The List of Name Changes

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The List of Name Changes

Post by fgalkin »

Since there was much confusion recently on the matter who changed their name and what was that name before the change, here is a list of all name changes

`naeo -> moku

ALI_G -> Ubiquitous

Alonerinacatastrophicmind -> Kerpunk

anarchistbunny -> Anarchist Bunny

antitrek -> Dartzap

Arrow Mk84-> Arrow

ASULaoTzu -> Samurai Rafiki

Aya -> Jason von Evil

Blackjack Simmons -> Doctor Doom

Chewbacca -> The Wookiee

Cyril -> HemlockGrey

Darth Pounder -> Lord Pounder

Darth Seculorum -> Darth Atheos -> Dominus Atheos

Darth Utsanomiko -> Utsanomiko

Darth_Zod -> General Zod

DG_Cal_Wright -> Cal Wright

Durran Korr -> Joe

EmKay-> Tolya

Emperor Chrostas the Crue -> EmperorChrostas the Cruel

evilcat4000 -> IUnknown-> The Shadow-> Sarevok

Evil Sadistic Bastard -> Wordsmyth -> Evil Sadistic Bastard

Fighter of Foo -> TheGreatDisappointment -> Fighter of Foo-> IndustrialNoise

Fremen_Muhadib -> The Albino Raven

Frito-Lay -> Mitth (Mitth`raw`nuruodo's sockpuppet account).

ggs -> Xon

gladius -> 000

GrandAdmiralPrawn -> LordShaithis

Hameru -> Hamel

IG-88E -> Kuja

innerbrat -> InnerBrat

jasonicusuk-> Jay

JediNeophyte -> Brother-Captain Gaius

jmac --> J

kheegan --> kheegster

Lazy Raptor-> Darth Raptor

Mitth`raw`nuruodo -> Mitthrawnuruodo -> Mitth`raw`nuruodo

Morrigan -> The Morrigan

mplsjocc -> Max

Mrs. CmdrWilkens -> egyptfrk

NF_Utvol -> Nathan F

nimetski -> Boyish-Tigerlilly

Pure Sabacc -> Noble Ire

scififanoftheearth -> Waddles McGee

Simon H Johansen -> Peregrin Toker

Singuler Quartet -> Singular Quartet

StormtrooperTR889 -> StormtrooperOfDeath-> The Cleric

the .303 bookworm -> DEATH

theheap -> thecreech

The_Legend_Rado_Thardus -> The Legend Rado Tharadus

The_Lumberjack -> El Moose Monstero

THe yosemite bear -> The Yosemite Bear

unbeataBULL-> wolveraptor

USAFace -> Wicked Pilot.

verilon -> haas mark

Vorlon1701 -> Xenophobe3691

xblackflash ->Tinkerbell

If you do not see your name here, PM me.


Have a very nice day.
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