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User ranks/titles

Post by AdmiralKanos »

0-50 posts: Red Shirt
50-150 posts: Youngling
150-500 posts: Padawan Learner
500-1000 posts: Jedi Knight
1000-1500 posts: Jedi Master
1500-2500 posts: Jedi Council Member
2500-3500 posts: Sith Devotee
3500-5000 posts: Sith Marauder
5000-6500 posts: Sith Acolyte
6500+ posts: Emperor's Hand

There are numerous special titles as well:
  • Sith Lord: This rank is reserved for Darth Wong (me). There can be only one.
  • Lex Animata: This rank (which means "living law", or "law incarnate") is reserved for the site admin, AdmiralKanos (also me). Once again, there can be only one.
  • Sith Apprentice: This generally signifies that someone has helped with my site in some way, either by helping administer this board or in some other fashion.
  • Village Idiot: This rank is reserved for morons. It is generally used as an indicator that someone habitually refuses to debate rationally (ie- makes the same point over and over again, ignores rebuttals rather than addressing them, etc). I don't like to ban people just for being dense, so the "Village Idiot" ranking is this board's way of punishing bad debaters without banning them.
  • Fundamentalist Moron: Obviously, this rank is for fundie morons.
  • Racist Donkey-Raping Son of a Whore: This rank is used for white-supremacists. It was coined during an invasion from a white-supremacist board in which around a half-dozen of them tried to spew their hate literature here in a search for new recruits.
  • Tough-guy Wannabe: This rank is used for about a dozen steroid-using tough-talking dumb-jock types from Elite Fitness who came here to "make fun of the nerds" as they put it.
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Darth Wong
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Sith Lord
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Custom titles

Post by Darth Wong »

There are quite a few custom titles in use on the board. All of the moderators can get one because of their invaluable assistance, and most of them have asked for and gotten one:
  • Forum Manager: David
  • Commissar: Pablo Sanchez
  • For Those About To Rock We Salute You: Dalton
  • Ruthless Imperial Tyrant: Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Lord of Irony: Mr Bean
  • Official SD.Net Evil Warsie Asshole: Cpt Frank
  • Official SD.Net Teller of Tales: Stravo
  • Darkest Knight: Master of Ossus
  • The Red Duke: Stormbringer

There are also two group titles:
  • Harbinger of Doom: this title has been granted to each of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the dreaded flame warriors who rule the Hall of Shame.
  • Rabid Monkey: this title has been granted to members of David's Brotherhood of the Monkey
And finally, there are numerous custom titles which have been handed out to people who are not mods or members of any particular group, but who each earned their title in their own special way.
  • Decepticon Leader: Galvatron, for ruthlessly crushing the Autobots and bringing glory to Cybertron.
  • Official SD.Net Comic Artist: Durandal, for being a comic artist and also for being a tireless defender of science and logic against the evil forces of stupidity and intolerance massing under the leadership of the Falwells of this world.
  • Commence Primary Ignition: His Divine Shadow, for helping me create these boards in the first place by pointing me to the appropriate software resources.
  • Kitsune: Kelly Antilles, because it suits her well (this rank was chosen by vote).
  • Mostly Harmless Nutcase: Yosemite Bear, because he is, and also because he's a fairly longtime ASVS regular.
  • Official SD.Net Chew Toy: Akira, because everyone enjoyed beating up on his mindless arguments so they decided he should be renamed the official chew toy.
  • Official Insomniac: Verilon, for being an entertaining member and having lots of posts
  • Hentai Tentacle Demon: Evil Sadistic Bastard, because he has consistently shown high standards of perversion.
  • Third Children: Spanky the Dolphin, for having a high post count and the courage to ask for it.
  • Mecha Fanboy: SAMAS, self-explanatory
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Post by fgalkin »

Updated the ranks list because no one has bothered to (and because I recieved a request to do it).

Have a very nice day.
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