Thunderstick said, "See I told you they won't like it."

"The Tas Bots and their hard beats are a bit difficult for first time listeners," Grip-Lock mused, "Maybe some Convoy League would go over better."

"Wasn't one of their songs just them beating a wall with a quarter staff for a breem?" Jolt asked with a laugh.

"That was someone else," Grip-Lock declared quickly.

"I swear they use dark science to make Shock Pop," Whirl commented with a sigh. Everyone human took that as being a slang Transformers term for magic. If they asked Perceptor he'd have informed them that the two are similar in many respects but dark science wasn't magic.


"What do you mean we can't get off the Archangel?" a civilian businessman shouted in the mess hall.

"The admiral has decided that he will deliver all of you to Orb's control. They aren't willing to send a ship, but they asked us to deliver all of you to Copernicus on the Moon." The officer was sweating it a little bit. "Admiral Garcia has detached two ships from his anchorage and is personally going to take command of the Archangel to get you guys all to the Moon."

"Why can't you let us get on a shuttle to Earth?" a woman shouted from the back of the group.

"Earth Alliance shuttles have no immunity to being fired upon. Your safety is our paramount priority!" he called out.

Kira was sitting next to his friend. "Do you think they are telling the truth, Kuzzey?"

The slightly stouter boy nodded. "I think so. I mean, he's actually been by to see us-"

"Ah, there you are, Flay!" Admiral Gerard Garcia called out. "I wanted to personally deliver a message for you." He handed the electronic pad to her. "Vice Minister Allster was incredibly happy to find out that you survived and is really looking forward to the rendezvous."

Kira, Kuzzey, Miriallia and Tolle all blinked at that as Sai... well, sighed. The cat was now out of the bag.

"Your father is a Vice Minister?" Miriallia asked in bewilderment.

"Vice Minister of the Atlantic Federation, that's right," Admiral Garcia said with his best smile. That smile became slightly strained as two Minicons tromped by down the hall very loudly. "We'll be launching here in just an hour. So everyone get back to your quarters and ready to leave."

Flay had a forced smile on her face. Inside she was annoyed that yet another officer was sucking up because of who her father was. At least Kira and the Autobots didn't care. It was frankly refreshing to her. If anything she was tired of political toadies and suck ups. Flay wondered what exactly an "Emirate" meant for the Transformers. Was it a political title like an emir? Part of the Transformer's name? Though she couldn't imagine her father leading a crack team of commandos like that Xaaron person.

"And you knew about this Sai?" Tolle asked.

"Yes I did," Sai said "And I kept quiet about it." Because of people like Admiral Garcia was left unsaid but understood by them.

Kira could understand how Flay wanted to avoid that kind of attention. Groups like Blue Cosmos would love to kill him. There were people that didn't see him or Arthun as human due to the genetic modifications that had been made to them.

"Hey guys," Jolt said with a small girl riding on his shoulder "This is Elle."

"Glitchheads," Elle said to them. She had that innocent smile that only small children had.

Flay looked at Jolt and had this feeling that wasn't a word little girls should be using. If she asked one of the other Autobots they'd tell her it was definitely not a nice word. She grabbed the young child. "Elle, that's a bad word. And Jolt should not be teaching you something like that!"

"Jolt!" Kira said with a frown. "Elle's barely more than a baby. She's only four years old. That's only 1/20th of a Vorn! Don't teach her something like that!"

"But she can run and talk!" Jolt said defensively.

Roadhandler sighed and raised his hands into the air. "Come on, Jolt. I'll let you explain why you were trying to corrupt a proto-form to Whirl."

"Are you kidding, he'll pound the snot out of me!?" the yellow minicon shouted.

"Then maybe you deserve it, lunkhead!" Roadhandler could not believe his Minicon buddy sometimes.

"LUNKHEAD!" Elle squealed happily. "Teach me more words, Jolt!"

Flay smile over at Kira for helping with the child, before her face fell. She was not supposed to like the space monster... She looked away while her frown deepened. That was not right either. The Autobots said that there were far worse things in the galaxy.

For their normally jovial voices to talk of such hate when they mentioned Decepticons... that worried her. Even with Perceptor you got this feeling of hate under his monotone way of speaking. And maybe Coordinators were not so bad, she said to herself with a strange feeling of stubbornness.

"Maybe I'll tell you the names of the Dinobots later," Jolt said as he gave them a thumb's up.

"One of them actually used a swearword as his name," Roadhandler explained to the others while he grabbed Jolt in a headlock to drag him off. "And I am dead serious."

Kira turned to Flay. The purple eyed coordinator looked her in the eye. "The more I learn of the Dinobots, the more I think universe wasn't ready for them."


The red spaceship was slowing down at the edge of the Artemis's controlled space. It's solar sails disengaged even as the Transformer onboard the ship keyed in the communication system.

"This is Artemis Anchorage to unidentified warship. Please state your intentions or leave this area immediately."

"This is Lockdown. Just a Transformer that is trying to track down an old buddy-" the bounty hunter said with a grin.

"So what is the name of this 'old friend' that came anyway?" Hot Shot asked.

"He said his name was Lockdown and..." Sai said before being cut off.

"Ready your guns," Whirl yelled. "We got a slagger that likes to take body parts coming."

"Friend? My reactor linkage!" Downshift shouted out. They quickly headed towards the launching bay of the Archangel.

Kira was over by the Strike, finding himself jumping into the mobilesuit and loading his optimized command controls instead of the barely tweaked settings the technicians from Artemis had worked on. "I can't let them be harmed," he said to himself.

Chief Murdoch started yelling at his expanded crew when the Gundam Strike stood up, its phaseshift activating automatically. The articulated robotic arms loaded the Sword Striker on the Gundam fast.

"This is Kira Yamato! I'm going out to help the Autobots!" he called out over the communication system.

Lt. Commander Murrue Ramius looked over from where she was directing her ship as it tried to track the fast flying enemy transformer. "What's going on?"

"My god, he's killed three mobilearmors already!" one of the new bridge officers called out, showing a screen that had Lockdown blasting three mobilearmors. Each one exploded, killing their pilots.

Murrue was starting to see why the Autobots didn't want to stick around Earth. And this was just a single Decepticon that was attacking them. She actually wondered if they'd have to call on Orb and ZAFT for help if more Decepticons arrived in the Solar System.

Lockdown looked at the destroyed mobilearmors with annoyance. They were simply too large for him to take pieces for his trophy collection. He then scanned the ships trying to figure out where the Autobots and that traitor Drift would be. Lockdown then dodged laser fire from the Autobots.

"Well, well. Looks like a bunch of drowning rats," Lockdown said nastily. He knew he was on a whole different level than these Autobots. The Steel Haven was mostly used by Perceptor for his duties on the Science Council. So it was not a front-line combat vessel. He rocketed forward to plant both feet in Perceptor's face, sending him sprawling across the port landing pod of the Archangel as a a huge, local guardian appeared. Guess that was his next target.

"Perceptor!?" Kira shouted out, swinging the huge, anti-ship sword at the mis-match looking Transformer who was far, far faster than anyone had a right to be.

The bounty-hunter smirked. Who ever this guy was, he was a rookie in real skills, even if he was fast. Lockdown then quickly scaled the back of Strike. Kira was worried, as the Phaseshift made it so he couldn't be physically damaged easily, he had no idea what Lockdown had put on him. Lockdown attached what looked like smoke bombs to several points on the Strike.

A thick black gas was emitted but it started eating through the metal of the suit and Lockdown smiled a death-rictus smile. The bounty hunter pulled out a blaster and fired into the holes he made into the Strike. Kira tried his best to slam Lockdown into the side of Artemis's dock and flatten the mercenary.

Lockdown leaped off the Strike and onto the inside walls of the hanger bay. Lockdown saw Skysickle and looked amused at the Minicon attempting to stand up to him.

Until it transformed into a gun mode and blasted him in the chest. The bounty hunter was knocked back and wondered where in the deepest pits of the inferno Drift was. Lockdown then dodged a very crude Metallikato kick from Whirl. Whirl then extending a knife from his left hand and stabbing the chest with it, catching Lockdown off guard.

"Not very Autobot-like of you," Lockdown groaned.

"I'm a Wrecker glitchhead," Whirl snarled. "You don't slag with one of us."

"No, but you guys sure die easily," Lockdown bantered as he smacked Whirl in the face with his hook arm.

Whirl head-butted right back, knocking Lockdown down to the armored hull of the Archangel. "Wreck and Rule," Whirl said in a calm tone before pulling out the knife and hitting Lockdown with an axe kick. This one was for all the Wreckers this damned Transformer had given over to the Decepticons.

Whirl then transformed and started strafing Lockdown. While the bounty hunter was busy with the Wrecker Hot Shot transformed and tried to build up as much speed as he could. At the last moment he transformed to robot mode and hit Lockdown with a flying punch. Whirl transformed back to robot mode and blasted Lockdown.

"Enough playing around," Lockdown snarled as he sprayed Whirl in the face with quick hardening cement from a port on his arm and slammed the Wrecker face first into the floor. He repeatedly kicked the blinded Autobot in the chest to make sure he stayed down. He then used more quick drying cement to attach Whirl to the ground.

Swerve at this point didn't care about conserving his rockets and let loose with them on Lockdown. There was a massive explosion and Lockdown was tossed around the hanger by the shockwave.

Kira gasped at the raw power those tiny, in mobile suit weapon scale, weapons had. He then flung the Midas Messer beam boomerang at the colorful mercenary.

Lockdown leaped into the air and easily avoided the weapon. All the while he was firing on the Autobots and the Strike with a bright yellow acid. Kira hoped that was acid, or there were some really,really,really weird things that aliens weaponized.

The garish bounty hunter gracefully leaped off the mobile suit and hit Perceptor with a much better done version of the martial arts kick Whirl had performed earlier. The crimson Autobot hit the floor with a loud clang.

Downshift fired on the bounty hunter to give Hot Shot cover fire. Lockdown wasn't impressed and charged at Downshift. Perceptor fired a laser blast that hit Lockdown in the kneecap. Lockdown looked at the sparking wound and sized up the amount of money these Autobots were worth with Drift missing.

Downshift then had his missile launchers flip out and onto his shoulders. He unleashed a volley of missiles at Lockdown and knocked the mercenary back. Swerve fired at the wounded soldier of fortune with all his blasters to keep him busy.

The bounty hunter then tossed a small bomb against the wall of the massive, internal landing bay of Artemis. The gas that came out of appeared to do nothing until Lockdown transformed into his muscle car-mode, accelerating fast. Lockdown flew off the end of the Archangel and shattered the wall when he hit. Artemis started to shake worse as the Death's Head kept firing on it. The diecast constructed starship took the pounding that the Earth Alliance ships were unleashing on it and kept on fighting.

"Tricursed slagger," Whirl groaned as Grip-lock, Skysickle and Thunderstrike picked away at the cement.

"Why didn't we grab those guardian bodies?" Thunderstrike asked, getting an agreeing groan from both of the other minicons. "We're idiots, I guess."

"Not that it did Kira any good against Lockdown." Swerve noted dryly.

"It is time for us to flee with this vessel," Perceptor said as objects started flying out of the hole. "Admiral Garcia, launch the Archangel while dispersing the anti-beam canisters."

And the bridge of the Archangel, Garcia frowned his position down in CiC. "How are we going to stand up to that ship?"

"We shall attempt to lose him in the debris field. That ship's sensors has a weakness in tracking power in a confused location. Normally it does not impede his hunting individual ships, but we shall use its single-minded acuity against him," the true leader of this Autobot band snapped out quickly while firing his blaster. "All Autobots and mobilesuits, retreat to the Archangel before Lockdown returns with more exotic weapons."

"All hands, prepare to launch! Signal the Dzielny and the Neustraszony to follow in our lead," Murrue ordered. She went from being a lieutenant to lieutenant commander and the admiral's fleet captain in just a few days. "Launch anti-beam canisters!"

The Archangel-class carrier and two Drake-class escorts headed to the opposite exit from where the Death's Head was firing its far heavier energy weapons at the defense platforms of Artemis.

"This is Moebius Omega. All mobilesuits, form up in wings and flank speed while we prepare to interdict that ship," Lt. Commander Mu La Flaga called out. He got a flurry of responses from the standard Moebius mobilesuits.

He hit the controls and unlocked his upgraded remotes. They now worked with a quantum connection and were powered by energy-transmission from the main body, which had been converted to work with Energon and with far higher thrust and power. Mu was not totally sure, but with the beam weapons that he had managed to also get installed, any GINN that tried to attack him was in for a world of pain.

Lockdown flew through space to the Death's Head, heading into the ship and to its one-man bridge. "I'll retreat for now. If I can't find any Drift, I'll have to take their heads to the local Decepticons to make some money."

The massive and ominous red ship powered up its two, red energy sails and moved with a speed that the defending fleet could not match. With a frown, he saw the Autobot ship head into the deeper debris field. "Slag, that was actually pretty smart. Perceptor is more cunning than I thought an emotionless cripple could be."


In the Mirtonian constellation the star ship Axalon waited over a lush jungle world. On board Thunderclash tapped his fingers on armrest of his chair. The white and teal captain of the Elite Guard wondered where Perceptor and the Steelhaven were. It wasn't like them to be late. Even though the Wreckers and Elite Guard tended to grind each other's gears a bit every time they met, Thunderclash doubted that Perceptor would take his sweet time on Whirl's account.

Thunderclash rubbed his blue head for a moment and then stopped. It was a habit he did when he was on edge.

"Maybe they got caught in traffic," Landshark joked with a wide smile. The stocky green and brown pilot earned the name Landsnark for a reason.

"Right," Flak deadpanned.

"Perceptor doesn't get lost," Thunderclash stated in a hard tone with the light of his optics reflecting off his gold face. "At least since he stopped letting Swerve pilot the ship."

"Rumor is he's transported too many chemicals and its burned out his cerebro circuits a bit," Ironfist declared in a derisive tone.

"I heard his mind just wanders," Flak recalled out loud.

"In any case," Magna Stampede interjected a bit too loudly. "We needed their help in finding Cannonball now that he managed to get the Commandos to work for him."

"I got their last report," Scattershot stated. "Said they were going to build a safehouse on some backwater planet."

"So what is the name of this planet?" Thunderclash asked in a serious tone.

"It's the planet the Junkions use to base their speaking patterns off of," Scattershot explained. "The planet Earth."

"So we going to have to go see what Perceptor got into Clash?" Landshark asked with a wide grin.

"Yes. And I told you. don't call me Clash!" Thunderclash yelled.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Sidewinder » 2011-07-25 07:29pm

Took me a while to remember Hotshot was from Armada. From the fact Star Saber is an Autobot leader instead of a Minicon combiner, I'm assuming you're setting up your own continuity, with elements from Generation One and Armada. Will we see Transformers from Beast Wars in later chapters?
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by LadyTevar » 2011-07-25 11:17pm

Maybe not Beast wars, but if they follow Armada, I'm quite happy. Armada was very well done, and I loved their characterizations, especially of Starscream. Pity he died.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Sidewinder wrote:Took me a while to remember Hotshot was from Armada. From the fact Star Saber is an Autobot leader instead of a Minicon combiner, I'm assuming you're setting up your own continuity, with elements from Generation One and Armada. Will we see Transformers from Beast Wars in later chapters?
Elements of Gen1, Gen2, Armada, Animated, Energon, Cybertron, Robots in Disguise and even Transformers Prime are used for the continuity of this. It is a mostly Gen1 based one however, and the Beast Wars material is kept to ideas from the show that have become part of the rest of the Transformers Multiverse. Though the Beast Wars cast members that ended up in Armada do get mentioned.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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On the screen, a thirty year old woman with a professional haircut looked at the screen. "Good evening and welcome to the Washington Nightly News. Our top story of the night is a strange statement from the Eurasian Federation that they are now in negotiation with what may be an extra-solar civilization. They caution that they are investigating these claims while in negotiation with these people for, and I quote, 'Interesting technology and knowledge beyond our solar system.' Zebadiah, what do you make of this?" the co-anchor said to her compatriot.

