[Discussion] Polls In Testing

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Re: [Discussion] Polls In Testing

Post by Havok » 2009-01-05 09:21pm

Bubble Boy wrote:
havokeff wrote: For fun. Is that OK with you.
I honestly don't care, really.
Then WHY for fucks sake are you in THIS thread about POLLS IN TESTING. Are you so fucking stupid that you can't read a thread title. Too stupid to read an Opening Post. Or are you just too stupid to figure out your own thoughts.
Or do you need to keep licking mod and admin balls because you think they don't like testing either and you want to be accepted.
It's a question of honesty, as far as I'm concerned. Those who are asking for the poll option to be reinstated in the Testing forum are doing so for the purpose of employing it for useless and stupid shit. Which again, is fine and dandy by me, I don't give a crap one way or the other. Just be honest about the reason for the request and stop pretending the request is for some 'useful feature' in Testing, or that your typical polls in Testing are of the same calibre or quality as the rest of the board.
HONESTY? I just said it was FOR FUN. You dumb fuck. And the reason people are giving you those reasons is because of your "hur hur why do you need polls in testing" bullshit question.
And for someone that says they "HONESTLY DON'T CARE", you sure seem to have a lot to say against the idea. Who is the one not being honest? You lying little piece of worthless shit.

Why does Bubble Boy need to keep posting? We already know he is a fucking idiot.
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