insane debate about nothing on AIM

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Alan Bolte
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insane debate about nothing on AIM

Post by Alan Bolte » 2003-06-13 01:43am

SCA Lord QDaan: bwa ha ha. I add you to my ever expanding dominion of AIM names [editor's note: 9]

CAHSmus Galen: ...thus adding yourself to my own, like a fruit fly to the web of a chicken

SCA Lord QDaan: i suppose that would require that I've just been stepped on by the chicken. wait a minute, chickens don't have webbed feet. you fool!
SCA Lord QDaan: you mean duck! you screwed up the metaphor!

CAHSmus Galen:, my web. that i catch pigs in to eat
CAHSmus Galen: sill drunken gecko
CAHSmus Galen: DAMN AOL MAKING TYPOES IN MY TYPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAHSmus Galen: thats silly drunken gecko

SCA Lord QDaan: very nice correction. quite subtle. wouldn't hardly notice if you hadn't pointed it out.

CAHSmus Galen: shut up. youre caught in a chickens web
CAHSmus Galen: of goatly doom

SCA Lord QDaan: first you say that it's a chickens web. then you say it's your web. then you say chicken. that either makes you a chicken, or you should make up your damn mind
SCA Lord QDaan: and besides that, your farm animal fetish is so obvious it's disgusting

CAHSmus Galen: no, i said my web first
CAHSmus Galen: and geckos arent farm animals
CAHSmus Galen: youre the one who likes long-dead spiders
CAHSmus Galen: potato-car

SCA Lord QDaan: i concede the gecko, but the prevelence of other farm animals is significant. in addition, I present the following evidence to rebuke your claim of saying that it was your web originally:
SCA Lord QDaan: SCA Lord QDaan: bwa ha ha. I add you to my ever expanding dominion of AIM names
CAHSmus Galen: ...thus adding yourself to my own, like a fruit fly to the web of a chicken

CAHSmus Galen: yes, thus adding you to my own
CAHSmus Galen: then comes the chicken
CAHSmus Galen: like I said
CAHSmus Galen: way to prove yourself wrong

SCA Lord QDaan: you were referring to your dominion, the context being what i said, and then compared it to: "the web of a chicken"
SCA Lord QDaan: the web is quite obviously in relation to the chicken, and is not mentioned beforehand

CAHSmus Galen: i compared it to a chickenweb, but not declared it to be one

SCA Lord QDaan: precisely. so you concede?

CAHSmus Galen: no, you said :SCA Lord QDaan [1:26 AM]: first you say that it's a chickens web.
but i merely compared it to one.
CAHSmus Galen: not said it was one
CAHSmus Galen: touche!

SCA Lord QDaan: you're confusing pronouns. the first 'it', your 'it' was in reference to the dominion, which you compared to the web of a chicken. the second 'it', my 'it', was clearly in reference to the web, without consideration of the dominion

CAHSmus Galen: dominions are ppl too, and you should always treat them fairly
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Enforcer Talen
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Post by Enforcer Talen » 2003-06-13 01:56am

I have convos pretty regularly like that.
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Post by Stampede » 2003-06-13 01:57am

Bungeeeeeee!!! Nooooooooo!!!Image


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Post by neoolong » 2003-06-13 02:07am

Riiight. Okay. That's different.
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Post by aphexmonster » 2003-06-13 05:45am

We need to see less of this
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Col. Crackpot
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Post by Col. Crackpot » 2003-06-13 11:56am

:wtf: yeah. might want to lay off the xanax.
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Post by irishmick79 » 2003-06-13 11:59am

Well, at least the title of the thread is accurate.
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Post by Einhander Sn0m4n » 2003-06-13 12:41pm


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Post by Ted » 2003-06-13 12:43pm

irishmick79 wrote:Well, at least the title of the thread is accurate.
Thats a rare thing indeed.
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