"Well, Dara, if this is true and not some disinformation tactic, this is potentially the biggest thing since George Glen announced he was a Coordinator and discovered the space-whale out in the Jupiter's reaches." Zebadiah was an older man in his fifties, but with a shock of only slightly gray hair in a top-notch business suit. "It seems too true, but from what the Eurasian Federation announced, the aliens were caught up the destruction of Heliopolis and are now stranded here in Earth orbit."

"This has brought to the fore Rear Admiral Gerard Garcia, a top commander of the impregnable Artemis station. He's described as more of a politically connected officer, but competent within his command area. He actually states that, through OMNI, that this became possible due to the actions of a young officer that took command of an almost crippled, new ship and managed to defend her ship and her new allies," Dara said as she turned to the left camera. "Our top correspondent at the Pentagon has new information. Over to you, James!"

The scene switched suddenly, naming the reporter as one James Dunnagan in a auditorium. "Thank you, Dara. I'm here as Admiral Motrose of the Atlantic Federation is about to make a public statement. Just to let our watchers know, this is the first time that Motrose has publicly spoken since the onset of hostilities with ZAFT and the PLANTS."

"They claim to be autonomous life forms. Scientists postulate they could be Von Neumann machines or auxons of some kind," Motrose was saying at the podium up front. "Their weapons put them on equal footing with a GINN along with energy-fuel technology that is literally incomparable."

"Admiral any word on what the aliens, if they really do exist, were here to do?"

"Our sources say they were here to gather energy before moving on," Motrose stated "They had no intention of getting involved in our conflict, however ZAFT ended up forcing them to do so."

"Have they said how whatever faster then light drive they have works?" Jess Rabble asked.

"No comment so far," the admiral replied.

"Are they going to anal probe us?"

Admiral Montrose simply glared at the reporter. Of all the immature and pathetic things that could be asked about aliens that had to be at the top of the list. The reporter nearly yelped and said, "Question withdrawn."

"Admiral, you said they had no intention of getting involved," another reporter said "What side are they on in this conflict?"

"So far they seem to be on our side," Montrose said. "As ZAFT attacked them with no reason and killed one of their team mates."

Several of the press found it interesting that for a group that had enhanced intelligence as one of the attributes of their group, the Coordinators still made poor decisions. Managing to kill an alien and dragging them into the war against them was a huge one.

"Admiral what are they called?"

"They call themselves Cybertronians," Montrose stated "But they also answer to being called Transformers."

"The question gentlemen is exactly what do we do now?" Lord Djibril said as he turned away from the screen to the many leaders in his conference room. These were the movers and shakers of Blue Cosmos and LOGOS. "We have little reason to doubt Rear Admiral Garcia, given he won't make a claim this bold without hard evidence. He values his career too highly to do otherwise."

"I see this as a chance to find newer and more powerful weapons," Bruno Azrael said in grim delight. "However what those would be require we have more then third-hand information on these machines."

"We need to be careful with our electronic records and messages as who knows how easily they could hack into our systems," Muruta Arzael said authoritatively. "And find out any information they have on intergalactic arms dealers and what sort of materials they take for payment."

'The more things change,' Lord Djibril thought, 'the more they stay the same.'


"Kira Yamato, while I applaud your eagerness to jump into that fight to aid your friends and allies, the Autobots, you just can not use military equipment. I could be court-martialed. And during a time of war, Kira Yamato, that is a firing squad," Rear Admiral Gerard Garcia said across the table from the young Coordinator in the Captain's Conference room of the Archangel. "In fact, by continuing to allow you access to the Strike, I could be charged with an accessory to espionage. I doubt that they would convict you of spying, of course. But you will probably be locked up until the end of the conflict at the very least."

'Maybe it was a good thing the Minicons left the Astrays on the Archangel,' Kira thought a little nervously. "That isn't what I meant to happen-"

"I understand that, Mr. Yamato. And with the changes you have done, that very advanced mobilesuit that is actually most of the defense capability of this ship is almost useless. Lt. Shardan is unable to pilot it, though he think he will soon be able to pilot the... purloined ASTRAY units." Gerard calculated how hard a hammer to use. Perhaps a bit of the velvet glove. "There is a way to avoid an unpleasant fate for both of us."

Kira actually perked up at that. "Oh?"

Murrue looked on uncomfortably but spoke as they had rehearsed. "You could be commissioned as a volunteer of OMNI, within the Atlantic Federation."

The teen looked confused. "I thought due the circumstances I was pretty much already a part of the crew of the Archangel," Kira said slowly. "I mean even the Minicons weren't sure they could get the Strike to work without customizing it for themselves." He was just some kid who got caught in this war. And he definitely didn't want to get arrested and go to prison.

Garcia managed to hide his surprise at that tidbit. It also made him wonder what exactly Kira had done to the OS of the Strike to make so no one else could use it. And this was on the fly work. Garcia wondered what an OS designed from the ground up by Kira would be like. Still it didn't sound like the offer was being turned down.

"Well we'll just make it official then," Garcia said with a comforting smile. "Welcome to OMNI, Volunteer Ensign Yamato."

Kira just hoped his friends would get out of this while they could. He wanted to protect them, but even the Strike didn't make him the greatest protector. He wanted them to be safe and not on the front lines. Especially if more Decepticons showed up. And if they had him under arrest for the entire war then he won't be to help them or anyone else for that matter. Kira wondered if this was the sort of thing super heroes had to deal with.

Murrue nodded carefully. "Ensign Yamato, you will be given a very abbreviated familiarization boot-camp by Lt. Shardan and Lt. Commander La Flaga. Please listen to them closely."

"Understood." Kira said. He wondered what exactly they would teach him that he didn't already know. He had a feeling it would be regulations and rules instead of things relating to combat. And he remembered what Whirl said about the rules and how it is best to know them so you knew when to break them.


Patrick Zala looked over the rest of the Supreme Councilors of the PLANTS. "If this news is true, we have just had an unmitigated disaster."

Seigel Clyne, Chairman of the Council, nodded gravely. He was suddenly wishing he had not sent out his only daughter on that Junius-7 remembrance trip. "Indeed. I find it quite strange that Commander Le Creuset categorically denied the possibility that the smaller mobilesuits at Heliopolis were not part of the Earth Alliance. I think that extra-solar aliens qualify as 'not part of the Earth Alliance,' don't you?"

Eileen Canaver quickly stepped in before the two ex-friends started arguing. "At this point, I think we should be considering actions to mitigate the indiscretions of our commander on the spot. I think we should offer to send out a peace envoy to these... Transformers, so that we can discuss the matters of this horrible accident personally."

One of Seigel's other compatriots shouted out, "You are trying to sweep this under the rug! Zala, you used the super-advanced technology as a reason to get ready to press the attack. Now we are suddenly faced with an incredible unknown, not just a small gap in technology that we can redress!"

Ezalia Joule jumped to her feet. "You damned opportunist! This is no time to be attacking one of our greatest heroes!"

Eileen was on her own feet in response. "The same hero, Ezalia, that used anti-fortress weapons inside a civilian colony and killed eight hundred neutral citizens? Grow up! He's a barely restrained attack-dog of Patrick!"

The other woman on the council recoiled as if slapped.

"That is enough," Seigel Clyne shouted out. "We are here to make a decision, not to turn into a kangaroo court and point fingers."

Patrick grimaced. "The Chairman is right. We should immediately send out a high ranking diplomat under a flag of truce to where ever these Transformers are. We don't want to find ourselves beset on two sides. They might only need to field a single ship to tip the balance of this war in favor permanently to the Naturals!"

"We're all humans, once again. You're mania about Coordinators and Naturals ends here, Zala. There are true alien races out there," Seigel declared. "They might decide that all biologicals need to be eradicated like the Terminators from that very old 2D movie."

"If that was true why would they even bother allying with any faction?" Patrick countered quickly.

Eileen smirked as she sat down. "You are right, they might only attack xenophobic reprobates as self-defense."

"Contact the Junk Guild. Perhaps if we bring them their fallen comrade for whatever they consider proper funeral rites will earn us some brownie points with them," Ezalia said quickly to cut off that argument.

"And if we try to take the remains from the Junk Guild? It is given Orb likely has hired them to scavenge for any other mobile suits and that Transformer," Seigel asked cautiously. "It is a forgone conclusion that Orb has their own mobile suit program of some kind. Do we really want to make this a three front war? Is angering every other faction that exists really in our best interests?"

"If there is even enough of that robot left to be identified," Eileen commented snidely.

Patrick Zala planned on how the Autobot's remains could be 'lost' and end up being studied in a ZAFT lab. The chance to study this technology couldn't pass them by. Especially since he knew the naturals were going to do the same. These Transformers and their appearance changed nothing. The war would go on and afterward the Coordinators would spread across the stars.


"We got another lifepod," Swerve said as he dragged it from the debris belt. "Not sure where this one is from but we can't leave them in space." He looked over at the strange sight of a circular plate kilometers wide with ice and dead trees. That looked like something from a Space Bridge accident.

The pod was brought aboard and out stepped a pink haired girl in a fancy white dress. She had a carefree expression on her face. A pink round robot hovered around her.

Whirl eyed Haro like it was an annoying bug that needed swatted with a sledgehammer.

The girl looked confused and asked, "This isn't a ZAFT ship, is it?"

It would be worrying to the extreme if this girl was a spy as she looked as threatening as a lamb. While looks could be deceiving, this girl had to be one of the best actresses in the Solar System to pull off being this innocent. If it was an act. Whirl had a feeling in his spark that girl wore her emotions on her sleeve.

"Nope, this the Archangel," Kira explained with an almost dumbfounded expression. "An Earth Alliance ship."

"Oh," Lacus said as she looked around. So many odd robots. "Thank you for rescuing me and Mr. Haro!" She grabbed the little round ball and smiled very sweetly.

"We do not! We do not!" it blatted out.

Downshift felt the urge to shoot it with his blaster. Or test out some of the specialty missiles Perceptor had made for him. He could imagine a pink pile of scorched metal. Whirl on the other hand just wanted to step on it and crush it.

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" Skysickle asked curiously. "Some parody of AI to amuse humans at parties?"

Perceptor looked as close to being offended as he could possibly as he studied Haro. He was well aware Downshift and Whirl would destroy it if given the chance. It seemed made to annoy all Transformers in earshot. Perhaps a distraction device?

"Maybe we better hold this somewhere else," Hot Shot said while noticing all the hostility in the hanger bay.

"An excellent idea," Perceptor stated.

"Perhaps we should discuss this with the admiral and the captain," Natarle called out. "All right, people. Back to work."

Kira looked relieved that his robot, Birdie, didn't piss off the Autobots. He had this feeling that pink robot better leave the ship soon or that girl will see it vaporized.

Of course, things went downhill when they entered the mess hall and Flay saw Lacus. Flay asked something of her friend and she started glaring at the new girl. The coordinator singer didn't seem to sense the hostility Flay was giving off as she wanted Flay to shake her hand.

"Hello!" the pink-haired girl said with a soft smile.

"You think that I'd shake your hand?!" Flay snarled.

"Well with an attitude like that who would?" Roadhandler commented from his tall view. Flay glared at the red Minicon.

"Attitude! Attitude!" Haro called out.

"I'd pay real money if that thing would shut up," Jolt said with frustration. Something about Haro's voice grinded at his audio receptors. It was nearly as bad as Quarian thrash.

"Say, Lacus how would you like your robot given a free upgrade?" Skysickle asked. "We have a few ways we can improve it." That it would also be the only way besides leaving the Archangel that pink robot would stay in one piece was left unsaid.

"Don't want a lobotomy! No lobotomy!" Haro shouted.

"It's this or the business end of a blaster," Jolt commented with a glare.

"My dear Haro!"

"We'd be giving you more brains, not taking them away!" Roadhandler said quickly. "And maybe throw in a new paint job if Lacus desires it."

"But I like pink," the singer protested softly.

"That's not the problem," Jolt explained. "I mean Hot Shot's girlfriend is pink but no one disrespects her."

"She also knows several martial arts and can shatter someone's arm by hitting the right spot," Roadhandler commented in a careful tone.

"And she dates Hot Shot?" Kira asked. That just did not make much sense. From what he heard about Arcee unless she had a soft spot for lovable goofballs there was no way Hot Shot should have gotten the time of day off her.

"Love is a very mysterious thing," Jolt commented with a grin. "And no, my being attached to Hot Shot doesn't help me understand what Arcee sees him either."

"Didn't she date a Wrecker?" Thunderstick asked.

"Yeah. Springer," Jolt replied with a nod. "He even got a featured article on Autopedia."

Flay huffed as attention was drawn from her to the Transformers. She settled for glaring at the new Coordinator and Roadhandler The red minicon shrugged it off easily. He'd been stared by Cons that wanted to harm him and he doubted Flay could physically hurt him. Plus he was sure his Cybertronian wrestling moves could destroy a Terran car.


The Axalon appeared near Jupiter, following the trail of the Steel Haven.

"By the numbers, Autobots. We need to catch up to Perceptor and his group quickly. There's rumors of a powerful band of Decepticons in the quadrant and we'll need all the bodies we can to send them packing," Thunderclash called out from the command chair.

Ironfist just looked up, as if to ask the Primes to defend him from people that wanted to tell him how to do his job. "Your energon pump is going to go spastic, 'clash, if you don't relax."

Thunderclash looked at Landshark with a mock glare. Landshark grinned and said, "Hey not my fault you got a catchy nickname."

"I'm reading a third ion trail," Scattorshot called out. "Looks like the Death's Head has been here already."

"Drift..." Thunderclash muttered.

"What did that guy do to get such a high bounty anyway?" Stockade asked. It always confused the stocky rust red Autobot how a low ranked swordsman could get the Cons that willing to shell out that much Shanix for him dead or alive.

"That's classified, Stockade," Scattorshot snapped in a slightly menacing tone.

The massive, blocky ship rumbled around Jupiter, headed along a faint trail towards Earth.

"Man, these guys are pretty messy. They've been in space how many thousands of years?" Flak asked as he took in the sensor readings of the debris belt.

"About two vorns, if I recall correctly," Thunderclash said, much to the shock of everyone else.

"Primus," Magna Stampede muttered.

"A Decepticon battleship could probably be hidden in all that slag," Stockade commented. "And we'd never know until they shot at us."

"Thanks for that cheery thought," Scattorshot commented with sarcasm dripping off his voice.

"Stay sharp then," Thunderclash ordered.

"And the trail for Perceptor and his group are in the middle of that mess," Flak said as he went over what the Axalon's scanners were showing him. "At least their shuttle the Blue Nixie does."

"Have Jetstorm and Jetfire get ready to launch," Thunderclash commanded in a firm tone. "Have them check the Steelhaven for any signs of damage.

Unknown to the Elite Guard, the Decepticon Scourge had been tracking their every move. And now it was time for action, as he should be arriving right about now. The hyperspace beacon was going to have it drop right where they wanted it.

That was when a massive, cruel looking ship appeared out of hyperspace. It was Galvatron's battleship, The Revenge. The two engines on the curved pylons roared to life, even as the main engine on the spike-shaped main body thrummed with unimaginable power. The instant it appeared, The Revenge opened fire on the Axalon with a barrage of torpedoes.

The Axalon rocked and Stockade barely managed to scream out, "We're all going to die."

An elevator lifted up a figure that almost seemed to be painted in Imperial Purple and who's head almost looked crown-like. The menacing Decepticon transformed into futuristic cannon, angling up on bipod legs. Husbanded Energon was unleashed deep within him, releasing terrifying and barely controlled energies.

The bridge of the Axalon was hit dead on with the stream of antimatter particles, instantly killing the ships controls.

Galvatron transformed back to his robotic form and started laughing maniacally. Off in the distance, behind the exploding ship, twinkled strange (to him) spinning space structures that looked like toy hour-glasses.

While Galvatron examined the space stations, a damaged jet flew out of the explosion and did a quick transwarp jump before his ship could attack. "Fools! You let one of them escape!"

Inside The Revenge, The Sweeps all winced at that. No one had the guts to back-talk to him that he had failed to attack either.

"Good job, guys! We still got most of them. It won't be long until this sector of space is cleared of Autobots and Wreckers in no time," Scourge called out.

"The Elite Guard," Leozack said sounding amused. "What a pathetic joke."

Gaihawk looked at the energy trails and noticed the Death's Head was in the system.

"I wonder if we left enough scraps for Lockdown," Gaihawk said in a disdainful tone.

