Holy shit, what the fuck?

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Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby Dominus Atheos » 2012-10-23 02:46am

Sorry for the undescriptive title.

My closest acquaintence during high school just confessed to rape and murder. :shock:

I was watching the news when his name and picture came up. Apparently he was in the car with some woman when he pulled a gun on her, had her drive to a remote lake, forced her to give him a blowjob, shot her 4 times, and dumped her body in some even more remote location.

Dude, the fuck? :wtf:

http://mobile.oregonlive.com/advorg/pm_ ... d=NRiEsQiW
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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby PeZook » 2012-10-23 03:45am

Turns out you can't tell a murderer from a normal person even if you know them fairly well?

Not that high school acquaitances are people who you actually know...and someone has to be guilty of all those vicious crimes, after all, and they're always someone's sons, fathers, uncles and friends.
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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby The Yosemite Bear » 2012-10-23 09:42am

my high school lab partner went partial ed gein (robbed graves for stuff he turned into decorations

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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby Flagg » 2012-10-23 01:44pm

My best friend from Florida got arrested for dealing coke when the person he was selling to butt-dialed 911. It made national news. FUN TIMES.
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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby FSTargetDrone » 2012-10-23 09:00pm

In 1999, someone (who I was friendly with years before in grade school and Boy Scouts) knifed a young woman to death because she refused to break up with her fiancé. That murder was not solved. Fast forward to 2005, after a period of once again having been rejected on different occasions by another young woman, the individual repeatedly stabbed her at her home with her 3 year-old daughter in the room. The child ran screaming, but was caught and her throat cut. The sister of the young woman was also present in the home, heard the noise, came upon the scene and she too was stabbed to death. The 3 bodies were later discovered by a family member and the killer had in the meantime gone back to work. Eventually the killing from 1999 was connected to the triple murder from 2005 and the guy I once knew is now sitting on death row.

Never would have expected it. But there it is.

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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby Raw Shark » 2012-10-26 01:21am

PeZook wrote:Turns out you can't tell a murderer from a normal person even if you know them fairly well?

Not that high school acquaitances are people who you actually know...and someone has to be guilty of all those vicious crimes, after all, and they're always someone's sons, fathers, uncles and friends.

Yeah, this. A former friend of mine (with whom I parted ways over a fight in which he tried to stab me) was found guilty of first degree murder today.

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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby KlavoHunter » 2012-10-26 03:05pm

My dad's girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend lived with my dad and I in our house for a while before we kicked the whole lot of them out to get their own place.

Eventually, after the daughter's boyfriend became the ex-boyfriend and the daughter found a new boyfriend, the ex stabbed the new boyfriend to death at a party I'd just been at. I ended up being the one to have to clean up after the party... my dad thankfully handled the blood.

In case you were wondering if I ever thought something was 'off' about the fellow, yeah, there was. My dad was rather certain he was trouble, and him and I were never friends.
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Re: Holy shit, what the fuck?

Postby Dread Not » 2012-10-26 04:33pm

While we're all sharing stories, when I was a kid my parents had a friend who was a little eccentric but overall very friendly. I recall a few conversations he would have with my dad about his custody battles and how his ex-wife was making life difficult for him. One day he gunned down his wife at a gas station in front of his oldest daughter and fled the scene. The freaky part is that he came over to our house afterwards and spent the night. We didn't have TV, our property was relatively isolated, and it was the weekend so nobody left the house, so we had no idea until the next morning when another family friend gave us a call after hearing about the incident on the news. Since the other friend was a total moron in how she relayed the message, saying "Oh, he's there with you? Oh well, there's something on the news... um... I'll call you back," tipping off the homicidal lunatic in our house. Fortunately instead of slitting all of our throats, he made an excuse to leave and fled the scene. They caught him a day later. To this day I feel awful for his kids. They had five of them together and the oldest was 13.

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