Hall of Heroes :)

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Darth Wong
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Hall of Heroes :)

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  • Brian Young
  • Wicked Pilot
  • Phil Skayhan
  • Faram
  • Tysroc*
  • The Kernel
  • Mee-Ae Kim
  • batman8405*
  • Carol Hutchings
  • Connor MacLeod
  • CorSec
  • Uraniun235
  • CmdrWilkens
  • MKSheppard
  • Andrew Almaraz
  • Lord Poe
  • Ben
  • Deathstalker*
  • Bob the Gunslinger*
  • Jamison Benson
  • Josaphat*
  • Defiant
  • FireNexus
  • Larz
  • Duncan Sousa
  • SeanRobertson
  • Verilon
  • Jon*
  • Bertie Wooster
  • Dalton*
  • Zaia*
  • Admiral Valdemar
  • William Helms
  • Dennis Mullan
  • Crown
  • Closet sci-fi fan
  • Galvatron
  • TrailerParkJawa
  • Chardok*
  • m112880
  • Enigma
  • granzon
  • Darth Mall
  • Stile
  • kephren
  • Luzifer's Right Hand
See if you can guess why :)
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Post by Durandal »

I can't believe you got all those people to suck your dick. That's amazing. :)
Damien Sorresso

"Ever see what them computa bitchez do to numbas? It ain't natural. Numbas ain't supposed to be code, they supposed to quantify shit."
- The Onion
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Post by Lagmonster »

I'm guessing that, like everywhere else in life, they paid to have their names in lights.
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