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Re: Moving

Post by LadyTevar » 2017-10-26 01:32pm

I couldn't remember which box it was in. I remembered packing it with the rest of the bedroom things, I remember bringing it up in a separate trip to my Mom's, but I couldn't find the boxes from that trip.

Then I remembered that Mom and I had emptied out a closet in the "junk room" and put things in there. My jeans and dress shirts are now hanging in that very closet, and I'd totally forgotten the boxes were there. First box I opened was the one with my jewelry box. :banghead:

Note: I am not sleeping in the "junk room", as it's all taken up by storage and one can barely walk to the closet. The bedroom I'm sleeping in has a closet full of Mom's clothing. We've yet to start clearing it out into "keep" and "Goodwill" piles. It's a work in progress, and maybe by December I'll have My Clothes in My Closet, and also have emptied out enough of the chest of drawers for the stuff that doesn't hang up.
At least I have a underwear and sock drawer.
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