"If we haven't then he will have to discuss it with Galvatron," Cyclonus said behind Gaihawk. "And then we can raid his trophy collection given he will no longer need it."

The Sweeps chuckled at that mental image.

"And here I thought you liked Lockdown," Scourge replied in a snide tone.

"Lord Galvatron finds him useful and as long as he serves a purpose, I will put with him and habits," Cyclonus said in a hard tone. "The instant he needs to be destroyed, I would gladly pull the trigger."

"How spark warming," Hellbat commented.

"Interesting," Gaihawk noted aloud. "The traitor Deadbolt is in this system."

"Well that answers why Lockdown is here," Leozack said. "Another sword for his collection."


"Admiral Garcia? The... guest from that destroyed ship is here to see you," a petty officer called out at the doorway.

"Send her in." Garcia said. The admiral found it comical that the Coordinator singer didn't bother Autobots in the least. Her little robot however seemed to annoy the hell out of them. He also found it amusing he had the daughter of the head of PLANTs in his grasp. Though had to keep everything on the up and up for the Autobots. The fact ZAFT needed their mobile suits and now the Earth Alliance had the Autobots for technological aid showed who had the upper hand in the Mobile Suit race.

Lacus entered the Captain's Conference room with Haro flying beside her. Yet the little robot seemed a bit different to Garcia. It hovered a bit closer to Lacus and was between him and her. Haro's optics glowed bright yellow for a moment.

"What is it you wish to discuss Ms. Clyne?"

"I came out here to see about officiating over the Juninus-7 remembrance," Lacus said softly.

Gracia pondered if that would be a good idea. On one hand, it would made it even harder for Lockdown to track them. That had to be balanced with the official stance that the Earth Alliance had that the force used here was justified, which anyone with a lick of sense knew was totally untrue. Damn North Atlantic fanatics. Frankly they were going to cause the biggest problems with the alliance with the Autobots.

Especially if half of what the Autobots mentioned of their leader Optimus Prime were true. "The crew might have an odd hour or two tomorrow that will be left open for recreational pursuits. Unofficially, Ms. Clyne, I wish you the best, but that is the most I can do while we loiter in the area." His tone was quite bland.

"That's all I can ask for," Lacus said with a soft smile.


"Primus," Grip-Lock whispered when he saw the clump of debris that was once Juninus-7. There were all gathered at the end of the port landing bay that had been sealed with a clear emergency dome.

"Yeah, like when Straxus blew up the Amu-Ro Array over Prysmos," Jolt said softly.

"Didn't someone turn him into a head in a jar over that?" Thunderstick asked.

"I think so." While permanently killing Transformers happened, Autobot punishment tended to be just imprisonment. Being 'jarred' was the most extreme form. Most were stored on the Autobot Asteroid Prison Colony or in Garrus-Nine on Elba.

Still it was far more merciful then Decepticon punishment which tended to be gladiatorial games to the death or smelting down for raw materials in massive smelting pools.

While further way from the Minicons, the rest of the Autobots viewed the shattered ruins of Juninus-7. The sight of it disturbed them and it was made worse when they found out who had destroyed the colony.

"And we're working with the people that did this," Swerve said in cybertronian and felt extremely dirty.

"Both sides seem to like blowing up space colonies," Whirl noted in a bland tone. "The PLANTS retaliated by using some form of Neutron Jammer (which Perceptor is really interested in) and then started blowing up colonies under the control of their enemies."

"There's a reason we try to stay out of local conflicts, gentlebots," Downshift explained in a hard tone. "And this shades of gray slag is part of it."

"Not like we're perfect," Hot Shot commented. There were plenty of destroyed cities and even planets thanks to the Cybertronian Civil War. Many races across the galaxy avoided the Transformers in fear and the Autobots understood why. This was why they tried to gather their energy covertly and leave before being discovered by the local lifeforms.

"Thank you all for taking the time to give a moment for the fallen of this war," Lacus called out in a clear voice that somehow also let everyone know of her sorrow. "This war has caused so much pain and suffering. But I know in my heart that they would want us to look past this terrible act to reconcile with our fellow humans. Because today, humanity has met valiant sentients from beyond our solar system that have greeted us in peace."

The Autobots were blinking in surprise. They had not expected to hear such heartfelt feelings that inspired them from a human. And one that was not even a war-leader of the likes of Optimus Prime.

"If you have a minute, please let me sing this song for you," the young girl asked.

"In this quiet night, I'm waiting for you

During that time, your smile has faded away

Now that a little time has passed,

Fond memories start to resurface..." the Coordinator sang as she reached out in sorrow to the beings around her. The accompanying music in the background played through the tinny speakers.

Even Flay, standing next to Sai, was moved by her speech and then song. She felt more than a bit embarrassed by her earlier behavior in the lounge as tears gathered in her eyes. Lacus was not a space monster, nor was Kira. While what she heard about Lockdown from the Autobots made him sound ghoulish. Flay was sure there were Coordinators to be afraid of; it just seemed not all of them were bad.

The Transformers felt the sorrow that was deep inside their spark, reverberating and growing stronger until it seemed it would over-load.

Out in space, Lt. Commander Mu La Flaga led a pair of mobilearmors in a flyover of the ruin in his Moebius Omega. Explosive bolts released nets that scattered little hand-made origami birds that the civilians (and off-duty soldiers) for this occasion. The right wingman broke off for the traditional 'missing flyer' position as they launched green flares.

The light flooded the area, giving it a strange, ethereal glow under the green brilliance.

"...since I will embrace that coldness.

Even though we're apart now,

We will definitely be back together.

In the Quiet of the Night," the young singer finished.

"Till all are one," Haro said surprising everyone, its voice sounding surprisingly sad.

"Till all are one," the Autobots chanted in reverence.

Then suddenly there was a rip in space and heavily damaged Mobilearmor flew out. It was leaking fuel and an icy trail of lubricant. The top half of it was blue, with the lower half of it gray and orange. The most sharp eyed among the group could see the mobile armor had an Autobot symbol that appeared to have a pair of red downward pointing chevrons attached to it.

The other Autobots looked at Whirl for a moment like he was going to say something disparaging about the Elite Guard but Whirl was already running for the other launch bay. Even Whirl knew that now was not the time to indulge in the Wreckers and Elite Guard spat.

On the bridge, the captain was snapping out orders. "Signal that Transformer. Someone get me Hot Shot on line. I want to know if they are friendly or not!" Murrue gripped the arm rests that had jolted her during that fly-over gingerly. It didn't seem like anything else was going to happen.

"Signal from Hot Shot, the new contact appears to be two friendly Autobots that are damaged," the communications officer called out.

"Open the port landing bay, prepare to receive... wounded," she called out. She then wondered if the pair of Transformers had any minicons on them.

Chief Engineer Murdoch Kojiro looked at the wreck that the two Autobots where. It also surprised him they were able to combine like something out of an old giant robot cartoon.

They split apart, then transformed back to two robots. "Slag that hurt," the mostly orange robot groaned.

"Ah, shut up, Jetfire. We're still alive, which is better than the rest of the Elite Guard," the blue and silver Autobot replied angrily. "Man, they were totally brutal and on top of us."

"What happened?" Perceptor demanded in a loud monotone.

That managed to get them to stand at attention (and knock of Chief Murdoch) and salute. "It was Galvatron and The Revenge, sir!" Jetfire replied quickly.

"Oh, solar-slagging spark-killers," Whirl said with very intense emotion. "We in deep scrap now."

Lt. Natarle Badguriel looked shocked at that. If she was interpreting that swearing correctly, this was the most panic and terror the Autobot had ever shown. "Who is Galvatron and Revenge?"

"Galvatron is the commander in chief of the Decepticons. The Revenge is not a who, it is his battleship," Hotshot said in a quiet panic.

"And we're a bit short anyone that can fight Galvatron one on one," Swerve said with fear lacing his voice. "Or a Guardian like Omega Sentinel."

"Didn't he slaughter an entire group of Wreckers once?" Jetstorm asked in surprise.

"Yes," Whirl said in the barest of whispers and looking at his feet. His optics suddenly flared and his knife extended. "And if I could, I'd send Galvatron to the Acid Wastes in small parts," he suddenly snarled.

"Well, we could have taken him if he hadn't ambushed us!" the new, blue and white Autobot exclaimed. "We're really strong as Safeguard!"

"Autobots. Prepare for emergency upgrade assistance to Archangel and Mobilesuits. All ASTRAY and Gundam units will be completely upgraded within 100 Breems. Lt. Badguriel, inform Admiral Garcia of the nature of our new foes and that we should prepare for battle as soon as possible," Perceptor suddenly ordered in a tone that really did brook no arguments.

With that, he immediately set off while dragging the twin Autobots behind him.

"Guess repairing us is a priority," Jetfire said in shock.


Author's Notes: As a quick aside, this story originally grew out of a bit of a misconception between myself and Fanboyimus. He had thought I had mentioned Transformers Universe (double-correction, dang it), when I had understood Transformers Animated. We're mostly going on with Transformers Animated, but with some G1 (because sometimes the classics really are the best.) So this story is definitely growing organically and not exactly in the direction we either originally envisioned.

CoAuthor's Notes: And I just wanted a universe to blow up with the Transformers. Yet now I think Gundam SEED is pretty good (though it seems I'm in the minority since most of my friends hate it) and have to thank Arthur for exposing me to the show. Enjoy the fanfic everyone and remember....a Transformer only dies when their toy is not on the shelves. Unless they're Optimus Prime or Starscream. In that case death isn't the end. Wreck and Rule!
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by LadyTevar » 2011-07-26 04:16pm

Solar-slagging spark-killers are about to meet Gundam Strike, who has already been accused of having Megatron's weaponry. I fully approve of this fic, and hope the two of you continue posting.

BTW: Love how Halo annoys someone besides me. I can't wait to see what 'reprogramming' was done to it. Odd how it spoke after the song....
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Sidewinder » 2011-07-26 08:32pm

A major problem I have with this series (and Gundam SEED) is the fact the press correspondent is at the Pentagon- another excuse for Sunrise to rant "Grrr, America bad!" Remember that the Pentagon is NOT a fortress, NOT designed to survive attacks from bunker-busters, and NOT camouflaged to protect itself from enemy spy planes or satellites. From the way the Atlantic Federation is described, their government officials should be working out of a secure location, like Cheyenne Mountain (it's a military dictatorship, after all) NOT out of a place as vulnerable as the Pentagon, and DEFINITELY NOT out of the White House.
Please do not make Americans fight giant monsters.

Those gun nuts do not understand the meaning of "overkill," and will simply use weapon after weapon of mass destruction (WMD) until the monster is dead, or until they run out of weapons.

They have more WMD than there are monsters for us to fight. (More insanity here.)

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-27 03:29am

LadyTevar wrote:Solar-slagging spark-killers are about to meet Gundam Strike, who has already been accused of having Megatron's weaponry. I fully approve of this fic, and hope the two of you continue posting.

BTW: Love how Halo annoys someone besides me. I can't wait to see what 'reprogramming' was done to it. Odd how it spoke after the song....
Thanks for enjoying the story. And trust me there is a lot more to this story. And there's more to Halo's changes than meets the eye.
Sidewinder wrote:A major problem I have with this series (and Gundam SEED) is the fact the press correspondent is at the Pentagon- another excuse for Sunrise to rant "Grrr, America bad!" Remember that the Pentagon is NOT a fortress, NOT designed to survive attacks from bunker-busters, and NOT camouflaged to protect itself from enemy spy planes or satellites. From the way the Atlantic Federation is described, their government officials should be working out of a secure location, like Cheyenne Mountain (it's a military dictatorship, after all) NOT out of a place as vulnerable as the Pentagon, and DEFINITELY NOT out of the White House.
I'd say JOSH-A over Cheyenne Mountain as where the LOGOS cabal would rule from. Or Heaven's Base.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Post by Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-07-27 07:20am

The Archangel and its consorts rumbled through space as silently as possible, every stealth system possible active. Other then the one Mirage had, given the power requirements that system needed for objects the size of Earth starships could power Omega Supreme for a week. And the fact Perceptor couldn't build the power rectifier needed for such a system out of Earth parts.

Captain Conrad Hauser of the Dzielny really didn't like their chances if this 'Galvatron' was as powerful as they said he was. Even that really weird 'Whirl' unit he had to deal with once likely would be ground to bits. But they could not make it to the 8th Fleet or the Moon. And Earth seemed like a better choice at this point.

The blonde haired captain then shook his head as he recalled some very odd dreams he had. The extra solar aliens were in several of them, along with some weird H.P. Lovecraft like stuff. He then put those thoughts aside for a time he could think about them.

"Chief Petty Officer Steinberg," Duke stated an unshaven man that looked like he slept in that uniform entered the bridge. "Lance what can you tell me about the stealth technology we've been loaned by our 'friends'?"

"Well it is definitely some interesting technology," Lance admitted. "Of course the fact they gave it to us because a fuel air bomb is about to hit the fan worries me. A lot."

"And the advice they gave was 'avoid getting shot and pray' was not helpful," Conrad admitted in a soft tone.

"Hey we got a teenager with a giant robot, seven full size alien warriors, three more robot teens in those Orb mobile suits, and the Hawk of Endymion in an upgraded mobile armor," Lance remarked with a cocky grin. "If this isn't up there alley what is?"

There were a few chuckles at the joke, and Conrad was glad at least some of the tension had been cut.

On the Archangel, Swerve asked with a weird expression on his chrome plated face, "There's a New Jersey on Earth? Weird."

"Why would that be weird?" Kira asked as he helped with the maintenance of the Gundam Strike. It was now fully converted over to Energon instead of the batteries it had used.

"I was based in New Jersey on Ganzvort at one point," Swerve explained as he fine-tuned his blaster. "We actually have an Autobot City on that world."

"You guys really aren't that creative at naming things are you?" Kira joked.

"They usually end up piles of scrap," Whirl said with a distant look. "Like the colony world of Combatron."

"You mean Apocalypse Planet?" Roadhandler gasped. Kira winced as that told him what happened to Combatron.

"It used to be a nice place," Whirl explained. "Before Obsidian and the Combatibots went traitor and let the Decepticons past the early warning systems. I swear to Primus I'll kill those tri-cursed glitchhead slaggers."

"They say Obsidian did it for love, given his lifemate before the war was Strika," Swerve explained in a slightly sad tone.

"I don't give a slag," Whirl snarled. He'd lost a lot of friends when Combatron was invaded and actually thought Blast Off was one of his friends before that happened.

"You also never had a girlfriend let alone a lifemate," Downshift commented in a frosty tone.

"And you do?" Whirl retorted in constrained anger.

Downshift got into Whirl's face and nearly shouted, "Yes, I do. Flare Up and I have been bonded for a long time now."

"Why didn't you tell us you had a lifemate?" Swerve asked in pure, gobsmacked surprise.

"You never asked." Downshift replied as if it were that simple.

"Lifemate? Is that something like being married?" Kira asked carefully. "But I thought you said new Transformers were created from some Matrix."

"Close enough," Hot Shot said while ignoring the question about new Transformer creation. Humans were way too interested in things like that. "And I've met Flare Up. She's really driven and most bots think she's a sparkless hard-reactor linkage that likes to blow up stuff. She honestly does care."

"I'm going to power up the Strike now," the young Coordinator called out. He went through the early stages as the mobilesuit thrummed to life with energon. The energy gauge now had measurements in weeks and months, getting a whistle out of Kira. Now if they only had enough energon to charge it for more than six hours.

It also got Kira wondering if they were going to be putting in toilets on mobile suits and mobile armors when Energon became the standard energy source. True he had a system like that in his flight suit but it was frankly uncomfortable at best.

An interesting part of the Strike's upgrade was that it had the ports added to take Orb weapons. Kira wasn't sure what weapons Orb had beyond what the Astrays had but one never knew when that would come in handy. Kira checked the Electrosaber that was an upgrade of his antiship sword.

An electric field surrounded the blade and Kira wondered why it felt so right for the Red Astray to have a sword just like it. Especially since it didn't have a striker pack. The sword was put in a sheath attached to the back of the Astray.

Kira then checked the Stress Fraction cannon they managed to build for him. It wasn't as good at shattering things as the martial art Arcee and other Transformers used but it definitely was something the Decepticons wouldn't like being shot with. The look the Admiral had when he saw the weapon tested kind of scared Kira.

