Possible new species of Killer Whale discovered.

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Possible new species of Killer Whale discovered.

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2019-03-07 10:47pm

https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/kill ... -1.5047643
A type D killer whale. Scientists are waiting for test results from a tissue sample, which could give them the DNA evidence to prove the new type is a distinct species. (Paul Tixier/CEBC CNRS/MNHN Paris/Associated Press)
For decades, there were tales from fishermen and tourists, even lots of photos, of a mysterious killer whale that just didn't look like all the others. But scientists had never seen one.
Now they have.
An international team of researchers found a couple dozen distinctly different orcas roaming in the oceans off southern Chile in January. Scientists are waiting for DNA tests from a tissue sample but think they may have found a distinct species.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration felt confident enough to trumpet the discovery of the long rumoured killer whale on Thursday. Some outside experts were more cautious, acknowledging the whales are different, but saying they'd wait for the test results to answer the species question.

This composite photo shows the potentially new type D killer whale, left, and the more commonly recognizable on the right. (Paul Tixier/CEBC CNRS/MNHN Paris/Associated Press; Chris Park/Associated Press)
"This is the most different looking killer whale I've ever seen," said Robert Pitman, an NOAA marine ecologist in San Diego. He was part of the team that spotted the orcas off Cape Horn at the tip of South America.
How different? The whale's signature large white eye patch is tiny on these new guys, barely noticeable. Their heads are a bit more rounded and less sleek than normal killer whales and their dorsal fins are narrower and pointed.
They likely mostly eat fish, not marine mammals like seals, as other killer whales do, Pitman said. Fishermen have complained about how good they are at poaching off fishing lines, snatching a 200-pound fish away.
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Pitman said they are so different they probably can't breed with other killer whales and are likely a new species. At six to 7½ metres, they are slightly smaller than most killer whales. In the Southern Hemisphere, killer whales are considered all one species, classified in types A through C. This one is called type D or subantarctic killer whale.
Michael McGowen, marine mammal curator at the Smithsonian, said calling it a new species without genetic data may be premature. Still, he said, "I think it's pretty remarkable that there are still many things out there in the ocean like a huge killer whale that we don't know about."

I guess I know how Ahab felt, but for a good reason.

- Robert Pitman, marine ecologist
Scientists have heard about these distinctive whales ever since a mass stranding in New Zealand in 1955. Scientists initially thought it could be one family of killer whales that had a specific mutation, but the January discovery and all the photos in-between point to a different type, Pitman said.
He said they are hard to find because they live far south and away from shore, unlike most killer whales.
"The type D killer whale lives in the most inhospitable waters on the planet. It's a good place to hide."
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Pitman got interested in this mysterious killer whale when he was shown a photograph in 2005. When he and others decided to go find them, they followed the advice and directions of South American fishermen, who had seen the whales poaching their fish.
After weeks of waiting, about 25 of the whales came up to the scientists' boat, looking like they expected to be fed. Equipment problems prevented the scientists from recording enough of the whale songs, but they used a crossbow to get a tissue sample. Pitman said the whales are so big and their skin so tough that it didn't hurt them, saying the arrow "is like a soda straw bouncing off a truck tire."
Pitman said he'll never forget Jan. 21 when he finally saw his first and then a bunch of the type D orcas.
"For 14 years I was looking for these guys. I finally got to see them," Pitman said.
He acknowledged that he did sound like the revenge-seeking captain in the classic novel Moby-Dick.
"I guess I know how Ahab felt, but for a good reason," Pitman said.
Well that kicks all kinds of ass. :D I hope it lives up to the hype when they do the DNA test.

While its not the first time in relatively recent history that a new whale has been discovered, it is a striking reminder of just how big and mysterious the world still is (and particularly the ocean), that something this large could go unconfirmed until the present day. I feel like this will give stories about other marine cryptids a boost in credibility, as well.

On a more somber note, it makes me wonder just how many species are going extinct without us ever even knowing they are there.
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Re: Possible new species of Killer Whale discovered.

Post by Marko Dash » 2019-03-16 03:44am

It'd be a big deal if it's something we've never encountered before, but i suspect we've seen lots of them and just passed them off as part of the species we knew.
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