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Extra Rules

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Rules that were not specfically covered under the new guidelines but nonetheless still apply to the whole.

Spamming and Poking:
Darth Wong wrote:It's childish. People who spam too much merely pollute the board and set a bad example for others. Moreover, poking rituals are only amusing for the first few posts. But the average for new user threads has now risen to more than a full page of *POKE* nonsense.

This kind of behaviour is pointless and wasteful, both of board DB space and of readers' time. In the future, people who are reported as excessive spammers may have their ability to display an avatar revoked as an initial disciplinary action, with other actions to follow if they don't shape up.

Note: "me too" posts also constitute spam. If somebody posts something and two people give reasonable responses followed by 30 people saying "yeah" without adding any more input in terms of information or reasoning, the thread becomes tedious to follow.

Threats of life and such:
RedImperator wrote:Don't do this, even as a joke. It's a violation of Federal law to threaten the President of the United States in any way. The Secret Service has no sense of humor and does not draw distinctions between serious threats and threats made in jest, and any threat made could earn you a visit from unpleasant Federal agents looking to have a chat.

As for non-Americans who feel they have nothing to worry about, remember that, 1) this board is hosted on an American server and thus while you might get off the hook, Lord MJ, who graciously hosts us, might not, and 2) other governments do cooperate with the USSS and if they feel you are a credible threat, you might get a visit from your own unpleasant government agents, or if they feel you're REALLY credible, an all-expenses-paid trip to the United States, complete with handcuffs.

The same goes for all other heads of state. Not only would the countries in question frown on such behavior, but the US government takes a dim view of anyone threatening foreign officials, especially allied ones.

It goes without saying all such posts will be deleted on sight and the poster warned not to continue. Any member who ignores such warnings may find his membership revoked without warning or possibility of appeal.

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: threatening ANYONE'S life is illegal in nearly every jurisdiction. The only difference here is that under United States law, threatening the President is a Federal crime, which allows Federal agents (primarily the Secret Service) to enforce it, whereas most death threats are a matter for local law enforcement.
Dalton wrote:I recommend checking this thread to find out the consequences of such actions:

http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 404#845404

Using Other accounts:
Son of the Suns wrote:If you use another member's account, even with their permission, you will be temp banned. If you use another member's account and that member happens to be a mod, even with their permission (especially with their permission!), you will be temp banned and that mod will be temp banned and lose whatever powers they have. If you actually use any of that member's powers ( if they are a mod) or you access private forums they can access ( such as the SoS, GALE, the Mod forum or any others that are private for very good reasons) you could be permanently banned depending on what you do.

Of course, if you access another member's account without their permission it is considered hacking and you will be permanently banned.

Also, if you are careless enough to stay logged in when family or friends can access your account, the same rules will apply, and if you are stupid enough to give out your password, then the same rules will apply.

The only reason this has come up is because it has happened several times in the past, and quite recently to.

Guest and registration:
Son of the Suns wrote:1- If you are attempting to register and your account keeps getting deleted it's because you have attempted to use a fake email account or a free email account. We no longer allow potential members to register with these kinds of accounts due to problems with trolls, and yes, we do actually check up on your email to make sure it's real.

2- If you are waiting to be approved and have not been, please be patient. We apologize for the wait but it is necessary sometimes when we are checking email accounts. If you applied for membership and have waited 3 or 4 days, you may wish to send me or one of the other administrators an email. Our emails are listed in our profiles, and links to our profiles are in the SD.Net Staff Listing at the top of this forum.

3- For current members- We usually make an exception for the friends of members who are in good standing that cannot get access to a paid-for email account. If you have a friend who wants an account you can ask that their accoutn be approved ahead of time, but remember you are vouching for them.
Concerns on professional matters:
Stravo wrote:I have lately been receiving a series of PMs from various users asking for Legal Advice, Opinions, Help with Letters, etc.

Despite what it looks like I am actually quite a busy person while here at work. I can post often sometimes simply because I sit at my desk reading or writing something simultaenously. My work may not require me to do much anything outside my office and computer, however it DOES require alot of my attention and especially time.

There may have been some PMs I haven't responded to in the last few weeks and I'm sorry but work has been extremely busy for me, my weekends are dedicated to me and I certainly don't want to spend my off hours talking 'shop' or doing what I do for too many hours of my life during my down time not to mention trying to spend quality time with my daughter.

I ask that you please respect the fact that I am not available for free legal advice, assistance, opinions (in fact I really shouldn't be handing out opinions to anonymous folks on the web in the first place and how the hell do you know if I'm not just totally wrong - it happens)

As an excample would you send Mike blueprints or circuit drawings and ask for his advice, if we had a doctor in the house would you ask him to take a look at your recent lab results? To those I have not responded to I apologize, I'm not trying to be an asshole but I really don't have much time or inclination to go handing out advice and opinions randomly. So from now on please think about it before asking me for help on such matters.

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