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 Post subject: Reference webpages for fanfic writers PostPosted: 2008-11-06 02:04pm
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I originally created this list for the Creative Writing forum in, but considering that I am a moderately active member of this board too and that I definitely don't want this to disappear, should the server problems in Spacebattles worsen, I am finally crossposting this here.

In a nutshell, this is supposed to be an index of pages containing information that could prove useful for either aspiring fanfic writers or simply people who want to know more. Contributions are welcome and so is constructive criticism.


-GENERAL/ORIGINAL- Perhaps best known as the Wayback Machine, the people behind these page have devoted substantial amounts of effort and money to store abandoned webpages. If one of the links in this list doesn't work, try to find it in their archives.

Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS. A page with a large collection of starship models done at different scales, very useful when you want to make comparisons between different universes.

The (Hopefully) Official Canon Thread. Hosted in these very forums and started by thtadthtshldntb. This page contains notes about the canon policies of a number of fictional universes. Recommended by Steven Kodaly.

Atomic Rockets. Excellent page, full of extremely valuable information for those who dare to use hard sci-fi in their writing. Atomic Rocket Equations is a site that takes the equations presented in Atomic Rockets and offers them as an easy to use calculator tool. Recommended by Warringer and Tai Falkenburg.

SFWA's Tips on Writing. Tips of the writing trade. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

TV Tropes. An encyclopedia of narrative cliches. Very funny and very useful to avoid certain traps. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Writing Military Science Fiction. The information in this page can bring a great deal of military common sense into your works, so if you are trying to portray a semi-competent military and have doubts, check this out. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg. [NOTE: As of 22-09-10, website is gone. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine has a stored copy of the page.] A glossary of many science fiction inventions. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Wolf's Shipyard. A page that is somewhat similar to Jeff Russell's site, but also includes a large proportion of fan-designed ships for different universes that go from the downright silly to the awesome. Recommended by kingdragon.

Planet Designer. In case you really want to be detailed, give this planet design simulator a try. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg. [NOTE: As of 16-6-09, this link no longer works, although this utility seems to offer the same kind of information.] [NOTE 2: As of 22-09-10, the page is back online.]

World Builder Projects. A list of sites that may be helpful in developing worlds. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg. An old favorite before the advent of Wikis, it covered a variety of Anime series, including Digimon < Sailor Moon, as well as a few obscure ones (Anyone remember Mon Cole Knights or Flint The Time Detective?). R. Tai Falkenburg.

The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches. Like TV Tropes, only in a list format that makes it easier and quicker to read. Still funny to read. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Starship Schematics Database. A website of canon and fanmade starship schematics for Star Trek, B5, Battlestar Galactica and Space Cruiser Yamato. For those who love making fanmade schematics. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Science Fiction\Space Technology:Tools for Learning. A basic education site that deals with providing beginners an idea of spacecraft systems. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were. A website linking a large number of SF timelines. However, some links don't work anymore, or are totally speculative. R. Tai Falkenburg.

The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy. A tongue-in-cheek dictionary of certain tropes in scifi. R. Tai Falkenburg.

World Building Resources. A list of general websites to build up the setting. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. Another website on sf/f writing, was recommended by SciFi Weekly. A quick, easy to read course on writing scifi. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Mecha Anime Headquarters. A site providing details on a number of Mecha used in Gundam, as well as a number of other series. Also episode guides for the every Gundam series. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg and Samas.

The Mythopoet's Manual. Notes and observations about fantasy worldbuilding, although much of what is commented in this page could also be applied to sci-fi settings. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

FARP - Fantasy Art Resource Project. A section of the Elfwood site containing many materials and tutorials designed to help budding creators. Of particular interest is the section devoted to writing. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Rocketpunk Manifesto. By the author of the Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy. Contains musings and reflexions about a wide variety of sci-fi related topics. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

The English To Geordie Translator. Useful for when you need a thick, northern-English/Scottish style of speech, but don't know how to write it naturally. Would recommend editing what it gives you, as it can be hard to understand a Geordie at the best of times... Recommended by Starbug.

Aliens Species Wiki. An online encyclopedia with profiles for non-human species from a large number of franchises. Recommended by rogrd.

Scifi Meshes. Perhaps another for beautiful artwork and some good fan made ships. Recommended by rogdr.

