Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby kilopi505 » 2014-08-02 12:10pm

Hurray for the glorious updates!

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2014-08-05 05:49pm

Murphy took a kneeling position at the barricade, her knee bumping against a duffel bag she brought along from Chicago. With super powered Nazi’s on the offensive, she wanted at least one ace in the hole. But for now, her main arm would do. The P-90 was mostly to push the hellhounds back. It would take a lot of fire to put them down, which is exactly why Hazmat was on the team.

As she strode towards the oncoming wave of hellhounds, Murphy already could see waves of heat coming off her small frame, and the cement melting underneath her boots.

“Stand back,” she snarled, “the gloves are coming off.”

She pealed each glove off, as an intense blue glow of Cherenkov light. The gloves hit the ground with a wet, rubbery thwack as she flung her hands towards the horde. The light around her flashed into a brilliant orange that caused Murphy to finch away, and the horde to stop in its tracks. They turned away instinctively covering their faces beneath their claws and curled up in a fetal position to protect their vitals as best they could. Even their tentacle ‘hair’ got in on they act, but it did not matter. In the next second, their skin boiled away in billowing black smoke under the red-orange light. The glass of the surrounding buildings melted away and the cement below became soft beneath them. It wasn’t long before the monsters burst into flames, consumed as they writhed in agony.

Hypersonic Boom!” Nico shouted at the top of her lungs and a shockwave rolled through the horde, tearing their crumbling bodies to pieces. Thirty hellhounds were left as blackened, burning rubble underneath the combined assault.

They all couldn’t help but stare in shock at her accomplishment.

“Yeah, yeah,” she picked up her gloves “Living weapon of mass destruction. I kno—“

Her words were cut off when a hellhound burst from the sewer grate to her right and snapped at her with its jaws. A scream of surprise and pain was cut off as she hit the ground, her lungs emptying.

Murphy got a few rounds off to distract the monster before Mettle intervened with the force of a freight train. He didn’t say a thing, he simply tackled the hellhound away from Hazmat and began to ram his giant, metallic fist into the creature’s face, bones cracking under the pressure of each strike. It clawed back at him, the bones re-weaving themselves with frightening speed. Mettle kept the pressure on and managed to wrap an arm around the creature’s head as Jenny scampered clear, clutching her arm.

Fire Soul!” Nico shouted and engulfed the two in flames. Mettle pulled himself away from the hellhound as the flames lapped off his body. The hellhound was nowhere near as fortunate. Incinerated to dust in moments.

Mettle left the creature before it dropped and rushed to Hazmat’s side, “Jenny! Are you okay!”

She clutched her bleeding arm and the clutching hand glow blue. A sizzling sound reached Murphy’s ears as the girl grit her teeth and a pained hiss escaped her mouth. When the sounds stopped, she stumbled a bit into Mettle’s arms who steadied her. “Wound cauterized,” Hazmat said before she turned her glowing hand to the ground. A single flash of power seared the ground, “Blood sterilized. Aside from radiation I haven’t re-absorbed yet, the area’s clean.”

Murphy did a quick check to her radiation badge. It hadn’t tripped yet.

“Jenny! The hell?! I could’ve healed your arm,” Nico looked like she was a hairs breadth from wagging her finger at the girl.

“Toxic blood, remember?” Hazmat hissed, “Didn’t want to risk it. Or waste it.”

Murphy put a hand on Nico’s shoulder, “Focus, people. Now many more of those might come out from the sewer? We got any eyes or tracking down there?”

Nico tapped the staff, “We can. Pixies, check for hounds.

A dozen tiny, glowing, purple pixies fluttered into existence around Nico, then quickly dove into the sewer. Seconds later, they returned.

“A lot,” She said, “Like 20.”

Murphy did a quick inventory of her gear, pulling a grenade off her vest, “I don’t have enough Grenades for that.”

“Yes you do,” Nico put a hand on it, “Jamie Wants Big Boom.

A red light emanated from deep within the grenade as she removed her hand.

“You’re . . . Really good at this magic thing.”

“Not really, no, now drop in the hole before that wears off!”

Murphy nodded, ran to the hole and with a sweeping motion, threw the grenade in. She smiled with relief as it followed her arc and moved away from her down into the darkness.

Murphy whistled sharply, “Everyone, behind the wall! Move it!”

Mettle grabbed Hazmat and with a simple hop made it over the wall. Nico stumbled over it rather awkwardly as Murphy herself dived behind it in a perfect tuck-and-roll. “Down!” she yelled and ducked, covering her head and ears. The others mirrors her motions just before the grenade went off. The sewer grates and manhole covers around them burst upwards from the ground and the entire block seemed to jump from the force of the blast. Murphy took a moment to look at the destruction, catching a gimps of a lizard like creature constructed of flames slithering out of the openings, before evaporating into dust.

“What the hell was that?” Murphy managed.

Nico Shrugged, “I think that was a Salamander.”

“You think?!” Hazmat growled.

Before Murphy could get clarification, Spider-Woman’s voice crackled from the radio, “Drones are on the way. Finally burned through the web wall.”

Murphy clasped her radio, “And the labors?”

“I got one to hit another, but they’re all still standing so far. Been playing keep away more than attacking.”

“Feel free to attack if you find an opening, Mayday,” Nico called out.

“Yeah,” Spider-Woman said, “Big ‘if’ there.”

Murphy spotted the first of the black clad kaijin march down the street. Clicking her P-90 to secondary fire mode, she finally got to test out the little devices they gave her. There was no recoil from the weapon. Just a flash of light which traveled towards one of the soldiers. The bolt of energy crawled across the glossy black armor, the kaijin staggered and then fell to the ground with a hissing cry. It felt unreal, using the blaster to off one of these bastardizations of science.

And far, far too easy.

Hazmat soon joined them as Mettle took her back behind cover as the kaijin began returning fire in earnest. Large white bolts of light with a surrounding rainbow hue like the color distortions of a grease slick in water launched from her hand and had similar effects on the kaijin. Staggering and dropping as their lives ended with a mechanical clumsiness.

The soldiers had no cover, they didn’t even think to duck as their fellows died around them. When Nico brought a thunderbolt down upon the remains with the cry of “Jupiter Thunder Crash!” it was almost overkill. That blow alone took down 4 of the kaijin. The last of the kaijin fell as Hawkeye radioed in to let them know a labor was almost there, robbing them of any sense of temporary victory.

The first sign of them came when one fell over at the corner a block down from their position, its body smoldering as black smoke billowed from the husk that it once was. Its joints clogged with webbing.

A second labor strode out behind it, web-lines trailing off the machines along with some minor damage dealt to the hulls. It was an oddly designed machine, much smaller than the standard labor, perhaps 14ft tall. One arm replaced with a large cannon. On the back was a turret with two Gatling guns attached which operated independently of the main body.

An imposing figure to say the least. But it didn’t immediately open fire on the fortification.

Murphy turned to her Radio, “Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, what are your recommendations?”

“Jam the Guns,” Came Spider-Woman’s voice.

Hawkeye added, “And aim for the joints!”

The machine pointed its cannon at the fortification, but before it could fire, Nico cut it off with a cry of “Put a Cork It!”

From seemingly nothing, a gigantic, brown cork sealed the barrel of the canon. However, it did little to stop the shell, which tore through it fiercely. There was still more recoil than normal and the labor fell to the ground. The shell went wide and struck the Empire State Building full on. Chunks of cement rained down upon them—with some chunks as big as a basketball. Nico again cried out, “Shield!”

And the chunks of concrete turned into herring. Living, flailing, splatting herring. They rained on them in a slimy, fishy mess.

Murphy was absolutely stunned. This girl pulled out huge bits of Magic, stuff that would impress Dresden for sure. Then this happened.

“What the hell was that?” Murphy felt one of them explode on her helmet as it fell.

“Staff of One. I panicked and used a word I already did,” She eyed her staff with annoyance, “So, it registered a complaint.”

Murphy’s face soured as she realized that her team’s witch was the lovely combination of powerful and unreliable, though it explained the really odd spell names she’d been throwing around.

A flash of blue caught Murphy’s attention as Hazmat unleashed a concentrated blast of radiation at the Labor as it rose. The paint peeled and small sparks ejected from the joints, but little else impeded its progress.

“Guys, if I go any hotter, I’m gonna start hurting everyone else,” She looked around quickly, “Other options would be nice.”

The Gatling guns on the back spun around with frightening, mechanical speed. Hazmat let out an “Eep” in surprise. Before anyone could act, Mettle was already there, pushing the guns up and bending them aside. The metal screamed as he exerted himself. Then, with one swift jerk, he tore the roof off the mech, exposing the pilots. They were both humans. Regular people in Nazi uniforms who were quite baffled at their current predicament, but their confusion did not last.

