Homeland season 2 (potential spoilers)

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Homeland season 2 (potential spoilers)

Postby Alkaloid » 2012-11-13 05:40am

So, is anyone watching this? I don't know I like it as much as I do the 1st season, it doesn't seem quite as focused as the first, but it's still fun. The plot unfolds much faster than I'm used to seeing in US dramas, the shorter seasons are paying off, it would seem. I'm still sort of amazed at the number of people who think Brody is the bad guy of the show though, or outright evil. He's at worst desperate and confused, and now more than a little paranoid.

I'm starting to think they should rename it to 'Carrie Mathison's increasingly complex and insane plan to get back in Nicholas Brody's pants' though.

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Re: Homeland season 2 (potential spoilers)

Postby Pelranius » 2012-12-22 09:20pm

I think that the Abu Nazir Organization (not to be confused with the actual ANO) pulled off that little stunt in the season finale using the info that Brody stole from Estes' office (the info could have been communications codes/a guide to security and cyber protocols, if you manage to hack into the facility security command and control, you probably could persuade/order security to overlook Brody's car being driven up to the front like that. The fact that security people from State and Defense, if the Cabinet was there, would also work to the terrorist's advantage through jurisdiction friction).

Maybe John Kerry is the POTUS in Homeland? It would explain why Walden, the VP, would be running in apparently 2012 and Walden could easily be a one term VP (presumably Edwards gets booted off for his assorted douchebaggery).
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