On Writing Erotica by Morgan Hawke. The advice there is surprisingly universal despite its specific dedication to the gothic/romance/erotica genres. It also has a very useful article on writing characters of a gender other than your own without making male characters sound effeminate or female characters seem butch. Reader caution STRONGLY advised. Recommended by Akraa.

Modern Firearms & Ammunition. An extremely detailed online encyclopedia dedicated to listing and describing seemingly every military and police gun since 1900, civilian guns are also listed. The site is run by a Russian named Maxim Popenker, who has written several books about firearms, and is a fantastic resource for anyone that wants to use guns in their writing. Recommended by Cody Fett.

Writers Resources. Described as the alpha and the omega of all things writing. Contains thousands of links to web based resources of interest for potential writers. Recommended by Akraa.

ScienceWorld. Claims to be the best resource for math and science in the Internet. Potentially useful for authors who want to make sure that the numbers they throw around in their stories are correct. Recommended by Manthor.

Federation of American Scientists. The page name ought to be self-explanatory. Recommended by Manthor.

Writing Excuses. Tips and tricks of the writing trade in the form of a podcast made by three published authors. Recommended by LionElJohnson.



The Anchorpoint Essays. Pretty interesting speculation about the biology and social habits of the Xenomorph written from an in-universe perspective.

Predator: The Hunted. A pretty decent fansite that appears to contain most of the known information about the Predators and their civilization. The parts that are speculation based in known information are pointed to be such.


All Systems University Library. The best webpage that offers information about the Andromedaverse in the net.

AndroWiki. It is a very small wiki (~200 articles after two years of existence), but contains just about enough information to justify the removal of some claims about being the "one and only" Andromeda resource in the net. [NOTE: As of 16-6-09, the website is still there, but seems to be having some trouble and won't let me access the Wiki entries.]


Asterix NZ. Great New Zealand based website that is quite simply the best source of information for Asterix related issues in English you can find in Internet.


James Cameron's Avatar Wiki. The wiki about the tall, blue cat aliens. If you are looking for mystic elemental kung-fu fighting, that's in the next section. Recommended by Manthor.


Avatar In case the encyclopedic tone of the Avatar wikia doesn't suit your needs, try this fansite. Contains screenshots and transcripts from the episodes, several useful guides and articles exploring different aspects of the world of the Avatar world, such as its freaky fauna.

Avatar Wiki. Although this wiki is not particularly difficult to find, it is still worth the mention, as the removal of most of the Avatar related articles from Wikipedia proper has resulted in this becoming the best Avatar resource in the net.



The Lurker's Guide To Babylon 5. An excellent introductory page for those who haven't had the opportunity to see the series. There is also some interesting in-depth analysis of individual episodes.

B5 Spoiler Junkies Archive. Has an excellent collection of synopses that are almost transcripts of each episode of the series and movies. [NOTE: As of 22-09-10, site seems to be gone entirely and there seems to be no stored copy in I hope that I'm wrong, but I think that this one might be lost for good.]

Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica. Once again, a great reference page, although this one offers a much more indepth analysis of alien races and technologies in the Babverse.

The Babylon Project. The B5 wiki. Useful mostly for those who want to find out a detail ASAP and don't want to navigate through the long articles of the other pages.

Babtech On The Net. analysis of the technology, firepower and such of B5 starships. Rather versus minded, but useful for those who want to get an idea of the overall firepower avalaible to the younger races.

B5Tech. Another tech-minded webpage, particularly interesting for the excellent computer models of the B5 warships of all races. Extremely cool-looking page and decent articles, too.

Babylon 5 Timeline. The timeline of the Babylon5 series, with discussion on astronomy, planets and prophecies However, I have no idea when it was last updated. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Earth Force Naval Intelligence. Recommended by kingdragon.


Battlestar Wiki. A high-quality wiki that contains all you ever wanted to know about Battlestar Galactica, both the old and the reimagined series.

Battlestar Galactica Tech Manual. A neat page that does a fairly interesting analysis of the technology seen in the OBSG.


Patrick's Battletech Archive. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.
Classic Battletech. Probably the first Battletech websites I found that had alot of the setting readily available for a first timer. However, the focus is on the classic battletech. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg. [NOTE: As of 22-09-10, website is gone. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine has what seems to be a complete saved copy of the page, including most of the graphics.]

BattleTech Wiki. A large Battletech wiki (6,000+ articles), although much of the material appears to be customized models of mechs (although these are clearly identified as such). Recommended by kingdragon.