The main pilot re-aimed the arm at his two new targets while the other went for his side arm and pointed it at Murphy, but neither got to act before mettle slammed the unhinged top back on the mech, bringing it to the ground and crushing them both. The booming slam of metal on mettle covered up the crushing of bone and squeezing of flesh only just.

Mettle fell back and looked at the wreckage, “They’re dead.”

He slowly took the mask from his face and repeated himself.

“They were gonna kill us, Ken,” Hazmat rubbed his shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. “Besides, you’re a black Jew who just killed a pair of Nazis. That totally works out karma wise, right?”

“I expected monsters and robots,” Ken’s voice was hollow, “Not people.”

Mettle effectively collapsed on the ground, sitting as it weighed on him.

Hazmat kept trying to reassure him, but to little effect.

Murphy stepped up to him, “Ken, I know it’s a hard thing to deal with. There’s a rush from it and guilt and worry all knotted up inside. When we get back, we’ll take you to someone you can talk to about it. But until then, can you go on?”

Mettle looked to her. Even seated, he could look her in the eye without looking up. “I think I can,” he said.

Murphy offered him a hand, “Then get up, this isn’t over yet.”

Before he could take it, the radio crackled to life again, “Big labor coming in!”

Hawkeye’s voice was cut off by the labor’s stomping movements. It was a more traditional design and size, over 26ft tall. Heavy plated armor form skirt like structures around the body, legs and even shoulders rising in huge spikes. The head had two ear-like horns atop it, flanking a cyclopean red eye. A trio of odd cylinders raised jutted out from above the wrist.

It raised its gun and pulled the trigger, letting lose a dark purple blast of energy.

Murphy ducked, but at the rate it was moving that would do little good. But instead of a searing, burning death, she got a light show. By sheer dumb luck, Hazmat was in front of her and had raised her arms to protect her face. The beam struck and dissipated around her, errant rays burning holes in the cement and glass around her.

She however was unharmed.

Everyone took a moment to catalog what had just happened.

“Holy crap!” Hazmat looked at her hands, “I didn’t even know I could do that!”

The machine attempted three more shots, but Hazmat managed to deflect all three, gaining skill with each one. The last one she managed to ‘slap’ up into the air, rendering it harmless.

“HA! Maybe you’d like some return ---“

But before Hazmat could finish, it launched a pair of missiles at the group. Mettle moved fast, leaping at Hazmat and Murphy, but that left Nico vulnerable, especially when the twin missiles split into 4 each. The entire fortification was saturated in explosions. Mettle’s shirt was torn up by the blast and shrapnel.

As was Nico.

When the dust cleared, Murphy called out to her and ran to her side. Mettle began apologizing profusely, adding to the cacophony.

Murphy looked her over and for someone who just took a barrage of grenades around her, she was remarkably intact. The only visible damage was a few shrapnel cuts that didn’t look more than surface level deep.
Nico coughed and rolled to the side, “Damnit I hate when Chase is right,” she grumbled.

Murphy picked her up, “Tell me you have an anti-robot spell in mind.”

“Not . . . specifically,” Nico coughed, then shot a glance at the empire state building, “But, I do have an idea.”

Looking back on the Labor, Murphy saw Mettle holding onto one leg to keep it pinned on location, while Hazmat blasted the beam cannon away from the machine, going so far as to deform the metal of its hand, while Spider-Woman webbed up the face and was starting to impair the joints. Without turning, she shouted, “Do it!”

Nico nodded, mumbling, “This is so gonna backfire somehow.”

Murphy began to dig through the piled sandbags while the others went to work.

Mettle, for his efforts, ripped the armored shell off the Labor’s leg, giving Hazmat the opportunity to blast it, fusing the knee joint. With his hands full, he was unable to effectively counter or dodge the massive fist that came down shortly afterwards. The tubes on the forearm glowed with an atomic iridescence and were shoved into his chest, sending him flying into the Starbucks.

Hazmat broke off and chased after him, leaving Spider-Woman an open target for the labor’s next move. It reached to its belt and pulled another tube from its side. A short, tight flame of light burst from the tip. With one swing, the beam cut through the web line Spider-Woman swung from. She managed to recover, but only just.

“A light sabre? Really?” Spider-Woman swung onto a nearby wall, “I knew you guys were crazy, but man, I didn’t think you were that crazy! Lucas Films is totally gonna sue you guys!”

It swung at her again, but she leaped away well before the beam came down. “And you’re not even that good with it! Wait, is the Star Wars Kid in there?”

It swung a third time, again missing her, “Or maybe Mister Magoo?”

It charged forward, the beam held like a lance, but it only succeeded in slamming itself into the Empire State building. “Oh! I know! Leroy Jenkins! You’re gonna wake up a Raid boss at this rate.”

Murphy kept digging, through the sandbags, keeping the faith that her Special Surprise remained intact.

Overhead, Nico raised her staff into the air, focusing her effort before crying out, “Fallen King”

Nico wobbled leaning on her staff for support. Murphy stopped digging and ran to the girl’s side before she lost her footing completely and fell like a marionette with its strings cut into her arms.

“Wow. I nearly tapped,” She said.

Murphy knelled down, bringing the girl down gently, “Did it work.”

“It damn well better have,” she gritted her teeth and pulled the staff close to her—which then disappeared into her body. “Because I need to recharge. I’m not much good now. I got maybe a handful of other spells I can use without the staff—and not much power left for any of them.”

Murphy got her moving to better cover, and was about to ask her more questions when a roar cut her off. She had heard roars before in her time, but none had this savagery or power. The figure that formed around it, she first thought it was a man, then an ape. But there was only a single word to describe the shade that stood before her.


The ghost of King Kong slammed a fist into the chest of the Labor. It was only 5 feet shorter than its metallic adversary, but the sudden appearance of the ghostly ape caught the pilot completely by surprise. Kong easily bowled it over and stared pounding on the chassis.

The tubes on the labor’s arms began to glow again and it attacked Kong in the side. The ape howled and leaped back, more surprised and pained than truly hurt. The machine began to right itself slowly and two oblong objects launched from the gaps in its shoulders. They expanded into fan like blades, which spun with frightening velocity before hurdling themselves towards Kong. One missed and imbedded itself in a building. The other slices into Kong’s shoulder before doing the same. That hurt and truly angered the shade. It pounded its chest and charged the machine. Completely bowling it over. It put one hand on its head, another on the offending arm, and pulled with force enough to audibly strain the metal. With one final yank, it tore the arm from its shoulder with a tremendous roar of tearing metal. The massive ape then repeatedly clubbed the labor until the head and chest cavity completely collapsed and the machine stopped moving.

Kong dropped the arm and placed a foot on its fallen foe. It roared and beat its chest, a sound like a massive drum being struck, letting it echo through the canyons of New York once again.

Murphy turned to Nico, who barely held herself up on her hands, “Guess it worked.”

“Yeah,” she breathed, “’course, I have almost no control of the big guy, so—“

Before Nico could finish, Kong turned to them and eyed Murphy. Its scarred face held a deep stare she found very hard to read. The force of this things presence was hard for them to take. Murphy had faced down a lot of monsters in her day. She once tackled a troll back when she was just a rookie. But standing in front of this massive creature and its gaze was far more intimidating. She stumbled on the sandbag pile and tripped.

It was an utterly fall without humanity or dignity. She hit the sandbags hard, face first no less, her chin stung, letting her know that it had been scrapped. Instinctively, she kicked herself up, thinking the monster would be on her in an instant. But that’s not what happened. As she rose, Kong fell back, a surprised look on its face. It bared its teeth to be sure, but in an inhuman smile. It hooted and beat its chest, creating a different sound: a cupped clapping. It reached a hand towards her and Murphy at first pulled back, but on seeing the frown stopped herself. It reached out with a finger and stroked what little hair stuck out from her helmeted head.

Slowly, she removed her helmet and let her hair fall out. It grunted in appreciation and patted her on the head. It was a heavy pat, but given the creature’s size, surprisingly gentle.

The shade stood up, apparently tiring of the distraction and grabbed the husk of a Labor. After dragging it into the center of the road, it threw it aside, and over a hundred feet away. Then it returned, keeping an eye on Murphy the whole time, who dared not to move.

“I think he likes you,” Nico said, “You’re like a kitten to him.”

Murphy only mustered a quiet, “Great,” as an answer.

“Could be worse, I heard he chews people when he’s really mad at them.” Hazmat added as she and Mettle gathered behind her, along with Spider-Woman.

