Parents Kill Son in 'Exorcism'

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Postby Morning Star » 2003-05-25 11:40pm

As far as I'm concered that's murder, simple. Look them away for this premeditated and sadisitc murder for their rest of their lives. Ignorance of the law or stupidity when dealing with such logical concepts as don't tie your children down and let them die does not excuse these actions. Fuck them.
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Postby fgalkin » 2003-05-25 11:56pm

EvilGrey wrote:
Darth Wong wrote:
EvilGrey wrote:
AdmiralKanos wrote:Did you notice that they still felt they basically did the right thing, because "the demon left his body"? They still insist it was an overall good thing to do, and the judge seemed to buy that, which I can only interpret to mean that the judge himself is a fundie.

Fundies shouldn't be judges; to be a fundie is proof of stupidity.

Fundamentalist atheists being no exception, right? :D

What is a fundamentalist atheist? Could you point me to the Scriptures of atheism which are quoted as absolute truth and whose various semantic interpretations inspire fanatical intolerance and schisms among atheists? I was not aware of such documents.

The personal convictions of rabid atheists take the place of scriptures, which, more often than not, are regarded as absolutes by the individual holding them. Stalin, among others, is an example of a fundie atheist; interestingly, his malevolence can never be matched by a fundamentalist theist of an enlightened religion. :)

There are also various groups and organizations whose primary tenet is adherence to atheism, and whose primary mission is to destroy civilization. :x

Wow, not a single reference to the Humanist Manifesto! I'm impressed. Either Gray is smarter than the average fundie, or he is simply ignorant and doesn't know about it. The second version seems to be correct one.

Have a very nice day.

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Postby Durandal » 2003-05-26 02:09am

I've lost patience with this troll. Plus I want to try out my new thread closed picture.

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