Have you ever been a member of any other BBS?

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Have you ever been a member of any other BBS?

Post by Asst. Asst. Lt. Cmdr. Smi » 2002-07-15 07:48pm

If so, you dn't have to give a name, but you should say how long you were a member of it, and an estimate of how many posts you have, exact number if you still know.
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Post by LordChaos » 2002-07-15 09:47pm


Web Based?
SpaceBattles, PBReview, Sarna.net's Battletech forums, Fanpro's Battletech forums, Taladren's Starfleet Command forums, Morrowind Chronicals, PBNation, and probly a few others...

None web based? As in, REAL BBSs (the kind you dialed up into... before the web became big, back when a 9600 bps modem was teh very best you could get)?

More then I can remember.
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Post by David » 2002-07-15 10:13pm

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Post by Howedar » 2002-07-16 12:28am

The Gaming Union, SB.com, Scifi-Art, Scifi-Meshes, Firearms HL board, a few others. Probably some 13,000 posts total.
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Post by Enlightenment » 2002-07-16 01:03am

I've been on/am on five web-based boards, specifically SB, 3DGladiators, Subtalk (railfan site) and DSLReports. I've probably used around fifty dialup BBSes back in the olde daze, have/am subscribed to four mailing lists, and I've inhabited upwards of thirty Usenet newsgroups at various points. As I mostly lurk rather than post, my lifetime post count in all media is probably not much higher than around 7,000 messages even though I've been online for over a decade.
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Post by Emperor Norton II » 2002-07-16 01:15am

Never been on a BBS before; however I answered a @#$# lot of consumer e-mails for a software company before I became a regional sales rep. People will write the strangest things when there software rebates or free game has not arrived yet. :lol:
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Post by XaLEv » 2002-07-16 02:44am

Shoutweb, B5Tech, SB. That's about it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Stileproject too. :D :twisted:

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