“Blondes,” Spider-Woman added, “Go figure—“

Spider-Woman stopped and muttered under her breath, “Oh crap.”

Kong watched the small seen with only mild interest. Something else snapped him to attention. He barked a warning call.

“Guys, something Bad is coming this way,” Spider Girl said, “Big and bad.” She reached to her ear and barked into the radio, “Hawkeye, keep your eyes peeled, something’s coming.”

A rooftop exploded nearby them. Showing the street with light debris.

A barrage of orange-yellow energy beams followed. Mettle stood in front of Nico as Hazmat blocked the blasts that would have struck Murphy. Spider-Woman was already in the air, dodging with her usual lithe speed, but with far more desperation in her movements. Kong’s screams were intense as the beams struck and tore the shade’s structure apart. It stood its ground and did its best to shield the humans, but each blow it took was taxing. Murphy raised her P-90 up to try and find their attacker, but whatever it was moved too fast.

Until it stopped to survey its work. It looked like one of the kaijin, but the armor was more highly stylized and white as opposed to black. Triple layered shoulder pads and stabilization rudders on the back helped it fly with, and Murphy was shocked to see it, a jet-pack keeping the armored being aloft. It held a twin barreled long rifle that was easily 7ft long.

“Oh, look at them standing so tall,” the kaijin’s voice was feminine and light, “far easier to my lovely Bewolf to knock down.”

Murphy opened fire, but she only grazed it (she hoped) as it started flying about again.

That’s when the second one arrived.

The sound of a machine gun blaring caught her attention first. Mettle was already intercepting the bullets as the red and black figure rushed towards her. Another kaijin, Beowulf, rushed towards them. This one with a large horn atop its head and heavily armored, almost like a beetle and shined in red and silver.

“C’mon!” Mettle yelled as he braced himself for the charging Beowulf. Its horn glowed with a blue, internal light almost like red hot steel. Mettle latched onto the attacker, crushing the gun in one hand and holding its shoulder back with the other. Beowulf’s horn touched the tip of Mettle’s armor, but did nothing to it. The sound of metal on metal was all it made, though the kaijin could see smoke rise from the place it touched, it was quite faint.

It shifted its free arm and unveiled a new weapon. A large spike. Ramming it into Mettle’s gut with all his might, we was rewarded with a grunting noise from his opponent. That’s when the explosive shell behind the spike triggered, driving the pile bunker’s spike into Mettle and cracking his shell. He fired the pile bunker again, widening the crack. And again and again, until the clip was empty and blood seeped not only from the wound, but Mettle’s skull-like face as well.

Mettle’s grip weakened, and Beowulf kicked free of the young man. The chest plates on the kaijin pulled back, revealing its trump card: titanium ball bearings fired from magnetic launchers in the chest cavity. The Heavy Claymore.

Mettle’s cracked hide could do little to stop the barrage as it peppered his chest, creating a golf ball like texture on his chest. Cracked, bleeding and dimpled, his eyes rolled up in his head as he first fell to his knees and then fell to the side.

“Ken? KEN!” Hazmat’s voice cracked as Beowulf ejected the cylinder from the Pile Bunker and reloaded with nary a word.
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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2014-08-05 05:57pm

Ugh, double post.
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Supernatural Taisen - "[This Story] is essentially "Wouldn't it be awesome if this happened?" Followed by explosions."

Reviewing movies is a lot like Paleontology: The Evidence is there...but no one seems to agree upon it.

"God! Are you so bored that you enjoy seeing us humans suffer?! Why can't you let this poor man live happily with his son! What kind of God are you, crushing us like ants?!" - Kyoami, Ran

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby SAMAS » 2014-08-06 10:25pm

The Gespenst was bad enough, but you gave them the Alteisen and Weissritter too?

Not an armored Jigglypuff

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2014-08-06 11:27pm


It's not quite the Alteisen and Weissritter though. Imagine a Kamen Riders based on those mechs and you have a good idea of what they're really facing.

And just how bad things are for Murphy and the Gang.
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Supernatural Taisen - "[This Story] is essentially "Wouldn't it be awesome if this happened?" Followed by explosions."

Reviewing movies is a lot like Paleontology: The Evidence is there...but no one seems to agree upon it.

"God! Are you so bored that you enjoy seeing us humans suffer?! Why can't you let this poor man live happily with his son! What kind of God are you, crushing us like ants?!" - Kyoami, Ran

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2014-09-09 10:00pm

Hazmat’s hands shone with light once more and she threw a massive bolt at the red-clad cyborg. Most of the blast diffused before hitting him, but what did scorched him and got him to stagger. Before she could do anything more, he was on her and with a simple shoulder block, sent her tumbling to where Ken lay, her helmet cracked, and its visor shattered.

“Tell me you have a plan,” Nico’s voice danced lightly, like it was walking on eggs.

Murphy swallowed, “I have a one shot big gun half buried under sand bags.”

“And there’s two super soldiers here,” Nico stepped back her steps faltering, “Great.”

“If you can work on some distraction,” Murphy didn’t get to finish that sentence. Nico lifted into the air a good foot and flew off, way from the cyborg. The words “I’m sorry” echoed behind her.

As Spider-Woman disappeared in a cloud of dust and rubble, forced there by a kick from the white cyborg, it left only herself and Kong to face the two cyborgs. And Kong was not in good shape. Many wounds covered his spectral form, his face a mask of pain. He did not need to breathe, but he still did so heavily, every movement a labor intensive activity. The wounds drooled a translucent green slime she heard Harry talk about before. Ectoplasm. She tried to assure herself that it was just a ghost, an echo of what once was.

But she couldn’t.

She took her simple sidearm and opened fire. The bullets bounced off the white Superhuman’s armor, to no effect. The red one, the one that opened up Mettle, pushed her down and held her down with one foot. She knew it could crush her with just a single action. But she soon realized that he wanted her to watch as its partner tore Kong apart. It screamed with each blast of energy from the long rifle it held.

But it saw her, its face turned to concern, then anger. Shrugging off the assault, it swept one massive arm across the street and bowled the superhuman end over end and into a store façade. Thankfully, away from the two teenagers it gravely injured. Kong lay in front of her, splayed out like her, one arm out, reaching towards her as she lay as well. She got up slowly to assure the ghost she was okay.

Kong looked at Murphy. It seemed satisfied. It saved her. It reached to stroke her hair once more.

But a blast from above lanced through its torso. The flying white fiend looked at the hole it punched through the ghost with a smug satisfaction.

Kong fell limp. He first melted slightly then faded away to nothing.

Many people had theorized why Kong did what he did. Why he repeatedly kidnapped that blonde girl he was always shown with. Looking at the light fade from Kong’s translucent eyes and fade, Murphy understood. He was protecting her. Like a father protecting a child almost.

She weighed her options and they weren’t good—until Nico came screaming down on the red cyborg, flying at full speed. Closing her eyes tightly, her face full of regret, she rammed into him with all her might and got him to budge. Murphy used what time she was given to dig, but she wasn’t given much. Before Nico could fly off, the white cyborg kicked Nico to the ground with tremendous force. Slamming her to earth and kicking up a cloud of dust in the process. Murphy heard the familiar, sickening crunch of bones snapping. When the dusts settled, she saw Nico laying on the ground motionless. Her right arm broken nearly clean in half and her eyes gazing at the sky with the all the life and vitality of a doll. Her mouth, eyes and nose had blood forced out of them, splattering across her face and chest. The white Cyborg flew back to her hovering spot to better survey the human wreckage.

Murphy quickly scanned the surroundings again. Hazmat had managed to crawl over to Mettle, limping heavily. She didn’t see Hawkeye or Spider-Woman. Kong was simply gone. And Nico lay at her feet. It was just her. And two very smug cyborg supermen. Only one of which had any real sign of injury.

She wondered briefly when they’d kill her. It didn’t matter. She knew she’d spend every last second delaying these Nazis from their goal if she had to—and she planned for there to be a lot of seconds. She did not want to die, but there seemed to be no other choice. She could run, but that would get her cut down even quicker. Even dead she could not live with herself if she did that. She steeled herself as the red one lumbered towards her, but she found herself unable to move as it pulled back with the Pile Bunker, ready to jam the spike up between her ribs.

Then it stopped.

“This one,” It finally spoke, its voice deep and gravely, “There is something within it. A spark. It holds back.”

“Aww,” The white one tilted her head, “That’s no fun. The others went all out. Why are you holding back? Or, more to the point – what are you holding back?”

Green tendrils floated up from gaps in the White one’s armor, tipped with red spheres which Murphy first thought were flowers. Her blurry vision eventually identified them properly as crystals. She then said one word which sent a chill down her spine.


