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History Forum rules and policies

Post by Thanas » 2009-01-16 10:20am

History Forum rules and policies

This forum shall be used for historical discussion. This includes, but is not limited to requests for information, discussion of historical events and general threads about history.

The moderators for this Forum are MKSheppard, Stas Bush and Thanas.

MKSheppard specializes in generally modern (especially armed conflics of the XXth Century) history, while Stas Bush specializes in modern (especially soviet) history. Thanas specializes in ancient and renaissance history.

If you have a question about these rules, please use the commentary thread.

I. General advice
a) Before you post in this forum, make sure by using the search funtion that this question has not already been asked and answered. Members should also check the general archive thread to make sure their question has not already been asked and answered. Failure to do so will results in your post being treated as spam and you and your post will be dealt with accordingly.

b) Ask yourself if that question can be answered by other sources on the internet. Do not expect members to be your personal google bot.

c) Please try to provide sources and citations if available. Try to be as precise in your posts as possible as well. Do not expect your posts to be taken at face value.

d) If you copy the posts of another member and use them for yourself, make sure you ask the members for permission first as well as to cite the member as the original author. Plagiarism is a serious charge that will get you kicked out of most academic institutions. Do not make the mistake of assuming noone will find out about it because „this is the internet“. Academic institutions and some board members regularly use search engines to make sure nobody is plagiarizing.
You will be perm-banned as well as reported to the authorities if you commit intellectual theft.

II. Specific areas

a) Requests for information
You have a question about a specific topic and are unable to answer it yourself? If you are sure that one member can reliably answer it, send a PM to the member in question unless you feel the question is so important that everyone should have the chance to see it.

In the same vein, do not expect members to copy whole pages of books for you. A visit to the local library is generally the more rewarding option.

b) Book reviews and inquiries
Members are welcome to post reviews of books about history. When writing a book review, they should make sure that their review contains at least a summary and a brief critique of the book in question.

Members may also ask questions about books, but should keep in mind that the other members are not their review slaves.

c) Alternate History
Some alternate history scenarios can serve a purpose and provide for good discussion. When posting an alternate history scenario, make sure that you are able to take part in such a discussion and that your post is not simply a request for information or an argument from ignorance in disguise.

When presenting your Alternate History, your OP should outline a clear argument, including why you are diverting from the official time line and how you think such a change may have affected history, as well as an argument for why such a change might have been possible.

We wish you a pleasant experience while discovering this forum.

Shep, Stas Bush & Thanas
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