A Timeline For The Belgariad/Malloreon. Self-explanatory name. A nice, complete timeline for the events in both pentalogies. Site also includes a glossary of characters.


Bleach Wiki. A pretty complete wiki, but it has an annoying trend to describe the characters in bombastic and not-particularly-informative ways. Recommended by Manthor.


Stakes and Salvation. An extremely detailed encyclopedia of the Buffyverse (only television series, not the season 8 comics) that can be downloaded in a PDF file. [NOTE: As of 16-6-09, website is gone. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine has a stored copy of the page, including the downloadable encyclopedia.]

Buffyverse Wiki. I suppose that the name is pretty self-explanatory. This one is not quite as insanely detailed as the encyclopedia above, but it does include the canon comics and seems to be one of the best online resources for Buffy lore.



Code Geass Wiki. Modest sized Wiki devoted to the anime series Code Geass and its related spin-offs. Recommended by judgeking.


CoDominium Timeline. Includes and extensive time line with historical notes. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Old Gringo's Page: The Codminium. A site that provides a quick reference for the CoDominium series including worlds, society, and technology, with one fanfic. R. Tai Falkenburg.


EVA Central. Command and Conquer Wikia, done as an in-universe POV. Take note, its really three wikias in one, each covering seperately the Tiberium, Red Alert, and Generals timelines seperately. The Tiberium universe is the most comprehenisve, while work is beining done on the Red Alert one. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

The Command and Conquer Encyclopedia. Includes the Cannon of CNC, which was probably the source used before CNC3 came out. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Renegade Community.
A fan-recreation of Westwood's Renegade site. Its backstory section provides info on the Renegade game. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Command and Conquer Movies. From the offical website, an archive of all the CNC FMV cutscenes up to Red Alert 2. R. Tai Falkenburg.


The Abh Nation/Seikai no Monshou. Both sites provide information into the culture, technology, politics and history of the series. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.


Cthlhu Lexicon. Basically a listing of characters and beings of the Mythos. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.



-Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps Web Page. Contains quite a bit of information about the different members of the Green Lantern Corps, their enemies and other aspects of the Green Lantern comics.


The Big Apricot. A fansite that explores the Superman movieverse with emphasis in the city of Metropolis. Contains indepth analysis, but also some original creations of the authors. The site also hosts a small archive for fanfiction set in the Superman Movieverse.

-Teen Titans

Titans Tower. This fansite is supposed to be the ultimate guide to all things concerning this superhero team.


The Dead Space Wiki. The thing is, there's already a Dead Space wiki with quite a good amount of info in there and with new material coming in, this wiki would undoubtedly expand. Recommended by volrath77.


The Digimon Encyclopedia. Probably the best source on the Anime canon out there on the net, with full entires for seasons 1-3, as well as neat trivia and episode guides. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Digimon Wiki Second best site, covers all seasons. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Crest of Hope. Another site that provides easier to access information regarding the series. R. Tai Falkenburg.


TARDIS Index File. The Doctor Who wiki. Although I'm not familiar with either this series or its spin-off Torchwood, the articles seem to be of above average quality and with over eight thousand entries, it is already a fairly large encyclopedia.

Doctor Who Chronology. Condensed timeline of the Dr. Who series. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

THE UNIVERSAL DATABANK. Not so universal, as the site hasn't been updated for years. Still, it does provide a neat glossary that describes people, places, events and even governments seen in the series before the 8th doctor. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

The Doctor Who Reference Guide. Includes probably every single Dr. Who work (canon and non-canon) with an enormous ammount of detail in the guides. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.


Dragon Ball Wiki. Self proclaimed definitive source of all things Dragon Ball. Seems to mostly live up to its claims. Recommended by Manthor.


The Draka Appendices. Appendices originally included in the Draka novels that contain plentiful information about the universe of this alternate history/sci-fi series.


Dune Wikia Wiki. A smallish Dune Wiki that contains information from the godawful KJA prequels/sequels and that seems to be growing quite slowly. R. Tai Falkenburg.



The Official Site. Makes for a decent starting point for Taelon/Jaridian information and has a good episode guide. Don't bother with the external links, because all the old companion pages (,, are well and truly dead at this point. [NOTE: As of 16-6-09, the official site is gone. Wayback machine copy can be found here.]

The Taelon Synod. Not a bad fansite. Contains character profiles, a decent episode guide and a good collection of screencaps.


Resolute II. Another site for the early 90's scifi cartoon, with a wide range of info. R. Tai Falkenburg.



