Planet found orbiting around FOUR suns

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Re: Planet found orbiting around FOUR suns

Postby Eternal_Freedom » 2012-10-20 10:59am

Yu're missing the point about hot Jupiters. Before our recent spurt of exoplanet finding we were fairly convinced they couldn't exist. The fact that we've found so many shows our original models of planetary formation were way off.
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Re: Planet found orbiting around FOUR suns

Postby Borgholio » 2012-10-20 04:37pm

1 out of 4 planets being hot giant when they are hundreds to thousands of times easier to spot shows the ratio is low, actually, and will only drop as our detection methods will improve.

Dude you are missing the point! For the last time, I'm not talking about the ratio of hot giants to other planets. I'm talking about the ratio of hot giants to STARS. So far, it looks like nearly EVERY FUCKING STAR has at least one hot giant. That means our theories on solar system evolution are sorely lacking in some areas.

Again, work doesn't come from nowhere. Do read it, Jupiter moved the other 3, being much more massive. You want to move Jupiter? Congratulations, you need something far more massive to impart energy to destabilize it away from Sun's gravity well. The link you posted replaces my work assumption of single massive planet with millions of planetesimals, precisely to explain point you failed to address: that something must pay for moving Jupiter away from Sun, orbital resonance isn't magical free energy generator.

I never failed to address anything. I never denied that Jupiter was affected. You are quite correct that Jupiter lost momentum and thus, moved to a bigger orbit. That is exactly how this whole cosmic furniture re-arranging began! Jupiter and Saturn reached a 1:2 resonance which shook the whole thing up. All the outer planets (Jupiter included) shifted even further in their orbits and lost energy (speed) as a result. Some, like Uranus and Neptune, lost more energy than the others.

Think about it for a second, you think the resonance stopped? Nope. Then why the giant planets don't move? Because there is no more easy energy to be tapped to move them, unlike what you posted. That's why also all the hot Jupiters stayed in place - no magical energy to be tapped, planet can't move.

Yes of course the resonance stopped, why the fuck do you think the solar system has remained relatively stable for the last 3.5 billion years? All the resonances that mean a damn bled away excess energy from the planets that were in the resonances, shifted the orbits, and now things are as they were back when the whole thing ended. There's nothing magical about it, it's fucking gravity. Certainly far less magical than your dumb idea of an invisible brown dwarf.

Come to think of it, what are you trying to argue anyways? Are you trying to argue that the Nice model is incorrect? Are you trying to argue that orbital resonances are incapable of doing any substantial kind of work? Are you trying to argue that hot Jupiters are rare (which clearly they're not)?
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