That was when Kuzzey hopped up in distance eating low-G hops. "Did you hear? It's a relief force from the 8th Fleet."

"What? We are meeting up with more Earth Alliance ships?" Kira called out.

"And Flay's father is on the Bernard."

"Is that a good idea?" Kira asked worriedly. "I mean I doubt any ship in this solar system could survive being shot at by Galvatron. Or even Lockdown's ship."

"I don't think they're even aware of the Decepticons or Lockdown," Kuzzey said a slight shrug.

Kira brushed aside his feelings for Flay for a moment. There was no way she'd like him and frankly she was with Sai. There was more chance in Jolt stopping teaching children Cybertronian swear words then Flay going out with him.

Which made Kira wonder what a reactor linkage was and what that translated to on the human body.

He then shook his head and checked the laser machine guns the Autobots added to the head of the Strike. It was something Starsaber had and Kira was surprised they were able to fit them into the Strike's head. What worried Kira was the Autobots saying if their scientist Wheeljack was here they'd have been able to arm the Strike with even more stuff. If it didn't explode on the first test.

Kira wondered if he should feel sorry for anyone who got Wheeljack to upgrade their equipment.

The next item Kira tested was the black beam pistol he had been given. How a beam of darkness had a corrosive effect on whatever it hit made no sense to Kira, yet that's what it did and it worked.

"Think this will be enough?" Kuzzey asked in a slightly worried tone.

"I honestly don't think anything they have would be enough," Kira admitted slowly. "Galvatron blew up a front line cruiser for an elite Autobot unit." Kira just hoped no one asked him to reassure them, because right now he was pretty scared of Galvatron. Yet he knew his friends like Kuzzey were depending on him.

"Actually he probably just blew up the bridge," Jolt said brightly. The orange minicon hovered in helicopter mode back and forth.

"That really doesn't reassure me," Kira muttered.

"It wasn't meant to."

"I think I'm starting to get why you guys didn't want to stick around," Kira said in consideration.


Athrun floated towards the bridge of the Nazca-class cruiser the Vesalius. "Commander."

Commander Rau Le Creuset looked up from the tactical table. "Athrun. It appears that we have detected a small fleet of Earth Alliance ships in the area."

Captain Ades nodded. "It's a Nelson-class and two Drake-class escorts."

"So I think we will have to interpret our orders liberally to make sure that these Naturals die before this so-called cease fire goes into effect." Rau curled his lips in a pretty snarl under his face-mask. "The Supreme Council actually believes the ranting of that poseur of Artemis."

"That's very... creative of you, sir."

"Much more creative than a nuclear warhead to Junius-7's super-structure, pilot. This is obviously nothing more than a ploy by the Earth Alliance headquarters to give them enough time to build up their mass production mobilesuits. And if they do that, Athrun Zala, the PLANTS are finished. Their fleets still out-number ours by at two to one odds with a much larger base infrastructure." Rau looked at the captain and his red-jacketed pilot. "And that means we are all dead men walking."

"I refuse to believe that, sir." Athrun tightened his control over his feelings. It just seemed too outlandish to be something to try as a stalling tactic to the red jacket.

"Very good. Prepare to lead a sortie in the Aegis against this fleet. We don't have a cease fire yet and if they never get a report out through the N-Jammer field, they will just be one more casualty in this war."

Athrun had a bad feeling about this. Still orders were orders no matter how much of a mistake he thought they were. And the chances of an alien race that just 'happened' to have dropped in during that attack? The odds were beyond astronomical.

He quickly moved to his Aegis as it was prepared for combat. His wing men on this attack would be two GINNs, leaving Rau's CeGUE and two more GINNs as backup.

The linear accelerator was ramped out, the drone of the launch sequence a normal experience for him now. The gunmetal gray of the Aegis faded away as the phaseshift activated.

Alerts were blaring on the Bernard's bridge. "It's a ZAFT attack."

Vice Minister George Allster looked up in shock at the declaration. "I thought we were under a cease fire?"

"Five minutes to contact!" a petty officer at the tactical display called out.

The captain of the Bernard shook his head. "Not for another two hours. Can we get a message out?"

"Negative. N-Jammer field is fully engaged," another petty officer at communications called out.

"Launching all Moebius mobilearmors to defend the fleet," another voice called out.

"Do you think Admiral Garcia will come to our aid?" Allster asked worriedly. "We're only thirty minutes out."

"Thirty minutes is forever in battle, Vice Minister. And he's got the alien diplomats on board." The captain made his choice. "We're on our own."

Athrun drew first blood, blowing up a rusty-red colored Moebius mobilearmor.

"Status change!" the sensor operator in the Archangel's CiC called. "We are detecting a battle at the location of the relief fleet! One Nazca-class and multiple mobilesuits."

"Damn them," Murrue swore. She suddenly settled her hands on the arm rest, idly noting a tingle from her grips. "Signal the fleet, Archangel will move at full thrust to assist the relief fleet." There were ways to jump rank at times. "Inform the admiral that we are moving into a battle and let him now we are engaging."

The Archangel rumbled to full life, accelerating faster than ever before. In fact, twenty percent faster than it should have been possible, even as alarms called its warriors to battle. Energy that looked like lightning crackled across its outer surface, invisible to its soldiers inside.


Athrun was busy avoiding being shot. Suddenly, a weird mobile armor that was blue and white on the top, while the bottom was orange, strafed by at high speeds. The elite, red-jacket dodged an energy blast that would have destroyed the sensors in his mobile suit's head.

He was then shocked when the mobile armor split into two and blasted the arms off a GINN that had gotten too close to the Bernard. The response time from the Earth Alliance taskforce had been at least ten minutes faster than expected.

Rau grimaced on the bridge of the Vesalius and wondered where the Earth Alliance was getting all these new toys. The new mobile armor was obviously from the same mind as those miniature mobilesuits. If he didn't know how Zala and the other Coordinators of his power bloc were so close minded, he'd suggest they hire the person.

The last GINN's pilot was locked onto the Law, firing his heavy Ion cannon into its engine room. With sputtering fire, it exploded, leaving the Bernard on its own.

Jetfire and Jetstorm transformed, but the pilot of the GINN was an old hand and had suspected they were more of the 'Transformers' and dodged their combined crossfire.

"He moves like Starscream." Jetfire commented as he tried to blow the legs off the GINN. There was a shower of sparks as he managed to graze the hip of the Mobile Suit with an energy blast.

Arthun barely dodged an energy blast from that Orb VTOL. That thing working in outer space was part of why he could believe it was an alien machine. Whirl strafed the Aegis as it flew up at it.

It was then the Gundam Strike appeared and fired a rifle that the ZAFT soldiers had never seen before. It was aimed at the heavy ion cannon of the GINN. The cannon shattered like a sheet of glass being hit by a semi.

"Zala, things are starting to get hot here," Miguel stated. The Magic Bullet still felt a bit unsafe in a stock GINN. Once more he mentally damned that Serpent Tail mercenary.

"Don't worry. We are almost finished," Athrun called out as the Aegis suddenly switched forms.

The captain of the Bernard only had a moment to shout his defiance before the Aegis's multi-phase cannon cored the massive battleship in one shot.

"Let's retreat now." Athrun's voice was cold. He held no regard for almost any Earth Alliance scum.

"No!" Kira shouted. What use was his power if it could not save anyone?

Jetfire suddenly yelled out, "Everyone, avoid the barrage from below!"

The arriving mobilearmors from Garcia's taskforce were mostly surprised, as they did not see the threat. Kira had been charging at Athrun's Aegis in his Strike, but broke and dodged at the Autobot's warning. Athrun thought it was a feint, so dodged to left.

That was when space filled with purple blaster beams even as missiles slammed into the Vesalius. A massive and menacing ship slid out from behind a large chunk of debris only two hundred kilometers away. Mu La Flaga had dodged even before Jetfire had shouted, an ethereal instinct moving him between the deadly beams of energy. Over half of the mobilearmors were destroyed while the rest were heavily damaged almost instantly. Every single GINN was blown to bits.

"Excellent," Galvatron called out from his command chair. "Using that debris as camouflage worked perfectly."

"Yes, mighty Galvatron. The Autobots will not be able to escape in their primitive ally's ships," Scourge said with a bloodthirsty grin on his face from one of the many gunnery stations.

"Decepticons!" Whirl shouted in alarm.

Onboard the Archangel, Admiral Garcia was staring death in the face through the viewport. "Retreat!" he shouted in terror.

"It's no use," Murrue countered instantly from her captain's chair. "They can overtake us in a moment. The Revenge is capable of going from Earth to Mars in half an hour. We must fight all out!"

Garcia almost had her dragged from the bridge, his terror was so high. But he realized she was too accurate. An anger suddenly overtook his fear. "All ships, full speed ahead and fire everything you have!"

A flight of missiles as large as the first streaked off towards the Archangel, but it moved almost as if it were alive. CWIS and flack missiles fired out, blunting the Revenge's arsenal much to Galvatron's surprise.

"What sort of ship is that? It's acting more like an Autobot heavy cruiser, not a pathetic piece of junk!" the vile Decepticon leader shouted in anger.

The bridge of the Vesalius was leaking air, over half of the crew dead or dying. "All hands, abandon ship! All hands, abandon ship!" Captain Ades shouted. He looked around frantically, but could not see Rau Le Crueset anywhere.

Down in the main launch bay, Rau was already entering his CGUE. "That ship... it is impossible. The Earth Alliance could not have been telling the truth." Because if it was true... then his plans to destroy humanity were for naught. He had forced aliens fighting a civil war to stay in the Solar System and drag everyone into it. Humanity for all it's flaws, faults and stupidity had enough sense of self preservation to unite against a common foe.

And killer robots with an incredibly powerful warship that killed anything that moved and that was armed with guns that made heavy ion cannons look like pea shooters in terms of power would count as a common foe. And who knew what the robots in it could do.

"I was so close," Rau muttered to himself. "So close."

"Athrun," Kira said calling his former friend. "We have to work together now and fight the same enemy."

"How do I know this isn't a trick?" Arthun snapped, yet it sounded hollow even to his ears. There was no way the Earth Alliance would attack their own if they had a warship like that. If they had anything even half as powerful and mobile they'd have blown the PLANTS council to bits in an opening salvo and gone from there. And even hiding such a project from ZAFT would be nearly impossible.

"Hey, if you want to die ignore him," Whirl snarled at Arthun.

Arthun then got a shock as he looked into the cockpit of the VTOL. There was no one inside of it. Then Arthun felt the need to move aside as a purple, light mobilearmor flew out of the Revenge. Whirl barrel rolled as he flew at Cyclonus.

"Die Autobot," Cyclonus snarled out as he dodged Whirl's laser fire.

The Wrecker at the last moment flew out of the way. Cyclonus was hit by a heavy ion canon blast from the Gold Astray. His right wing was nearly ripped off his body.

Cyclonus's wound sparked with green electrical energy. The spark energy of the second in command of the Decepticons burned as some organic's weapons had hurt him. "Decepticons," Cyclonus commanded, "destroy the Autobots and their allies."

Then a swarm of blue mobilearmors launched from the Revenge and attacked. One of the Sweeps hammered on the Aegis. Arthun swore he saw his life flash before his eyes. Then suddenly an antiship sword cut the Decepticon in half.

" saved me?!" Arthun exclaimed.

"Do I look like Kira?" Roadhandler grumbled from inside the red mobilesuit.

Arthun was shocked to see the Bandit Red armed with an antistarship sword. And the sword had an electrical field surround it. Then Blue Bandit fired what looked like buckshot out of a blaster at the Decepticons. Given they were in space it didn't do so well.

Kira tossed the Blue Astray his black light pistol. The Blue Astray took it and fired on Cyclonus. Kira could swear Cyclonus was offended by being shot at with a black light pistol. He was then driven from his musings as Scourge threw Jetstorm at the Strike.

The member of the Elite Guard made a loud clang as he hit the Gundam in the chest. Jetstorm looked annoyed and yelled, "Time to merge!"

Jetfire flew up to Jetstorm and the two merged into blue and orange Safeguard. They then sent out a fiery orange energy blast against Scourge and sent him flying. With the Moebius Omega in a dog fight with one of the blue mobile armors.

Mu got behind one of the Sweeps and opened fire. A bright blue burst of energy hit huntsman and knocked him off course and slammed into another Sweep.

The Gold Astray grabbed the beam boomerang from the shoulder mounting and threw it at the Decepticons. It only hit one Sweep because they were shocked to see someone throw a boomerang in space at him.

"Well there's another weapon that's Primus damned scrap in space," Skysickle grumbled loudly.

"Did you really expect it to work very well?" Roadhandler remarked over the comm.

"Better then that," Skysickle sighed as shook his head.

In the Blue Astray Thunderstick looked at the combined shield strapped to his mobile suit's left arm. Specifically the beam boomerang mounted onto it. He shook his head. "Primus I really should have stuck to the bazooka."

An unnoticed escape shuttle was spinning erratically as its pilot tried to fight away from the battle. His passenger was gripping the arm-rests of his chair tightly. "Can't you make this thing go faster?" George Allster shouted. At the shake of the head of the pilot, he turned and activated the short range communicator. That should cut through even the N-Jammer at this range. "All Earth Alliance forces, this is a direct order from Vice-Minister Allster to protect this shuttle until it leaves the battlefield-"

The purple beam that slammed home on the shuttle nearly vaporized it.

"What a pathetic and annoying life-form. Decepticons, destroy the Autobots and their allies!" Galvatron shouted, even as he fired his arm cannon at the Strike and the Moebius Omega.

The Moebius Zero suddenly spun and rocketed away, while the Strike barely deflected the single attack with the Aile Striker's shield. "Is that... Galvatron?" he asked in a panic. He had heard far too many stories about the dreaded leader of the Decepticons.

"Still think you can take him?" Whirl sarcastically asked Safeguard.

"No," Safeguard admitted in almost terror.

Galvatron then transformed into cannon mode and pointed his gun at the Archangel. Energy built up as Galvatron channeled full power to his primary weapon. A massive burst of purple energy erupted from the cannon.

Kira felt a pressure condense within his mind, then suddenly burst outwards. Everything seemed so very slow, as he moved the controls of the Strike. "No!" Kira yelled and put his beamsaber into the path of the energy blast in an almost literal blur.

The nearby combatants came to a shocking halt.

"He deflected Galvatron's attack with his beamsaber?!" Whirl exclaimed. Was that even- No, that must be possible. He had just seen it.

"Kira..." Arthun gasped in shock.

Galvatron raged. He didn't have enough power left to do another shot like that. He'd burned through his energy levels destroying the Elite Guard ship and his attempt to destroy that organic pile of scrap metal.

"Decepticons...retreat!" Galvatron barked out. The word retreat disgusting every bolt and wire of his being. He vowed that he'd make the Autobots and humans pay for this insult.

Scourge was visibly shocked at the command. These weren't Optimus Prime and his true elites. Or even real Guardian class robots like Omega Supreme. Yet these organic beings and rag tag Autobots somehow turned the tide against them.

The Sweeps laid cover fire for Galvatron and the others to retreat. Arthun opened fire on the Decepticons with his beam rifle.

On the Revenge, Leozack warmed up the primary engines. While doing this he planned how he could turn this to his advantage and if he'd have to gather all his allies together. The blue and white Sky Raider had studied what Starscream had done wrong when came to his plans to take command of the Decepticons.

Unlike Starscream, Leozack knew his allies would watch his back and had a few other tricks up his sleeve. Powerful tricks at that.

'Liokaiser should be able to destroy them all,' Leozack thought with a slight grin on his face.


As the Decepticon warship vanished Arthun realized he had a big problem. His ship had been destroyed and there was no ZAFT ships he could reach through the N-Jammer field. He was not in range of anything except an enemy ship. Not the PLANTS. Not the Moon. Not even the Earth.

And he was sure, "Hey Kira after trying to kill you a few times can I bum a ride off you?" sounded equal parts pathetic and crazy. And in a stolen Earth Alliance mobile suit no less. Athrun then had this feeling the blue VTOL was glaring at him. It was a very unsettling thing to the red jacket. Then it transformed into a robot with blue highlights.