Official site. Has a decent character guide and a brief episode guide, but not much else. Can make for a decent introduction to the universe for those who are reading Farscape fanfics and don't know what the characters look like.

Farscape Encyclopedia Project. A not very big Farscape Wiki encyclopedia (slightly over 1000 definitions) with some rather unencyclopedic language in certain entries, but from what I've seen it seems to be the best Farscape resource out there at the moment.

Transcripts from the Terrace. This page apparently has transcripts for the complete series. The presentation hurts my eyes, but the content appears to be good. They don't have nothing about Peacekeeper Wars, unfortunately. [NOTE: As of 22-09-10, site seems to be gone and what's worse the saved versions in the Wayback Machine seem to have been retroactively erased by the hosting company.]

Farscape Transcripts. Exactly what it says on the tin. A complete trancript collection for the four seasons of Farscape and the miniseries 'The Peacekeeper Wars' put together by the people of Farcape fan-forum Terra Firma.

Farscape Fantasy. They have in their episode guides the best Farscape image galleries I've been able to find so far (at least, among the few still in working order). Worth looking through for those who aren't familiar with the series.

Snurcher's Guide. This site is little more than a big index with many links to the pages that contain the actual transcripts, images and such. For those who want to bookmark a single page.

A Taste for Blue. A shrine site about the character Zhaan. Although I usually wouldn't consider linking to one of these, the web has some articles that explore in some depth the character and her fictional religion, which might be helpful for characterization. Minors should avoid the fic section of this one like the plague.


Encyclopedia Galactica. The best (and virtually the only) reference webpage for the science fiction universe created by Isaac Asimov. Some of the contents (particularly in the Space Travel and Chimerical sections) seem to be fan-created.

Who's Who in Asimov? A guide to much of the Foundation universe, with a listing of major characters and worlds from the series. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.



GargWiki. A good, up-to-date Wiki that contains all known canon information about the Gargoyles universe.

Ask Greg Archives. This page contains literally thousands of questions that Gargoyles fans have asked the creator of the series for the last ten or so years. If you have some obscure doubt about Gargoyles, check here because there are good odds that it has already been answered. If you are out of luck, Mr. Weisman will eventually answer you, but it might take a couple of years...

The Gargoyles Fan Website. Contains an interesting primer to the Gargverse, an episode guide and some interesting essays.


Yo Joe! Although it is primarily a site for collectors of Gi-Joe stuff, Yo Joe! also contains quite a bit of interesting information about the classic GIJOE universe, including an archive of GIJOE comics with extensive plot summaries and another for the filecards that came with the toys.


Golden Sun Universe. A Wikia to the RPG universe, with a wide range of articles of the game, with in-depth articles. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Golden Sun Realm. Useful quick reference. R. Tai Falkenburg.


Gundam Wiki. Recommended by drakensis.

Gundam Official. The official website for the English releases of the Gundam series (ie. Gundam, Gundam Zeta, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed). Based off the old Gundam Project by Mark Simmons, provides a number off glossaries and maps. Also character lists, but not very detailed. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Gundam SEED Net. A fansite with a large amount of screenshots. Mentions all the series, but depth is lacking. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Gundam: High Frontier. A website that deals with the real world science of the First Gundam series. No, not the mobile suits, but rather on the space colonies that remain a trademark of the series. R. Tai Falkenburg.

The Gundam Project. Wayback Machine archive copy of a page that once upon a time was the most comprehensive Gundam information resource in the Internet. Recommended by Hyakushiki.

Ultimate Mark: Gundam Unofficial. A Gundam Project lite maintained by the creator of the original page. Includes translated information that is reportedly hard to find outside of the Japanese websphere. Recommended by Hyakushiki.



Halopedia. Essentially, the Halo Wookieepedia, an indepth and well sourced encyclopedia that is very probably the best guide for this universe that you will ever find in Internet.

Halostory Page. A pretty neat site that contains a bunch of stuff about the characters and the games, including complete transcripts for Halo 1 & 2.


In the Harry Potter Lexicon, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the wizards of Hogwarts and probably a great many things that you didn't particularly want to know.


Hyperion Kronológia. A timeline of the Hyperion universe, from the birth of the TechnoCore in Earth to the end of the post-Endymion short story Orphans of the Helix. [NOTE: Page has gone offline as of 22-09-2010, but the Wayback Machine has a full copy of the timeline.]

