50 years ago...

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50 years ago...

Postby Irbis » 2012-10-05 06:15pm

...at London première of Dr. No, Sean Connery uttered on screen "Bond. James Bond." for the very first time.

Now, seven Bonds and twenty three movies later, longest and most successful series in the history of cinema, Bond stops drinking Martini in favour of beer - no doubt bought by Merkel :twisted:

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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby Dartzap » 2012-10-06 04:27am

Certainly feels more like a 'classic' Bond tune than the last two. Good thing or bad?
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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby El Moose Monstero » 2012-10-06 09:23am

Really? I thought 'You know my name' was quite good as a Bond theme. This sounds good to me, but I tend to find the better bond themes are the ones that not only get the elements of the Bond main theme worked in, but also the trumpets/brass section. This is half way there but I don't think it (the music) will be memorable.

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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby Admiral Drason » 2012-10-06 06:25pm

I also thought You Know My Name was a good Bond theme. Its nice to see them adding Q Branch back into the franchise I just hope they leave the cheese behind and keep the series on the track its been on.
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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby Col. Crackpot » 2012-10-06 06:46pm

Fantastic bond theme. Bested only by Sir Paul McCartney and with Duran Duran as a close third i'd say. Adele's voice is haunting.
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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby spaceviking » 2012-10-06 07:37pm

The beer instead of martini thing... I remember them saying that for Casino Royale, then he ha a martini.

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Re: 50 years ago...

Postby KlavoHunter » 2012-10-06 11:14pm

Well, James Bond is a walking talking Dos Equis commercial, so when he DOES drink beer...
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