Patrick Swayze has died

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Re: Patrick Swayze has died

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So does Nugent and John Melencamp...

they can't seem to quit, since Nicotine is more addictive the herione, or coke, or Meth...

Though Those tow are sitll in remission.

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Re: Patrick Swayze has died

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PeZook wrote:I don't wish cancer on anyone, but doing what he did practically guarantees you won't make a recovery. And the media keeps saying he "battled cancer for 20 months"...some example for other cancer patients...
That may be true in other types of cancer, mouth or throat for instance. In this case, his survival length was as much luck as anything. Pancreatic cancer is all but a death sentence. The survival rate after two years can be shown by holding up the fingers of one hand. And not even all of them. Seriously, it's like two percent. I'm skeptical that quitting would have extended that by much, if at all.
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Re: Patrick Swayze has died

Post by Havok »

Patrick Degan wrote:
The Yosemite Bear wrote:And yet Travalta and Cruise still live....
The man said "major celebrities", not "Scientology-wackjob-semi-hasbeens".
I don't think Cruise qualifies as a semi-hasbeen yet. Travolta, of course, has already been there and done that. :P

As for Swayze still smoking, so what. He was going to die. He knew it, the doctors knew it. There might as well have been a floating clock over his head. Aside from the fact that there is no certainty that the smoking was the cause of his cancer.

If I knew that I only had a year or maybe two to live, basically no matter what, I'm not going to bother with struggling to quit a vice, and certainly not one that I may enjoy.
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Re: Patrick Swayze has died

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Havok wrote:We watched Point Break last night. Swayze was good. Jenn actually commented that he was beyond good and that you actually forget he is Patrick Swayze and he becomes Brodie much like how Tom Hanks becomes his characters as opposed to someone like Tom Cruise, who is always Tom Cruise playing a character. Fairly high praise from someone who is usually pretty harsh on movies and actors.
Cruise in Valkyrie actually did a superb job of becoming the character instead of merely playing the character. You only really see him in the North Africa scenes, after that it's just Colonel Stauffenberg.

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Re: Patrick Swayze has died

Post by Thanas »

Yeah, but it is a bad sign when every supporting actor does a better job than the lead.
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