Chevy Suburban ... Assault Vehicle

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Chevy Suburban ... Assault Vehicle

Post by Durandal » 2003-06-17 12:48pm

I can't explain why I think this is so cool, but it is.
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Post by Montcalm » 2003-06-17 12:53pm

"Raptor Mark III the choice of road-ragers". :wink:
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Post by Zoink » 2003-06-17 12:57pm

Do you think I could mount one of those just behind my Accord's sunroof? That'd be sweet for tail-gaters.

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Post by jegs2 » 2003-06-17 12:59pm

Looks like a fancier version of a technical, used by many militias that can't afford BRDM's or BRM's...
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Post by Peregrin Toker » 2003-06-17 01:17pm

jegs2 wrote:Looks like a fancier version of a technical, used by many militias that can't afford BRDM's or BRM's...
I might be wrong, but aren't Technicals usually just old Nissan pick-up trucks with a machine-gun turret in the rear end?
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Post by Admiral Valdemar » 2003-06-17 01:34pm

jegs2 wrote:Looks like a fancier version of a technical, used by many militias that can't afford BRDM's or BRM's...
You'd be right, only this is made specifcally for urban combat and looks damn cool. :D

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Post by Knife » 2003-06-17 02:11pm

Saw something like that on a History Channel thing. The one on the show was automatic though. The truck it was mounted in was a pickup with a camper shell. The top opened up and an M2 on an electric mount rose up and it had an, more or less, video camera mounted on top so the guy in the passenger seat could aim it. The passenger seat had a display screen in front of him and a joy stick to rain .50 cal terror on any idiot in their way. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: It was cool, not really practical for every day use, but cool.

Hey what happened to the truck?
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Post by Alyrium Denryle » 2003-06-17 02:33pm

DAMN THEM THEY STOLE MY IDEA!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Take mormo assault vehicle litterally..

Rear passenger doors open up to reveal missile launchers, the roof opens and the center seat moves up to be a 50 call emplacement....The headlights pop out and flamethrowers take their place...

I pitty the fool that cuts them off when they are late for church...
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Post by Sea Skimmer » 2003-06-17 02:33pm

This would be interesting, if I had not already posted a thread on these things quite some time ago.
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Post by Admiral Valdemar » 2003-06-17 02:42pm

I have seen this before, ages ago. But the version I saw had an enclosed automated turret with a .50 Browning and 40mm grenade launcher, remote controlled too.

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Post by thecreech » 2003-06-17 02:48pm

I would love that if so one cut me off... just pop up out of the top and point it at the asshole... instant crap in pants

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Post by Col. Crackpot » 2003-06-17 03:35pm

needs 8-gauge headlights......and an oil slick. and a smoke screen
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Post by Companion Cube » 2003-06-17 03:41pm

That's easily the most interesting SUV i've ever seen...
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Post by Beowulf » 2003-06-17 03:44pm

I think I saw that car on the Discovery Channel...
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Post by LadyTevar » 2003-06-17 03:46pm

Beowulf wrote:I think I saw that car on the Discovery Channel...
Monster Garage.

Nice icon, btw.
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Post by Jadeite » 2003-06-17 05:12pm

:shock: That is so freaking cool.

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Post by Ted » 2003-06-17 06:23pm

LadyTevar wrote:Monster Garage.
That is the greatest show.

Back OT, anybody email them for the user name and password to get access to the rest of the site?
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