"Hey, you! Unless all the nations of your solar system join forces," Whirl called out. "You're all doomed. So you should surrender to that ship."

"They're killing my people!" Arthun shouted and nearly spat on the shatterproof glass in front of his face. "I'll never surrender to Earth Alliance scum!"

"And the Decepticons will kill you all no matter what you are!" Whirl yelled back at the coordinator.

"If you two are done," Roadhandler interjected from the red ASTRAY, "we can discuss this like civilized sentient beings on the Archangel."

"You really want to let that guy on the Archangel after what he did?" Thunderstick asked in shock. "He's as triggerhappy as Galvatron."

"So you want him to die from loss of life support, all alone?" Kira snapped.

"No, but you really think he'll last long on the Archangel?" Thunderstick asked.

"Prisoners aren't just thrown out the airlock!"

"You clearly have never worked with the Dinobots." Jetstorm stated. "Autobot rules, regulations, and protocols are just suggestions to them."

"But you guys don't breathe?" Kira was again confused by the robots words.

"You can still run out of energon." Jetfire said in hushed tone. "Which makes it a slow death unless you go into stasis lock and hope you don't collide with some object."

"We can't exactly hold our breath until someone lucks onto us," Athrun noted coldly.

"We can sort out everything on the Archangel," Skysickle said trying to get them back on topic "As much as Athrun here acts like he has the spark of a Decepticon."

Athrun wasn't sure what that meant exactly but he had this feeling he'd just been insulted.


"Athrun Zala..." Admiral Garcia drawled out. "I see you've been following your father's creed. Attacking an Earth Alliance Fleet on the eve of a ceasefire."

"Yes, that was not exactly the smartest idea of my commander," the young man said very blandly. He was standing in front of the Aegis in the fairly crowded port landing bay of the Archangel.

"Just following orders?" the bald officer replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Considering that if I had not, I'd probably be dead... I guess it could be worse." Athrun's green eyes met the enemy officer's with no hint of fear.

Kira tightened his hands into fists. Mu and Shardin had drilled into his head that you just do not butt into an admiral's conversation.

"Illogical. All of us must work together to defeat Galvatron and the Revenge. The situation is still perilous," Perceptor called out in his flat, monotone way. "This ceasefire must be made into a pact to work together."

"Hey, yeah!" Whirl shouted. "Though with Kira in the Strike, we got a chance. You've got some moves, kid. Athrun, too."

"And when a Wrecker says you got some moves that means you're impressive," Swerve commented with a grin. Jetfire gave Swerve a dirty look for a moment.

Mu walked up, tapping Kira on the shoulder. "Kid... you should know, Shardin didn't make it."

Kira felt like he'd been punched. "What?"

"His mobilearmor was one of the units that exploded." Mu had a very grim look on his face.

Kira now felt like someone had kicked him in the face as well. He had considered Shardin to be a true mentor of his. Kira's eyes then widened as he realized he told Flay everything would be fine before they launched.

The only way fine could be used with what happened was it was a fine mess.

"Athrun!" Lacus yelled as she saw the ZAFT pilot.

"Lacus," Athrun said in shock "What are you doing here?!"

"We rescued her," Hot Shot said with a shrug. "Its what we do."

"We all unite now or we all hang separately," Haro said in only a slightly annoying way.

"Well can someone explain to me what happened out there?" Athrun asked. When had that Haro changed so much?

"That robot with the massive cannon was the leader of the Decepticons," Kira told his friend carefully. "And I had enough problems fighting a mercenary Transformer with a body part collecting hobby."

"At least it wasn't Bludgeon and the Mayhem Attack Squad that were after the bounty of Drift," Swerve commented with a shiver. Whirl clenched his fist. The Mayhem Attack Squad and Squadron X were the biggest rivals the Wreckers had among the Decepticons.

"More bad news?" Kira asked.

"Very," Perceptor replied.

"Hey how do you know Athrun, anyway?" Hot Shot asked Lacus.

"He's going to be my husband," Lacus replied with a dazzling smile.

"So you going to be the best man at their wedding Kira?" Swerve joked.

"We are paired on our genetic capability," Athrun said calmly. "Though we really aren't fighting it."

"This fits my hypothesis," Perceptor stated in his very impersonal manner. "The Coordinator process is currently flawed and by the fourth generation resulting in infertile and experiencing problems." Though from what he could tell, it should not be that hard to correct.

Garcia wondered how big a blow that would be to PLANTS when that leaked out. Their way of life would be punched in the gut if what Perceptor said was true. The coordinators would become more an oddity then anything else.

"And what does a robot know about DNA?" Athrun snapped.

"Perceptor is usually right about these sort of things," Downshift said a bit harsher then he intended. "You're just a fad for humanity in the long run."

"I won't believe that," Athrun snarled.

"You psychotic bastard!"

Athrun turned and was slapped extremely hard by Flay. The red jacket rubbed his face. There was a throbbing red face print where Flay's hand had been. Athrun felt like he'd been hit by a bus.

"And you said everything would be all right," Flay shrieked nearly incoherently at Kira.

"Trust me kid everything goes to the Pit when Galvatron shows up," Whirl boomed out loudly to shock her for a second. "I've lost a lot friends and comrades to his laser cannon over the Vorns."

"But my father." Flay sobbed as she broke down, almost mewling as she hugged herself. Kira leaned down to carefully hug her.

"Times like this I think you have the right idea Perceptor," Downshift said quietly to himself. Emotions hurt.

"That's the coward's way out, Downshift," Whirl snapped.

"Guys..." Hot Shot interjected as he got between Downshift and Whirl. "Now isn't the time to be doing this."

"I think the humans are staring at us," Jetfire commented in embarrassment.

The Autobots looked and noticed they were the center of attention to nearly everyone. Kira and Flay seemed to be the only ones busy with their own drama to be looking at them.

Jetstorm just sighed. Sometimes he wondered about his fellow Autobots.

"I hope Athrun believes what they say we are," Swerve commented in a dry tone. "Given ZAFT doesn't seem to quite get it yet."

Athrun wondered how everything he trained for and everything he believed in could be completely shattered. They weren't alone in the universe. He rubbed his reddened cheek. Being stuck on the same ship with this Flay Allster was going to be unpleasant.

Still the red jacket was relieved at one thing. When what happened got back to the PLANTs council he'd most likely get a slap on the wrist while Rau would get thrown under the rails. This was the second time he'd created a huge mess for them involving the Transformers.

"So what are where are we headed?" the red-jacket asked.

Thunderstick was tempted to say they were going to Uranus. Though admitted to himself that would be a bit too much. It was even too crass for Grip-Lock.

"Hopefully somewhere I can let PLANTs council know how I feel," Whirl said with a dark timber and his knife extending for the palm of his hand. The serrated knife gleamed in the light of the hanger bay.

People started to back away from the Wrecker. He sounded extremely pissed off and like he was going to use that knife on someone. Jetstorm mused that this is why bots thought the Wreckers were a bunch of screw loose maniacs with less common sense then Primus gave an ant-droids.

"They had nothing to do with this attack," Athrun remarked. "That was all Rau's idea."

"Was he the same guy behind the attack that got us stuck here?" Downshift asked politely.

"Yes he was."

"I think he'd better not run into us again," Swerve commented in an uncharacteristic angry tone. "For his sake at least."

Athrun wondered what would become of his surely former commanding officer. He could manage to reach a ship or colony in his mobile suit, unlike the Aegis. That was the one drawback of the Phase system, it was an energy hog.

Then Athrun realized that he probably wasn't going to see the Aegis after they got whatever peace talks that were going to be started. Which made him a bit sad since he liked that Mobile Suit. The Earth Alliance might be scum, but they made powerful Mobilesuits.

And something about Flay Allister felt dangerous to Athrun. He might have had differences of opinion with Kira, but he really hoped his friend kept his distance from that girl.

'Not that I really want to be close to anyone on this ship other then Kira and Lacus.' Athrun mused. The red-jacket then sighed as he knew this was going to be a very uncomfortable trip.


Lowe Guele was a bit disappointed at the lack of prototype mobile suits. He was hoping maybe they left a green or even a purple Orb MS behind. Or something cool like a Mobile Suit with a Nuclear Bazooka. No such luck. Not even a Claymore Gundam.

"Professor, I'm going to be sorting through cargo group ten. I think there's a thruster assembly there, but I don't recognize some of the items," the impetuous technician called out.

"Fine, fine. Just keep an eye out for any more of this robot. Its construction is just amazing," the incredibly pretty, female genius called out. "We can almost fully reassemble it."

They had his head, parts of his upper torso and limbs. What really surprised Lowe was that the robot's white paint job wasn't completely ruined. They had also found a sword with the extra solar machine.

Which the Professor had said was somehow super dense and hard to damage.

Lowe looked at the robot's head for a moment and left the room. As the doors closed Drift's optics lit up for a moment.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Its very slaggin hard to kill a Cybertronian.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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LadyTevar wrote:Its very slaggin hard to kill a Cybertronian.
Scrap straight Lady Tevar. Though surprised Sidewinder hasn't offered an opinion either way on the "death" and now return of that Cybertronian.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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"I think I was wrong," Eileen Canaver stated coldly. "Commander Le Creuset isn't a barely restrained attack dog of yours, Patrick. He's a rabid dog that needs to be put down before he manages to kill us all."

"And I believe we found the faction like the Terminators of of those old 2-D movies," Siegel commented but took no satisfaction in being right. What he did take satisfaction in was that his daughter seemed to be in the safest place anyone could be in the Solar System now.

"We can salvage this," Patrick Zala declared in a false, unhurried manner to protect his position. "We will have to remove him from the front lines and placed where the Transformers and the EA can see him being obedient. At least until we need him for the conflict ahead."

"How can we be sure the information Patrick's son had sent us is correct?" one of Seigel's men asked.

"I don't think they'd have any reason to lie," Siegel stated, giving a bit of ground. "And we should inform this Perceptor we have almost solved the DNA issues he spoke of."

"I think we can all say that Murphy's Law has been in effect here," Patrick commented. "And the only good news is mobile suits are able to hurt the Transformers. Heavy cannons can hurt even the second in command of the Decepticon forces."

"That still doesn't solve how we can deal with the Revenge," Eileen pointed out snidely. "Or Galvatron himself."

"And their calls for an alliance with Orb and the EA."

"Talks of such a thing I am willing to entertain," Siegal firmly said as he stood up. "With the bigots of the Atlantic Federation scared senseless we can discuss this matter with the more moderate minds of the Eurasian Federation and Orb. And it amusingly fits with the list of astronomically strange things the Transformers are causing."

Patrick and his group were not happy but had to agree Orb and the Eurasian Federation wouldn't be completely unreasonable and the talks would let them get Athrun away from the clutches of the EA.


"The last thing I think we should be doing is upgrading the Aegis," Downshift complained while shaking his head. "That friend of Kira's hates Naturals as much as Snarl hates everyone."

"Logically we will need all the firepower we can get," Perceptor stated simply. "And with the operating system for the Aegis changed to my specifications, Jolt or Grip-Lock can pilot it if Athrun proves unreliable."

"Always good to have a back up plan," Swerve commented with a cold smile.

Kira wondered if the Autobots realized he was starting to pick up their language. Probably not, from the gist of what he was getting from them right now. "Hey, guys? I'm going to clean up and get some food." That was a bit disturbing what they really thought, but then he really could not blame them considering what they had been subjected to here in this solar system.

"Sure, go ahead, Kira!" Hot Shot replied while waving.

Jolt looked over to Roadhandler. "Energon time?"

That set off a stampede of Minicons as they dashed for the engine room of the Archangel where the Energon tap was set up. They were all chanting, "Energon! Energon! Energon!" as they ran off.

Downshift shouted out, "Hey! No gorging! And bring some back for us and to fuel the Gundams!"

Kira exited the Zero-G pilots shower twenty minutes later, nodding to the one of the other Earth Alliance mobilearmor pilots. He headed to the canteen where the rest of the civilians was hanging out. He saw Flay staring out a small window, looking so very sad. He grabbed a desert with his supper. "

"Flay? How about getting something to eat? Miriallia says you aren't eating. You need to eat something."

Flay spun around so fast that she lifted of the ground for a long moment. She started to open her mouth to snarl, but the small slice of cheesecake he held out caught her attention. "Fine." Taking the plate and fork she sat down.

"I take it Sai is helping out the crew in engineering again?" the Coordinator asked.

"Yes, he's been pretty busy. And I think I said something to upset him." Throwing their engagement away just because her father had been killed had been cruel, she had to admit to the dark places of her psyche.

"Kira!" another female called out. Lacus floated over in little graceful bounds, Athrun trailing her. "Hello, Miss Allster."

Flay only scowled more. She had no idea how Kira could consider that blood thirsty maniac ZAFT officer a friend. Though it did amuse her that he still had that hand shaped bruise on his face.

"Miss Allster, I've been directed to personally apologize for the PLANTS and ZAFT for the mistaken attack upon the fleet your father was traveling with. Commander Rau Le Crueset is being reprimanded as we speak," Athrun said formally to the girl.

"That is not going to bring my father back," she snapped out to him.

"No, it will not. A lot of families have been tragically destroyed in this war, including my mother on Junius-7." Athrun let that sink in to all of them. "I- We all need to try to work beyond all of these senseless deaths. If we don't, humanity is heading down a very dark path."

Kira coughed to catch everyone's attention. "We should be meeting up with the Combined First Fleet in Earth's orbit in just ten hours. I understand you are going to be transferred back to a ZAFT ship?" he asked.

"Actually, the PLANTs are looking to make a gesture and assign my team to the Archangel. Even the Decepticons might think twice before attacking this ship with all of the Gundams and our ASTRAYs," Athrun said with a gleam in his eyes.

"You managed to get access to those datatraxs of Starsaber and his sword style didn't you?" Kira asked his friend.

"Yes they handed me something they called a Cybernet Space Cube with some files on it," Athrun replied. The files he'd viewed and read were interesting and illuminating.

"They also show how well we did against Lockdown?"

Athrun nodded. "And unlike you, I know what what to expect out of him in a fight."

Kira wasn't so sure of that.

Then Roadhandler walked up to Flay. His optics were narrowed and he looked disgusted with the young woman.

"Man, what a glitch-head. Got a brain full of bad gears there, girl," the Minicon spat out in disgust.

"Excuse me?!" Flay snapped.

"What you did to Sai is disgusting," Roadhandler snarled. "Seriously do you even care about the feelings of others?!"

"What do is none of your business Roadbuster," Flay yelled harshly.

"Roadhandler," the red Minicon said to correct her. "Roadbuster is one of the Wreckers. He's one of Whirl's friends actually. Nice guy, but don't ever play cyber poker against him."

"Like I care," she sniffled out. She did not need this.

"I believe that is the point of this conversation," Roadhandler remarked darkly.

"Stop that," Kira snapped hitting the table with his fists. "Roadhandler, she's in a very tough place and her father just died. Give her some room."

Sai stood up. "Roadhandler, it's between Flay and I. You don't understand everything going on."

Roadhandler looked at Kira and Sai oddly. The Minicon tried to figure out why Kira was getting in the middle of this. This whole mess honestly didn't involve him at all. And it confused him why Sai was siding with Flay after the scrap she spewed to his face.

"She was hurting you," Roadhandler commented as he looked at the Natural. The red Transformer gave Flay one last dirty look before walking out of the commissary.

"I don't think she wants anyone close right now, because it hurts too much," Sai said. "And our engagement wasn't our choice. It was mostly her father's."

"Sai, please," Flay begged.

The young man opened his mouth, but then closed it. How could he bring up the fact that Vice Minister Allster had set up the marriage of his daughter so that she was not left on the street nearly broke. "It's more complicated than you know."

Athrun looked at Lacus and was glad they didn't have to deal with that kind of drama. Haro's eyes glowed yellow for a moment.

"Love hurts," the pink robot said sadly.

Roadhandler looked confused as he wandered the halls of the Archangel. He really did not understand the situation and that could mean problems in the future for the Autobots. 'Primus how do humans survive?' Roadhandler silently mused as he shook his head.


Admiral Haliburton looked over the three ships as they slotted into the middle of the Eighth Fleet. The three ZAFT ships that lay on the left flank of his fleet reminded him that this was now the First Combined Fleet. "My compliments to Captain Ramius and Admiral Garcia. Charles, ready a side party to go to the Archangel."

