The DMV is Purgatory

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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by Soontir C'boath » 2016-05-10 03:30pm

General Zod wrote:In New York you have to wait an hour to get a number, and then another three hours to be told that you don't have enough documents with you and you have to come back tomorrow.
It's why when I have to go to the DMV (I go to Jamaica), I go right when they open. Even getting there 20-40 minutes later will mean bad lines. Anyway, the NY DMV definitely need to make sure people have their documents for what the want before issuing a number to people.

Other than the long wait times, I don't think I ever had an issue with the DMV. Only thing maybe was when they had me take a new photo when I applied for the enhanced ID which definitely made the time spent longer.

Recently, I renewed my license online which made things a hell of a lot easier. Since I wear glasses, they wanted a re-certification of my vision as well, but they have a program where optometrists and pharmacy's can conduct the test and send the results electronically to them. Once that's in, renewing on-line was a breeze.
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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by General Zod » 2016-05-10 05:29pm

I made an appointment for my return trip and amazingly it sped things up.
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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by Skywalker4eva » 2016-05-12 12:52pm

Try to do as much of it online as possible. Hate going there.

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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by phongn » 2016-05-16 10:52am

The DMV near me is shockingly efficient as long as you have an appointment. It's a pretty new facility so it's well-lit and spacious, which I suppose helps.
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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by Raw Shark » 2016-05-17 05:23pm

I have to go to the DMV every year to get an MVR, so I can renew my hack license. The last time I went, the ticket number display was broken, so I sat there for two hours while a cop attempted to call out numbers over the relentless chatter of the massive crowd anywhere from 1-10 times before moving on. When I finally got to speak to somebody, they told me that MVRs are now being issued in the next office over. How about a fucking sign on the door, assholes?

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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by Temjin » 2016-05-18 08:14pm

God, you people make me so glad I'm from Manitoba.

First, something to note that almost all kinds of insurance in Manitoba is through a non-profit Crown Corporation called Manitoba Public Insurance. All auto insurance is through them. They also handle driver licensing, so I never have to bother with this "proof of insurance" stuff some of you have to. It's basically a one-stop shop. Most MPI's are super roomy inside, with maybe 20-30 seats. Even when super busy with long time wait times, I don't think I've ever seen people have to stand because they ran out of seats.

Of course, that's because when you walk in and go to the reception counter, if you don't need something that has to be handled directly by MPI it's self and it's there 45+ minute wait time, they'll direct you to go to the nearest private insurance company instead for a shorter wait.

Remember when I said almost all insurance is through MPI? That's true. But there's a number of private insurance places that will sell you extended insurance packages. The base insurance is still through MPI, but they're just selling you cool extras to go with it. MPI also has these private insurers do basic driver licensing duties. When my girlfriend had to renew her license last month, we first went to MPI but were told that there was a long wait time so they directed us to a private insurer a block down. She was in and out in 5-10 minutes.

Of course, you'd think that with MPI being a government monopoly that the insurance rates would be through the roof, wouldn't you? No. They're actually really not that bad, thanks to everyone having to pay into the same pool. They're also remarkably sensible. Couple of years ago I totaled a rental car on a large hole in the road that looked like it had been left by some construction and was filled with water. Broke the axle. MPI ruled me not at fault and my insurance rate didn't go up a single cent. It also really helps to know that every driver on the road with you has at least the same basic insurance as you do, including crash and a million dollars worth of liability. And they've recently introduced their winter tire financing program, where they will totally finance your winter tires for you at a rediculously low interest rate, up to 2000 dollars. If your tires actually cost 2000 grand, you'd pay it off after 4 years and MPI would have charged you... 43 dollars in interest.

Since I've started driving, and have been hearing horror stories of places outside of Manitoba about the DMV and such, I've become a huge fan of MPI...
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Re: The DMV is Purgatory

Post by U.P. Cinnabar » 2016-05-18 11:27pm

I need to move to Winnipeg, seeing how I won't be able to retire there like I'd planned.

Yes, premiums tend to be cheaper, when an insurer has an entire province for a risk pool. That's how it works, the larger the amount of insureds, the more the risk is spread, thus, the less you, as an insured, have to pay in premiums.
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