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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by aerius »

aerius: I'll vote for you if you sleep with me. :)
Lusankya: Deal!
Say, do you want it to be a threesome with your wife? Or a foursome with your wife and sister-in-law? I'm up for either. :P
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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by Raw Shark »

TIL: Why do I keep having to do stuff I don't like? TIL: Life is defined by doing what is necessary. I guess I always knew that, but y'know what: I don't care anymore. Except for the protection of the innocent. But as far as I'm concerned, fuck it. I'll intervene if I see some shit I don't approve of, but not going out of my way. But if it actually happens in front of me - I'm not a monster. Of course I would do what had to be done.

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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by EnterpriseSovereign »

TIL the importance of a PC monitor having a tilt function when the ideal position for said monitor is slightly below eye level.
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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by LadyTevar »

TIL Nitram's mother has Parkinson's.

She's doing physical therapy, she's on medication, and she's still got very mild symptoms, but she did have a bad fall that blacked her eye :(
Nitram, slightly high on cough syrup: Do you know you're beautiful?
Me: Nope, that's why I have you around to tell me.
Nitram: You -are- beautiful. Anyone tries to tell you otherwise kill them.

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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by muse »

TIL that this is a movie. I'm pretty sure I know what drugs they were using...

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Re: TIL: Today I Learned... (Join in!)

Post by His Divine Shadow »

That strawberries from Finland are some special shit. Apparently.

I knew strawberries from like Spain taste like water but I figured they picked them green or something. Apparently it's the latitude, midnight summer sun. Short season but the sunlights never stops, makes for very tasty berries. This means the same applies to berries grown in Sweden and Norway and Alaska (but probably not it's southernmost parts).
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