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General archive thread

Posted: 2009-01-24 07:09am
by Thanas
This will be the central archive for noteworthy threads. It is recommend that you read them before posting in this forum.


General History
Constantine and Visions
Could the Roman Empire have expanded more?
Decline of the Roman Empire
Questions about the dark age
Ricimer and the fall of the Roman Empire
Successor states to the Eastern Roman Empire
Why did christianity survive the fall of the Roman Empire?

Military History
Colosseum debate about the strategy of the Roman Empire
Commentary thread about the debate
Questions about Roman Legions
Size of armies in the classical age
The defense of Gaul - abandoned due to lack of interest

Social history
Pedophilia & Romans

Sources and links
Literature and sources about late antiquity - a very general overview
How to read a Roman inscription

Serious discussion about Alternate History
What if Alexander does not die in Babylon?
What if the Byzantines and Persians had not fought a war in the 600s?

Middle Ages and Renaissance
Review: The Great Warbow
How did Native Americans shave?

The Modern Era
Napoleon's Egypt Expedition
What if Napoleon does not invade Russia?.

The 20th century

General History
Soviet industrialization - the definitive thread
Life in the Soviet Union
Concrete wonders - dams and other grand construction in history
US/Soviet Rocket Evolution in Schemes
Go inside the USSR (56k warning)

Military History
The Victory Plan - 1941
Tu-160 Goodness/Hydrogen Airliners
US War Plans for the Commies
Soviet Involvement in the Korean War
Korea's Buried Secret

Social history
Red Moon: The Soviet Moon Program
CPSU Leaders

Sources and links

Serious discussion about Alternate History