Somehow, Karrin knew that it was only referring to one thing with her emphasis on that one word. There’s few things that could warrant that sort of spoken capitalization. The Swords of the Cross were one of them. Harry was the keeper of one of them, Fidelacchius, the Sword of Faith.

“Why don’t you use the sword, Hmmm? You totally could. And maybe – maybe these idiot kids wouldn’t have died in vain, protecting the relics of a hundred year old lobotomist.”

“Lilith,” The red one grunted, “Do not speak of the mission.”

The White one, Lilith, stuck her tongue out – a forked, crystalline thing that snaked out from underneath the helmet.

With those words spoken aloud. She could almost feel it. All that she had to do was call on it and it would appear before her. It was a palpable sensation. She could almost picture it in her mind – cutting down these monsters for what they had done would be a simple task for the Sword.

But beneath the glory of the idea, her gut turned. It didn’t feel right. Unearned, unwarranted. Damn close to Unmaking the Sword.

Through the monster’s grip, she forced her voice out, “Frankly, you’re not worth even taking it out of the box.”

Part of her felt that she’d die on that one line, in a very Dresden-like manner. But she need them distracted. Anger at an insult can do that. She figured calling a Nazi Super Soldier unworthy of something would be just distracting enough – to allow Mettle to sneak up on at least one of them.

And she was right. Mettle charged the red one with full force. His ribs were exposed in patches under the cracked shell of his ‘skin’. His skull-like face drooled blood from his mouth and his eyes were bloodshot and focused. He blindsided the cyborg completely with a massive blow to the head that crushed the single horn atop it. The force released her from his grip and she rolled out of the fray as fast as she could. Dazed and spinning, the cyborg was unprepared when Mettle grabbed his chest and tore open the armor plating covering it, ripping out part of the tubing and other implantations connected to it with his massive hands. Blood, oil and sparks flew out of his chest as he groaned.

Which is when Hazmat vaulted over Metal's extended knee. She was not wearing her suit. Clad only in her sporty undergarments, she rushed the super soldier from Her entire body was glowing with that white-blue light, outlining the girl’s skeleton.

Hazmat’s voice was gravely, but firm, “Ground Zero, Nazi!”

Hazmat shoved her hands right onto the open, damaged sections of the red cyborgs chest. On contact, the his chest hissed with a sound like red hot metal sinking into water, but there was a distinct chemical smell beyond the simple burning of metal, rubber and flesh. Instinct kicked in for Murphy: she ducked and covered. There was a mighty flash of light and shockwave from a huge explosion, leaving her ears ringing. When the light died down, Murphy looked up, to see a mushroom cloud nearly filling the street. Despite the ringing, the dull thuds of small pieces of material hit the ground around her. It took her moments to realize they were pieces of the red cyborg.

Hazmat collapsed into Mettle, who listed slowly before he fell as well.

“BEOWULF!” The white cyborg yelled, her voice stained with pain, rang out and let Murphy know her hearing was returning.

And she got back to digging, grabbing the end of a long tube and pulling it with all her might. She did this as the white cyborg prepared to blast her to atoms right then and there. And she would have, had an arrow not pierced her hand and her massive fire arm, pinning the two together.

“Missed me,” Hawkeye’s voice rang out like a victory bell from her damaged perch. Bloody, bruised, but alive, “So your penalty is I cut off your thumb!”

Hawkeye shifted in her odd stance, one shoeless foot held off the ground where the arm partnered to it was tied off in a makeshift sling and held tightly against her chest.


“Adamantine arrowhead,” Murphy could see Hawkeye’s smirk from street level, “Thousand a pop. Right now, totally worth it. Especially since I just bulls-eyed that shot with MY FOOT!”

In a single, fluid motion, the white cyborg snapped the arrow in half with a swipe of her free arm and gripped her useless gun as a club. She rocketed off to smack the annoying archer with it—but a tug from behind threw her off course and she careened into the ground.

Man, education is really going down in the dumps,” a quipy, light voice bubbled from the smoke and debris, “Look at this! Kid’s these days can’t tell up from down!”

Spider-Woman, perched on a wall, upside down. Her costume was torn in several places and she had a cut that bloodied one eye among other scrapes, but she was alive as well, “So why don’t you stick around,” With both hands extended, she fired web-line at the stumbling cyborg, webbing her in place.

“I’m sure you’ll find this,” The exposed part of Spider-Woman’s face revealed a smirk, “Shocking!”

With a motion almost to subtle for Murphy, Spider-Woman brought in her thumbs and clicked a small button. An electrical current ran down the web line. Reaching the cyborg, her systems overloaded. Sparks and spasms dominated her body, her scream stuttering under the current.

Murphy had a better opening than she could have hoped for.

She hefted the rocket launcher up and out of the rubble. Two switch clicks and one trigger depression later, she let the rocket fly before the white Cyborg could get her wits or footing. It popped out of the casing and a moment latter, accelerated towards its target, exploding with a tremendous fireball.

Murphy dropped the empty tube. She didn’t have a quip or a line. She was just too tired.

{{Battle Mastery Earned}}}

“I’m going to perforate you for killing my Beowulf!” She raised an arm, and orange bolts lashed out from it, striking Murphy in the chest.

She fell back. Her vest protected her internal organs, but damn if being hit with frickin’ laser beam didn’t hurt in all new ways. There was the shock of impact, sure, but it was far hotter than she expected. She felt it ripple across her body in ways bullets never did. She lay on her back, only managed to look at something other than the sky as the white cyborg started blasting away the webbing.

Spider-Woman helped her to her feet, “Tell me you have another shell for that. You can lie. Because I just drained my taser charge on her and I’m pretty sure punching her would only give me more broken bones.”

Before Muphy could answer, Spider-Woman braced the pair of them as a red pulse of energy from where Nico’s corpse lay threatened to bowl them over. Her body shone like a spotlight, towering over the scene and tinting everything red. Her body rose into the air, a black and red elbow length, and fortified glove formed around her arm. The break sealed up almost instantly. A ruby the size of a silver dollar embedded in the palmar.

Her eyes held that color as well. The Staff of One was in her hands unarmored hand once more.

I will not let Molly lose her mother again!” Nico’s voice rippled through Murphy worse than the energy blast did.

Nico rushed the cyborg with frightening speed and with a massive haymaker blow, she stabbed the armored hand into the stomach of the cyborg. The cyborg’s eyes bulged as the glowing fist embedded itself in her flesh. She staggered just before Nico lifted her off her feet by that glowing hand.

“H-h-how?” She managed, her voice gurgling and quiet, “We-we are the pinnacle. The ultimate achievement. The best. How can you do this to us?”

“Perfection’s boring,” Nico growled before lifting the woman over her head completely, letting the blood from her wound drip onto her.

Heeeeeat End,” The words were said with an inherent darkness, a full octave lower than she normally spoke. The cyborg superwoman’s body seize, emanated an eerie glow from within with a red and purple light before exploding in a massive golden fireball. The supermen were no more than chunks on the ground.

Nico turned to Murphy, her eyes red and glowing, her face stern. The glow quickly faded and Nico lost her levitation. Her skin lacked color and when she hit the ground, she stumbled and caught herself with the staff.

“Okay, I’m done,” She said, using the staff as a cane as she marched back to the Empire State Building, “I’m sitting the rest of this war out.”

Murphy looked down at her radiation badge. It was tripped.

“Yeah, we’ve all had enough, I’m radioing backup. We need to get the hell out of here.”

Hawkeye slid down a rope to street level, unhooking the zip-line device from her belt, “I hear that. That was my last damn arrow.”

“Also, your arm’s broke,” Spider-Woman added.

“And my arm’s broke,” Kate begrudged.

She had barely clicked the radio on when she arrived like an angel from heaven. Clad in golden armor, akin to a Greek hoplite, but made of plate. The eagle-like helm was matched by wings nearly as tall as the wearer of the armor, extended out as she flew down, and folding to her back on landing. The golden armor contrasted her fair skin and blue-black hair.

She began to walk towards the bodies of Mettle and Hazmat, but took a moment to glance at Murphy, “Sisters. Get inside the Empire State Building and head to the 87th floor. You’ll find supplies and backup there.” She hefted Hazmat over her shoulder and gently scooped Mettle up in her arms, “I’ll get these two to medical attention and return to reinforce your position.”

Murphy could only nod. The force of her presence was at once overwhelming and reassuring. It was disconcerting, but she managed a nod.

“I know I can count on you,” She said and flew off. Somehow, her saying that was reinvigorating to the women. They hefted themselves along towards the Empire State Building’s one remaining un-barricaded, and highly concealed, entrance.

“That,” Nico eventually managed, “That was Wonder Woman.”