"Aye, sir."

While on the Archangel certain facts came to light.

"I'm a diplomat for this?!" Whirl asked loudly hearing what his group was considered for the upcoming talks.

"We're all diplomats," Downshaft remarked, correcting him.

"They got to be mad to consider us that," Jetstorm stated. "Especially for Whirl."

"I know," Swerve commented with a smirk. "Guess they must have heard he works for a great statesmen."

Jetstorm couldn't hold it in any longer."He has to control himself! HAHAHAHA!"

Whirl responded in a calm and diplomatic fashion. He punched Jetstorm in the face and then held him up by the neck. Jetfire shook his head at his brother's actions. You never make fun of a Wrecker when you're within shooting or physical combat distance. Most of them really didn't have much of a sense of humor about that.

"Ow! Ow! Quit that!"

"Whirl, put down Jetstorm," Perceptor ordered.

Whirl dropped the member of the Elite Guard with a loud clang that filled the hanger bay.

"Whirl, you can't do that at the talks," Hot Shot said in a firm and commanding tone. "We have to put our best faces forward and be on our best behavior."

"More like he has to be on his best behavior," Swerve remarked with an amused smile.

"I hate you all," Whirl grumbled.


Lockdown entered the Revenge though a boarding passage. He was clearly aware of the dislike the Decepticons had for him, but it honestly didn't matter to him. Plus he put on a few more of his trophies in case this went south for him. Galvatron paid extremely well, but he wasn't exactly the most trust worthy of employers.

Cyclonus looked at Lockdown with disgust, and his scowl only deepened when the bounty hunter shot him a predatory smile.

"How's the wing Cyclonus? Looks like something nasty nearly blew it off," Lockdown casually commented.

"None of your concern, Lockdown," the Decepticon second in command coldly replied.

"Has to be insulting since they're all a bunch of weaklings," Lockdown said with a sadistic smile. "Even the Wrecker among them isn't that impressive. Not that they ever are."

"I agree, as much I loath to admit it," Scourge remarked as he seemed to appear out of nowhere to Cyclonus. However Lockdown just looked amused.

"Not bad," Lockdown commented. "More natural talent then any refined skill but it still wasn't half bad."

The tracker hoped he could have a chance to join Cyclonus in killing Lockdown when Galvatron finally wanted him offed.

The trio of Transformers then made their way to Galvatron's throne room in silence and without any bloodshed. With surprised Lockdown a bit. He figured Cyclonus and Scourge would make an attempt on his life by now.

In the heart of the Revenge was a throne made for the leader of the Decepticons. The back of the chair was made from Starscream, with a small purple Decepticon cut in half and used for the arm rests.

'So that's what happened to Ratbat,' Lockdown mused.

Galvatron looked at Lockdown with a slight smile. "Greetings Lockdown. I have a job for you."

"So who do you want dead?" Lockdown asked like they were discussing the weather.

"All the Autobots and their allies in this system."

Lockdown's predatory smile was all Galvatron needed to know the bounty hunter was in for this. With the Emperor of Destruction also having sent news of this bounty across space. Every mercenary would come to Earth and destroy the Autobots and humans for the 1 million shanix reward. Well other then the Autobot allied ones like Devcon.

Galvatron made plans in case those bounty hunters showed up. Any bounty hunters that could take out the Autobots and their human allies were to be recruited into the Decepticons or destroyed. The last thing he needed was a powerful neutral Transformer that could stand against him.


The admirals met at the landing bay where Rear Admiral Garcia had to take the position of junior officer on his own command. Admiral Haliburton saluted, then introduced his XO.

"And this is Lt. Commander Ramius, the captain of this ship," Garcia introduced as protocol dictated.

"Admirals, if I can have you move on. We are expecting a convoy from the ZAFT ships."

Deep down the Admirals had to consider the whole thing strange as the stolen EA mobilesuits flew toward the landing bay. The pilots inside them all had different emotions on what was happening.

'Why the hell are we working with the Naturals?' Dearka Elsman thought. The dusty skinned pilot really didn't think much of them and doubted ZAFT needed cannon folder that badly.

In the Blitz Gundam the pilot was hoping humanity could unite and possibly get along better. His mind was also filled with all kinds of ideas of the sort of species that could exist in the universe. Some humans with bumps on or other things on their foreheads, to more outlandish like gelatinous beings and human shaped plant life forms to transformable robot bodies with organic brains in them.

He wasn't sure if any of those really existed out there, but he wanted to find out.

Yzak Joule was holding back his rage at his orders. Even over a day later, he could not believe he was going to fight at the sides of the Naturals. Or the whole insane reason behind them joining forces. Seriously... extra-solar aliens fighting a civil war across the galaxy? It sounded the plot to a children's cartoon. Or maybe some big budget movie.

The two white mobilesuits were followed by the intimidating black one, landing easily in the docking bays. They followed spacesuited deck crew and some sort of hardsuited group over to the main repair dock.

"Now that is intimidating and cool looking," Dearka called out loudly. In front of them were the other five mobilesuits from Heliopolis. Their own trio of mobilesuits were moved to the last three spots. As soon as they exited their suits they saw an orange helicopter fly towards them.

The helicopter quickly changed shape right in front of their eyes.

"Hi," the orange robot said. "I'm Jolt. So, do any of you still doubt the fact we're real?"

Yzak just smirked. "You could easily just be a Natural trick of the Earth Alliance. Transforming robots are their forte, after all. But we've been ordered to 'play nice' so we'll pretend you are what you say you are."

"And have one of those 'tricks' murder their Vice Minister?" Jolt remarked. "Ask Athrun where he got that hand print on his face sometime."

"That is hard to explain," Dearka admitted as that part confused him. "But easy tricks aren't worth much."

"Guys, these are allies for now per our orders," Nicol replied from the very grim looking Blitz's shoulder.

"And it would be best to remember it," Athrun said as he entered the bay with the several people his age. And several more Autobots, though they only loomed over him by a foot. "That is Grip-Lock," he said while pointing to the sea green and silver minicon.

"These are Roadhandler, Thunderstick, and Skysickle," Kira said as he pointed to the red, gold and blue and red-black minicons. "They are the pilots of the ASTRAYs."

"Yeah, and don't you forget it!" Thunderstick shouted in glee.

Jolt and Grip-Lock looked unhappy, but they couldn't argue that the other three minicons had done a great job with the ASTRAYS. Now if only they could get their own mobile suits to pilot.

"Who the hell are you?" Yzak snapped out at the Earth Alliance pilot.

"I'm Ensign Kira Yamato, designated pilot of the Gundam Strike." He gave them a little shrug at that as he saw Murdoch and his crew start to tear into the maintenance and refit of the new arrivals. Energon pumps for them all, along with other more minor fixes.

"You're the guy that winged Commander Lecrueset?" Dearka asked. "You must be some sort of ace."

"Um, I just happened to be in the cockpit then. I mean, I was just a civilian at that point." Kira took in their looks of disbelief. "It was all an accident."

Yzak and Dearka just looked at him in shock. "You were a civilian then?"

Kira nodded. "I never intended to get in the middle of this war."

"Wait... didn't you mention a Kira as one of your friends Athrun?" Nicol asked with a look of concentration on his face as he recalled Athrun talking about someone named Kira.

"Exactly," Athrun nodded. "This is my friend Kira."

"Why did you join the Earth Alliance?" Yzak demanded. "Why have you been fighting us?!"

"Because they would have thrown me in prison after taking the Strike to fight Lockdown without asking otherwise," Kira snapped at him.

"So you say," Yzak remarked in a disbelieving tone. And mentally wondered who this Lockdown was.

"How did you work with that glitchhead?' Jolt stage whispered to Athrun.

"Day by day," Athrun commented with a hint of humor. His expression then hardened. "Oh and Yzak you left something of the Duel Gundam's behind."

"Hey, Athrun, how did you get that hand print on your face?" the silver haired red jacket asked trying to change the subject. Athrun glared at Jolt who just smiled and waved in midair.

"Flay happened," Grip-Lock said with a smirk. Flay blushed at that, but it did tear her gaze away from the white and gold ASTRAY. Several of the full sized Autobots had moved over to work on the new suits and were in the process of replacing armored components on the ASTRAYs. With Perceptor studying the Armored Shroud added to one of the mobile suits ZAFT brought with them.

"Are you sure she's a Natural?' Dearka questioned. "She has to have one hell of a hand to leave that deep a bruise."

"He never saw it coming either," Grip-Lock commented with a slight smirk.

"She's always been a fire-brand when you got her angry," Sai remarked.

"I'm right here, you know!" she called out.

Thunderstick looked at Kira and Flay blush at that and wondered why blood ran to their faces this time. It seemed like a weird design flaw to him.

"Yeah, she's got a thick hard drive," Roadhandler muttered.


The first inkling of troubles was when a large mass of junk from the Debris Belt came streaking towards the formation of Earth Alliance and ZAFT ships. Nestled in the middle of the junk, Lockdown's ship was a magnetic lynchpin.

"All ships, maneuver to avoid the attack," Admiral Haliburton called out confidently.

Lockdown just smirked. "Stupid monkeys, you've fallen for my trap." He reversed the polarity of the magnetic grapples holding the mass of junk to his ship, sending them spinning outwards into the enemy formation.

"Status change! The debris is fragmenting!" an operator called out.

Drake class frigates struggled to avoid each other and the fragments that were spinning everywhere. The Dzielny smashed head first in a mass that was twice the size of itself, exploding spectacularly.

Captain Antoni of the Versa, a Nazca-class cruise, had his ship blast through the center of another, large fragment only for Lockdown's ship to blast deep wounds into the ship as it passed.

"Galvatron, interdicting their escape route back to their mudball," Lockdown called out. His ship speared a Drake class cruiser with heavy blast beams that was trying to launch its mobilearmors while skirting past him. He was now behind them and lower down in the gravity well, almost skimming the atmosphere.

That was when the Revenge dropped its stealth fields as it fired beams and missiles. The Versa was only saved because a piece of junk took two of the three beams aimed at it. "Damage control, I need full thruster control immediately," the captain of the Versa shouted out. The Nazca was dropping out of the fight.

The Archangel was spinning through the battle even as both of its launch bays cycled open. Green beams erupted from its heavy particle cannons, even as its railguns cycled.

"All Gundams reporting ready for battle!" the mobilesuit operator called out.

"Launch them as safely as possible," Murrue called out.

Kira bit his lip as the panel cycled through the launch sequence. "Kira Yamato, launching!" The Aile Strike flushed into space.

Yzak just smirked in his helmet as he sat ready to launch in his mobilesuit. "Joule, launching!" The magnetic accelerator flung the Duel into the void.

"Zala, launching," Athrun called out as the Aegis was launched.

"Elsman, launching," Dearka called out as his own Buster was launched.

"Almafi, launching," Nicol called out as the last Gundam, the Blitz, launched.

Roadhandler just almost-shrugged as much as his mechanoid body allowed. "Roadhandler, ASTRAY Red, launching!"

"Thunderstick, launching spannerit!" the next minicon called out as the ASTRAY Blue launched.

Skysickle nodded inside ASTRAY Gold. "Skysickle launching!"

On the bridge of the Revenge, Galvatron frowned. "What do you mean, they are more of the special-class Guardians?"

"Forgive me, Galvatron, but the sensors indicate that there are now eight of the units launching from the white battleship Archangel." Cyclonus did not look happy from the weapon control station.

"Give us the word, mighty Galvatron, and we will show them the power of Liokaiser," Gaihawk boasted.

Leozack glared at his fellow Skyraider for a moment. He wanted to hold that more in reserve instead of offer it at the first sign of real trouble. Still he was glad for one thing, his best friend and most trusted ally Deathcobra could take the place of that cowardly fool Hellbat. The electric blue and grey Skyraider doubted that Hellbat could keep a secret to save his spark.

"Can Liokaiser handle them, Leozack?" Galvatron asked with a sneer.

"Of course we can," Leozack replied confidently. "We could beat Starsaber and none of those organics are even close to his league."

"Then destroy them!" Galvatron shouted.

As the six Decepticons attacked Team Gundam, Yzak wondered what demented mind came up with some of the weapons the Astrays and Strike had. The red jacket made sure to take good sensor readings because as odd as they were, they were still effective. The silver haired teen then snorted when he saw Jetfire and Jetstorm merge into Safeguard. All that was missing was a five or six robot combiner showing up.

Yzak would learn to be careful what you wish for when the six Decepticons merged into a super robot. The colorful super robot was quite a bit bigger then their mobilesuits and armed with a nasty looking spear. The Duel Gundam barely avoided being skewered. He then fired the energy rifle at the gestalt only to watch the shot bounce, much to the amusement of Liokaiser who then jabbed through the rifle and into the groaning of metal of the phase shift enhanced armor.

The red jacket fired his Gundam's head mounted weapons at Liokaiser. The giant seemed to be laughing, until a missile barrage from Buster Gundam and a heavy cannon blast from the Gold Astray got his attention.

There was an elbow to the head by Liokaiser and he then focused his attention on the pair of mobile suits. Which turned out to be a feint as Whirl put full power to his primary weapon and blasted the gestalt in the back. Metal started to melt and the wound sparked.

That was it.

Then Liokaiser let out a howl of complete and utter rage. Even though no one could hear it, they could all feel it in their hearts or sparks. Whirl barely managed to avoid being skewered by the massive spear.

Suddenly the spear disappeared in a spin and Liokaiser held a double barrel blaster. Whirl and La Mu Flaga in his Moebius Zero Omega barely managed to get out of the way of the blast. Several GINNs behind them weren't so lucky and were blown to bits.

More Transformers had joined the battle, with a strange yellow symbol that was neither Autobot or Decepticon. The ragtag ship behind them laid out anemic blasts in comparison to the Revenge, but still caused a Laurasia-class frigate and a Bernard class battleship to explode.

"Why isn't it dead from that hit, Whirl?" Mu shouted across the com system. The Moebius Zero Omega launched its gunbarrels, trying to confuse the huge robot.

"Are you kidding me? I'm amazed that I hurt him!" Whirl replied as he ducked around a thousand meter fragment of some colony. It only last a moment before it was pulverized by the combiner.

The Revenge had continued to fire on the fleet, only to find that the missiles which were so effective against Autobot ships were not nearly as effective as this united fleet brought their close in weapon-support to effect. The pivoting chainguns on all the ships were shredding the missiles before they could close.

On the Archangel, Perceptor made note of the "chainguns of doom" as Hot Shot called them as interceptors. He even recalled an Autobot named Rhinox with similar weapons.

'The trip to the Sol system had been a fruitful one for weapons ideas,' Perceptor mused as he led the less flight-capable Autobots to the armored roof of the Archangel.

"Decepticons, focus your attacks upon the special ship. Liokaiser, do not be so weak as to fail against it," Galvatron called out as he continued to command from the Revenge's bridge. The huge, purple battleship shifted and started firing heavy blasters at the Archangel.

"Evade ten degree down," Murrue called out as she clenched her fists on her captain's chair. "Gotfrieds... FIRE!" Down below her, she heard Admiral Garcia giving brisk orders to the remaining ships in his task force.

The Archangel spat green, particle beams of death back at the Revenge's purple blasters.

On the Menelos, Admiral Haliburton's own Agamemnon-class warship, the admiral was coming to his own conclusions. "Chuck, we are caught between a hammer and an anvil. We'll be destroyed between the Decepticon ships."

His XO looked over. "What do you have planned?"

"Tell engineering to prepare the engines for a final push. Get everything we can out of them. Navigation, plot in an intersecting course on the Decepticon ship below us. All hands," Halliburton shouted out, "prepare for impact." He cursed the Agamemmon's design that made it the best ship for suicidal ramming attacks. The front two-thirds of the ship was mostly armor and mobilearmor holds.

Liokaiser roared silently in space as he pointed his double-barrel blaster at the Archangel, charging it up to full power. Whirl was not the only one that could bring a heavy blow down upon his enemies.

Kira had been peppering the giant combiner from long range. He could not believe how powerful the Decepticon could be. If Jetstorm and Jetfire had this sort of power as Safeguard they might have been able to live up their boasts.

