Current list of Suggested Topics

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Current list of Suggested Topics

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A grand ongoing list of suggestions for the Coliseum. Please note this is not a total list but simply a complied list of subjects and topics that have passed muster and are awaiting a challenger.
The Romulan Republic wrote: My idea was a debate on the value of human specifically (as opposed to robotic) space exploration. This is an issue I'm personally very interested in, and I'd like to see it as a formal debate.
irishmick79 wrote:A while ago, one of the proposed topics for a Russia debate was "Are Russia and the United States rivals?"

The idea behind it was that you can get a good idea for how one will respond to a lot of the issues in US-Russian relations based on how they interpret that question. Since there isn't really a consensus on how US-Russian relations should be approached in either country, it might be a good place to start before getting into a more nuanced issue like arms control or the crisis over Georgia.

Coyote wrote:Or, "is oral sex... sex?"

And if oral sex isn't sex, then gay people aren't having sex at all, and if that's the case, what are the Religious Conservatives worried about!?
Similes removed from OP to make Coyote regret putting it forward.

irishmick79 wrote:Worksite Enforcement raids conducted by the US Burueau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement are a constitutional and legal application of law enforcement resources.
Turin wrote: The criminalization of illegal immigrants represents a net loss for American society as a whole.

Why is my suggestion not on here you might ask?
Simple because it did not catch my fancy. Or the long answer is, your debate topic was too vague, it won't fit in a subject line, and or you did not make clear which side you intended to take in your post.
Example, saying I want to have a debate on the current economic crisis is vague. Saying I want to defend/attack the long term merits of the Greenspan era economics is more specific.
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