“Wait,” Spider-Woman Stopped in her tracks for a moment, “You’ve given crap to EVERY cape you’ve ever met. It’s even in your file! But you fangirl over her?”

Hawkeye lightly slapped her on the shoulder, “Of course she does. That's Wonder Woman!”
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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2014-11-01 12:18pm

Just put in an edit to give Murphy some more focus.

I'll hopefully have the final part of this chapter done later in the month. Home repair work (patching up basement walls) has kept me from story formation of late. But that's almost done.
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Supernatural Taisen - "[This Story] is essentially "Wouldn't it be awesome if this happened?" Followed by explosions."

Reviewing movies is a lot like Paleontology: The Evidence is there...but no one seems to agree upon it.

"God! Are you so bored that you enjoy seeing us humans suffer?! Why can't you let this poor man live happily with his son! What kind of God are you, crushing us like ants?!" - Kyoami, Ran

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Final Part of This Mission

Postby Majin Gojira » 2015-01-29 08:55pm

The makeshift medical station on the 87th floor patched them up, but when the War was over, they needed to check in at a hospital. The refractive armor plate did its work and prevented Muprhy's insides from being cooked, but she still had second degree burns, a cracked rib and one massive bruise from the blast. Once she was patched up and cleared by the doctors, Murphy had to check on the others.

Some were far worse off than others.

Hazmat and Mettle had their own specifically built ward. It was sealed off with a massive metal bulkhead that passed as a door. From the tiny window, she could see the two laid up. Mettle had bandages across his chest and around his face. Hazmat lay without visible bandages, but looked deflated in her bed. Without the suit, she looked like a regular girl. The “No Admittance” sign on the door kept her at bay, but they were at least alive. Inside was a woman in a massive hazmat suit, who was apparently part tiger. This only added fuel to an idea that Murphy had about ‘superheroes’: they lead very weird, and often very short, lives.

Looking at them from the hall was a quiet experience for the most part. This quiet was interrupted when a woman sat down next to her. The woman who joined her looked far different from the woman who had saved the pair on the battlefield. The build was muscular and she was almost as tall as Harry, but the hair was a different color. The blue-black was replaced by light blonde. The armor was gone, replaced by red, blue and gold sweats. And she looked like hell otherwise. Peeking out from her clothes and across her face were cuts that were deep enough that they should have been bandaged and bleeding, but they weren’t. A patch covered one eye, but otherwise, the wounds she had were uncovered and did not bleed. None of the wounds were particularly dangerous or life threatening, but it was still unnerving to see.

She looked through the chart at the door. After flipping through a few pages, she sighed and turned away from it, her face slightly fallen.

“I guess that means your next,” The woman said.

Murphy managed a “What” as the woman held out a round device in her hand. It looked like a hand brush, where the brush had been replaced by a circular layer of purple crystals.

The woman sat down next to her, “You probably want an explanation. First off: Hi! My name’s Cassie. We met earlier—“

“When you pulled the kids out to get medical care and covered our position,” Murphy liked the surprised look on Cassie’s face.

“Huh,” she managed, “Most people can’t see through the wig. Good eye.”

Murphy thanked her.

“Anyway, I’m doing some follow up to heal some of the minor injuries with this little doodad,” She held up the purple crystalline device. “It’s from my mother’s homeworld. This Purple Ray is basically a super tech first aid kit. It can handle things up to cracked bones, but not much more than that.”

“So why are you—“

“Those two were the last serious cases I could check. Unfortunately, his physiology and her radiation means this is useless for them. But I can help you with the mild concussion you’re sporting.”

“What about—?”

Cassie grabbed Murphy’s head and raised the crystal to her face. The purple crystals lit up and at first, her brain felt like spiders crawled across it. But the sensation quickly passed, replaced by a soothing ease across her whole body.

“That should do it,” Cassie lowered the device, a smile across her face, “Now for some water.” She pulled a Canteen from a bandolier across her shoulder and offered it to Murphy. She took it and Drank. “This thing can dehydrate you.”

After swallowing, Murphy asked “Do I want to know what it does?”

“Accelerates natural healing processes,” Cassie smiled, “Kind of target specific, and it can leave you a bit dehydrated, but it’s a handy tool.”

“And that’s not a common device because?” Murphy handed the canteen back.

Cassie sealed the canteen and stood up. She tucked the device into her pocket as she spoke, “Need radioactive ore in your body to power the thing. “

Murphy shook her head with a light smile, “That’s definitely a limiting factor. But what about you? Why haven’t you used it on yourself yet?”

Cassie shrugged, “I heal fast enough on my own.” She pursed her lips for a moment, shrugged and said, “If I really focus on it, I could probably heal my eye right in front of you, but it’s really gross.”

Murphy stopped herself from convulsing in revulsion, “I’ll be happy if you spare me that sight.”

“Points for the pun.” Cassie’s smile was honest and yet still had some innocence behind it. She’s seen it on children before, but never on an adult. That thought was quickly brushed aside by the rest of Cassie’s words. Given the level of strength and power the Nazi super soldiers showed, it was likely they had some level of healing ability to them as well. Which explained exactly why these young super heroes had fought the way they did, as hard as they did. They had to make it quick and decisive. Otherwise, there was no way to put down those things. The power disparity was just too great.

Murphy let out a breath. “Does that mean all superhero fights are . . . that brutal?”

Cassie’s face took on a neutral expression Murphy herself knew she took when dealing with hard truths or decisions, “Not always. But sometimes. Some things don’t go down easily.”

“Like you?”

Cassie smirked, “Like me. So I do what I can to help the kids along. It’s a legacy thing. I’m old-guard. Family’s being doing the super hero thing for almost a century now,” She waved a hand absently in the air, “Not even counting the whole amazon thing, my family has always done more than just punch criminals and slay monsters. We stayed behind to help rebuild. Of all the jobs I do, rebuilding is the most important.”

Murphy thought on that for some time after wards. Cassie excused herself before that went on for too long. In that quiet, Murphy came to a quick conclusion, and headed to a different part of the Hospital.


Seeing Nico was less difficulty than Mettle and Hazmat. Although, she had an entourage.

It was odd. Dresden avoided Hospitals whenever he could. He said the magic around him played havoc with electronics and Harry going to a hospital would get people killed. Something about hexing electronics. Here was this young woman who was just fine with so much equipment around her. Not even a tweak. Murphy didn’t think such normalcy would be off-putting, but there it was. Chilling her spine.

Nico was laid out on the bed, but at least she was taking visitors, but she certainly looked better than the bloodstained, gothic horror she was when she destroyed the white cyborg. She seemed deflated, paler, and tired. At her side was a boy who held her, sitting beside her without saying a word. He noticed Murphy first and whispered something to Nico.

She gathered what strength she could, “Hey, Murphy, right?”

Murphy nodded and approached, first turning to the young man, “And you’re?”

His answer was curt, “Chase.” Murphy briefly wondered if that was an alias of some sort.

“How’re the others?” Nico’s voice was low, cracked and overall exhausted.

“Well, everyone’s alive,” Murphy nodded, letting Nico relax to a degree, “Mettle’s going to be in traction for a while. Hazmat is more exhausted and bruised than anything else—and won’t leave his side. Hawkeye had her arm dislocated. Spider-Woman has some bad burns, but they’re fine. How about you?”

“Well, I died,” Nico growled, “That’s one thing.” She clutched the boy’s hand tightly, her hand now free of its dark casing, “Also, when that Nazi bitch crushed my torso, she got me to miscarry.”

“You were pregnant?”

“Was news to me,” Nico’s voice was hollow, strained, and choking back tears.

Chase’s hand rubbed her far shoulder and pulled her close to him, he whispered assurance to her.

“So, you just checkin’ in, or you got some actual good news?”

Murphy cast her gaze down for a moment before looking at her again, “Mostly, to check on you and the others. I lead you into that, so it’s—“

“My fault for trying to rush an artificial Superman with nothing but my clenched fist,” Nico told her, “But I appreciate the thought. I know the pressures of leading a team of unruly teenagers pretty well,” Nico let that hang in the air for a moment before adding, “Though I’m not used to seeing authority figures be reasonable.”

“Same here,” She said, to their confusion. She let out a tired smile and added, “I’m from Chicago.”

They let out a dual “Oh” of complete understanding.

“I also contacted Dresden. When this all cools down, he can take a look at your case – but it doesn’t look good.”

Nico squeezed Chase’s hand, “Define ‘doesn’t look good.’”

