When giant squids attack

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When giant squids attack

Post by mr friendly guy » 2019-06-23 10:27pm

Watch the video

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-24/ ... e/11240050
Giant squid filmed attacking a lure 750 metres under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico
Updated about an hour ago

A giant squid has been caught on camera grabbing at a lure attached to a deep sea research vessel, with scientists saying it is the first time one has been filmed in waters off the southern coast of the United States.

Key points:
The scientists who filmed the squid believe they were able to do so due to their unobtrusive research vehicle
The squid had never been filmed during thousands of previous submersible dives
When the crew saw "an enormous set" of tentacles coming for their lure they knew immediately it was a giant squid
The juvenile, estimated to be up to 3.7 metres long, was spotted by an international team of scientists who had spent two weeks in the Gulf of Mexico trawling waters where the sun does not reach to see how the creatures there live without light.

Using a stealth camera mounted on an underwater research vessel dubbed Medusa, the team had been probing at a depth of about 750 metres when something emerged from the dark.

It appeared to have been attracted to the vessel's optical lure, known as an electronic jellyfish, or "e-jelly".

It was "a large tubular animal" that looked like it was hunting the e-jelly, according to Professor of Biology Sonke Johnsen and Edie Widder, an Ocean Research & Conservations Association senior scientist.

A jellyfish is shown along with a lure designed to mimic its bioluminescence.
PHOTO: The e-jelly's lights, which are designed to mimic the bioluminescence of deep sea jellyfish. (Supplied: NOAA)
"The tubular animal revealed an enormous set of arms and tentacles coming in to attack the e-jelly," they said.

"We knew immediately that it was a squid. It was also big, but because it was coming straight at the camera, it was impossible to tell exactly how big.

"But big — at least 3 to 3.7 meters long."

Giant squid had been thought to be able to grow up to 12 metres long, however studies using new modelling techniques suggest they may be able to reach as much as 20 metres in length.

While the animal may draw comparisons with fabled beasts of the deep sea, the team behind the vision stressed that it was not a monster.

"The giant squid is large and certainly unusual from our human perspective," they said.

"But if the video shows anything of the animal's character, it shows an animal surprised by its mistake, backing off after striking at something that at first must have seemed appealing but was obviously not food.

"What were once monsters to be feared are now curious and magnificent creatures that delight."
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Re: When giant squids attack

Post by Isolder74 » 2019-06-23 11:49pm

Alert Captain Nemo!!

Giant Squid astern!

On a serious note, this is big step ahead as of now the most we can learn about these creatures has been from dead bodies washed up on the beach. Seeing one acting in the wild is a big deal as how and what they hunt is still a big mystery. So far we can only guess where they live, how they breed and where and so on.

Hopefully we can film their behavior more in the future.
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Re: When giant squids attack

Post by SpottedKitty » 2019-06-24 11:20pm

I think this is only the second time someone's managed a good long look at one of these critters on camera. I saw a documentary (I think) last year with an expedition to one of the deep trenches off the Japanese coast. A good bit deeper than 750m IIRC. Similar behaviour, though — the squid suddenly appeared in the sub's lights, grabbed the bait, and failed to run off with it. Pretty spectacular stuff; can't remember the estimated size, but it had huge eyes and a lovely pinky-silvery sheen. It refused to let go of the bait, so the pilot decided to bring the sub deeper faster than the squid was comfortable with. It eventually let go and the sub returned safely to the surface.
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