Best F(r)iends trailer released!

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Best F(r)iends trailer released!

Postby Tribble » 2016-11-14 11:21am

‘Best F(r)iends’ Trailer: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of ‘The Room’ Reunite for Bizarre Mortician Adventure

This is definitely not the reunion you were expecting from these two.

Oh hai, Mark. The Hollywood Reporter has good news for fans of “The Room”: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are reuniting for “Best F(r)iends.” Wiseau is confident about the success of the bizarre-looking project, which Gary Fong directed: “After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise,” he promises. In addition to the scoop, THR also has a trailer. Watch it below.

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In it, Sestero sports a blood-soaked shirt and a cardboard sign reading “Family kidnapped by ninjas, need $ 4 karate lessons.” Wiseau pulls up to him (in a hearse, no less) and offers him a job rather than money. Once they arrive to Wiseau’s mortuary, which sports a lava lamp and a picture of JFK, he reveals both his “canvas” and “masterpiece.” It somehow gets stranger from there.

READ MORE: Watch: Step Into ‘The Room’ Director Tommy Wiseau’s World With Trailer For Documentary ‘Room Full Of Spoons’

In 2013, Sestero co-wrote a book about his experience on “The Room” called “The Disaster Artist”; James Franco’s “The Masterpiece,” which likewise chronicles the cult classic’s making, is currently in the works. “Best F(r)iends” was quietly shot over the summer and does not yet have a release date.

Trailer here: ... ns-270520/

Well, what do you think good sirs? I know I'm excited, I haven't had a movie to drink to in months!
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