Murphy’s face scrunched up slightly and she put her hands in her pockets. Just thinking of this group running around with their own laws, employing lethal force on their own accord just rubbed her the wrong way on a fundamental level. She had to swallow and accept it a few times already, and that had not helped it taste any better. “Well, they think you’ve broken several of their laws,” She said the last word through gritted teeth, “And from what Dresden has told me, you’re being targeted more for political reasons than anything else. Apparently, another witch in California managed to slip by their radar and now has enough clout and power to escape their reach. They want to give you the lesson they failed to give her. Keep their own house in order in the process.”

The two stared at her, blinking.

“Well, isn’t that all sunshine and rainbows,” Chase growled.

“Also,” Murphy took a steadying breath, “There’s apparently someone on the council wants your magic staff.”

“That staff is bonded to my soul,” Nico paled slightly, “To get it, they’d have to kill me.”

“Again,” Chase added. Nico repeated soon after him, then said with a faint, eerie smile, “Wow. I get to say that now.”

Muphy continued, “On the plus side, the guy in charge of the hunt for you doesn’t like you being screwed over like this, so that’s probably the reason they haven’t gotten you yet.”

“Ya think us beating the crap out of ‘em three times in a row would have done something for that,” Chase sneered.

Nico raised the back of her hand to him and he fell silent, “So do we have options?”

“A few,” Murphy said, “But you’ll have to—“

Murphy’s words were cut off by Nico screaming, grasping her head in pain, eyes building and strained as some unseen force pained her entire form. A chorus of screams echoed through the hospital. Fear like little Murphy had seen before became plastered on Chase’s face, holding onto Nico in a desperate bid to find out what was going on. Murphy moved to join him when flickering, multicolored lights caught her attention from the window. She moved to it and peered out, and did her best to keep her jaw closed. The entire sky was filling up with a rainbow of light. The smoke and clouds did little to obscure it, turning the entire skyline from night into high-noon daylight.

“What is it?” She found herself saying.

As if to answer, Nico began to speak in a voice of hazed panic, “The Moonlight Butterfly! Its wings have unfurled! The Moonlight Butterfly is tuning the song with its wing beats! The Great Discord is repeating itself! The Moonlight Butterfly!”
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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby SAMAS » 2015-01-30 09:14pm

Need to establish Murphy as the viewpoint character in the first paragraph. But other than that:

Holy shit, who let the RaXephon out?

Not an armored Jigglypuff

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2015-01-31 06:03pm

SAMAS wrote:Need to establish Murphy as the viewpoint character in the first paragraph.


And now I can go back and wrap up the Roanapur plot. I finally found someone to fill in the character gap I had for the evil side of things.
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Supernatural Taisen - "[This Story] is essentially "Wouldn't it be awesome if this happened?" Followed by explosions."

Reviewing movies is a lot like Paleontology: The Evidence is there...but no one seems to agree upon it.

"God! Are you so bored that you enjoy seeing us humans suffer?! Why can't you let this poor man live happily with his son! What kind of God are you, crushing us like ants?!" - Kyoami, Ran

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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

Postby Majin Gojira » 2016-10-16 09:46pm

Roanapur a full on war zone. Even before it appeared on the horizon, Sora and the others saw the smoke billowing upwards into the starlight, and the low glow of many distant fires. As they approached, they could see in part why that was. Amidst the fire and smoke there were massive machines, 30ft tall, black with two horn-like ears and a single cyclopean red eye centering on the head. Sora recognized the design, the three arm-mounted rods each bore and shoulder fins stood out uniquely, across many worlds he had visited. He took off, pixie dust dancing behind him as he flew, as soon as they got in range. He could hear Rock and Revy call out after him, but they didn’t matter at the moment. He had to make sure if he was here.

The streets themselves were overrun with violence. The black-clad SS Anubis Soldiers marched regularly through the streets, and the continued efforts by the local mafia groups to put them down meeting with repeated failures. Only the blue hellhounds went down under the barrage of gunfire and explosives. The Anubis soldiers kept marching on.

Criminals or not, Sora could not just let them die.

As he flew swiftly through the city, he swung his Keyblade at each soldier he passed. Those that did not fall in the initial strike did shortly after he moved on as their shields collapsed, unlocked under the Keyblade’s power.

Sora flew past of many other myriad labors, smashed apart by the Nazi-emblazoned black weapons: the Gespenst. Gespenst exist on many worlds, but always thanks to one man. And that man, even when his dark powers were at their peak, would never be subservient enough to Nazis to let them mass produce his design, his Weapon.

Sora screeched to a halt as a building fell before him underneath a massive foot of a primate. Looking up briefly, Sora saw the massive gorilla creature, and the many protruding mechanical implants which burst through its skin. The other reason the city was a sea of flames. Over a hundred feet all, the Gorilla-thing held a labor in each hand and smashed them about as though they were ragdolls. It roared and snarled as it smashed and crushed everything in its sight with little care for what it hit. It was far too big to tackle in this world, with his magic and power so limited, Sora fled with the speed of a coursing river. For a time, he even stopped striking down the Anubis Soldiers to gain momentum against the colossus.

After putting significant distance between himself and the ape monster, he let out a sigh worn heavy with exasperation. No matter the world, no matter the time or place, there were always monstrous apes.

He searched across each one of them, following his heart, to find the one he knew his friend lay within. He knew it would have the smoothest and fastest movements of any of the machines there. Sora smelt his hair burning before he realized he was shot at. Someone else had found him first. Sora ducked behind a building and readied his magics.
He leapt out from the building as the Gespenst smashed through it to chase him.

He raised his keyblade into the air and shouted “THUNDAGA!” at the top of his lungs. Answering the call, lighting rained over the machine. It sparked and shuddered as the electricity coursed through it. Sora raced across the falling rubble, smashing through or hopping across the chunks of masonry and metal to reach the Gespenst. It was a little different than most Gespenst he’d seen (smaller by half), but he knew where the cockpit had to be, and the hatch. Labeled in German, it was still there so any idiot could open it. One swift kick popped the cockpit easily, revealing the man inside, and confirming his hopes and fears. The man already had his sidearm drawn and trained when the cockpit opened. He fired before Sora could finish his next spell, “Sleepel!”

The pilot passed out, and fell to earth. Alive, but defeated for the foreseeable future. The massive ape, however, was on him again, half a labor in his hand. Sora took to the air again and flew as fast as he could from the impact site, as the monkey monster smashed the labor half into the Gespenst. The explosion that followed covered his escape, but he felt something slap him in the back. He stumbled from the air and hit the ground rolling.

When he looked up he had was surprised to be greeted by not only Donald and Goofy, but the bewildered trio of Catman, Rock and Revy.

“Well, here they are,” Catman declared with a bemused grin, “Guess you didn’t really need the ‘World’s Greatest Tracker’ for this one.”

“That mean we still gotta pay ya?” Revy snarled.

Catman shrugged, “If you want my help ever again.”

Revy nodded, “t’s fair.”

Rock knelt down and helped Sora up, “Sorry, I know you’re some kind of hero, but running off like that was just—“


“I was going to say insane!” Sora was taken aback when Rock’s voice rose, “You ran off, without plan, or backup, when you had a ton of it with you! I’ve dealt with some reckless people, but you! You take the cake! I don’t care why you ran off like that! If you wanna fight, go right ahead, I can’t stop you. But I can at least ask you to fight smart!”

Sora almost fell back down hearing that.

It took him a moment to answer. “Sorry,” He said, “A friend of mine – he’s been lost and . . . the big Pointy-eared machines, they’re his design. I hoped he was here.”
Revy snorted, “Like a designer is gonna be on the front lines,” She turned to Catman, “Hey, think you can track down the Nazi base?”

Catman responded. “Usual rate.”

“Fine” Revy growled.

Then Catman pointed as a black clad Nazi super soldiers turned a corner. “’round the corner where that came from.”

Revy crused and went for her guns.

“Yeah,” Revy scowled, “The hell is that?”

The super solider opened fire as Revy went for her guns, but the shots were intercepted by Goofy, the beams diffusing his expanding color-armor. It bought Revy the few seconds she needed to get to cover before the barrage began anew.

She watched in confusion as the duck squawked and hooted, flapping its wings about before lightning-honest to goodness lightning-shot from its wings at the super soldier. The blast diffused along the shields, but sparks flew. Seeing it stagger, Revy opened fire. She unleaded 6 shots into the thing, which drew no shield reaction, but got it to stagger further.
“Holy crap!”

The warrior grabbed Sora and tossed him into Revy with enough force to bowl the woman over, twice over. Sora bounced off the ground and slammed against a wall before slumping against it, dizzy from the blow.

