[VOTE] Title for Repoman

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Title: Village Idiot
No Punishment
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[VOTE] Title for Repoman

Post by CmdrWilkens » 2007-11-19 08:58pm

Allrighty with the mood have stayed with the poll and no evidence of any reedeming value suddenly springing forth it is now brought to a vote. Shall we title Repoman for his inability to present a logical defense of any argument he has yet advanced and a general disregard for the rules of the forum.
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Post by Broomstick » 2007-11-19 09:07pm


(First for once - I am clearly spending way too much time on-line)
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Post by fgalkin » 2007-11-19 09:10pm


Have a very nice day.

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Post by Frank Hipper » 2007-11-19 09:18pm

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Post by LadyTevar » 2007-11-19 09:18pm


Now to see if he'll actually be around long enough to wear the title.
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Post by phongn » 2007-11-19 09:19pm

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Post by The Duchess of Zeon » 2007-11-19 09:20pm

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Post by Spin Echo » 2007-11-19 09:29pm

Voted, though if he keeps antagonising the mods, it may be a moot point.
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Post by Spyder » 2007-11-19 09:31pm

Yeah, he's got a VI coming.

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Post by Grand Admiral Thrawn » 2007-11-19 10:23pm

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Post by SirNitram » 2007-11-19 10:26pm

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Post by Patrick Degan » 2007-11-19 10:32pm

Village Idiot.

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Post by Mr Bean » 2007-11-19 11:05pm


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Post by Master of Ossus » 2007-11-19 11:27pm

Sure. We can always use VI's.
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Post by Kuja » 2007-11-19 11:36pm

Hell yeah.

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Post by Lord Poe » 2007-11-19 11:53pm

Voted for filling a vacuum in the village.

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Post by The Yosemite Bear » 2007-11-19 11:54pm



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Post by Noble Ire » 2007-11-20 01:16am

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Post by Imperial Overlord » 2007-11-20 01:54am

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Post by Ghost Rider » 2007-11-20 02:13am

If...he stays around long enough.

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Post by NecronLord » 2007-11-20 02:23am

* Applies Branding Iron *
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Post by Sea Skimmer » 2007-11-20 03:42am

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Post by Stuart Mackey » 2007-11-20 05:15am

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Post by Chris OFarrell » 2007-11-20 07:14am

Assuming he survives, VI.

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Post by seanrobertson » 2007-11-20 07:38am

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