Time to Cut the Shit

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Time to Cut the Shit

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For years, the motto of this board has been 'Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid people'. We do not intend to change that much; it's part of the fabric of this place. But as the board as grown, the mockery has crept into dark places. There is a viciousness to it that makes this place unwelcoming, creating an echo chamber of established members snarling at each other while taking breaks to rip newbies to shreds.

We're not going to create any new rules or issue any sort of orders or directives. All we ask is: Cut The Shit. Just a little. Just ease off, take a step back, and realize that not everything requires the storm of nuclear hellfire that only our board can deliver. Cut the petty nonsense, the vendettas, the trolling. Call out dishonesty, lies, bullshit - sure. But let's stop sniping at anything and everything that miffs us.

So cool off, relax. This place is supposed to be a fun outlet for people, not a tiresome chore, and the moderators would appreciate not having to trundle a bucket and broom through every thread. To that end, with Mike's blessing, we are slightly altering the motto to: 'Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid ideas'.

Thank you for your time.
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