Goofy launched himself at the warrior, biting down on his arm. Sparks flew as he tore at it, growing. Sparks and electrical discharges spurted and sputtered out of the warrior’s wrist-mounted cannon. Goofy, for his efforts, was bludgeoned repeatedly by the warrior before being kicked into Donald, who was healing the other fallen fighters. Sora looked around as he struggled back to his feet. Catman had apparently fled, which Sora couldn’t fault him for when he thought of it. He wasn’t doing so good himself. But right now the only one still standing against the super soldier was . . . Rock.

He was alone in the street with the warrior now focused on him.

No weapons.

Sora murmured a healing spell as Rock stalled for time. He stammered a bit, “I suppose we can’t talk things out?”

The creature stopped and growled, “No.” Its voice low and coarse. Its reverb seemingly silenced the cacophony of the war around them. Rock’s heart raced as the thing stopped and turned to the downed Revy. A flick of its wrist brought out a blade a foot and a half long.

It was going to ensure they stayed down.

Sora’s eyes went wide with fear, he tried to stand again, but fell over himself. He rushed things when he went to heal. He didn’t realize his ankle was twisted out of place and now . . . Now it was healed in place. He’d have to snap it again in order to re-align it properly. And neither of his wannabe caretakers would last that long.

Rock was alone. He had no weapons. Outmatched. In way over his head.

But he had long ago gotten used to being in that sort of situation.

He screamed and tackled the warrior with his full might, ramming his shoulder into it and Sora heard something snap.

The warrior remained standing, nudged by the impact. The thing that snapped was Rock’s collar bone.

But he got its attention away from Revy. Five seconds was enough time for Sora to get at least halfway on his feet. Rock rolled on the ground, the pain in his shoulder fogging his vision. Sora grunted in pain as he snapped his foot back into place, getting ready to heal it again, but it a low roar rang in his ears as the super soldier loomed over Rock.
But he quickly realized it wasn’t ringing, it was a lower sound. The reverb of a motorcycle engine. Sora saw a red scarf first, fluttering in the wind as a green and black armored rider he recognized road in, leapt of his motorcycle, and roared:


The warrior was struck by the armored attacker as he punched mid-leap, sending the victim hurtling into the air, impacting on a building with enough force to cause it to partially collapse the wall, buckling under the pressure. The warrior peeled off the surface a moment later, twitching.

“Shocker scum!” The figure barked, “I won’t let you have your way!”

As if in reaction to those words, it fell still. Sora brought his healing to his companions. Rock rushed to Revy’s side as she woke up behind him.

“Is it dead?”

Rock glanced back at it, to assure himself it was still, “Yeah, it’s dead.”

Revy rubbed her head as Rock helped her up. She pulled away from him growling, “I’m fine! Just got the wind knocked outa me,” before she turned her glare to the newcomer, “Who’s the weirdo in the scarf?”

Rock suppressed a smile, but he still stood and pointed boldly at the cyborg, “Revy, being in Roanapur almost got me to believe that there is no real justice in this life. No God. No Buddha. Nothing. But, right now. I know that even if there’s no God or Buddha, there is Justice. Because there is Kamen Rider!” Afte ra moment, Rock quickly pulled himself back to his more reserved method of standing after a moment under Revy’s gaze.

Revy smacked him in the arm as he nervously rubbed the back of his head, “Whatever, fanboy.” A few spells from Donald got Revy fully recovered before she began to push towards

Kamen Rider, “Hey, bug-face, you hear to kill Nazis?”

Kamen Rider nodded after a moment.

“Well, you’re just in luck,” Revy sneered, “Because there’s a whole mess of ‘em right down there that we were gonna bust up.”
Kamen Rider nodded, “Stay here, I’ll take care of them.”

Sora saw Rock cringe when those words hit the air.

“Sure,” Revy drawled, her sneer remaining, “Well just wait right here in the middle of a *&^%-damned warzone for the #&^ing Labors and Arm Slaves to stomp on us, the BDSM fireball &^$%ers to incinerate us, and we can all relax while they eat Peking duck and roast dog!”

Donald and Goofy took umbrage at that, but Sora held them back.

“They can help you find a place to hide, your current arms are unable to--”

As he spoke, a Russian soldier repelled off the side of one of the remaining buildings, landing between them. All but the Rider took a step back as he did. Under his arm was a large duffle bag.

“Big Sis sends her best wishes,” He handed the bag over to Revy.

He unshouldered his own heavy rifle and made his way back into the fray.

As the confusion passed, Revy unzipped the bag and grinned like a tiger, “Well now, what exactly where you saying about being under-armed?”

She held up a multi-barrel grenade launcher as if it were an extension of herself.

Kamen Rider nodded, but before he could speak further, Sora stepped forward.

“Kamen Rider,” Sora said as forcefully as he could, “There’s more than just Nazi’s in there.” Sora let that hang in the air before he continued, “There’s something in here that drew me to this place. I have to stop it. I’m the only one here that can.”

“Oh,” Revy folded her arms, “did that hit on the head jog your memory, cosplayer?”

“Sort of,” Sora cringed a bit, “it got me to the ground and that’s how I felt its power.”

“Well, don’t keep us in suspense, what is it?” Revy drawled.

“A Dimensional Beast.”


There wasn’t much in the way of security inside the base. They apparently relied on the disguise and massive distraction they were making to cover up their activities. A decent plan, but not perfect. The strange group: a normal man, a violent woman, a cyborg, a boy from another world, a dog, and a duck made their way down a ladder and into an underground chamber mired in darkness.

As they inched quietly through the dark corridors, Rock whispered to him, “Shouldn’t we be worried about security or something?”
“That’s what we took care of upstairs, Mr. Rock,” Kamen Rider answered for Sora, “And with everything else going on, I doubt they expect interruption.”

Rock smiled, fear still on his face, and “Let’s hope so.”

It wasn’t long after that, threw the underground tunnels that other voices carried in the air. It took him a moment to hear distinct voices.

“Waiting on my payment,” Were the first words to become distinct. They had a mild Australian accent to them, and were a deep male voice.

A gurgling sound at first answered, “Once the battle above is won, it will be easier to transfer your earnings to your designated account. However, if you believe you can carry 50 Million in gold bars, you are welcome to try. However, you should be made aware that such a collection weighs approximately 1,800 kilograms, just shy of a metric ton. You are welcome to attempt moving such a cumbersome collection through a war-zone if you so choose. I would find the attempt most humorous.”

This voice was not as gruff, but almost as deep, distorted as if it were contained in water. The voice was largely flat, but there was a smoldering hatred beneath its deadpan that sent a chill down Rock’s spine – and caused Sora to stop in his tracks for a moment.

As did the chittering laughter that followed.

“Well,” the Australian voice spoke up after a moment, “It’s not like I’m totally averse to the company here. ‘Cept the Spider.”

“The feeling is mutual, meat,” the raspy voice of “the Spider” answered, “Were this specimen not so intriguing and our good friends offer so endearing, I’d devour you without a second thought.”

“See what I mean?” The Australian spoke up again, “Charming through and through.”

“Alert,” A more electronic voice spoke up, “Security drones have failed to report in. Proximity sensors indicate several unauthorized biological entities within 15 meters of current location. Mental scans indicate one cyborg, three humans, a duck, and a dog.”

“. . . I was with you until you said ‘duck’.” The Australia said, “But I’m getting my guns anyway.”

“Further analysis shows one of the humans is a cyborg, and another exhibits energies similar to that of the captured unknown organism.” The electronic voice continued.

“Cyborg?” The soulless voice muttered, “M.O.D.O.K. Bring them out.”

“Targets located.”

Sora felt the telekinetic energy reach out, but couldn’t escape its grasp before he and the others were brought into the dim lights of the makeshift lab and slammed against the wall. Kamen Rider managed to power out of the invisible grip and took off after the floating head in a jar.

“Herman Von Klempt! I have you this time!” He roared as he launched into the air after the floating scientist.

“Not so fast!” The massive spider spat glowing blue fluid at Kamen Rider which carried enough force to pick the cyborg up and pin him to the wall with the rest. “We need you . . . hang around for a while longer.”

“That web,” Sora murmured, “Where have I seen that before?”

Rock and Revy were not prepared for the sheer oddities in front of them, and Sora easily saw it on their faces.

Before them stood: a massive head, coated in machinery allowing it to float and who knows what else, with regularly proportioned limbs operating them; a regularly sized head sat in a jar of green fluid next to a cybernetically enhanced gorilla; a spider as large as a VW Bug; and a human with a cybernetic eye and faceplate, who was probably the most normal of the group.

All of them standing in front of a Dimensional Beast. A massive quadrupedal beast the size of a large dinosaur, hooked up to a myriad of machines draining fluids from it. The crystal that formed the center of its ‘face’ faded, but still pulsed with life as the metallic/crystalline/organic hybrid horror’s body weakly twitched.