The Hyperion Cantos. A small fansite that doesn't offer much information about the Hyperion universe itself, but gives interesting insights about the background information and real life influences present in Simmons' work.

L'Infosphère. A small French fansite with a Lexicon and some profiles about the characters. Still, it might be of some interest for French-speaking writers who would rather read the info in their mother language.

Scificincinnati Hyperion Page. Contains an extensive review/plot synopsis of Hyperion, Fall of Hyperion and Endymion. Useful for the possible newcomers to this fandom.

The Hyperionverse Technology Thread. What the name suggests. A thread in the Stardestroyer forums created in 2003 and that contains a virtually complete description of the technological aspects presented in the novel tetralogy. Very nice piece of work.


Homeworld Shipyards. Contains much of the background information about the Homeworld universe and a complete image collection of the different ships used in the games. A must for those who want to write about the sons of Hiigara.

Encyclopedia Hiigara. The Homeworld wiki. Not quite as high quality as those that have been already mentioned for other fandoms and a bit in the small side for an encyclopedia, but still worth the mention.



Known Space Timeline. Basically the timeline of Known space, updated since Fleet of Worlds. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Encyclopedia of Known Space. A glossary of terms used in the Known Space series. However, it was only updated up to 2005. R. Tai Falkenburg.



Dark Chronicle. The LoK fandom is one of those not so rare cases that has a single wiki page that sucks more than a black hole. Fortunately, Dark Chronicle offers the Encyclopedia Nosgothica, the most extensive and comprehensive storehouse of information about these games anywhere.

Nosgothic Realm. It has the game scripts of all the games in the saga and the few items of information that cannot be easily found in Dark Chronicle or Wikipedia.

LOKFanatic Plot Guide at Gamefaqs. Spoiler-heavy plot analysis of the entire saga in a single file. Very useful for those who might want to explore the devastated realms of Nosgoth in their fics.


One Wiki To Rule Them All. The LOTR fandom wiki is not quite complete yet, but it is still a decent resource.

Encyclopedia of Arda. Another of many encyclopedias that deal with the Tolkien legendarium, but one that is a personal favourite of mine.

Ardalambion. The definitive guide to Tolkien's imagined languages, with extensive essays and even courses to learn Elvish, supposing that anybody is willing to devote that much effort to it.

Essays of Michael Martinez. Sizeable and thought-provoking collection of essays by an author that seems to get a thrill out of pointing the gaps in our knowledge about Middle Earth.




The Incredible Hulk Online. A fansite with a good amount of information about Bruce Banner's famous alter ego, his friends and enemies.


SpiderFan. A fansite that contains detailed summaries/reviews of about a zillion comic issues where Spiderman appears and an extensive collection of biographies of secondary characters/allies/enemies. Useful.

-X Men

UncannyXMen.Net. Another excellent fansite, containing lots of issue synopses, character biographies and indepth articles about many concepts that might be of interest for authors writing about these superheroes.


Mass Effect Wiki. Recommended by bullethead.


History of the Galaxy. Long document from the official site about the history of the conflict between the Orion races and the Antarans, prior to the events of MoO III.


Sons of Big Boss. A site on Metal Gear series with timelines, a number of articles, character profiles (not too detailed), weapons and vechiles. Moved from its old site, so few of the links are blank, but can be found on the old site. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg. [NOTE: As of 22-09-10, this site seems to have gone offline in a permanent basis, but thankfully the Wayback Machine provides a seemingly complete archived copy of the page.]

[URL=]Metal Gear Confidental.
[/URL] Covers several of the games up to MGS3. The MEtal Gear Solid section has alot of detail in the character sections. Some sections are blank or missing, but the info inside is helpful. R. Tai Falkenburg. [NOTE: My web-browser tells me that this site has become a source of viral attacks. Potential visitors consider yourselves duly warned.]

Metal Gear Wiki. Basically the Wikia of the Metal Gear games. R. Tai Falkenburg.


Pojo's Monster Rancher Site. After Lelola, the only other site the covers this cult favorite. Covers mostly the games, but has an episode guide and section on characters. R. Tai Falkenburg.



Leaf Ninja. Major Naruto information page. Good quality and apparently very thorough. Recommended by nick012000.

Narutopedia. The Naruto Wiki. Quite large and reasonably comprehensive. Recommended by Manthor.


EvaWiki. It seems to be an unusually thorough fanwiki. Recommended by Shockz.

