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The TGG Multiverse - List of Story and Thread Links

Posted: 2008-09-08 10:50pm
by Steve

By Steve:

"The Wrath of Paradise" (2151 AST)
"The War That Wasn't"
"Anatomy of a War" (2153 AST) (Special 5th Year Anniversary Edition)
"The Decision" (2163 AST)
"One Small Step for Man..." (2173 AST)
"The Last Woman Standing" w/ Marina (2178 AST)

The Federation Civil War Saga

Prologue - "The Sundered Dream" (2165 AST)
Segment 1 - "The Devil To Pay" w/ contributions from Marina and Ed (2166 AST)
Segment 2 - "Hold At All Costs" w/ contributions from Marina (2166-67 AST)
Segment 3 - "High Water Mark" (2167 AST)
Epilogue - Untitled

The Inner Sphere Trilogy (unwritten but planned.... eventually)

Part 1: "The Winds of Change"
Part 2: "Sparks in the Powder Keg"
Part 3: "A House Divided"

TGG Anthology: A War Like No Other (Dominion War)

"The Thundering of Guns"

TGG Anthology: The Cardinal Files (The missions and adventures of the Holy Roman Empire's Evidenzburo's top telepathic/empathic agent)

"An Inside Job" (2173 AST)

Kalunda, 55 Days, and Beyond by Steve and Marina w/ contributions from Ed, Chris P, and Fima

"The Road to Hell" - Unfinished, only posted on SDN (Roughly 2123 AST)
"55 Days in Kalunda" (2162-63 AST)
"Hollow Life" (2164 AST)
"What Price Peace" (2164-65 AST)

By Marina:

"When Two Worlds Collide" (2167-69 AST)
"Ça Ira - The Terran Revolts" (Roughly 2080s AST I believe)
"State of Siege" w/ Chris (Around 2165 AST)
"Sole Survivor" w/ Chris (2171 AST)

By Amy:

"A Southern Belle in Empress Intalasha's Court" (2090s-2100s AST I think)

By Chris:

"The Burning of Kass Zaris" (1857 AST)
"Unfinished Business" (2098-99 AST)

By Posbi:

"Path to Salvation" - a Starfleet character POV on the events of "Anatomy of a War" - it is only on SB AFAIK

By Eris:

"Dialogue of a Courtesan"

By Ed:

"Anatomy of a War - Homefront" (on SB)
"Academy Duets" (On SB)
"Citadel" w/ Steve (2161 AST)
"Field Trip" w/ Steve (2163 AST)
"Triple Threat" w/ Steve, on LibArc (2150s AST)
"Triple Trouble" - Prequel to "Triple Threat" (On LibArc) (2150-51 AST)

By Fima:

"The Tiger in the Boneyard"

General Threads

Facts and Tales of the Multiverse
Jane's Guide to the Navies of the Multiverse

I believe that is the full extent of current TGG writing that is counted in the Multiverse canon. The Inner Sphere trilogy should possibly be removed, I don't know if I'll ever get around to writing it. But for the moment it's remaining there.

Marina, Chris, and the others can feel free to correct me on any errors.

Posted: 2008-09-10 07:23pm
by Steve
Added dates where I could remember or effectively ballpark them after a request by Agent Sorchus.

Re: The TGG Multiverse - List of Story and Thread Links

Posted: 2009-01-16 05:39pm
by Steve
Updated with link to "Thundering of Guns".

Re: The TGG Multiverse - List of Story and Thread Links

Posted: 2009-04-01 06:50pm
by Steve
Updated with "Frozen Phoenix/Jade Throne".

Re: The TGG Multiverse - List of Story and Thread Links

Posted: 2009-06-24 09:42pm
by Steve
Added "Sole Survivor" and "Inside Job", as well as the new "Last Woman Standing" link.

Re: The TGG Multiverse - List of Story and Thread Links

Posted: 2010-05-25 02:42pm
by Steve
I thought I'd posted this once, but might as well do it now. This is the list of currently enunciated universes in TGG and some slight description as to what they are, particularly if they represent an ATL:

ST-3 - Trek
EM-5 - B5
MWB-32 - BTech
CON-5 - "Nexus" universe, WWI PoD Brits force Dardanelles, Churchill is PM in 1938, no Munich, Wehrmacht coups Hitler
FHI-8 - "Dark Universe", Eurofascists, Texas, LoEA, ADN universe
LRC-19 - No real material decided yet, ADN universe
AR-12 - "French have Balls" universe, ADN universe
HE-1 - 22nd Century ADN capitol universe, basis for AST calendar
SE-1 - Redone Scorched Earth universe, ADN universe
PA-6 - Ameriwank universe, ADN universe
DN-9 - ID4-likeverse, ADN universe
HM-1 - Dale's home universe - AEC case, ADN universe
AGC-1 - WW1 PoD, Germany goes East.
WR-22 - Domainverse, based upon Susan Wright's "Slave Trade" verse but with some alterations (IIRC, we've had multiple discussions on this since first proposed, and at times the decision was to basically make it original stuff, though as of late the proposal is to go with the Wright material and do a more light-hearted "adventure" story in the setting)
GS-42 - Has Alien race called Dorei, one of the initial entry points of Zohan clans in ADN, ADN universe
ML-12 - Triplets' home universe, ADN universe
VCG-34 - Stronghold/Kalderi/Erud universe, ADN Colonies
VS-5 - Taloran Home Universe
Habsburg-1/HAB-1 - HRE Home Universe
GA-18 - UC Gundam, ADN Colonies
IDM-38 - Starcruiser Shenandoah
FB-16 - Wing Commander
PNG-3 - Planetes
IPR-45 - Viking NAverse
WLP-23 - Napoleonverse
RS-12 - Hungaro-Byzantiumverse
SRC-19 - Stargate

KCS-13 - Serenityverse (Possible - Marina wanted to do a story at one point, she may have changed her mind)
PTE-9 - Poul Anderson Terran Empire, as proposed by David Falkyn from (he wrote a contact story years ago but it went unposted IIRC, the status is up in the air for now)
MCP-8 - Proposed alt-timeline "Poland"-altverse, Lescek the White survives assassination attempt

Note that a number of other universes are in the ADN, but there's no contact with Earth for various reasons (mostly involving the local Earth's tech level). The ADN generally has some form of presence in all of these universes, save the HRE and Taloran Home universes, but it varies from having multiple member nations to just one or two or just colonies.

Note that this is still an incomplete list. There are something like 60 identified, dwelt-in universes as of the events of this story, we have not quantified them all (Also note that the Stargate universe was hands-off until the events of "One Small Step", which happen 19 years in the future of this story).

Unless one of us gets a good idea I don't think we'll have more "established" universes show up in TGG. One universe not yet listed for lack of designation is the Otreran universe, being set up by a new contributor, which comes into contact in the 2170s.