“Revy?” Rock managed, “Tell me you’re seeing the same thing I am?”

“Floating heads, monsters, and a cyborg jackass gunrunner who I has a 50K bounty on his head?” Revy managed, “Yeah, I see ‘em.”
Rock turned to you, “Wait, you’re not weirded out by this?”

“Of course I’m weirded out by this $#%$!” Sora felt dizzy as Revy’s tirade began, “The talking spider is the least crazy thing I’m seeing right now!” Revy calmed herself and added, “But it seems just the sort of group you’d get your ass messed with, isn’t it, Kano?”

“I’m flattered you remember who I am, Revy?”

Revy spat, “I only remember it because of the 50K bounty on your head. That, and that hilarious little terrorist attack on San Francisco back when I was still state side. ‘Australian arms dealer leads daring pirate raid on San Francisco ports’ was the headline you went for, but got his ass stomped by a college co-ed!”

“That,” Kano shuddered, “Was no girl.”

“Okay,” Rock said, “So, why don’t you tell us your side of the story?”

1992, San Francisco

Kano had to admit, Shao Kahn’s armies were doing pretty well against the locals. When the US Military showed up, then things would be really interesting. Especially with all the new toys he equipped them with. Outworld’s invasion was turning out better than he hoped.

Then hollow, angry words hit his ears.

“This was my day off.”

He didn’t see the source of the words, but it seemed to be all around him.

“This. Was my day off.”

It came again, louder, closer, and making some of the men around Shao Kahn look around, more curious than nervous. Kano scanned the surroundings and spotted the source. A red-haired woman, probably just out of her 20s, and quite pleasing to the eye. Athletic build, but not so much that took away from her curves. Her face, however, was marred by rage, a white hot look that Kano had seen a few times in his life, usually from people who were trying to kill him.

“This.” She said clearly, “Was My. Day. OFF!”

The last word was roared out with such force that it kicked up dust. Kano had seen some weird things since teaming up with Outworld’s warriors, but this was an earth girl.

He was still on earth, right?

“What do we have here?” Shao Kahn smirked, “This looks like a legitimate challenge. I thought I’d already seen Earth-realms greatest champions.”

The woman thought for a moment, an odd composure coming over her. “No, you didn’t.”

Khan paused. “Yes, I have.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“I have faced them down in Mortal Kombat through the centuries, peasant!” Shao Khan roared, “And they have failed!” Kano noted how he skipped over how things went this year. Not that it mattered, but Kano took note. Revisionist history from customers was not always the best thing to deal with when you’re a businessman.

“Yeah, look, I got almost every top end ‘champion’ on the planet on speed dial, and a few that aren’t, and none of them have ever mentioned fighting you, Skeletor.”

“My name is not Skeletor. I am Shao Kahn, ruler of Outworld, and this realm is now mine! Along with everything and everyone in it.”
Kano didn’t see her move. She was in front of Shao Kahn with such speed that wind followed behind her that picked up small rocks and threw them about. It even caught Shao Kahn off guard. He appeared to stand firm, but Kano saw him flinch.

“You’ve attacked the city, killed god knows how many people, plan on doing even worse to those you captured, AND you ruined my day off?! I don’t care who you think you are, Skeletor, you’re on my turf now, and I say your little invasion ends now.”

“If you care to stop me, girl, then give it your best sho-“

Shao Kahn never finished his sentence. He never spoke another word. In the blink of an eye she had struck, and Kano could only blink with one eye. The other saw almost everything. It sounded like a bomb going off in his head when her fist connected. It felt like a 10ft tall wave hitting him full on, bowling him over. And when she connected, there was a flash of light that shorted his electronic eye for a few seconds. When he righted himself and his eyes cleared, where Shao Kahn once stood was now a crater. It looked like a land mine went off when she blurred in front of him, centered all on her fist. She had struck him, with what he hoped was all her might, and Shao Kahn was now indistinguishable from chunky salsa, red staining the area around her. Including his own body.

The woman, whatever she was, turned to the army of warriors, who stood in absolute shocked silence, her eyes glowing red.


“You shut your damn mouth,” Kano growled, “Ya know what, Herman? I think I’ll take a pay cut. You give me the girl after big boy here scrambles her brain into, oh, my slave, we can leave with however much gold we can carry.”

The group shouted in protest in various ways, but Herman von Klempt’s answer rung out regardless. “Your terms are acceptable.”

“Conquering minds is a simple matter for MODOK,” The mutation stated.

“Damn you!” Kamen Rider growled.

MODOK laughed “Defiant and moral as ever, Rider. After the female is subdued, I will take pleasure in ripping out every cybernetic part from your body.”

“W-w-wait!” Rock stammered, “There’s! Uh, there’s things that we know! If-if-if you destroy her mind, that information will be lost forever!”

“All relevant data she has will be downloaded into my processors,” MODOK answered.

“R-really? How does that work?”

MODOK floated over to Rock, “By utilizing my telepathic abilities interlaced with crystalline circuits, I convert the ectoplasm from—“

“MODOK,” Klempt’s tinny voice had an air of exasperation to it, “Your disorder is diverting your focus. Fry the Human and be done with it.”

“Thank you for the correction,” MODOK spun to face Klempt, but spun around to glare over Rock, “You attempted to use my Science Related Memetic Disorder against me.” MODOK loomed over the restrained man. “This is commendable. I will harvest your brain and incorporate it into a shell to house my programming.”

This enraged Revy beyond anything Sora had seen before. Curses and expletives flew out of her mouth with a viciousness and speed he’d not heard since he ran into those kids in that quiet Colorado town.

“I suppose you’re going to copy my knowledge before you do that, right?” Rock’s voice was oddly calm for the situation. “Because there’s one thing that I can tell you now without that process taking place!”

“There is no need, the information will be extracted faster.”

Rock smiled, “But I can tell the others too, and it’s VERY relevant to their interests.”

Kano groaned, “Oh, get on with it already!”

“Well, the thing is. I figured out a while ago who ran the Italian Mafia here. Who he really is. And it is especially relevant to you, Mr. MODOK. Or, is it Doctor MODOK?”

Sora noticed Klempt twitch at the word ‘Doctor’ which he found quite peculiar.

“Anyway,” Rock continued, “I figured out who he was and I paid Catman--”

“YOU paid Catman?” Revy scowled at Rock.

“Separate job,” Rock answered, his voice cracking slightly in nervousness, but quickly regained composure, “Paid him to go and get the Capo and bring him here. He generally goes by Joseph “Fix It” Berengetti. But you may know him better by a more common name. Like Robert Banner.”

MODOK froze.

“Robert “Bruce” Banner. Also known as the Hulk.”

“And he is coming here any second now, so I don’t think you have time for any of that fancy mind control stuff.”

MODOK spun around, frantic with fear, “We must relocate what we can before the Hulk arrives.”

Kano scoffed, “Nah, no way! I’ve seen Joe Berengetti. Big guy, sure. But he ain’t the Hulk. ‘Sides, Hulk isn’t real. And even if he was, Berengetti isn’t green. He’s like, sorta ash colored. Figure he’s some African mutt.”

“In either case, it is irrelevant.” Klempt’s voice took an even harsher and more mechanical tone to it. “This site has served its purpose.”

The Spider skittered towards Klempt and tilted his multi-eyed head, “But the creature has yet to be drained of its energy, and the batteries are not yet full. How can we be done?”
Klempt shot a contemptuous glare at the spider, “That is because you were told false information. My involvement in this plan was not to procure energy to free the Ogrdu-Jahad from its prison without the key. It was simply to draw HIM out. And now, his location is known. All of this and all of you are no longer necessary.”

The voice became harsher and more mechanical as it went on, and Sora realized exactly what was in front of him. “You’re not Herman von Klempt!”

No. I am not.

“Wait,” Kano said, “Does that mean I’m not getting paid?”

Klempt turned to him and barked, “That is no longer my concern. My plan to draw out the Doctor to a predetermined locatikon has succeeded.” Reinforced metal surrounded the glass case housing Klempt’s head, encasing it completely.

“He is now on the risen Atlantis,” It continued as more mechanisms extended from its base, forming a wedge shape solid support structure lined regularly with metallic spheres. “And completely unaware of my presence. Distracted by the Major’s minor machinations as I had planned.”

A dome rose from the top, from which two lights extended, along with a camera mounted on a stalk in front of the growing machine. “Now I will go to the Doctor’s location!” A plunger arm and blaster arm extended from its ‘chest’ and the Dalek proudly announced, “And then the Doctor will be EXTERMINATED!”
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Re: Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

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Also, Daleks. Fuck.

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