The NERV Archives. Very good fansite containing plot summaries for the series, character guide and an analysis section, among other things.



The One Piece Wiki. Online encyclopedia of this popular and long running manga series. Recommended by Manthor.


Old/New Orion's Arm Website. This webpage is the heart of the Orion's Arm project to create a collaborative sci-fi setting. Claims to be firmly anchored to hard sci-fi and contains information that could be useful to other world-builders in their own endeavours. Recommended by Manthor.



A Writer's Guide to the Power Rangers Universe. Database that covers pretty much everything there is to cover from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 1 all the way to Power Rangers SPD (season 13). Highly recommended.

Power Rangers Central. Though not as exhaustive as the Writer's Guide, Power Rangers Central is still an excellent resource that covers all seasons that have been aired so far. Includes image galleries, an extensive database, character guides and episode summaries.



Ranma 1/2 FAQ. This used to be the very best Ranma reference page around, detailing everything from plot summaries to character descriptions, until the page went down. Fortunately, the friendly folks of the Wayback Machine have a very complete copy of the FAQ.

Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition. Nowadays the best Ranma resource around. Includes character guide and extensive plot summaries for both manga and anime, as well as a small gallery and a neat collection of links.



WikiMoon. It's a pain trying to find comprehensive (or even sane) Sailor Moon sites. This is one of the few I managed to find that might be helpful. Recommended by Tai Falkenburg.

Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Page. Contains a substantial amount of info that could be useful for fanfic writers, including plot summaries of every episode in the anime and a timeline of major events. This fan's webpage also contains additional subpages for other Magical Girl shows, such as Card Captor Sakura.

The Sailor Senshi Page. Contains a decent amount of information that can be used as a reasonable primer for the Sailor Moon universe.

Dies Gaudii. Weird Sailor Moon fansite with a number of articles about the etymology and mythology that frames the characters of the series. The link section leads to a number of places of interest.


Ultronomicon. Covers SC I and II, filled with articles on the species and events in the game + references. R. Tai Falkenburg.


Starcraft Wiki. A good Starcraft encyclopedia that contains plenty of information about game units, storylines and the non-game elements of the franchise. Recommended by l33telboi.


Gateworld. A major resource, useful particularly for its Omnipedia and its complete collection of Stargate Atlantis Transcripts.

SG1 Solutions. Has a not particularly good wiki and an excellent, complete transcript collection of every single episode in all ten seasons of SG1.

Arduinna's Stargate Handbook. A very indepth and comprehensive resource for all things Stargate (both SG1 and SGA) that, unfortunately, last updated around two years ago. As a result, the SG1 information only covers the very beginning of the Ori story arc. Still worth checking for Goa'uld and early Wraith info, though.

Stargatecaps. The page name says it all, doesn't it? The largest screencap collection of SG1 and SGA in the web, for those times when you need the visual input that an encyclopedia entry cannot provide.

Stargate Wiki. A largish wiki (3,500+ articles) that draws heavily from certain non-canon elements, such as novels based in the television series and the RPG published by Alderac Entertainment. Recommended by kingdragon.


Memory Alpha. The Star Trek Wikipedia and all-around one of the best fan-pages in the Internet.

Memory Beta. Contains pretty much all there is to know about the Star Trek expanded universe (licensed works that aren't part of canon, such as books and videogames). Recommended by judgeking.

Ex Astris Scientia. Another very good Trek resource with particularly interesting details about the spaceships of Trek.

Daystrom Institute. I know that this site has something of a history in the versus debating community, but from what I'm told it is still a more than decent guide to the Trek universe. Just be sure to check the color coding and remember that anything written in white font is fan speculation.


Wookieepedia. Very probably the single best wiki about a fictional universe anywhere. No matter how obscure, rare or retarded is what you seek, Wookieepedia probably has an entry about it. Hell, it even has an entry about Star Wars wank, which is canon ;).

Galactic Empire Databank. As the name suggests, this one is about the Imperial warmachine. Not as good as Wikipedia, but definitely worth checking for info, particularly in RPG related matters.

Star Wars Databank. Again, not quite as good or as extensive as Wikipedia, but still worth mentioning. Particularly because it is 100% canon and if there's something wrong there it is because someone in Lucasfilm screwed up.

Star Wars Timeline Gold. The best and most complete SW timeline there is. No more, no less.