"Archangel, evade!" Perceptor shouted out from the top of the Earth Alliance ships where he and the rest of the Autobots had moved to provide covering fire. But their blasts seemed to do nothing to the combiner.

"No!" Kira shouted even as he felt something burst within his mind.

And something within the Strike responded as energy roared through the Gundam, its nascent spark becoming charged... becoming alive. Lines of energon grew from the center-point of the Strike like patterns of arcane circuitry. It's eyes flashed gold, even as it rocketed towards Liokaiser in a blur.

"Kira?" Athrun called out.

"What is that mode?" Yzak shouted out as he nursed his damaged Duel back into position to launch the micro missile packs on his armored shroud.

The glowing Strike slammed into the larger Liokaiser like a freight train just as he fired at the Archangel. The blow staggered the battleship, but failed to breach its armor.

"I won't let you hurt them!" a strangely echoing voice shouted as the Strike pulled out its beam saber.

Liokaiser sneered as he kicked out at the Guardian. So he was shocked when the smaller mobilesuit dodged and then chopped his double-blaster into four pieces.

"Primus does that kid have some super mode he hasn't told us about?" Whirl asked out loud.

"Menelos to Archangel, prepare to retreat to Earth. Your primary duty is to retreat from this battlefield and descend to Earth with the prototypes." Admiral Haliburton then shouted out, "Engines to full! Prepare to ram the enemy!"

Murrue heard the words in shock, even as she read the tactical chart. "Lt. Badguiril, prepare to recall all friendly units." No, he couldn't do this. He just could not!

The Menelos rumbled to full power, presenting its wedge-front to Lockdown's crimson ship, even as the Decepticon belatedly realized the threat he represented. He started to bring his engines back up to full power, diverting energy from his weapons.

"Fool! You will kill us both!" the mish-mash Decepticon screamed out. What sort of primitive animals were these humans? His ship was pouring weakened blaster fire into the larger ship, to no avail.

"Admiral!" Murrue said, even as her emotions peaked in a spark that jumped from her finger-tips to her controls.

Lockdown kept firing to try to stop the incoming ship even as he tried to dodge. However the Menelos was taking the blistering fire of the Decepticon warship and kept on coming. Lockdown really desired to have a starship weapon sized glass gun. Or a fracture cannon.

That was his last thought as the Menelos smashed down upon his starship. The explosion was huge, sending most of the fragments deeper into the Earth's atmosphere.

Captain of the Archangel, Lt. Commander Murrue Ramius, felt a part of her heart break as her mentor went down with his ship. Pain and loss triggered something deep within her ship. Violet lightning started to crackle across the ship.

"Retreat?" Yzak shouted. "We can win this battle!" His Duel dodged the furious one on one fight between Liokaiser and the glowing Gundam Strike.

"It's orders from the admiral! We are to retreat to the Archangel and withdraw down to Earth," Nicol called out, even as he was pulling his Blitz back from the battle.

"Destroy that ship!" Galvatron shouted. "Send the mercenaries to replace Lockdown!" He would not admit it, but the loss of the bounty-hunter and his powerful warship had surprised him in a horrible way. These humans... they knew how to wage war. And that made it that much more important to kill before they could become allies of the Autobots.

The mercenary Transformers had not been happy at the orders, but followed his directives. Their ship was more than able to move in front of the Archangel. And it did not even seem to be readying to ram them.

Liokaiser dragged the Gundam Strike to intercept the Archangel. "Now they have to decide what is more important. Saving you... or escaping!" the gestalt Transformer shouted in glee.

"I won't let you hurt them!" the echoing voice said, smashing the beam saber against Liokaiser's polearm.

All of the other Gundams and ASTRAYs were moving back to the Archangel while they concentrated fire power on the mercenary Transformers.

Murrue was sending out orders even as she mentally felt her will pushing up against a wall. Then... a spark leaped to life to help smash through the blockage.

Massive engines started drawing on energon reserves so fast that they would last only minutes. The Archangel seemed to shudder and then started to break apart. But not due to damage...

...but because it was transforming!

The forward launching bays and positron cannons flipped, spun and morphed into bipedal legs even as the whole ship rotated down ninety degrees. Then under carriage wing split to attach to the Archangel's hips. The bridge moved further back even as the main center hull of the body stretched wider up at the main thrusters. The curved under-body and back-wings all rotated around the valiant cannons that had become massive shoulders.

"Archangel Supreme, transformation... complete!" a massive, heavy voice shouted as he finished morphing into a four hundred meter tall, humanoid Transformer.

Aboard the Revenge, Galvatron's face showed his utter shock as a Supreme-class Guardian appeared in the battlefield. "Retreat!" he suddenly shouted. He did not have anywhere near the firepower to deal with something like that! The Revenge and his crew instantly jumped to action, thundering away at full speed.

Liokaiser felt utterly dwarfed, something he would have stated as impossible before this day, even as the Strike retreated. "Uh, what the Primes is that!?"

That was when Archangel Supreme batted the gestalt combiner with one hand hard enough to break him into his individual Transformers and scatter them all across the battlefield. It then turned its attention to the mercenary ship as a light built up in his chest. Somehow, in all the transformation, the two positron cannons had been moved to his stomach.

Coruscating antimatter energy lashed out to vaporize the ship and killed most of the neutral Transformer mercenaries in one shot.

"Power levels critical, reverting to flight-mode," the massive Transformer stated even as it transformed back, the parts moving back to their individual locations even as the upper atmosphere of the Earth started to flash and spark around him, breaking off smaller panels.

Mu La Flaga looked over the situation, then acted. He sent his Moebius Zero Omega to launch a grapple to help land his space mobilesuit on top of the reverting Archangel even as he shouted out orders. "Everyone, land on top of the Archangel. It's our only hope!"

"This whole situation is nuts! Athrun, what sort of allies did you dig up?" Yzak shouted, even as his Duel landed heavily on the main hull of the Archangel. The Blitz and Buster landed right behind him, while the Aegis and the Strike landed further back.

"By the All-Spark," Roadhandler called out in awe, even as he landed his red ASTRAY on the port forward hull. "A new supreme!"

Perceptor had led his team back to a lee from the flames of reentry, his expanded mind calculating the situation fiercely. "There is an unknown catalyst at action here. We must determine this power with all of our resources. With the ability replenish our forces with such entities, we could finally turn the tide of the great war."

"But with Galvatron right here, is that even possible?" Hot Shot demanded of his leader.

"That just means we are in the right place. This is as important as the battle of Iacon on Cybertron!" Whirl said in wonder.

"Activate the ablative heat shielding. Try to gain control of our descent angle," Murrue called out even as she tried to get her panting breath under control. What had that been, everything was foggy in her memories for a few minutes.

"We're not going to be able to hit Alaska at this angle," the pilot called out over his shoulder.

"How bad is it?" she called back.

Natarle looked over the information. "It looks like we will get to test ZAFT's hospitality in Africa, admiral."

Garcia nodded as he rubbed his chin in thought. "Try to splash down in the Mediterranean if possible. Send emergency crews to the lifters. We'll need them to work immediately if we are not water tight."

"And we can always have Lacus or Athrun talk to them," Grip-Lock noted. "In case we need to give them more of a reason to follow the cease fire."

The Archangel continued to descend upon a wave of fire, bringing its war down to Earth.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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head masters??? kiss-bots???

either way, human-bot merges
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Fanboyimus Prime wrote:
LadyTevar wrote:Its very slaggin hard to kill a Cybertronian.
Scrap straight Lady Tevar. Though surprised Sidewinder hasn't offered an opinion either way on the "death" and now return of that Cybertronian.
I'm having computer trouble (I'm typing this on a friend's laptop), so I can't go online as often as I like. As for Drift, I'm reserving comments until I see how well it's handled, though the current setup is better written than SOME stories I've read. (Cough! Superman, Batman, the Punisher! Cough!)
Please do not make Americans fight giant monsters.

Those gun nuts do not understand the meaning of "overkill," and will simply use weapon after weapon of mass destruction (WMD) until the monster is dead, or until they run out of weapons.

They have more WMD than there are monsters for us to fight. (More insanity here.)

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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(After reading the latest chapter.) The Allspark is on Earth?!
Please do not make Americans fight giant monsters.

Those gun nuts do not understand the meaning of "overkill," and will simply use weapon after weapon of mass destruction (WMD) until the monster is dead, or until they run out of weapons.

They have more WMD than there are monsters for us to fight. (More insanity here.)

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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LadyTevar wrote:head masters??? kiss-bots???

either way, human-bot merges
I won't ruin the surprise but it is not quite like those.
Sidewinder wrote: I'm having computer trouble (I'm typing this on a friend's laptop), so I can't go online as often as I like. As for Drift, I'm reserving comments until I see how well it's handled, though the current setup is better written than SOME stories I've read. (Cough! Superman, Batman, the Punisher! Cough!)
Sorry to hear that Sidewinder. I asked your opinion on Drift given he has such a ...low opinion among the Transformers community. That's actually I had him killed in the first chapter, as a way to express my disgust at the time with the character.

However talking with Arthur (the other writer of this) make me think I could use Drift in ways that won't annoy fellow Transformers fans. And rest assured Drift's story will go somewhere.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Great Shot wondered why he took this bounty. A million shanix should have to be a warning given even Optimus Prime didn't have that big of a bounty on his head. A new supreme blowing up a ship and stomping Liokaiser wasn't something he wanted to stick around for. And his friend Gaihawk had boasted at how powerful the gestalt was many times.

It made the white, black, red, and blue mercenary wonder why he even bothered working with the Decepticons. Though he doubted the Autobots would want his help after this. And the worst thing was he didn't have enough fuel to reach any space ports and he didn't think trying to hotwire a science vessel would go well for him.

Who knows what defenses that the ship had. Of course, all of this would be more useful if he wasn't laying in a crater on a mudball world. This had definitely not been the best day of his life.

Damn organics. Damn Autobots for even coming to this insane place. And damn himself for even doing this.

"I wonder if Astrotrain is dead or not," Great Shot groaned as he tried to move again, giving off sparks and making a very unhappy straining noise in his joints.

With a groaning of joints Great Shot managed to shake his head. "This isn't scrapping good."

And the six changer had a feeling it wasn't going to be getting better any time soon.


The Archangel was angling for a descent into the Mediterranean even as the robots and mobilesuits on the top of it held on for dear life or spark.

Hot Shot looked up and shouted, "I think they have it under control."

"Incorrect. This vessel will strike the observed sea in thirty seconds," Perceptor countered.

"What?" the three minicons in their ASTRAYs screamed out in shock.

"All hands, brace for impact!" came Murrue's strident orders over all radio and com systems.

"Better hope the ship doesn't leak," Swerve grumbled.

Jetfire hoped he won't have to do this again. 'With my luck I'd end up slamming into the planet and they'd need to dig me out,' he mused to himself.

That was when Jetstorm banged his partner's head. "We can fly, lugnut!"

Strike's yellow eyes flashed as his Aile pack ignited, sending the Gundam into the air and off course of the impact zone. Jetstorm and Jetfire combined into their Safeguard flyer form, snagging Perceptor and rocketing into the sky.

Whirl just shook his head. "Kids these days." He let himself be pulled off the top of the Archangel and transformed into his helicopter mode.

Hot Shot looked for hand holds on the spaceship and saw none. "Slag."

Then the Archangel struck the water like a meteor, sending a spray of water for miles as it dove through the water. For over a thousand feet down it sank before finally surfacing like a massive submarine.

The Strike landed on the forward port landing bay. "Energon levels critical. Entering stasis lock."

Downshift looked up at that. "Primus's Spark! You can't got into stasis lock, you slagging guardian. Your spark has to stabilize!" He moved his old gears and ratchets as quickly as possible. Downsift did not have a lot of energy left himself, as he kept avoiding a full tune-up with Perceptor. He pulled out his emergency energon sliver. "Eat this!"

The Strike managed to absorb the energy, though was still very tired. Swerve saw that and scrambled over to help refuel the tired guardian. He started feeding the Gundam energon goodies.

Hot Shot was busy doing his own rescuing. Most of the ASTRAYs and Gundams had fallen off the Archangel. Currently he was diving after the red Gundam. From what he vaguely recalled, the organics piloting them could not deal with heavy pressure as easily as Transformers could.

Inside the Aegis, Athrun was shaken awake as his mobilesuit was tugged towards the surface.

The Duel and Buster were busy hop-scotching with judicious use of jump-jets towards the Archangel. "This sucks," Yzak exclaimed angrily.

"Quit complaining. We're alive, right?" Dearka shot back.

"Well, today has been so weird that if I find out it's a dream I'll stop eating whatever it was before I went to bed," Yzak said as he shook his head.

Roadhandler and Thunderstrike were using their red and blue ASTRAYs to grab the Blitz before it could sink to the bottom of the sea.

"Slagging stupid scrapping lugnut shearing sparkless guardian!" Skysickle shouted as loud as he could as he tried to get his white and gold ASTRAY to move, but it had slammed into one of the Archangel's fins as he was swept overboard.

"Don't worry, we got you," Safeguard called out as he grabbed the last ASTRAY then rocketed over to the Archangel.

Crewmen were rushing about helping the pilots out of the damaged Gundam. Kira passed out the moment he was pulled, while Athrun was suffering a concussion. Nicol started throwing up as he was rushed inside.

"What's wrong with that pilot?" Hot Shot asked tiredly.

"We think he got the bends from too many pressure changes. We're going to try and save him, but we don't have a pressure chamber," a medic officer called out.

"Use Archangel's airlocks," Perceptor immediately called out from where he was doing emergency repairs on Strike and Downshift. "You can over ride the controls to simulate most pressures your organics can survive."

"Great idea! Thanks!" the medic called out even as he ran after Nicol and his medical team.

"Suddenly I don't feel so bad about what happened to us," Yzak admitted to Dearka. He hissed in pain as a cut on his collar bone was bandaged.

The Strike suddenly stood up. "I feel de-energized, but I think I will make it."

Hot Shot was staring at the empty pilot's entrance. "So, um, who are you?"

The larger robot seemed to blink. "I do not know."

Perceptor frowned at that. Mostly newly born Transformers at least had a name. Not that it mattered, a name could be assigned to him if the newly sparked robot didn't think of one.


"Ship is holding buoyancy by running the air compressors on high, captain!" the damage control officer called out. "Section chiefs are fixing smaller leaks as quickly as they can."

"Very well. What is our position?" she asked the pilot, PO Neuman.

"We're just off Malta. We can probably make Gibraltar fairly easily if we can get basic thrusters going. But we are very low in energy for now." That would change as the reactor continued to pump energy into the systems.

The bridge was quite busy in the fading light of the Mediterranean Sea. Admiral Garcia exited the lift from the CIC below the bridge. "Captain Ramius, are we able to get a signal out?"

"No, sir," Ramius stated. "The N-Jamming is too strong here."

"Not a good thing," Grip-Lock commented. "Because most of the pilots are recovering from reentry. Oh, and Strike now has a Spark."

"A spark of what?" Garcia asked in confusion.

"I think you call them souls," Grip-Lock replied.

"So he's gained sentience?" Murrue asked over her shoulder at her captain's chair.

"Yeah, though he's a bit confused. Perceptor is going to have to work with him."

"Well, get them all inside," Murrue called out. "We've got some work ahead of us until we can get to Gibraltar."

Garcia nodded, his thick fingers rubbing his stout jaw. "With communications out, we're going to need to send a flyer."

"I'll get the technical crews working on prepping a Skygrasper. Lt. Badguriel, you will be in charge of that," Murrue called out.

"Aye, aye, captain!" Natarle called out from below.


Swerve was grumbling in the water as he helped arc weld a damaged armor plate. Though at least this was the last one.

"Why do I get the feeling this planet would be covered in our ships if we had entered the atmosphere of the planet like that?" Jetstorm mused as he helped with the upper surface of the Archangel. The whole ship was being worked on to get it up to full functionality.

"Because with Landshark we probably would," Jetfire remarked from the other side of the bridge where he was helping two crewman make sure the LIDAR was repaired. "And he's supposed to be a good pilot."

"You had to work with him?" Whirl asked surprised that they still let that Bot fly ships. "Seriously even Magnum thinks he can crash anything."

