[Discussion] Testing page 3 lock

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Re: [Discussion] Testing page 3 lock

Post by Hotfoot » 2009-10-20 05:03pm

Mr Bean wrote:Once again, almost a month now. The Senate gave up it's option to take action when it failed to bring anything to a vote and the issue in the eyes of the admin staff got worse. It would be different if there were a few plans that had been put to a vote and defeated. Or better still approved. Instead we have three pages spread out over a three week plus posting period and even then nothing has been voted on, or even seconded to be voted on.

The Senate can have a say when it says something.
This is hilarious. The argument went, "remove the page 3 lock and useless threads will get deleted anyway as people get bored, while the funnier stuff will generally survive, plus it gives a larger window to uplift worthwhile content".

Then, magically, the page 3 lock went away partway through the discussion. The point became moot. None of the detractors argued against it, and so the discussion ended.

How, in your mind, does this mean the Senate refused to act? Seriously, if you're going to argue this using logic, it would help to apply some. What kills me is that this is about something utterly ridiculous, which just further puts the Senate into obscurity. Thanks Bean, for helping to prove the point that the Senate is functionally useless in the administration of this board.

Why even have the illusion of transparency that the Senate and HoC give us if the mods and admins don't want to bother with it?
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Re: [Discussion] Testing page 3 lock

Post by Stark » 2009-10-20 05:05pm

Mr Bean wrote: Darth Wong
So explain the situation, because it seems pretty reasonable that the discussion about page 3 locking became less important after the lock was stopped. This seems pretty reasonable, and nobody was informed about anything.
Those threads should not have been in testing to begin with.
So the problem 'got worse' because there were good thread SOMEONE decided shouldn't have been in testing? Is the issue really about what 'belongs' in testing? Good to know.. after the fact. There's a pretty good discussion around this issue as well, since people posting in testing instead of xyz forum is obviously motivated by something.
There are some testing threads preserved in HoS or elsewhere
Which just proves testing is now MORE spam than it was before.
Very clear, just the Senate or the Forum?
Are you admitting you just decided to do this? I have no interest in playing shadowboxing with you on unspoken rules. If Mike wants to tool around with the board that's fine, but if the Senate is about discussion until you decide it's not, I don't want to be a Senator anymore.

And what's this 'the forum' business? I just clearly stated that if this is the situation (ie you set invisible standards and decide when discussion is worthless) I don't want to be a Senator. Are you trying to bait me into getting banned? How fascinating.

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Re: [Discussion] Testing page 3 lock

Post by CmdrWilkens » 2009-10-20 08:38pm

So here are a few things from the chair:

- One of the things I said VERY early on in the senate was that if things change just because we are talking about them then we are doing something.

- Any Senator who wants to bitch that the Senate doesn't do anything needs to:
  • Look in the mirror
    Smack the person whose faces appears
    THEN comment upon lack of Senate action
If you have a pet topic and you think the Senate isn't acting fast enough on it then bring it up. Also the rules of the Senate allow folks other than the Chancellor and Whip to post votes, you just have to notify the Chancellor and Whip (see also my previous post about reading the fucking rules)

- I'm locking this thread because I can already see this is headed towards just questioning the decisions taken with regards to Testing. I really don't need this turning in to a "why did the Mods do that?" thread so I'm heading it off at the pass.

- IF, let me stress IF, someone has a proposal (not a thought but an honest to god proposal) then open a new thread.
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Re: [Discussion] Testing page 3 lock

Post by Darth Wong » 2009-10-20 11:13pm

Hotfoot wrote:Why even have the illusion of transparency that the Senate and HoC give us if the mods and admins don't want to bother with it?
In case you never noticed, the Testing forum has always been subject to deletion at will. There has been no actual rule change, transparent or otherwise. Nobody in a position of authority ever promised that threads in Testing would be granted immunity from deletion, or for that matter, locking and/or vandalism. The whole point of Testing is that the threads there are disposable. The very idea that there's some sort of Testing Bill Of Rights is utterly ridiculous.

I do pay attention to the Senate when making decisions, even if they haven't come to a decision themselves. Sometimes this means I look at the way they're leaning and go that way myself. Other times it means I think some people are getting way too full of themselves, and they can kiss my ass.
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