The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia (CUSWE). Essentially, Wookieepedia's grandma and for many years the best SW resource in the Internet. Although it doesn't have photos for its entries, CUSWE deserves a mention just for being such a veteran... and it could be useful if you need a secondary reference site because Wookieepedia is down or some such thing.

Fan Fiction Resource board at Very particularly check the Official New Fan Fic Index thread, that is a list of all the resources that this forum offers.

The Star Wars Technical Commentaries and Domus Publica. Two sites with plenty of analysis and good essays about the SW universe. Of particular interest in the former is the study of Imperial and Rebel military ranks and in the latter we have some intriguing insights about Imperial society, beyond the basics that we see in the movies.


The Gate of Magus. Information in varying detail about the Original Generation characters and mecha from the Super Robot Wars games. R. Samas.



Tenchi Muyo! FAQ. One of the very few Tenchi Muyo reference pages in English, this FAQ explains the different 'canons' of the Tenchi multiverse and hosts a number of articles about some of the most arcane oddities in the OVA continuity.


Rage Against The Machines. I hesitate to post this here, as most of the information in this site appears to be fanon extrapolated by the website owner from Terminator 1 and 2. Still, there is some technical stuff that may be of interest for writers, if only as inspiration. Nonetheless, let me repeat that about 99% of this is FANON.

Terminator Wiki. A wiki of apparently acceptable quality, although it seems to be a bit in the small side (less than 600 entries). R. Argosh.



V for Vendetta Shrine. A shrine for the comic, provides a timeline, a few articles, etc. R. Tai Falkenburg.



World of Warcraft Universe Guide. Aka the WoWWiki. Recommended by Manthor.


Official Games Workshop page. The official sites hosted by Games Workshop have a lot of interesting resources, such as background information, little known factoids...

40K Wiki/HammerWiki/Lexicanum. Three wikis about the Warhammer settings. The first covers the dark, grim future, Hammerwiki is about the Fantasy setting and Lexicanum has a version for both universes.


A Beginning. A decent sized wiki (1200+ articles) that has been growing steadily for two years now. Good resource for quick consults.

Seven Spokes: A Wheel Of Time Chronology. The most interesting feature of this site is, of course, its excellent chronology, but it also contains some interesting information about characters and a few maps about key points in WOTverse history.

The WOT Encylopaedia. The page that the WOT wiki wants to become when it grows up. This page is at present the best WOT resource out there, with extremely detailed summaries of every single chapter of all the books that have been published so far.

The WOT Faq. Your friendly neighbourhood primer to the WOT universe. It is now a book outdated and doesn't look like it'll be updating anytime soon, but still worth the mention.



UFOpaedia. A rather acceptable Wiki that provides information about the enemies of humanity and the technology used by X-Com in the games, although much of the information focuses too heavily in the in-game statistics.

X-COM: UFO Defense. Another site for the X-Com series, covering the first two games with screenshots of the various UFOpedias. R. Tai Falkenburg.

Reference webpages for fanfic writers.

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-GENERAL- I suppose that I don't have to explain this one. It is, after all, the single largest repository of fanfiction in the Internet. Adult material cannot be posted in, according to the (often ignored) site rules.

FictionPress. A sister site of and one of the biggest (if not the biggest) place to find original fiction in Internet.

Ficwad. A smaller archive that hosts fics of all genres. Essentially, like with a buggier interface and adult content allowed.

Yuletide. Also known as The Obscure Fandom Fic Exchange. An archive that contains several thousand fics (generally short stories) written for a large number of fandoms, ranging from futuristic cartoons to religious literature.

Archive Of Our Own (AO3). Mid-sized multi-fandom archive that seems associated with the Yuletide organization. Navigation is a bit awkward. Like, but for adult content. Described sometimes as the Uberpit of Voles. And with good reason, since no matter how weird your fetishes, there is something in this archive guaranteed to creep you out. Reader caution required. Recommended by Manthor.

-Anime (general)- A pretty large archive that mostly hosts fanfictions based in anime/manga universes. Adult content allowed.

Shoujo-Ai Archive. An archive solely focused in anime/manga fics that explore lesbian pairings and relationships. This site contains stories that range from the purely romantical to the downright pornographic. Reader caution advised.

-Babylon 5- A webpage that contains a moderately large archive of Babylon 5 fics, mostly stories containing Sheridan/Delenn romantic elements.

-Buffy The Vampire Slayer-

Twisting The Hellmouth. A fairly large archive containing several thousand Buffy crossover fics, as well as a number of pure Buffy/Angel fics. Adult content allowed.

