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Crazy Rich Asians

Posted: 2018-04-25 03:42pm
by ray245

It's interesting to see Hollywood feature Asian actors in leading roles instead of supporting roles. However, this film is not without its share of controversy, particular in regards to its representation of non-Chinese in Singapore as well as casting a mixed, British-Malaysian actor in the main role.

Re: Crazy Rich Asians

Posted: 2018-04-26 09:43pm
by Raw Shark
This just seems like the latest permutation of the "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" sub-genre. They'll do African and Inuit next, and then churn out re-hashes or, in an ideal world, abandon the concept entirely.

Re: Crazy Rich Asians

Posted: 2018-04-27 04:44am
by mr friendly guy
Well the movie is based on the novel of the same name by a Singaporean author, who published it in 2013. I remember seeing this at the airport bookshop. So I can't accuse Hollywood of rehashing things here. Not sure if I want to see it though.

Re: Crazy Rich Asians

Posted: 2018-04-27 12:44pm
by Elheru Aran
The 'marriage between two different families and ensuing drama' plot is pretty old. Father of the Bride, anybody? Romeo and Juliet?

This is just another variation on the theme. The only thing that'll really sink it or save it is how good the actors and the writing are. That, and whether the... I don't know what a good Asian equivalent of 'Anglosphere' is. Sinosphere? Anyway, whether the Asian market embraces it.

Re: Crazy Rich Asians

Posted: 2018-05-07 04:40am
by PainRack
The genre isn't that popular anymore , especially after the Pan Asian wave has gone by so I doubt this movie will set any records.

Still, the book was supposedly quite good....