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Opinionated Reviews 4 Rent(obvious Spoilers)1

Postby The Yosemite Bear » 2012-07-21 04:13pm

Ok, Harry Brown
1. I loved it, it was good to see Caine back as a cockney anti-hero, how long has it been since Italian Job, Get Carter, or any of his other great Mob Flicks. The man used to be a definative British Gangster in the 1970s, and he was cool as it. (Now we've got Stallone, or Statham playing his old roles). Mostly we now see him playing a supporting role as Batman's Butler.
2. One of my best friends couldn't stand it for the blatant realistic depiction of drug use (this is the same friend who can't be in the same room while I'm checking my blood or injecting insulin)
3. Premise: Well very well rehashed territory, we have Caine as a retired regular british soldier whose wife has just died of cancer, and whose best friend has just about to be killed by a bunch of Drugs and Prostitution heavy Chavs. So our anti-hero goes all charles bronson on the dregs of the projects. (where was brritan's omni-present CCCTV when the friend was getting killed (well hell during half the killings depicted in this movie).
best line: You failed to maintain your weapon Son
I can just imagine one of Caine's Gangsters from four decades ago having the same level of disgust at the Chavs in this film

*** (I really like it and think you should see it on disk or netflicks)

yes, this is intended as a serious recomenation thread for movies
1Note: Unlike Sheppard I don't think Spoilers count a few years after something has been released, still I have friends that get angry with me because they aren't up to the Matt Smith era of the Doctor and are watching on NetFlicks. General Rule this is for movies that are already available for rental,

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