-Doctor Who-

A Teaspoon And An Open Mind. A large archive containing several tens of thousands of fics about Doctor Who and its spin-offs. The archive accepts all fics for as long as they are "related in some way to Doctor Who", including crossover fics and stories with adult content.


The Gargoyles Fan Fiction Website. A long lived and moderately large Gargoyles archive, including some crossovers. Has a separate section for fics with adult content.

-Harry Potter-

Fictionalley. A very large HP fanfiction archive divided in a number of sections: Schnoogle (novel-length fics), The Astronomy Tower (romantic stories), The Dark Arts (darkfics and assorted angstfests) and Ridikkulus (comedy/parody). Crossovers accepted. Adult content allowed.

PatronusCharm. An archive for fics picked by the denizens of the 'Dark Lord Potter' forums. Focus in 'independent and darker' main characters, but fic quality is supposed to be better than average. Recommended by Perspicacity.


HL Fiction. Also known as the Highlander Fiction Automated Archive. At just over a thousand stories, this archive is considerably smaller than Seventh Dimension, but still active at present. Accepts crossovers and adult/sexual content, but all hosted material must be related to Highlander in some fashion.

Seventh Dimension. A rather large (3,300 fics) archive for Highlander stories, including crossovers. Not updated since 2007. Decent Links section.

-Lord of the Rings-

Henneth Annun Story Archive. A pretty large (4000+ fics) archive for LotR fanfiction. Crossovers accepted. Adult content allowed.

-Neon Genesis Evangelion-

Darkscribes. A small (250 fics or so), but apparently influential archive in the NGE fandom. Also hosts a number of crossovers. Recommended by Satori.

-Ranma 1/2-

Ranmafics. An old page containing a substantial number of crossovers between the Ranma 1/2 manga and other settings.

The Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index. Although it was last revised in late 2005, the Ranma Fanfic Index is still one of the best ways of finding thousands of old Ranma 1/2 fics.


Heliopolis. One of the older and larger Stargate fanfic archives around with sections for both Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. Adult content allowed in the Helio 2 section. Tales from Stargate Command and the Pegasus Galaxy. An archive for Jack O'Neil-centric fics. Rather small, but contains a number of resources that might be useful for writers of Stargate fics. Recommended by nemo1986.

Wormhole Crossing. A smallish archive for stories involving crossovers between the Stargate series and other fandoms. Recommended by her3tic.

-Tenchi Muyo-

The Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive (Old version). The TMFFA was once a much more active and considerably larger site, but after a number of difficulties the more modern version of the site was taken down. Nonetheless, TMFFA remains the only place to read a largish number of old Tenchi fics. There is an adult section under the 'Lemons' subsection that contains some dowright creepy stuff. You've been warned.

-The X Files-

The Gossamer Project. Allegedly the largest X Files fanfiction archive in existence.

Reference webpages for fanfic writers.

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This topic has hereby been made a Fanfic forum announcement due to its general usefulness to writers. That is all.

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Murazor wrote:
The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy. A tongue-in-cheek dictionary of certain tropes in scifi. R. Tai Falkenburg.

That link is dead; I think this is the same guy/"dictionary" though.

"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." - John Rogers

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In no particular order. Will update as I move along. Please feel free to add to it.

Fanfic Repositories (yeah I know....still....)


Science Fiction/Fantasy Universes (Lord of the Rings) (Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy) (World of Warcraft)

Writing ... iting.html ... sh_ESL.htm ... uction.htm ... Skills.pdf ... ing-skills ... riting.htm

Useful ... 98bd6&f=25 (Comic Book Rumbles) -Alternative Perspective on Ethnic Relations - Comicvine Comic Resources -Killermovies Forums - Narutofan Forums - Internet Medieval Sourcebook - 3.5 Edition System Reference Document (using a Goblin as an example) - Battletech wiki

The Mass Effect wiki:

Battlestar Galactica wiki:

Homeworld wiki:

Online copy of all the ElfQuest comics:

(Latest Contributions by Coalition)

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Well, after a long time ignoring this, I decided to give it an update. Most dead links have been updated/redirected to saved copies of the original pages and the majority of the new resources suggested by contributors have been added.

As always, comments and criticism are most welcome.

Reference webpages for fanfic writers.

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The Box O' Truth A site with plenty of penetration and terminal ballistics information for those writers who are a bit unsure of such things.

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