[Discussion] Clarification of Testing policy

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[Discussion] Clarification of Testing policy

Post by Surlethe » 2009-10-24 10:57am

I got this PM from someone:
I have some questions related to the new enforcement of the policies concerning Testing, and how this affects some of what the forum was used for, but is now useless for due to the drastically shortened life of threads there.

Specifically, what do we do with topics that were formerly directed to Testing, such as birthdays, anniversaries of events, game night threads, and so forth that are transitory in nature, but which the poster would actually like to see some response to? I should think that, for instance, a birthday thread should at least last the day, but with regular wholesale deletion of the forum, this is impossible. Should we resume posting such threads in OT? Will the moderators start making exceptions for such threads so that they can live out their useful lives? Or are such topics now de facto banned from discussion?

If you feel it appropriate, you may post this to the Senate for discussion or simply answer the question to the best of your ability; I care not either way.
I figured we might let the Senate discuss.
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Re: [Discussion] Clarification of Testing policy

Post by Edi » 2009-10-24 11:20am

In my opinion, those are non-priority posts in the sense that they don't belong in the main forums, but they are useful non-spam things, so they should not be summarily nuked like the bullshit pic spam and other similar threads.

They'll get taken care of by the autoprune eventually anyway.
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Re: [Discussion] Clarification of Testing policy

Post by Ghost Rider » 2009-10-24 11:39am

One thing of note. The people deleting are reading the threads. So if they are some worth, they don't get deleted. They get auto-pruned. Other then that, it's up to the moderator pressing the button at the time.

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