Infection.California (Trinity County)

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Infection.California (Trinity County)

Postby WhiteWhale » 2012-03-20 03:01pm

(This is just the start of a short story I am going to do.)
For Spaldog USN

It would have been a nice day to camp, or swim…Maybe even stay a few months knowing that when you got done doing the whole ‘I’m going to experience nature thing’ your job, your life, your family and so forth would be waiting for you with open arms back at home. These are the things Charlie thought as he rounded the boulder at the top of the hill near the crest by the river. The grass was green and the air was so crisp that if your lungs let you, you could suck in air forever! The river was cresting with pure white caps and the water a dark deep cool blue. Damn, too bad it wasn’t a camping trip. Well, it kind of was but not one Charlie enjoyed. He reached the boulder and put his hand to his chest gasping for air. The sweat rolled down his head and he looked to the sky. He could see the clouds dancing in the sky as if to say ‘ ha ha we are happy and you are not.’ He closed his eyes and spit on the ground. The crossbow he had had one last arrow. He left the others back at the camp when he and his recently found counter survivor Dakota were ambushed. Charlie looked around the bolder into the woods and saw nothing. Didn’t matter, they would come. They already had smelled him and her. Charlie loaded the arrow and used his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. There was a path a little ways down the hill near the tree line by the river. It would lead to a visitor center a few miles away. He would take that path but after he found Dakota. She couldn’t be too far behind him. Then, he heard them. Distant screeches and howls coming from the woods. He glanced back on the other side of the boulder and swore to himself. The setting sun was casting too many shadows on the tree line and it was toying with his mind. The crows came quickly, always a bad sign. Their sound a warning to all who had no friend or person near you to let you know they were coming. Charlie held his breath and rounded the boulder and put the crossbow to his chest. Looking down the sight he saw the first one break the tree line. The glazed eyes fixed on Charlie, mouth open with yellowish saliva dripping. Its run was sloppy but eerily quick. Charlie slowly let out his breath with the last arrow and it hit its mark right through the head. Charlie then dashed towards the woods. Finding Dakota was the first thing to do.

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Re: Infection.California (Trinity County)

Postby Dass.Kapital » 2012-03-23 03:01am

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