Jetstorm was shocked that Whirl had worked with anyone on their Elite Guard unit. Or knew Magnum at all. The Wreckers and Elite Guard were usually oil and water. Both units considered them to be the elite of the Autobot forces and the other group was just a bunch of posers.

"Met him in the battles for Vehicon along with Rapido," Whirl said as he recalled those campaigns. "Fighting Megazarak was a pain in the reactor linkage."

Swerve walked up the side and out of the water, using the magnetic grapples in his feet. "You want to talk about someone that has met everyone... that's Downshift."

A couple of the crewmen working on some of the weapon hatches just shook their head. And to believe Murdoch said this was normal.

The starboard launch port opened, extending the electromagnetic rails as a new machine was wheeled out. Mu gave the thumb's up to the crew and then held on when the Skygrasper was flung into the sky. Standing it on its tail, he rocketed right up.

"Man, that's a sweet fighter. Cyclonus and his bunch aren't going to like fighting them, I bet," Hot Shot called out as he zoomed in on the departing fighter.

"I still think ours is cooler," Jetstorm remarked with pride.

"They can attach the Launch Striker to it," Swerve remarked as he looked up the specs for the Skygrasper. "You know the cannon that's in the ballpark for Shockblast's primary weapon."

Jetfire shuttered thinking about that member of the Mayhem Attack Squad. He looked a like near perfect copy of Shockwave, but instead of being cold and methodical, he was complete maniac that would fire on anything if he was bored.

All five minicons pondered if the jet would make for a good alt mode for their bulk forms. They started buzzing and beeping in their native cybertronian for a long minute as they compared colors.

"So who did they sent as the pilot anyway?" Thunderstick inquired with open curiosity.

"Looks like Mu," Whirl remarked as his optics zoomed in. "Wonder if they're going to even ask what happened to the Archangel this time."

"I think they really don't want to know," Jolt noted. "Given we take their believed laws of physics and violently shake them."

"Not that they haven't done a good job at freaking us out as well," Swerve commented as recalled the surprises humanity had given them.

"We could always tell them about that group of weirdos on Quartex," Downshift said with a shutter. Seriously having rocks as your alt mode? What in the name of Primus was that good for?!

"Yeah, Small Foot told me all about them," Swerve recalled. "And a planet where everyone turns into swords."

"You do realize all this will make the heads of Earth Alliance's top brass explode?" Whirl asked. "So we better wait for the anti-genetics pricks of the Atlantic Federation before we tell them everything."

"And you bring the Corona Solar Lites," Swerve commented with a wide smirk. Seeing the bigots put into their place was something worth celebrating.

"I would if I didn't leave my supply of those on the Steel Haven," Whirl stated sadly. "The local brew we got just doesn't have the kick of those. Then again we can't make the solitarium and forestonite we'd need to flavor the energon."

Then something hit Jetfire. "Exactly how many people do you think got killed when the Archangel transformed?"

"There's a very good reason you don't have anyone in the cockpit or behind the wheel of your alt mode when you transform," Jetstorm noted grimly.

"Splat is more like it," Downshift muttered as he rubbed at a rust spot on his black forearm. "We got lucky, slags. Only two crew were crushed. A lot of minor injuries. I think Lacus broke an arm. I heard her Haro rescued her."

"I hope Kira and Lacus recover," Hot Shot commented. "I like those two."

Perceptor ignored that as he continued to tweak the Gotfried particle cannons. On top of increasing their power and range, he used that innate ability of all Transformer mechanics and engineers to see where it could flex, adjust in preparation for transformations.

The infirmary of the Archangel was quite full. Nicol Amalfi was still in an airlock, so was not present. Kira was unconscious as he was subjected to batteries of tests. Over in the triage area, Mirallia and Flay were busy helping the combat medics tend to cuts, bruises and breaks among the many soldiers and pilots. Among them were a few civilians.

"Will she be all right?" the slightly older student from Heliopolis asked a gray haired medic.

He nodded. "It was a clean break."

"Lacus! Lacus must be all right!" Haro exclaimed, only to be snatched up by the medic. "Hey!"

"You aren't supposed to be in here!"

"I'll take him. I think I need a small break and some food," Flay said with a flat look in her eyes.

About five minutes later, as Flay carried Haro into the main docking bay of the Archangel, it spoke up again.

"Thank you, Flay. Haro does not understand why you do not like Lacus, but sees you trying to help," the little pink ball called out.

"You don't know anything," she almost snarled at him. She could grab a heavy wrench and find an out of the way corner.

"No, not big enough to be smart. Haro too small." The Haro transformed into a little transformer, all of two feet tall.

That caused Flay to drop the robot. It was one of the monsters! Evil, transforming father-killers! "You-!?"

"Haro like Flay," the little robot called out as it hugged her leg. "Thank you for helping Lacus!"

Her skin was crawling, but it was acting like a puppy. With slow care and precision, she patted him on the head and gently pushed him away. "What... are you?"

"Transform! Transform!" Haro shouted, turning into the metal ball that bounced and then rolled into a spin before turning into a miniature robot gain. "Lacus! Lacus? Where are you?" He ran off in the direction of the infirmary again.

Flay was left trembling for over ten minutes. She could not tell, deep within those dark places of her heart, if it it hate or self-loathing that had paralyzed her. And she had this feeling she was in a world transformed and nothing was what it seemed to be.


Mu La Flaga wagged his wings as the two ZAFT AMF-101 DINNs rocketed up to him. The stout, six-winged purple and silver mobilesuits were not much of a 'fighter' but did have mobilesuit armor and agility on their side. He activated his short-range combat radio. "This is Lt. Commander La Flaga of the Archangel requesting contact."

Within a low shriek of distortion, his reply came back. "La Flaga? I thought you were in space?"

"The Archangel descended from the orbital battle against the Decepticons. Can you guys lead me to Gibraltar so I can fill in ZAFT HQ and look at resupplying us?" the ace pilot called out. He wondered how well it would do against the mobilesuits on the Archangel. 'Bad, Mu. Those are allies for now.'

The lead DINN pointed into the distance. "After you, commander."

Not a very trusting bunch, Mu thought to himself. "Roger."

It was only a few hours flight before his Skygrasper was wheeling down the tarmac towards the rows of bunkers and hardened buildings. GINNs tromped by on patrol, even as he followed the air-traffic control's directions in the sweltering heat of Africa. Popping the hatch, he shed his lavender helmet and stepped down the roll-stairs. "Thanks, guys!"

The ground crew gave him a thumb's up, even as the petty officer pointed him over to a grizzled man in a tan trench-coat. With his wild brown side burns, he could only be Andrew Waltfield; the Desert Tiger.

"Strange isn't it?" the Desert Tiger mused. "Here I thought we'd be in a conflict without end. Then we find out Le Creuset has a talent for arousing the ire of extra solar aliens."

"Who have a talent for making the strangest things possible," Mu commented with a slight smile on his face. "You won't believe half the things I've seen since they first appeared."

"How about we discuss this like gentlemen over coffee?" the ZAFT commander asked. "Martin! Rustle up some decent grub while I have a small meeting with the Hawk of Endymion. Aisha?"

"Coming, Andy!" the pretty, female coordinator said. She gestured over at ground car.

It was a short drive to a large manor just off base. Andy immediately went about puttering with his espresso machine to make three fairly fancy coffee cups.

"Any cream or sugar?" the ZAFT commander asked.

"No, I think I'm good by that smell." Mu took the cup and sipped it cautiously due to the heat. "A very nice blend. A local one from Africa, it tastes like."

"Exactly. But you are here to talk about our cease-fire and working together against the giant, evil-robot menace from outer space!" Andy had a wide grin at that pronouncement.

"With allies of giant good-guy robots. I think the Archangel should be moved here, refitted and then resupplied. Do you have a line of communications to the Eurasian Federation?" the ace pilot asked.

"Yes, they actually are sending one of their carrier groups to that ship. We have a couple of submarines headed there too. With strict orders to not start a fight."

"Andy!" Aisha reproved him for his roguish behavior.

"But I did! No starting a war or I'll put them of foot patrol out in Lybia."


In Galvatron's throne room, the Emperor of Destruction was holding a meeting with his high ranking generals through a video screens that floated ethereally in the room.

"I can be there in four deca-cycle Lord Galvatron," Strika stated. The stocky grey and purple female Decepticon had a gleeful expression on her face at being able to crush some Autobots.

This brought a smile to Galvatron's face. He always could trust his General of Destruction to come through for him. And someone else could be in charge of turning Chaar into a full sized Decepticon colony at this point.

"I will leave at once to crush these humans," Windrazor said with a voice that sounded like wind going through skulls. The gun metal grey Seeker clenched his fist. His golden head gleamed as his blood red optics glowed for a moment.

Behind Windrazor, his right-hand man Nightscream, smirked. This was perfect for his plans. He would get his revenge on Galvatron and set up Windrazor to be Decepticon leader. And then he could easily crush him at a time of his choosing and finally the Emperor of Destruction would be he, Starscream as he really was, as it was meant to be.

"Of course, Galvatron," General Sideways said respectfully. The purple and black dimension hopping Unicronian agent wondered what was it about Earth that attracted Cybertronians to the place. Still these humans seemed to be more then target practice. And no annoying human children the Autobots let hang out with them. How they didn't all end up dead by being at ground zero of the fighting he never understood.

"Understood," Jhiaxus said bowing his head. "However it will take me six quartex to get to your current location."

The grey, purple and orange Decepticon general wondered if just cyberforming the Earth into a copy of Cybertron would solve all their problems. Of course, that was always his solution. Of course it also seemed to work pretty well for him as well. And there were seventeen worlds in the Decepticon Empire because of that solution.

While Onslaught was silent and plotted. The olive green and navy blue tactician pondered how a force like humanity could shift the war back in the Autobot's favor. Especially with two of Cybertron's moons Optimus Prime and his forces held as staging grounds for an attempt to take back Cybertron. This was important, as most of the ways of creating new Transformers were on their homeworld and whoever controlled Cybertron could easily replace their losses with fresh troops. If they had proper supplies of energy and raw materials. Cybertron had special technologies and abilities, but it was nearly a desolate wasteland after the war.

'Though if they were able to turn human machines into Transformers,' Onslaught mused. 'Then even without access to the depths of Cybertron they could increase their troops. And that logistical advantage is far more devastating then anything else they can gain."

And the logistical increase of troops if humanity and their weapons were on par with Cybertronians. And the fact organic beings while being short lived creatures could breed like scraplets made him think this had to be stopped now before the Autobots got these heavily armed humans out on the various fronts. The last thing the Autobots needed was more help.


Out in the deeps of the Mediterranean Sea a massive ship broke water like a whale. The ZAFT carrier submarine raised lights on it periscope mast, flashing signals at the even more massive white ship slowly plowing through the water.

"Contact! We are receiving a visual signal from the Porthos, a ZAFT vessel," the communications officer called out to Natarle who was standing watch.

"What's the message?" the lieutenant asked as she stared to the port at the submarine.

"They are asking if we need any assistance."

Natarle nodded. "Thank them and say we do need to recharge our capacitors up to 100 %. So if they could link up to provide us a boost, that would be appreciated." While the Archangel ran on nuclear power over the long term, it had incredible, high-density capacitors that it used during combat for the very energy intensive weapons like the positron cannon.

"Contact! It's a flight out from the John Adams. They are informing us that the Atlantic Second Fleet will be here in six hours at current speed."

The black-haired officer. "That's good news." She flipped up the keyboard that was part of the captain's chair to send a quick message to Garcia and Murrue. They would both want to know what was transpiring.

The next day, the large fleet was traveling westward. The Porthos was finally disconnected to the Archangel, as the capacitors had not finished charging after only ten hours, which was unnerving the captain of the massive carrier-sub.

The engineering staff of the space carrier were not much better off. Chief Murdoch looked at the Chief Petty Officer that Admiral Garcia had assigned, a too young and bright kid five years his junior.

"You have got to be kidding me. There's no way those can be holding much power. The ship should blow up," the scruffy technician told the red-head.

CPO Adam Eastwell just shrugged. "I know, but that's what the gauges are showing. I figure it's more of that Transformer technology infecting the ship. As it doesn't seem to be hurting anything, I've been ignoring it..."

That was when four nearly-human-sized Transformers ran by with their arms full of pink, glowing cubes. They seemed to be saying something in their language. The only thing any of the Earth Alliance officers caught in their strange language was the word for Energon, which the Minicons were prone to start chanting when they were excited.

"I don't know why they are so excited. It's like they've been out of that Energon for so long, that they consider it a treat," Eastwell pondered aloud.

"Hmm. Maybe it is. This could be 'good times' for them."

Murrue sat in her captain's chair, very aware that Admiral Garcia was standing behind her. "Lifters to full power."

The Archangel lifted up and out of the water, leaving the waterborn fleet behind in its wake. With a rumble that shook the very earth, it left a dripping trail as it flew over a sandy beach towards the ZAFT base that was baking in the hot son.

The Autobots were the first off the ship, as they did not even wait for it to stop. Hot Shot transformed and burned some rubber as he rocketed off the port landing bay. His engine roared like a massive predator animal as he kicked up a rooster-tail of dust as he accelerated so fast he almost fish-tailed.

Swerve thumped to the ground in a massive leap. "Yeah! It feels like quartexs since most of us transformed," he said before transforming.

"That isn't quite true," Perceptor remarked in his flat tone.

"It feels like it though," Downshift admitted even as the Archangel continued to rumble over the smaller beings.

Finally it came to a halt on the edge of the massive landing field, next to the Lesseps, the ZAFT land-battleship was dwarfed next to the battle-carrier. Ramps extended and the landing bays opened without extending the magnetic accelerators.

"So you see that's what you call the Greys are to us," Roadhandler said to Dearka as they exited the Archangel.

"Interesting," Dearka said politely. He wasn't sure if it was true or not but it at least was entertaining.

Yzak's expression as he followed the pair made it clear he didn't believe a word of it. He wasn't sure what was going on any more. His black and white world had been transformed into a bright and vibrantly colored one but for the greys to be that...well that was just crazy. He was also annoyed he was going to have to tell the Desert Tiger the Decepticons didn't kick their ass, but it was reentry and most of them having to be fished out of the water.

The only way this day could get worse was for Blue Cosmos to attack.

'On second thought I'd be able to shoot them with my improved Duel,' Yzak mused in his mind. 'Hell I'm sure half those jerks are just jealous of Coordinator abilities."

Skysickle was flying around when they saw a teen girl walking towards the starboard landing ramp where the white uniforms of Earth Alliance officers were just appearing. The man following her did not look happy, but did not seem to have any way of stopping her for some reason.

She seemed to be looking for something. One of the crew members intercepted her.

"Can I help you?" the soldier asked, trying to keep her from intruding upon the commissioned officers.

"Yeah, you can tell me where ORB's mobilesuits are so they can be handed over!" she almost shouted in his face.

The silence was almost deafening at that pronouncement. "Excuse me?"

"I'm Cagalli Attha of ORB and I've been tasked with retrieving our borrowed equipment." She looked nothing like a noble lady, though she was certainly acting the part.

"Our bulk bodies!" Thunderstick wailed as he transformed and landed. And they didn't even get the chance to go over that hidden file he'd found in computer on his ASTRAY yet.

"Aren't interstellar rules of salvage 'I found it, I'm keeping it, and you can kiss my boron compressor'?" Jolt asked sharply.

Perceptor knelt slightly and put his hand on Jolt's shoulder. "This is a political decision, Autobot."

"Well, Grimlock would have told them off, and then changed the codes so they never could use them again," Thunderstick grumbled.

Hot Shot clanked his fist on gold and blue Minicon. "None of that. We'll see about some other options for you guys so you can fight along side of us."

"Hot Shot is correct. Perceptor has been factoring in upgrading Minicons to full bulk bodies for over a deca-cycle," the monotoned scientist said.

Admiral Garcia was feeling a headache coming on already. "Miss Attha, why don't you accompany us to Commander Waltfeld's meeting so we can discuss this in a civilized manner."


The red and blue figure looked over the information that had just been brought to him by one of his trusted sources. Yellow eyes flashed for just a second as the large Autobot stood up. Hitting a communication button, he spoke, "Autobots, this is Optimus Prime. Prepare to roll out. We have a new mission of great importance."

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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YES!!! *dances* Starscream and Prime!!!
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