Gentlemens clubs - requesting Usergroups

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Gentlemens clubs - requesting Usergroups

Post by Rob Wilson » 2006-01-02 05:20pm

Lets make something plain from the outset here. A new Usergroup will only be countenanced if a clear need for it can be established! Don't forget there are already a plethora of Usergroups and to create a new one takes more than you wishing it were so.

If it is served by a general forum already then forget it!

I'll now talk you through the procedure and what happens at each step.

1. You decide there is a need for a usergroup. You check the board throughly to see whether any existing Forum can handle those needs. If you find they do GO NO FURTHER! If you find they don't then PM a Mod/Supermod/Admin

2. You send your PM, in it you put forth your argument as to why the board needs your suggested group (and no a snazzy group name is not a reason). If you don't put good arguments in, your suggestion will be shitcanned!
If you wish you can suggest a Mod for that forum, but don't for a second think that suggestion is anything more than that.
i) Arguments that will not win you any fans :
'But such and such have a group already so why can't we?'
'Although topic x is covered in Forum y, I still think that we can get to the bottom of it properly in a new Private usergroup.'
'Board x that I'm also a member of has this Usergroup so this board should too.'
'Look, I know this has been turned down before, but -'

3. The Person you PMed weighs the pro's and cons. If they think it's worthwhile, they will respond in the positive and put it to the other Mods. If they think it isn't they will reply giving their reasons.

4. The Mods look at it and then wait for Mike to yay/nay. It's his board, he has to create the group, set everything up and if he decides no - then you are shit out of luck. If he says yes, then go you.
Either way the person you PMed will tell you the result. There is no appeal if Mike says no!

5. The Creation of the Forum is put to the Senate, with Pro's listed. They Vote. If yes, you get the Forum. If no, cry into your beer.

Does everybody understand? Good.
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