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Re: Translation Request Sticky

Post by madd0ct0r »

cheers - the reason i didn't use an online dictionary (and I know them VERY well) is because I didn't want to get trapped with a word that is an exact translation but not actually how a native speaker would use it. It's for a word frequency survey, so picking equivalent words is more important then an exact translaton and i've been bitten by dictionary use in the past.

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Re: Translation Request Sticky

Post by Ahriman238 »

If anyone here speaks French adequately, I'm trying to finish the transition of the old Gene Kelly song 'I got Rhythm' into French. Mostly so I have one more thing to do the next time I get stuck subbing for a French class.

Most pressingly, a lyrical way of saying "who could ask for anything more?" the most common refrain. "green pastures" would be nice but is probably look-upable. If you feel like a challenge try and keep the chorus rhyming. "Old Man Trouble/I don't mind him/ You won't find him/ hanging 'round my door."
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